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News from the Jews - 2012 Election

Before highlighting some news items from the Jewish press regarding last night’s election, I would like to say that I actually did go out and vote, although I realize voting is a meaningless task “all Good, Patriotic Americans” must complete to prove they are "engaged in the democratic process” and “making their voice heard.”

The elections and the entire election industry – the debates, the political ads, the speeches, the rallies, the media hype, etc. – are merely show put on for public consumption. None of the candidates and media “experts” talk about anything of substance, like the millions of lives and entire nations we’ve destroyed in the wars for Israel we’re fighting, the complete destruction of the rule of law and basic principles of Western jurisprudence, the on-going Wall Street bailout and elite financial criminality, the billions of dollars sent to Israel every year, the fact that a private central bank usuriously loans money to the government, private businesses, and individuals, and a whole host of other important issues. No, the elections and the election industry are a big fraud, a major distraction, and I recognize that.

However, I did want to write in Merlin Miller for president on the American Third Position ticket, and vote “Yes” on Proposition 37 here in California, which amazingly failed. So I walked across the street and voted at my polling station. Here was the sign that greeted me as I approached the polling station:

And here was the sign right when I walked in the main room:

I could have sworn we spoke and conducted official business in English in America… apparently not. What a joke this country has become.

I do have to say, I thought Romney was going to win last night. In the end, it doesn’t really matter – Romney and Obama are both bad news for America and most of the world for that matter. Both of these traitorous criminals are totally under the control of their Jewish masters and Israel, and in no way, shape, or form represent the interests of decent Americans.

Anyways, it was a big win for the Democrats in San Diego, and California generally (of course), in particular Jewish Democrats. We now have a Jewish mayor (Bob Filner) in San Diego to compliment a Jewish Congresswoman (Susan Davis) and two Jewish Senators (Dianna Feinstein and Barbara Boxer). I mention this just to underscore that Jews don’t merely operate behind the scenes in America; they are out in the open running the show. Of course, even being cognizant of these facts is anti-Semitic these days, but it’s worth mentioning here.

The first article I’d like to highlight comes via the Jewish online magazine Tablet. The article is titled, “Tracking the Forbes 400: A look at the political contributions of America’s wealthiest Jews,” and I highlight it here just to once again underscore the dominate role Jews have in American society and culture, ranging from their control of the media and Hollywood, government and politics, banking and finance, to professional sports and gambling, real estate and industry, and all sorts of other sectors of the economy and society. Take a look at this quite revealing list:
Barack Obama

Arthur Blank, Atlanta Falcons owner and Home Depot co-founder: $2,500

George Soros, Hedge Fund: $5,000

Sergey Brin, Google: $5,000

Robert Kraft, New England Patriots owner: $5,000

David Stern, NBA commissioner: $5,000

Adam Silver, future NBA commissioner: $3,500

Ralph Lauren, designer: $5,000

Steven Spielberg, director: $5,000

Edgar Bronfman, Seagrams liquor: $5,000

Leonard Lauder, chairman emeritus, Estée Lauder: $5,000

William P. Lauder, chairman, Estée Lauder: $5,000

Barry Diller, chairman, IAC: $5,000

Mitt Romney

Arthur Blank, Atlanta Falcons owner and Home Depot co-founder: $2,500

Bernard Marcus, Home Depot founder: $2,500

Sheldon Adelson, Sands Casinos: $5,000

John Paulson, Hedge Fund: $5,000

Ronald Perelman, investor: $3,000

Leonard N. Stern, real estate: $5,000

Steve Wynn, Wynn Resorts: $5,000

Daniel Snyder, Washington Redskins owner: $5,000
Also, the Jewish Telegraph Agency ran a headline titled, “The Chosen: Jews in the 113th Congress,” with a list of the 10 Jewish Senators and 22 Jewish Congresspersons, which is actually a decline from the 112th Congress. Here is that list:

Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)

Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)**

Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.)

Ben Cardin (D-Md.)**

Carl Levin (D-Mich.)

Al Franken (D-Minn.)

Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.)

Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.)

Ron Wyden (D-Ore.)

Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)**

(Note: Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., who is projected to win his re-election bid, does not identify a religion, but notes that his mother is Jewish and a Holocaust survivor.)


Susan Davis (D-Calif.)

Alan Lowenthal (D-Calif.)*

Adam Schiff (D-Calif.)

Brad Sherman (D-Calif.)

Henry Waxman (D-Calif.)

Jared Polis (D-Colo.)

Ted Deutch (D-Fla.)

Lois Frankel (D-Fla.)*

Alan Grayson (D-Fla.)*

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.)

Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.)

Brad Schneider (D-Ill.)*

John Yarmuth (D-Ky.)

Sander Levin (D-Mich.)

Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.)

Steve Israel (D-N.Y.)

Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.)

Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.)

Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.)

David Cicilline (D-R.I.)

Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.)

Eric Cantor (R-Va.)

* Newly elected to House in Tuesday's elections. (Note: Alan Grayson had served in the House but lost his seat in the 2010 midterm elections.)

** Senators who were re-elected Tuesday.
Not too bad for a “tiny, insignificant minority” comprising less than 5% of the American population, eh?

The Jewish Daily Forward’s lead headline this morning was, “Obama Rides Jewish Mandate to Second Term: Wins 70% of Jewish Vote in Return to White House: Polls.” A brief excerpt:
President Barack Obama rode a renewed mandate from Jewish voters to win an historic second term in the White House.

With a list of swing states painted blue as the vote count proceeded, Obama’s Democratic victory was clinched with narrow predicted victories in the battleground states of Florida and Ohio, both with significant Jewish populations.

Obama cemented his win by keeping a firm grip on the Democratic base, including Jewish liberals, along with a massive victory among African Americans and a huge win among Latinos.
Interesting story in light of Mitchell Bard’s prediction yesterday that Jews would decide the 2012 election:
It was no coincidence that in the foreign policy debate Mitt Romney and Barack Obama each repeatedly pledged to protect Israel’s security. Both men recognize that the Jewish vote could determine the outcome of this election. But how is it possible that a constituency comprising 2 percent of the population could make the difference?

First, Jews are concentrated in the states that count most in the electoral college. The top 10 states with the largest Jewish populations account for 244 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

Second, Jews vote in higher proportions than any other voter group. In 2008, 96.2 percent of Jews voted.

Third, Jews are major contributors to political campaigns. They typically are top fundraisers and active party workers. Obama and Romney each have a coterie of close advisers and donors who are Jews. Though dwarfed by realtors, lawyers, unions and other major contributors to political action committees, pro-Israel contributors rank 47th out of 80 “industries” monitored by the Center for Responsive Politics. So far, in 2012, pro-Israel individual, PAC, and soft money contributions total more than $10 million, with nearly two-thirds going to Democrats.
Again, not too bad for a “tiny, insignificant” minority, right?

The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, an organization headed by Bard, recently released statistics comparing Pro-Israel PAC money and Pro-Arab PAC money in federal elections from 2002-2012, and here is what they found:

So much for those “Evil Moooslims” taking over America and implementing Shariah law, huh?

I receive email updates from the aforementioned Jewish Telegraph Agency, and read this headline last night, “Obama’s second term: More of the same, at least until Iran flares,” with a caption that read:
President Obama’s first challenge is the “fiscal cliff,” but spring may bring with it new Iran anxieties.
The Jews are already setting the stage for more confrontation with Iran, a country that poses absolutely no threat to the United States and is not developing nuclear weapons. Can we expect yet another false flag or some other staged event to finally get America to declare war and destroy Iran? I’m not making any predictions, but it would not surprise me given the nature of the people we are dealing with here.

Yesterday, the leading editorial in the Jerusalem Post read, “A winner either way: Regardless of who wins the 2012 US presidential election, the ties between America and the Jewish state will remain strong.” Here is an extended excerpt:
Perhaps more than any previous election in the United States, the 2012 presidential race has seen attempts to turn Israel into a partisan issue.

Democrats have accused Republicans of being “bad for Israel” because they would refrain from pushing for a two-state solution with the Palestinians. The resulting diplomatic stalemate would perpetuate the status quo, endangering both the Jewish majority and Israel’s democracy in the process, they say.

Republicans, meanwhile, have attacked Democrats for not supporting Israel’s interests in Jerusalem, on Iran and in negotiations with the Palestinians. Democrats have countered that repeated attacks on President Barack Obama’s policies vis-à-vis Israel threaten to turn the Jewish state into a wedge issue. […]

The close ties that exist between the US and Israel are hardly new. Their roots extend back further even than Israel’s establishment 64 years ago. Over two centuries ago, America’s founding fathers were inspired by the Bible, and many considered themselves to be the creators of a “New Israel.”

Likewise, Israel’s founders cherished the same values enshrined in the US Constitution – free speech and assembly, respect for individual rights, an independent judiciary.

Unlike the vast majority of countries throughout the world, where national identity is inexorably tied to blood and land, Israel and America are two of the few countries – New Zealand and Australia also come to mind – where covenant preceded nationhood.

A group of people united by shared ideals and vision arrived in a land in which they were not born to create a nation and realize a dream. In the case of Israel, it was a “coming home” after nearly two millennia of exile. In the case of America, it was the creation of a “New Israel.”

To this day, America and Israel share common interests and goals. Israel is the only Middle Eastern state to consistently stand alongside the US on strategic issues. In the ongoing regional upheaval, Israel is the only stable state on which the US can completely rely. And the two countries cooperate in a broad range of nonmilitary fields – humanitarian, commercial and scientific. The levels of freedom enjoyed in Israel are unparalleled in the Middle East, and America remains a beacon of liberty for the entire world. The vast majority of Americans understand this.

Testimony to this bipartisan affinity was the Congress’s repeated standing ovations – 29 in all, according to ABC News – for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu when he addressed a packed House chamber of both Republicans and Democrats in May 2011.

Both Romney and Obama are products of American society. That’s why both intimately understand and appreciate American’s special relationship with Israel.

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon was right on Tuesday when he stressed that Israel would continue to enjoy American backing irrespective of who won election.

Interviewed on Israel Radio, Ayalon said: “We will continue to enjoy bipartisan support in the US, so the result of the election almost doesn’t matter.”

For Israel, he added, “the best American president is the president who will be best for America. The one whom the Americans elect.”

Regardless of who wins the 2012 US presidential election, the ties between America and the Jewish state will remain strong. The two countries have too much in common and too much to gain from their special relationship to allow petty partisan differences to drive a wedge between them.
That’s right America, no matter who wins the election, the primary benefactors will continue to be Israel and the organized Jewish community. The Jews will continue to be the primary benefactors of American politics and foreign policy, until we finally wake up to these crooks and parasites.

On Monday, November 12th, I'll be joined by writer John Kaminski on Truth Militia Radio with John Friend.  The show will start at 6pm PST, so be sure to tune in.  We will take calls at 646-652-2445, but please wait until at least 6:45pm to call in.

John Kaminski has been writing some of the most important and insightful essays for quite some time now. He was one of the first journalists to conclude 9/11 was an Israeli operation, and has focused primarily on the various destabilization techniques used by international Jewry to subvert, corrupt, and destroy Gentile societies. Kaminski is constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and has pinpointed a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contribution from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood, FL 34223

We will be discussing Hurricane Sandy, the recent election, Veterans Day, and the Jewish techniques of destabilization.


  1. Excellent article!

    I too, voted.

    But then I flushed it down the toilet.

    So how many Izrahelly Citizens are Mayors of US Cities? What? We have Izrahelly Citizens as Mayors in the Jew-S-A? Really? No - I don't believe it. That rampant homo Anderson "" Cooper would have told me that...right? And he didn't, so we must not have any.

    Yeah, great place isn't it?

    Kinda like being on a sinking Ocean Liner. Is this how the passengers on the Titanic felt once they knew the ship was going down?

    So, are we going to just stand around mumbling about how much things suck - OR.......are we going to get organized and do something?

    1. I'm up for getting organized and doing something about these criminals destroying this beautiful world we live in.

    2. organizing the braindeadgoy ? like herding cats..

      do what you gotta do

  2. I just updated this post with a minor grammatical correction and I added this coming Monday's Truth Militia Radio program description. John Kaminski will be my guest, and we'll be discussing a variety of issues. Be sure to tune in if you can!

  3. I wrote in Ron Paul but couldn't vote for anyone else because I refuse to vote for Demopublican or Repocrat (the two headed hydra) and there were no other candidates except the ONE party, so I proceeded to the judges and happily voted NO on retention of any jewish names. Best I could do.

  4. Not all is bad news coming out of the 2012 elections:

    Michael Jackson's rabbi loses in GOP bid for House seat

    The beginning of the end of Jewish influence over our elections?

  5. Don't count your shekels just yet Greg. We still have the FED and Monsanto to contend with. ;-)


  6. Well, I probably would have voted just as you did if I lived in California, John. The last prez election in my state, the names of the people we were allowed to vote for as "write in" candidates were posted in each booth. Ron Paul was one of those names, so I wrote it in. But the whole "write in" rationale seems undermined by this policy here.

    I abstained from voting this time and feel good about that. I really think everyone needs to not vote at all anymore. The entire electoral process is controled by you know who. I even think the Zionists making it so Romney would lose is something they plan to USE of course to their full advantage. It has to do with their deep sophisticated mind control abilities. (Romney's "firing" is analogous to Dr. Steven Jones' fake firing. It seems to be about making a martyr out of a set of ideas that the "martyred" person is supposed to represent. I would not even rule out Romney knowing this was the way the game was going to play out all along.)

    Obama has done a couple of things over the past few months that make it appear that he is standing up to Israel, but alas, that too was engineered for the election and mass mind control purposes by Obama's handlers who are the same Israel first Zionists that control all.

    I am just try to kind Zionism in the face in every little small way I can think of. I will no longer donate to any person or group that only allows donations through PayPal, a Zionist entity. I will not vote again until there is a sea change in American politics so that may be the twelth of never.

    I used to read all of Kaminsky's articles when he first came on the scene years ago. He is not a Christian so I stopped reading him because I know it is only a real Christian who can possibly making any headway against the Zionists.

    I know that the goyim are pretty far gone as far as their mind control is concerned. Blacks, Hispanics and Catholics I understand voted for Obama.

  7. Gotta say Greg's contribution here puts the whole electoral process into proper perspective!

    Once again, excellent work, John!

  8. John Kaminski is a jew. Be careful about those bastards! They tend to sneak everywhere like rats.

    1. Yeah yeah yeah, Kaminski is a Jew, DBS is a Jew, I'm a Jew, you're a Jew, we're all Jews.

  9. The Jews are screeching and and demonizing Golden Dawn big time, of course. Golden Dawn and some of these other nationalist parties in European countries like Ukraine and Hungary are absolutely hated by the Jews:

    As Golden Dawn gains popularity, Greek Jews strategize on how to combat neo-Nazi party | JTA - Jewish & Israel News

    ATHENS, Greece (JTA) - For every Jew who lives in Greece, there are about 100 Greeks who voted for the country's neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn, last spring.

    The party now controls 18 seats in Greece's 300-member parliament, and its popularity is rising rapidly: A poll taken in October showed that if elections were held again today, Golden Dawn would capture 14 percent of the vote, making it Greece's third-largest party. A September poll showed that 22 percent of Greeks have positive views of Golden Dawn, up from 12 percent in May.

    With its swastika-like flag, gangs of black-shirted thugs attacking immigrants and its ideology of Greek racial superiority, Golden Dawn's sudden and significant rise has prompted condemnations from around the world.

    It also has put many of Greece's 5,000 Jews on edge. Community leaders already have begun a campaign to educate Greeks about the dangers of allowing a neo-Nazi party to flourish, and Greek Jews are trying to figure out what more they can do to arrest Golden Dawn's rise.

    "We definitely think that a very basic tool to promoting social equality and combating the rise of extremists like Golden Dawn is educating schoolchildren," said Zanet Battinou, director the Jewish Museum of Greece.

    The museum and its programs teach visiting schoolchildren about Greece's Jewish community, its heritage and, in particular, about the Holocaust, in which more than 80 percent of Greek Jews were murdered.

    The museum also has set up a traveling exhibition, works extensively with Greek schools to aid in teaching about the Holocaust and, together with the Israeli Embassy in Athens, sent 24 Greek teachers to the International School for Holocaust Studies at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem.

    "It certainly is a very strong weapon against misinformation, bigotry and prejudice," Battinou said. "But the biggest benefit is, and should be, to teach young people to think for themselves."

    While Golden Dawn mostly has targeted those it holds responsible for Greece's dire economic plight and its international humiliation -- immigrants from Asia and Africa, politicians and the Communist opposition -- the party also has a clear anti-Semitic streak.

    Golden Dawn's leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, denies there were gas chambers or ovens at Nazi death camps and has a penchant for giving the Nazi salute. Statements from the party refer to Israel as a "Zionist terror state." Party spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, who made international headlines when he punched a female Communist Party member in the face during a live television debate, recently read out a passage from the anti-Semitic forgery "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in parliament.

    "We must react to everything they do against the Jews," David Saltiel, president of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, told JTA. "We protest, we fight in every instance where there are displays of anti-Semitism and will not let ourselves fall down. We take every measure we can within the spirit of democracy."

    The Greek Jewish community is also trying to maintain a dialogue with the government and mainstream political parties and urging them to take a stronger stand, according to Saltiel.

    1. This "Holocaust" education stuff has to stop.

    2. The "Golden Dawn" name is most unfortunate. The Order of the Golden Dawn, as I recall, was Alester Crowley's outfit and is a Satanic death cult. Crowley was kicked out of fascist Italy because of child sexual abuse and child sacrifice. England gave him refuge. The pedophile - child sexual abuse and sacrifice scandals that has and is taking over and taking down England and the USA all derive from this Judeo-Masonic Talmudic EVIL that has the world in its clutches. Crowley being kicked out of Italy is very telling because the NAZIs (Marxist National Socialists - "fascists") were themselves deeply involved in the occult and Luciferianism and Satanism, but I guess he of the Golden Dawn was even just to evil for them.

      Somebody in one of these comments on a story on this site said in exposing and fighting against the Zionists, be careful not to fall in to fascism. Marxism includes communism and fascism. The Jews have both sides of this dialectic completely sewn up. The "new world order" will be a synthesis of fascism and communism. One thing that is becoming increasingly clear is that "the Zionists" are the ones engineering the one world death and slavery system known as "globalsim" and "United Nations" "Agenda 21 - Sustainable Development, and the "New World Order."

      I observe all the "conservative" alternative media radio show hosts like Alex Jones and Dr. Stan Monteith, etc. and they increasingly have to indict the "banksters." It is becoming impossible to just gloss over the fact that the banksters are the Zionists / Jews for the most part. Those "leaders" in Zionism / New World Order / globalism movement are simply owned by the core people with the very big controlling money and they are what is I guess called "shaboth goy." All of these nihilistic, magalomaniacal "globalists" have been crazy in their obsessive hate of the True Messiah that they rejected. That original "blood libel" explains the insanity and total crazed and unreasonableness of their actions to take over the world. This is their "msessianism" which is totally earth bound, and not the of the "My Kingdom is not of this world" kind.

      I am supposed to be "praying for the perfidious Jew" and doing what I can to uphold Truth and bring as many Jews as I can to Christ. I am doing that by trying to live my life conformed to Christ and not conformed to this corrupt and failing world system. Let us be filled with militant love for all souls who have not yet found Christ so that they can attain to what they were born for and the ONLY THING that gives this life meaning and purpose -- to know love and honor the true triune God in this world and be with Him in the next.

    3. "Marxism includes communism and fascism. The Jews have both sides of this dialectic completely sewn up. The "new world order" will be a synthesis of fascism and communism."

      I totally disagree with you. As a society, we have a very distorted understanding of what fascism is.

    4. Check this out:

      Fascism vs. Capitalism

      Fascism is not the ideal political system for Christians, however it is a far better system than the two alternatives which the popular social theorists and the princes of this world offer to us today: Socialism (Marxism) or Capitalism (maybe it should be called Rothschildism).

      In the capitalist system, capital is invested in an enterprise, which then functions solely fror the advantage of the “owner”, or shareholder, in a way that stresses the maximization of profits at the expense of all else. The only legal responsibility of any corporation is to work for the enrichment of the shareholder – aside from the restrictions which the government places upon it, such as tax laws and agency compliance.

      In the fascist system, capital may indeed profit the owner, or shareholder, yet the State ensures that the capital is invested and functions in such a way that the nation as a whole benefits, or at least that the interests of the nation are safeguarded. In many ways, even the United States has adopted a sort of fascism, albeit a pharisaical sort, through the burdensome regulations of its many agencies. Yet these do not protect the interests of the nation in the same manner or to the extent that the fascist system would.

      In the capitalist system, intellectual property is regarded as belonging to the shareholders, who may withhold or dispose of it at their own pleasure. The fascist system recognizes that intellectual property, i.e. innovations and inventions, are created by members of a community, and that the community, not the corporation, creates the environment and those individuals working within that environment who make such innovations and inventions possible. Therefore, intellectual property belongs to the culture and nation as much as it belongs to the individual member who created it, or the corporation which funded the development process, and fascism safeguards the interests of both. (For the development process can only be successful if ventured in a community of people who have the ability, interests and culture to foster such development.) The fascist system would therefore not allow that the technology and manufacturing ability and sciences of a nation be freely turned over to the enemies of that nation, as we have witnessed to actually have happened to the west – and particularly to the United States – under the capitalist system today.

      The capitalist system is the ideal system for the jew, since he may invest the fruits of his usury as he pleases with no care at all for the host nation. For the jew – himself being stateless – has no care for any nation. No matter what nation the jew is inhabiting, it is alien to him, and he cares only to rape it of its resources and riches, and make the most profit from them. Capitalism, under the guise of “democracy”, is the system which the jew has developed in order to accomplish this pillage, and is especially ideal for this purpose since it operates while the people of the host nation imagine themselves to be “free”, while in reality their masters, the international bankers and merchants who alone create the capitalist system’s “money”, have them fully enslaved. This is why fascism is given such a bad name by the jew-controlled press, for the fascist system is wholly adverse to the interests of the jew.

      The rise of fascism in Germany, Italy, Spain and elsewhere in the early 20th century was a reaction to the injustices of capitalism, and the jew-controlled media in Britain and America responded sharply in adversity to it. The first ”World War” was fought so that the jewish central banking system could ensure its control over western civilization, in conjunction with the jewish-controlled and financed Bolshevik revolution in Russia. The second “World War” was fought to protect that system from fascism, and to ensure that Christendom would remain enslaved to the jewish bankers.

    5. Jewish Socialism is Communism, another means to control goyim.

      Aryan Socialism is a nuclear family structure which is extended to friends, tribes and beyond, as reason and conditions allow.

      In the end, the form of systems is usually much less important than who controls them.

      RESIST !!!

  10. Here is another article I read today. This Jewish writer admits that the "Holocaust" and other "tragedies" that have befallen the Jewish people form the core of their identity. These people are fucking nuts.

    Gilad Shalit and a Distorted Zionism

    Near-death experiences are powerful, and they shake us. Each time I hear about a terrorist attack that took place in Israel, I immediately become a stronger Zionist, further solidifying my relationship with the Jewish people. But sometimes I find this trait to be a flaw in my Zionism, a weakness in my Jewish upbringing.

    In an article written in my online publication, one author asked of modern Holocaust education: "Who defines themselves by a horrific genocide?" Yet for many American Jews, the Holocaust and other tragedies are sometimes the greatest determinants of their Jewish identities. The impacts of recent (and non-recent) traumatic historical events often affect us more significantly than anything else. As history has shown, tragedies and times of crisis define our beliefs and actions.

  11. so-called "Jews" are kept in the spiritual/psychological/physical/mental concentration camp of the stool sculpture deity cult compound by trauma based mind control...ditto for the braindeadgoy "Jew" worshipping morons...

    that is why knowing the truth liberates the individual from the torturers of the TALMUDIC cult called "Jews" who are not Hebrews...

    seriously what is the long term benefit to being a member of a truth hating cult....

    dig this chutzpah...

    In a gala event Thursday, President Shimon Peres, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin, opened the unique dungdoodling Jewish Tolerance Museum in Moscow, which will use stool sculpture displays, interactive dungdoodling activities, and the latest poopydoop technologies to tell the story of the paranoid schizophrenic "EXISTENTIAL THREAT" Jewish people throughout the ages.....of psychopathic history....well duh !

    NO ONE ON EARTH HAS TO BE A "JEWISH" that is good news

  12. Jews would decide the 2012 election?????

    They decide every election, FFS!


    Jew CIA director can't hide girlfriend.
    Yeah, right.

    Tel Aviv beaches and billions await.


  14. Kaminski is a closet rascist.
    Just ask him.


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