Thursday, November 29, 2012

Police in America

This is just outrageous:


  1. MoxNews should replace the word "Nazi" with "Soviet" and the title would be correct.

  2. Yeah....their actions were "within policy guidelines"
    .....because guidelines are that they can do whatever the fuck they want to you.
    Welcome to the new America.

  3. Who here thinks that the job of the Police is to "Serve and Protect"?

    The truth is - their job IS to "Serve and Protect".....just not you.

    The Police here function to "Serve and Protect" the Jewish power structure and keep YOU in line.

    The Police here function to intimidate YOU.

    Question: When is the last time a Police "officer" actually either "Served" or "Protected" you?

    Question: When is the last time a Police "officer" ticketed you, threatened you, intimidated you, assaulted you, or was simply "not around" when your car was broken into - your house burglarized - or you were mugged?

  4. Using the word Nazi to describe these cops shows your mindset. The Waffen SS did not attack and assault German citizens and were supported by 98% of the population. John Friend still also uses quotes out of the Jew Testament showing that he still looks forward to a kike king falling from the sky. Happy Hanukkaca John Friend and good luck on your rapture. Obviously you believe in that shit.

  5. Anpyone that swallows that Nazi comparison passes the kosher test. Welcome to the ADL.

  6. John sholtes, you must have missed the first comment on this blog post. It was written by me and I said that the YouTube user, MoxNews, should replace the word "Nazi" with "Soviet" in the title. Do you get it?

    Yes, I have a quote from the New Testament on my blog. You should like an ignorant clown to be honest with you man.

  7. There are 3 major cities in the USA where the cops are extremely aggressive: Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City, which all happen to be major Jewish infestations. Coincidence? I don't think so. BTW I have lived homeless in all 3 of those cities and know this first hand. In all 3 cities the cops routinely draw their firearms in routine stops.

    Israel is training police in Israel to treat citizens as terrorists, the ADL is involved in this. America is a bigger Palestine and NYC is Tel Aviv, the gov't does not represent us just like the gov't in Tel Aviv does not represent Palestinians.

    The Jews are a plague on us because we allow them to exist. Americans are total pussies and won't even talk about doing something about this problem. WTF is wrong with everyone?


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