Friday, November 2, 2012

News from the Jews

In this week’s edition of News from the Jews, I have a few items I’d like to highlight from the Jewish press. The first article comes from The Jerusalem Post, and is laughably titled, “PM: Strike on Iran would be good for Arab world.” Could it be any clearer how completely insane, bloodthirsty, and out of control Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is?
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sought on Tuesday to convince Arab states that an Israeli military strike on Iran would benefit them, removing a potential threat and easing tensions across the Middle East.

Netanyahu has made a number of veiled threats to attack Iran's nuclear program and has appealed to the United States and the United Nations to set a limit for Tehran on its further development.

In an interview published on Tuesday with French magazine Paris Match, Netanyahu said such a strike would not worsen regional tensions, as many critics have warned.

"Five minutes after, contrary to what the skeptics say, I think a feeling of relief would spread across the region," he said.

"Iran is not popular in the Arab world, far from it, and some governments in the region, as well as their citizens, have understood that a nuclear armed Iran would be dangerous for them, not just for Israel," he said.
Oh sure Bibi, the Arab world would be “relieved” with yet another Jewish engineered war of aggression against yet another Muslim nation. The Israeli Prime Minister is easily one of the most psychopathic, deranged, and delusional political leaders in the entire world. And he’s calling the shots guys, remember that. Isn’t it time someone finally stood up to this evil man?

The second news item also comes from The Jerusalem Post and is titled, “Whoever is elected in US will be Israel’s ally.” Once again, we have Jews openly boasting of their complete and total control of American politics. The article reads in part:
As for US-Israel relations, Shoval is optimistic, saying the allegiance between the two countries is strong and built on joint interests.

Whoever is elected in the US presidential election will be Israel’s ally,” Shoval said. “Our interests are so close, that personal chemistry is less important.”

Shoval pointed out that when he was ambassador, former prime minister Yitzhak Shamir and US president George H.W. Bush’s relationship was much worse than Netanyahu’s with US President Barack Obama, “but in the Gulf War and Madrid Conference, everything was fine.”

“I don’t think Netanyahu supports one side more than the other. I think one side is trying to paint that picture,” he added. “Netanyahu and I met with three Democratic senators last week, and they said they don’t feel there’s a divide.”
Remember when Jews like Shoval say “our interests” referring to America and Israel, he really means “Jewish interests”, because we all know by now that America is controlled and run by Jews in order to advance international Jewish interests, first and foremost. The American people do not matter; American national interests do not matter. America is, and has been, a vassal state of international Jewry, whose primary purpose is to provide unlimited financial, military, and diplomatic support and assistance to the Jewish state.

The third article comes from The Times of Israel and is titled, “Tearful UK Jewish academic tells court his trade union has crossed the line into anti-Semitism: Mathematics lecturer Ronnie Fraser breaks down under questioning in landmark trial.” Get a load of this cry baby:
A British college lecturer broke down in tears in court on Wednesday while explaining why he had remained a member of the academics’ trade union despite feeling that it was institutionally anti-Semitic.

“I continued to put up with hurt and humiliation because my parents were refugees from the Holocaust,” said Ronnie Fraser, a freelance mathematics lecturer. “My mother’s parents, we think, died in Auschwitz as a result of the Nazi extermination of Jews and anti-Semitism. It is my way of saying ‘never again’, I don’t want my four children, my nine grandchildren, to have to suffer what they did.

“That is my motivation for continuing to put up with everything, the way I’ve been treated by the union. I didn’t want it to happen to them.”

Proceedings had to be brought to a halt for several minutes while Fraser, who had already struggled to contain his tears while taking the oath earlier in the morning, collected himself. […]

Fraser described how “frightened” he had been by a demonstration that took place at a conference held by National Association for Teachers in Further and Higher Education (NATFHE), one of UCU’s predecessors, in 2003.

“It was unbelievable, a totally unexpected demonstration,” he said. “It was the first time I’d gone to Conference…. I went to support a Trade Unions for Israel stand. All of a sudden at lunchtime… 30 demonstrators suddenly turned up in front of us, each one held up a big board with letters spelling ‘Israel out of Palestine”. They chanted this incessantly for three-four minutes, it was very frightening… Then the NATFHE badges appeared, ‘NATFHE defends Palestine’.” […]

Fraser seemed to struggle with questions concerning the dividing line between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, stating several times that “I’m not an expert” and declining to elaborate. He also, at times, seemed to have difficulty answering White’s questions directly, asking for a large number of questions to be repeated.

Much of the discussion in the afternoon concerned a vote taken by the UCU Congress in 2011 to reject the working definition of anti-Semitism formulated by the European Union Monitoring Centre (EUMC) on Racism and Xenophobia, which is often used in universities. The EUMC definition categorizes several anti-Zionist arguments as anti-Semitic, for example claiming that the state of Israel is a racist endeavor. […]
Organized Jewry simply cannot allow criticism, or even discussion, of Zionism, Israel, Jewish power and intrigues, and other matters relating to the Jewish community and Jewish identity. Organized Jewish groups have been at the forefront in the push to advance “Hate Speech” legislation and other tyrannical, anti-freedom initiatives around the world in an effort to shield their activities from scrutiny. The institutionalization and legalization of “Hate Speech” laws and other anti-free speech legislation is potentially the greatest threat to freedom for all peoples of the world. (Related: “In Toulouse, French president vows to fight anti-Semitism,” JTA)

Two news items in the Jewish Telegraph Agency further underscore the points made in previous blog posts I’ve written concerning the real nature of the “Global War on Terror” and “Homeland Security”, namely that they are both Jewish rackets. Both of these concepts have their intellectual foundations in Israel and her neocon partisans controlling the United States government, public policy organizations, and media. The JTA reports that “counterterrorism officials from five U.S. cities met with their counterparts in Israel” to further the institutionalization of the Jewish police state apparatus in the United States. Officials from New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, Austin, and Houston met with Israeli counterterrorism officials, focusing on “technological and operational advances in counterterrorism.”

Also, the JTA is reporting that Israel will host a “Homeland Security” conference in the coming weeks to discuss “cyber security, critical infrastructure protection and emergency management, with 60 Israeli companies making presentations to “Homeland Security” officials, top police and intelligence brass and others in related fields. It should be noted that Israel actually geared it’s economy towards the fraudulent “Global War on Terror” and “Homeland Security” market in the years leading up to 9/11, knowing that the event they needed – the New Pearl Harbor – to kick start their Never Ending War was in the works. Naomi Klein explains this little known fact in her book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism:
The reasons for Israeli industry's comfort level with disaster are not mysterious. Years before U.S. and European companies grasped the potential of the global security boom, Israeli technology firms were busily pioneering the homeland security industry, and they continue to dominate the sector today. The Israeli Export Institute estimates that Israel has 350 corporations dedicated to selling homeland security products, and 30 new ones entered the market in 2007. [...]

With the most tech-dependent economy in the world, Israel was hit harder by the dot-com crash than anywhere else. The country went into immediate free fall, and by June 2001, analysts were predicting that roughly three hundred high-tech Israeli firms would go bankrupt, with tens of thousands of layoffs. The Tel Aviv business newspaper Globes declared in a headline that 2002 was the "Worst Year for Israeli Economy Since 1953."

The only reason the recession was not even worse, the newspaper observed, was that the Israeli government quickly intervened with a powerful 10.7 percent increase in military spending, partially financed through cutbacks in social services. The government also encouraged the tech industry to branch out from information and communication technologies and into security and surveillance. In this period, the Israeli Defense Forces played a role similar to a business incubator. Young Israeli soldiers experimented with network systems and surveillance devices while they fulfilled their mandatory military services, then turned their findings into business plans when they returned to civilian life. A slew of new start-ups were launched, specializing in everything from "search and nail" data mining, to surveillance cameras, to terrorist profiling. When the market for these services and devices exploded in the years after September 11, the Israeli state openly embraced a new national economic vision: the growth provided by the dot-com bubble would be replaced with a homeland security boom.
Finally, check out this article from The Jewish Daily Forward.  Your tax dollars hard at work: subsidizing Jews to study the despicable, fiercely anti-Gentile and Jewish supremacist religious text, the Talmud:
Each year, tens of millions of dollars in federal Pell grants go to yeshivas, many of which focus primarily on Talmud study, a Forward review of U.S. Department of Education data reveals.

The Jewish colleges take their place among many other religion-oriented schools that receive Pell grant funds. But they punch far above their weight, according to the department’s statistics. Sixty-three of the 152 religious institutions that receive Pell grants are Jewish, the data shows. And these Jewish schools collectively received 53% of the $84.5 million in Pell grant money that went to religious schools in 2010, the most recent year for which final figures are available. Of the top 10 Pell grant recipients in dollar terms that year, six were yeshivas.

Jewish institutions were even more dominant when considered in terms of the percentage of students in each school receiving Pell grant aid; nine of the top 10 colleges in America, according to this criterion, are Jewish.

Pell grants, the government’s largest tuition aid program for low-income students, totaled $35 billion in 2011, making the sum going to religious schools a virtual drop in the bucket. About 9.5 million students received a Pell grant that year, with $5,550 being the maximum available for students to apply to their tuitions, depending on need.

Jonathan Azaziah of Mask of Zion will be my special guest this Monday on Truth Militia Radio. The show will begin at 6pm PST, and we will be discussing international Zionism and Jewish power, multiculturalism, Jewish supremacy, recent developments in the Middle East, and the "Arab Spring". Jonathan is one of the most knowledgable and insightful commentators in the alternative media. Be sure to check out his broadcasts on The Mask of Zion Report Thursday evenings over on The Ugly Truth radio network.  Also, be sure to tune in to Rich and Keith's program this Sunday evening, which also begins at 6pm PST.   


  1. letters spelling ‘Israel out of Palestine”. They chanted this incessantly for three-four minutes, it was very frightening

    Yes, the truth can be frightening, especially to one so thoroughly brain washed.

  2. good on your reporting of the faux narrative psychopaths and their stool sculpture deity cult

    however the Talmudic terrorists, synagogue of satan proselyte GOG & Magog so-called "Jews" will never even be the children of Israel....

    so "THEY" can't be Israel.

    Identity theft, FRAUD, MASS MURDER....LYING

    BAD FAITH is Talmudic Judaism and the braindeadgoy can stop being BRAINDEAD by knowing the Truth about the Talmud....


  3. Below, letter of protestation sent by leading South African jews, penned with the weasly 'reasoned', 'moderate', and civilized' tone as only the world's most innocent, blameless, persecuted lambs can muster -- of course, the "hate speech" warning added for good measure:

    >>>Letter from the SA Jewish Board of Deputies, SA Zionist Federation and Office of the Chief Rabbi to COSATU General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi, July 31 2012
    Mr Zwelinzima Vavi
    Secretary General
    Fax: (011) 4030803
    31 July 2012
    Dear Mr Vavi
    We are writing to you in our joint capacity as the three main representative communal bodies of the South African Jewish community, namely the SA Jewish Board of Deputies, SA Zionist Federation and Office of the Chief Rabbi of the Union of Orthodox Synagogues.
    The purpose of this letter is to object in the strongest terms to statements made by Mr. Craven, National Spokesperson for the Congress of South African Trade Unions in a communication to Reverend Inkosi, Phakama Shembe, spiritual leader of the Shembe Church on 27 June 2012. This letter was subsequently released to the general media in the form of an official statement by COSATU. Its purpose was to dissuade the Shembe Church from participating in a march in support of the State of Israel scheduled to take place in Pretoria the following day.
    It must be unequivocally stressed at this point that it is not the fact of COSATU's having taken this course of action that we object to. In a democratic society such as ours, everyone is entitled to express an opinion, even if this means robustly disagreeing with the standpoint of others.
    However, this right should not be seen as a license to demonize, abuse and incite hatred against those who hold such contrary viewpoints, nor does it make blatant misrepresentations of objective facts permissible. In this regard, in terms of both tone and content, Mr. Craven's letter far exceeded the boundaries of what can reasonably regarded as fair and decent political discourse. Indeed, a court of law might well find that certain sections, and perhaps the letter as a whole, constitute constitutionally prohibited hate speech. Furthermore, Mr Craven's letter is replete with many distortions of the truth and factual inaccuracies, which are used to defame the State of Israel together with the South African Jewish community.


  4. contd...

    In moving on to note the actual contents of the letter, we will of necessity confine ourselves to those we consider to be particularly objectionable. First and perhaps foremost is his characterization of the SA Zionist Federation as a group "whose hands are dripping with the blood of our sisters and brothers in Palestine". There can surely be no excuse for such inflammatory, and indeed libelous, rhetoric, regardless of what COSATU's stance on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict might be. It is relevant to add that the SAZF is amongst South Africa's oldest, as well as most broadly representative, Jewish organisations in the country. For this reason, false and overheated accusation s of direct complicity in crimes against humanity inevitably constitutes incitement to hatred against the Jewish community as a whole.
    On several occasions, Mr. Craven falsely characterizes the Zionist ideology as being an expression of Jewish racial superiority exercised at the expense of the non-Jewish world in general and the Palestinian population in particular.
    He does not confine his vitriol to Zionism as a national-political movement, but also makes overt and very ugly inferences about the Jewish religion as well.
    Denying by omission the historic and religious connection of the Jewish people to the land of Israel, Craven writes that "... Their occupation and the theft of the land and natural resource of the indigenous people is nothing but a legalisation of Jewish supremacy to further dehumanise everyone outside their scope of Zionist purity...." Further on, he declares that "Zionism refers to those that believe in a state exclusively for the ruling supremacists at the expense of the indigenous Palestinian people because they view themselves as ordained by God to do all it takes to defend their privileged position".
    All of this serves to propagate, ostensibly under the guise of anti-Zionism, one of the vilest antisemitic canards, namely that Jews regard non-Jews with contempt and will stop at nothing to advance themselves at their expense.
    Such venomous rhetoric has characterized anti-Jewish propaganda throughout history, frequently with lethal results.


  5. contd...

    In addition to distorting the theological concept of Jewish "chosen-ness", falsely characterizing it as an expression of Jewish racial superiority in clear contradistinction to the way Jewish theologians have always understood it, Craven even seek to stir up anti-Jewish feeling within the Christian community. Specifically, he writes the Israeli town of Nazareth is "part of historic Palestine", that the majority of its inhabitants are descended from the very people who lived there during the time Jesus did and that these "descendants of Jesus" were now being harassed by the Israelis.
    What this does is not only to brazenly deny the well-established facts of Jewish history, which is inextricably bound up with the Land of Israel, but also ironically to contradict Christian theological tradition as well. No believing Christian, after all, denies that Jesus was a Jew who lived and preached among fellow Jews. Such outrageous theological and historical revisionism has, unfortunately, become part and parcel of official Palestinian propaganda in the contemporary era. The question is why COSATU should choose to endorse it.
    There is a great deal more in Patrick Craven's letter that breaches the boundaries of civilized debate. This certainly true of how Black South African Christians, who of their own free will are amongst the most committed and sincere supporters of Israel, are portrayed as having been hoodwinked and manipulated by white Zionist Jews just as certain blacks were persuaded to collaborate with the apartheid regime. In addition to depicting South African Jews as a manipulative, untrustworthy force, this appeals to anti-white racial resentment and grossly insults the intelligence of pro-Zionist black Christians.
    Taken as a whole, this letter issued in the name of COSATU is an affront to civilized discourse. It is an inflammatory, hate-filled attack on the integrity of the Jewish community leadership as well as on the deeply-held convictions of the great majority of its members. This, surely, is not the way South Africans talk to one another.
    Indeed, Mr Craven's letter is so vulgar and aggressive in its tone and content that it is far beyond the pale of ethical behaviour and constitutes a violation of the most basic values of our Constitution, such as dignity and equality.
    Therefore, we call upon COSATU to distance itself from such an aberration and to commit itself to a dialogue and discourse with its fellow South Africans that is in keeping with our South African dream of a society based on human dignity and respect for all.<<<


    1. Thanks for this Rubina, typical Jewish hasbara.

      Just for the record, here are a few excerpts of the Talmud, the holy book of Judaism. Nothing supremacist or vile, eh guys?

      Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

      Baba Kamma 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

      Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

      Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.

  6. One of the better articles I have read recently on what's going on with the chosen things. I am gonna "steal" it if you do not mind!

    I am glad this was my first read of the day on an empty tummy because that poor poor delicate creature who was so terrified of those evil Palestinian extremists would have made me upchuck. Such pure unmitigated garbage!

    The following are from Israeli papers that I though worthy of posting. We all know that the chosenites have a strange fascination with feces and everything pertaining to it. (Mullins posits that this is due to the natural placement of parasites upon hosts in the digestive tract. One could write one's thesis on this and still hardly touch the topic)

    I take this thought another few steps. Fanatic Islam ~ the Salafis and the Wahabbis of Saudi Arabia and all that they stir up in the Muslim world ~ is really a form of Talmudic Islam. So the following is fitting:

    From Aruz Sheva

    Another from Haaretz.

    John I would love to listen to you and Jonathan on Monday evening but not possible. That is the same time Mark does his TUT programme and my ears can only handle one onslaught of information at a time.

    Your show will have to wait till the next day when you have it posted. I am sure you and Jonathan will be beyond dynamite and look forward to hearing it.

    'Ziah is, as someone once put it, a shining sabre in a drawer full of butterknives.

    I have not said this before John, but I will now. One of the things about the truth telling scene is many of us are old. Older. Our bodies in the natural course of things are slowing down and deteriorating and my generation is already beginning to thin out significantly.

    We know that this war we wage as part of our existence will not suddenly be fixed overnight. There are heavy lessons still ahead. This will take time, alas. However, we also know that so many peoples' minds have been trivialized and distracted but .... once things in their lives become tougher they will begin looking for answers.

    It is good to know... satisfying... heartening... and all of those good things... that there are younger people like you and Jonathan and so many others to carry on. What your group does not yet have in numbers, you and others (truly chosen ones with humility) have in knowledge and savvy.

    Thank you so very much.

    1. Thank you so much Noor, that means a lot to me, and Jonathan I'm sure. We all appreciate all your work over the years!

      The Jews messed up big time on 9/11 - that BS story is going to be their downfall, just wait. They woke a lot of people up with that one, and I know I'm not shutting my mouth about it and related subjects until I'm 6 foot under. This is a life long battle, and I think many of us in the younger generation understand this and are up for the challenge.

  7. Nearly all Homeland Security grants go to Jewish organizations:

    "A full 97% of the available funds in the Non-Profit Security Grant Program for 2012 have been allocated to Jewish organizations, compared with 73% that went to Jewish groups from 2007 through 2010. In 2011, Jewish groups received about 80% of NSGP funds."

    The Jews know that we are waking up and they are preparing for civil war. Much of the grant money is being used to fortify their temples/synagogues, they call this "anti-terrorism" funding..

    Now combine this information with a Mitt RomeneyStein presidency and the recent purchase of hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition you can start to get a clear picture that they are planning on waging total terror war on us, a Bolshevik style consolidation of Jewish power and elimination of any goy threat.

  8. John

    Can you get full access to Ha'aretz articles w/o having a subscription - coz i cant and i dont have a subscription

    1. Certain articles you can still access without a subscription, but not many. Don't bother paying them for a subscription. The New York Times is the same way now days I think.

  9. I heard Dr. Stan Monteith say on the radio last week on one of his shows that "The CFR controls Israel." But I strongly suspect the truth is that the CFR is from the Jews. Dr. Stan has been great in many ways, but he is a Christian Zionist and will never mention anything negative about Israel except what his regular guest, Barry Chamish speaks about. This statement kind of explains the whole conservative Alex Jones, GCN show hosts, John Birch Society / Mormonism / Freemasonry etc..., emphasis on CFR, Bilderbergers, etc. I have recently begun seeing that the CFR really originally derived from what those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit accomplished in England, starting with the Protestant revolution, the French revolution, and on through the American revolution and the Civil War.

    I'll always be a conservative because I am a Christian, but I am beginning to see more clearly how the whole right wing thing in America is Jewish and 9-11 is just part of the neocon evil. OF course, the whole left wing thing in America has been sewn up by the Jews all along, but in a different way.


    Have one standing place on this website where people who get new insights and see new connections of the Jews to 9-11 can post the material. I could continually beef up our case about 9-11.

  10. Read this important book for free.

  11. The Scholastics found out: If you deduce something from a wrong basis anything is logically right whether it is materially right or wrong. They said this in Latin: Ex falso sequitur aliquid.
    It can be well assumed that Netanyahu like all Jews adopted the Kol Nidre as a basis of his/their thinking in life. The Kol Nidre can be proved to be wrong. Its construction violates the requirements of logic for meaningful statements.
    If you deduce something from such a wrong basis it appears to be right, as it is logically right, while it may be materially as horribly wrong as Netanyahu's statement.
    Or: making the provably wrong basis of the Kol Nidre a basis of your life makes your thinking uncontrolled to the extent described: "Ex falso sequitur aliquid!"
    (I don't understand your profiles. My name is Franz Seiler.)

  12. Greg Bacon on Hitler working with the jews


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