Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The true nature of Israel and her enablers

Gilad Sharon, son of war criminal and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, writing in The Jerusalem Post:
We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn't stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren't surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too.

There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing.

Jewish Telegraph Agency, “Israeli peace activist says Hamas’ Jabari received truce document – and Israel knew”:
Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin said that hours before Israel assassinated Ahmed Jabari, the Hamas military leader received a draft of a permanent truce agreement with Israel
The draft also included mechanisms for maintaining a cease-fire during upticks in rocket fire between Gaza and Israel, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported Thursday, citing Baskin. He reportedly had a relationship with Hamas leaders after he helped negotiate a deal to release captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who was held by Hamas in Gaza for more than five years. 
Israeli officials ordered the hit on Jabari despite knowing about the truce draft, Baskin told Haaretz. […]

Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yashai quoted in Haaretz:
The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages.

Electronic Intifada, “Dancing Israeli students chant “Death to the Arabs” at rally backing Gaza slaughter":
Israeli students at Haifa University danced and chanted Death to the Arabs at a rally on Sunday to support Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip. [...]

Michael Ben-Ari, member of the Israeli Knesset, quoted in Russia Today:
“There are no innocents in Gaza, don’t let any diplomats who want to look good in the world endanger your lives – mow them down!”

From the same Russia Today article cited above, we learn:
A group of Israelis demonstrating in Tel Aviv on Thursday night shouted They don’t deserve to live, they need to die”, “May your children die” and “Now we want to go back there [Gaza] and kick out all the Arabs.

Al Arabiya News, “Obama supports Israeli right to defend itself amid Gaza truce talk”:
"Israel has every right to expect that it does not have missiles fired into its territory,” Obama said, adding, "if that can be accomplished without a ramping up of military activity in Gaza, that is preferable."

Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, quoted in The Guardian:
"The United States has given us the full backing to take whatever measures are necessary to defend our citizens from Hamas terror," he said. "Israel has received unequivocal and outstanding support from the United States and all branches of government. From the White House, from Congress, in both parties, completely bipartisan support."

Jerusalem Post, "Polls: Huge support for operation, not invasion":
A poll taken by Panels for the Israeli Center for Political Training found that 85 percent of Israelis believe embarking on the operation was the correct decision. But when asked what should happen next, 45% said to continue air strikes, 22% said to seek a cease-fire and just 25% recommended a ground offensive.

A Dialog poll taken for Haaretz had similar results, with 84% supporting the operation, 39% saying it should be continued by air, 19% calling for an immediate cease-fire and 30% backing a ground operation.

A Midgam poll taken for Channel 10 on Thursday, the first full day of the operation, found that 91% of Israelis supported it. Seventy-six percent called for it to continue and 22% said to seek a cease-fire.

Netanyahu and Barak fared well in all of the polls, which showed that an overwhelming majority of Israelis do not believe they began the operation for political reasons.


  1. "91% of Israelis supported it. Seventy-six percent called for it to continue"

    Burnt sacrifices to the Israeli God, Baal. They have to do it.

  2. http://www.israelect.com/reference/Willie-Martin/IsaacsChildren.html

    when you have the time please read the Isaacs Children compiled by Willie Martin...

    when you find information that is incorrect or factually inaccurate please bring that forward...

    Israel cannot be a "Jewish" anything...*Israel is a people...

    *[12 tribes/company of NATIONS/1st world nations]

    The Savior of Israel the Messiah is hated by the Luciferian, Satanic


    more than 90% of so-called "Jews" are descended from PROSELYTES [two fold child of hell] to Talmudic Judaism and will never be Israel...

    Gog & Magog so-called "Jews" are to be obliterated with tha Edomite so-called "Jews"....who are in fact indigenous to the region...Edom.

    proper mental hygeine helps a lot towards reaching a true conclusion

  3. Excellent report, John. I don't know who I hate more, the Jewish State of Israel, or its colony, Amerika, full of mini-Jews.

  4. Grotesque images from the Gaza ethnic cleansing extravaganza.

    Simultaneously, White people are being ethnically cleansed from their lands through the massive importation of "non-Whites".

    Simultaneously, World Jewry continues to fleece every area where their Usury Banking Scheme is embedded.

    Tell me, where are the Palestinians' racial brothers? Why are they sitting idle?

    Where is the massive outcry from the Vatican and the various "Christian" churches on this massacre?

    While I recognize the absolute crime being committed against he Palestinian people by the Jews, I find it quite interesting that the rest of the "Arab World" is not physically stopping this mass murder.

    Perhaps some of the non-White readers who frequent this blog can enlighten us on the reasons for the inaction of the Arab World.

  5. JESUS IS DEAD. He died when Israelis slaughtered Palestinians and the Evangelicals rallied around chosenite butchery.

    Jesus is a belief, this belief is now exposed as a fraud. Christians claim that this Jesus god is talking to them, guiding them. Sorry, no entity is guiding Christians toward truth and compassion, in fact they seem cut off from reality and unable to process critical information like Israel did 911.

    No moral person can back Israel, Christianities attachment to Jews and Israel is the cause of its downfall.

  6. The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.

  7. What a waste. Modern 'civilization' has been hijacked by a bunch of psychopaths for thousands of years. I hope that this is the last time 'history repeats itself' - history written and invented and repeated by the demonic psychopathic tribe. We human beings deserve better than this prison run by them. No more groundhog day.

  8. The psychopathy of Zionism has reached levels never seen before in the 1000 thousand year history of these Khazars Ashkenazim impostors. They were around before that time. Since the early decades of the 5th Century of our era. Go here to see a timeline on their factual history=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9f/Khazar-chronicle-448-1048.jpg Take a close look at what happened in the year 740. That is when the real problem began. The first notions of what their creation of Zionism was to become eventually started in the Crusades. Yes, the Knights Templar were in fact Khazars pretending to be Christian warriors. They fooled many European rulers of the time. They in fact constructed the Banking business. Also were looking into Palestine at that period too. The Abbey of Our Lady of Zion was established in the 13th century. That is what this sick psychopathic vermin inbreed ethnic group is really all about. We have full knowledge that this sub-species not one single of their ancestors ever place a foot in Canaan. That is why the label of thieves. In these recent criminal events I have no doubt that the Almighty Governments of Russia and China will step up once and for all and demand to the #1 puppet of this sickness to hand over the impostors. Just today the Russians and Chinese military counterparts reunited and made a treaty to do more complex exercises. Of course your Zionist controlled western media certainly made no mention on this. How can they. The thing is that this type of news make these bastards go to Walgreens and buy Pepto Bismol. Of course including also Miss Puppet USA visiting the same Drug Store. Fellows what we wanted bet your asteroids is gonna be achieved soon. We are going to be rid of the most repugnant pestilent vermin philosophy the world has ever witnessed.

    1. Tell me - in Israel, are there "Zionist Only" roads? No. There are "Jew Only" roads.

      Do "Zionists" have the "Right of Return" to Israel? No. "Jews" have the "Right of Return" to Israel.

      Zionism is "Jewish Nationalism". You don't have to be a Jew to support "Jewish Nationalism" but you have to be a Jew to be a citizen of Israel.

      Today, there are about as many Jews residing in the United States as there are Jews residing in Israel. Does this mean that the Jews located in the United States, and especially those Jews who are embedded in key government posts who are responsible for sending massive quantities of "Aid" from out of my pocket to Israel - are somehow not a problem?

      Is the "Jewish Problem" confined to the bombing of Palestinians? Or is the problem much, much larger?

      Israel is a country created expressly for "JEWS". Israel is "JEWISH".

      If, somehow, Israel as we now know it were to dissolve - does that mean that automatically our Monetary System would revert back to government control? Or, would it stay in Private Jewish hands?

      If, somehow, Israel as we now know it were to dissolve - does that mean that immediately all Jewish Organized Control over our government would cease?

      If, somehow, Israel as we now know it were to dissolve - does that mean that instantly all Media would fall out of Jewish hands?

      Sure, Israel is butchering Palestinians. The truth of the matter is that "JEWS" are directing the butchering. They are "JEWS". Are they "Jewish Nationalists" as well? Perhaps.

      Citing "Jewish Nationalism" is a cop out and avoids the problem.

      "Jewish Nationalism" a.k.a. "Zionism" is merely a word designed to avoid your enunciation of the word "J-E-W".

      We have a "Jewish Problem". Jewish Nationalism is only one aspect of that problem.

    2. @ AnonymousNovember 21, 2012 5:36 PM

      Your post should have started out with "The psychopathy of Judaism..."

      If you replaced every instance of "Zionist" and "Zionism" with "JEWS" and "JUDAISM" - your post would not have seemed as much as something generated by a Hasbarat as it does.

      Just as the string pullers behind the great International Debt Slavery Scam hid behind the cloak of "Judaism" to avoid criticism - Jews hide behind the cloak of "Zionism" for the same reasons.

      This particular audience is a bit too sophisticated to accept attempts at covering for the Jews.

    3. I concur with this analysis. They are going to lose.

  9. Good looking pic of OBOMBA, never realized he could be such a good looking bitch.

  10. P.S. Check out the posting from 'Snippits and Snappits.'

    It's intriguing and gross at the same time.

  11. This will help.

    Listen to this audio file:


  12. The post at 11:40a.m.:

    I have trouble with all the ambiguity practiced by the zionist/israeli/Jews. Part of it is self-censorship, if you want your post published it won't do to call a Jew a Jew - it is (according to the self-appointed Jewish experts) almost anti semitic. Say it out loud and it has an obscene vulgarity to it.

    Time for these word games to end. According to a poll I read 60% of Israeli Jews claim they are atheists, so it doesn't signify religion. Jews are in the majority of the world's communities, so they've mixed with many different stocks of people (even with the overwhelming amount of inbreeding) -- so they're not an ethnicity. They have no culture. I suppose they could dress in Hadidic costume as their cultural contribution to fashion, but they also have no unique Jewish dance, and their signature dishes? Matzo and bagels.
    For their history they dredge up the bible, a collection of ancient Sumerian myths, and other stories that there is no evidence for.

    This may be the reason that they are so destructive, they covet other people's roots, other peoples' connection to their homes and land.

    As a nomadic, warrior culture their values are starkly different from Christian values. It is their racist sense of self entitlement that sets them apart from all others, as well as their religious teachings.

    The above poster at 11:40 has simplified my life,for it's true that the roads in Israel are either Jew only or second rate, when they drop their bombs on helpless unarmed civilians in Gaza, they drop them from jets with the Jewish star of David - not the zionist star of david.

    They want their rogue entity called 'the Jewish state' -- not the zionist state. Yes I hope I can remember this, as my short term memory is below par these days.
    Nice Blog John Friend, good work. thnx kate

  13. Communism is NOT dead.

    Communism is: Bolshevism.

    Bolshevism is: political destruction. It is any radical, hostile usage of the political process, and is characterized by violent and bloody revolution. It uses terror and abject repression to crush any resistance.

    Bolshevism is designed to destroy the spiritual nature of man and to create a feeling of utter hopelessness on the targeted population. (sound familiar?) Its doctrine is that the end justifies the means.

    Bolshevism is: Russian Communism.

    Russian Communism is also now known to be the same (different word) as Zionism. Zionism is the radical political program for World Dominion, characterized by its violence and cloaked in religious propaganda. Its doctrine is that the end justifies the means.

    Zionism is being promulgated today by many Jews and by forty-million fundamentalist 'Christians' who now claim to be "Christian Zionists". All Zionists are not Jews, and all Jews are not Zionists.

    However: Jews are controlled by their religious leaders, the rabbis. The religion of the Jews is Talmudism. Most all Jews, even those who denounce Zionism, adhere to their religion of Talmudism. The Torah is the foundation of the Talmud, and encompasses the first five books of the Old Testament - considered part of the Christian Bible.

    The Torah/Old Testament lays the foundation for the political program of World Dominion quickly being finalized today. In order for Jews to escape the insanity and the barbarism, they must understand they are being used (have been since the beginning), and must also denounce the Talmud. Christian Zionists are also being used, and must denounce the Old Testament, the work of the Pharisees which Jesus condemned vociferously, for which he was killed.

    Jews and Christian Zionists must withdraw their rabid support of Israel's barbaric expansion program. It is not "God's Plan". It is a plan of men who believe they are gods.

    The majority of Jews today in Israel and abroad (more than ninety-percent) are NOT Semites. They are of Turko-Mongolian descent whose ancestors were of the Khazarian tribe from the Black Sea area of eastern Europe, and whose chieftain adopted Talmudism in 740 A.D.

  14. Heartbreaking photo or powerful propaganda?

    The woman in the last photo doesn't look dead to me. And where's the blood?

    The use of a staged/faked photo raises the question why would they need to use fakery when there's supposed to be a real massacre with real death, real blood going on in Gaza?

    Mossad motto: By deception thou shall do war.

    Is Gaza a false flag?

    Truth is we have no idea when, where, and under what circumstances most "news" photos are actually taken, especially those from a totally controlled environment like Israel/Palestine.

    What do others think?

    1. "Truth is we have no idea when, where, and under what circumstances most "news" photos are actually taken, "

      Good and true observstion. Photo and video fakery is so common today throughout the news media and we are all just beginning to pick up on this. Dr. James Fetzer's brought to the fore this important issue in his research on the JFK assassination, especially the Zapruder film, as well as the video fakery associated with 9-11, especially with WTC 9-11 sites. The still photo fakery associated with 9-11 has not in my opinion been studied enough, and really, the videos of 9-11 need much more study too. If the videos and stills of 9-11 are found to be much more faked than we now realize, almost all the extant 9-11 theories are out the window.

      You won't find many Catholic prelates these days speaking out against the butchery by the Israelis against the Palestinians in Gaza, but here is one important instance of such, and it is lambasted in the Israeli newspaper.


      The Vatican on Gaza: Israel is a Baby-Killer”

      Not a word was heard from the Vatican all the years Sderot babies were in mortal danger. They began noticing the violence last week.

      First Publish: 11/21/2012, 11:45 PM


      "Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Vatican Council for Culture, commenting on the war between Israel and Hamas, delivered a severe attack on the Jewish people: “I think of the ‘massacre of the innocents’. Children are dying in Gaza, their mothers’ shouts is a perennial cry, a universal cry”.

      The Catholic Church high official equated Israel’s operation in Gaza against terror groups with the New Testament story of Herod’s slaughter of Jewish babies in his effort to kill Jesus. SNIP "

    2. @ anon 11:31

      The last photo is of a woman at a hospital, she is not dead. But your points are well taken. Photo/video fakery is a major weapon in the PSYOP arsenal of international Jewry and their control of information and the mass media. I must say that I do not think the latest murderous rampage in Gaza and the related photos are fakes though.

  15. Keith Johnson was saying "The Jews are winning".



  16. Anon11:31. It is indeed difficult to know about the authenticity of photographs. You have a good point. However, I have found that various sources are more trustworthy than others. Oddly enough, when it comes to some of the Arabic sites I use, where there is almost no English to go on, those are the sites, when the photos appear in the MSM they are given the warning of "from unreliable sources". Yet I have found that they are among the most authentic ... the excessive carnage and gore levels cannot be faked.

    1. I see from time to time in the pro-Israeli press (that I also visit) examples of photo- or video-fakery by Palestinians that depict their so-called "victims of Israeli brutality". They call this film industry of the Palestinians mockingly "Pallywood". I always wondered why the Palestinians would do that, since they suffer real brutality from the Israelis in abundance. But I think I begin to understand. This fakery is simply an Israeli PSY-OP, done to discredit the reporting of real Palestinian suffering. The Israeli secret service has a special department for "Mostaravim", Israelis who by speech and appearance can pass for Arabs and infiltrate the Palestinians. It is probably these people who do the photo- and video-fakery which is then "exposed" in order to discredit reports of real Palestinian suffering.
      "By way of deception thou shalt make war."

  17. This is the sickening madness of our world that jews perpetrate against a helpless populace. And to think my own country is complicit in this wholesale slaughter of innocents. Are there no decent human beings left willing to halt this evil in our midst? I've been out of the loop for a while because images like these haunt me to no end. Eventually, these jewish murderers will face a karma that they cannot escape either in this life or the next.

  18. I think that it is about time we admit these jews are not human and possibly keep a few in a zoo, but we must absolutely not allow them to breed. They are not human, they are dangerous, deadly, and gruesome like creatures from some horror movie. They are like Jason or freddie kruegar or the chain saw massacre, something so creepy and frightening, it makes your flesh crawl. It is self-evident that they threaten everyone, all life. What they do to the Palestinians they want to do to us, next. These subhuman ape-like creatures the jews, want to enslave us. It is like cockroaches wanting to rule over elephants. How can these ape-monsters the jews, so ugly and disgusting, think they can be the rulers of fully evolved human beings? Are they acting out planet of the apes? We need to protect ourselves from this seriously dangerous deadly threat before it becomes their next fun for jews bloodbath party. The jews must be euthanized, as we would euthanized rabid dogs that threaten us, and these are much worse than any rabid dogs, we don't let wild man eating tigers run in our streets, these evil jews rape babies and torture children their number one jew subhuman basic instinct. I don't want to live in their jew world Odor, I would rather die. it's them or us-one of us has to go-we can't allow lower life forms that think like insects and are even more repulsive, who think at the level of a deadly predatory animals and try to pass as human, to think we accept them as human. jews are totally unaware that they should not try live among real human beings who are intelligent and sane, and rule over them, we know they just want to torture and kill us, this is like being in a horror movie, just knowing jews are real and they exist is horrifying.
    The truth is, that if we don't put them down now as the vicious menace they are, we should all seriously commit suicide, no one will want to be a part of what these jews have planned in their Jew world odor. I don't want any jew near me. It is like having Freddy Kruger pop out at you. It makes me sick to think these jews are real and no one ever, thought of just killing them off so we can be safe and happy and live in peace.
    It is like going swimming and the water id full of crocks or sharks. They are nasty. We can't live in a world with jews it is very very wrong to allow jews, the most deadly and evil problem, to continue to exist. jews are ruining our world. either they go or we should leave before it gets too ugly. I know what they are planning. I don't want to live in a world with jews. Who would want that? who wants to exist in a world that is like a horror movie, with jews popping out at you ready to kill, maim, or torture, eating babies, raping children, for fun and wanting everyone to pretend they are superior to us? They think we should be their slaves. They are so hideous, I can't stand to even think of jews it makes me sick to death know they are real and they live. I don't want them here and I don't want evil like the jews to live. It is wrong to allow the jews to live, when they are evil deadly creepy cruel sickening killers.


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