Thursday, November 29, 2012

Major Jewish pedophile ring exposed

Organized international pedophile rings have been and continue to be exposed by journalists and bloggers like aangirfan. The disgusting and deplorable case of Jimmy Savile and his depraved behavior has caused a major stir in the United Kingdom in the past few months for example. In almost all cases, these pedophile rings extend to the highest levels of government, police, military and security organizations, the media, religious institutions, and other well-to-do members of society. In almost all cases that are uncovered, the victims are demonized or dismissed, not taken seriously, or accused of embellishing or fabricating their claims of abuse, and the entire affair is swept under the rug, never to be discussed openly again. Nothing to see here guys, these kids are crazy, no need for an investigation or arrests. Or, select individuals are prosecuted, and the wider pedophile operation is covered up, as in the case of Jerry Sandusky and Penn State. A designated fall guy is paraded in front of the cameras, reassuring the gullible public that “Justice has been served” and “This horrible episode is over with, finally.”

The Jewish-owned mainstream media constantly highlights instances of child abuse in the Catholic church, but almost never mentions or reports instances of child abuse and molestation in the Jewish community. Jewish media outlets, written by and for the Jewish community, do report on these cases. One such example was found today over at the Jewish magazine Tablet in an article titled, “Panic in Jerusalem: Parents in a tight-knit neighborhood believe a pedophile ring is terrorizing children. What if it doesn’t exist?” (Also, check out "Nachlaot, where pedophiles roam free," The Times of Israel)

I’d like to present some excerpts of this article, and see where it leads. Here goes:
There was no hint of pedophilia in the community before October 2010. But the Haredi community in Nahlaot now believes that the highly organized ring has been operating secretly for years—possibly generations—and is governed by an elaborate hierarchy. According to community members with whom I’ve spoken over the past year, they believe that a small number of masterminds, including the 70-year-old Vorst, a convert to Judaism who directs Ohel Sarah Imenu, an organization that facilitates Haredi conversions, used formerly abused teenagers and mentally handicapped locals as scouts for the victims. Community members believe that these scouts watched the children and parents from outdoor locations that offered prime vantage points—under the guise of tending gardens, doing calisthenics, or panhandling—and memorized their schedules, recording when the children would be unsupervised. The pedophiles noted the schedules of various homeowners, residents of Nahlaot claim, and they allegedly snuck into dozens of apartments and sheds in the neighborhood in order to abuse the children, who have pointed out these locations to their parents. Many are convinced that there are Christian missionary motivations at play here and that false converts have infiltrated their community. A number of locals told me they believe that the videos and media produced by the pedophile ring are being sold for tens of thousands of dollars or more. […]

By late 2010, dozens of children had told their parents they were abused, and the circle of accused kept growing. The acts reported by the children, nearly all between the ages of 3 and 9, are incredibly horrific and often very bizarre. Virtually none of the allegations involve only one molester and one victim; the children have consistently claimed multiple offenders and multiple victims. There are reports of orgies involving as many as 20 adults and more than a dozen children. There were, allegedly, frequent raping and forced sodomy of children as young as 2 years old. The children claim that various objects—including large branches, semi-automatic rifles, screwdrivers, and other carpenter’s tools—were forcibly stuck up their anuses and other orifices; that knives were held to their throats; that they were told that if they didn’t voluntarily return to be raped, they would be “chopped up into little pieces,” or that their entire families would be murdered. They claim that they were shown, by way of threat, the guns that would be used for this purpose and told that cameras had been installed in their homes to ascertain their silence. The children claim that they were, on various occasions, bound up and beaten, held on top of open flames, lashed with sticks, burned with chemicals, given soft drinks spiked with hallucinogens, and injected with drugs.

The majority of the allegations include reports of video-recording and photography, and the children say they were forced to watch pornographic movies and violent sexual encounters between their abusers. Some children say they were abducted at night from their homes, viciously abused, and returned to their beds. Others say they were abducted from school and then returned. Babysitters were said to be threatened with severe physical punishment or death unless they brought the children in their care to the pedophiles. There are reports of witches, magic doors, secret basements, and large dogs used to intimidate the children. Many allegations include elements of ritual and Christian abuse, including forced prostration and benedictions, sexual acts involving massive iron crosses, and various other forms of foreign worship. Some children say they were taken to a nearby church, where they were abused by priests, as well as other undercover Christians. […]

The police discredited all but nine of the children’s testimonies, deeming them unreliable and unsuitable as evidence, which community members began to see as indicating, alternately, that the police did not take their claims seriously, that there was considerable anti-Haredi bias, that proper personnel was not assigned to the cause, that they stalled and delayed investigations, “lost” paperwork, and did not promptly collect potential evidence. The police repeatedly refused or ignored my requests for comment. […]

What’s absolutely clear is that the children involved believe they were abused. “To date, I have not met anyone who has spoken to the kids who has any doubts that this is true,” Liebowitz, the rabbi, told me. “I know when a child lies,” Steinherz added. “And these children are not lying.” Many in the community believe the children must be telling the truth, if only because they can imagine no other way the children could know about such graphic sexual activity. How else would Haredi children know about such concepts like television and movies, not to mention pornography? The majority of community members I spoke to said the police are corrupt. Steinherz and others claim they have been threatened by accused pedophiles, which they believe further proves their guilt. “It’s all true,” she said of the children’s allegations. “Every single thing is true.” […]
Now here is where the article gets really… interesting. The author begins to downplay the victims’ testimony, arguing that no physical evidence exists of sexual abuse and introducing the idea that these kids may be making up their allegations entirely. Sound familiar?  (See here and here)
Cases similar to Nahlaot’s, many whose particulars are even more extreme, have occurred frequently in the past, particularly in the 1980s and early 1990s, with as many as 500 or more children reporting horrific and fantastic abuse at the hands of dozens, or even hundreds, of adults. In order to classify and recognize these cases, the FBI’s Kenneth Lanning, who worked in the Behavioral Science Unit from 1981 until 2000, developed a model that describes what he termed “multi-dimensional sex rings.” (This term, Lanning admits, never really caught on; more frequently used is “ritual abuse,” “organized abuse,” or “satanic/sadistic ritual abuse.”) The model delineates four criteria: multiple offenders and multiple victims who are considerably younger than “standard” pedophile victims; the victims are controlled and coerced primarily through fear; the abuse occurs in communities that are insular and ultra-conservative; and at least some of the abuse in question is extreme, grotesque, or incorporates ritualistic aspects.

A study of past cases reveals startling similarities: The accusation always begins with a single complaint and is always parent-driven. The children’s accounts contain fabulous or impossible elements—magic tunnels, bullets that find their target, walls and people that disappear, and so on. The conspiracies being alleged are far-reaching and highly improbable. There are untrained professionals involved driving the investigations. There are nearly always claims of video recording and of being forced to watch porn and adults having sex.

This history is relevant because, to borrow Lanning’s term, a multi-dimensional sex ring has never once been substantiated. Never, despite the enormity of the crimes in question, and despite the numbers of times they’ve been alleged, has any independently corroborated evidence been found. Many of the children who testified in these cases have, as adults, recanted their testimonies, and courts have, over the years, turned over convictions that were based purely on children’s testimonies. In the most famous of these cases—the McMartin preschool trial in California, which ran from 1984 through 1990 and in which more than 350 children claimed they had been abused at their daycare center—every single allegation was thrown out.

Before Noa Klein went to the police, no parents or any adult in Nahlaot had ever made an official complaint to police alleging anything like this. No parent claimed to notice their child came home horrifically abused, beaten, or raped, despite the fact that the abuse allegedly went on for years and is of an extraordinarily violent nature. No child was reported missing. Indeed, up until October 2010, no adult ever noticed anything amiss, despite the tightness of Nahlaot’s layout, and despite the children’s reports that they were herded up in broad daylight. No teacher ever spoke up; nobody noticed a dozen children missing from school for hours at a time, then returned after bouts of violent sexual abuse. Many of the apartments where the acts allegedly took place are immediately adjacent to other homes, but no neighbors ever noticed that anything was amiss. No forensic evidence has been found. No incriminating videos or any sort of media have been discovered, despite computers and hard drives of the accused being seized (or stolen), and despite nearly every alleged act being videotaped or photographed. (In fact, according to Lanning, no media indicating the existence of a multi-dimensional sex ring has ever been found, despite very extensive seizures of child pornography worldwide.) None of this means that instances of abuse did not occur. But the question of whether one or more children were molested has been minimized by the hunt for a massive pedophile ring.

Many in the community see the absence of evidence as proof that the police or the judge are suppressing the evidence. “The only people who have the computers are the police,” one resident told me. “And all the kids say there was video involved, and all the computers have been confiscated, yet they’ve shown us nothing.” Steinherz claims that some of the accused are computer geniuses, and that they’ve encrypted the material so that it can’t be accessed, and that the police have allowed family members of the accused to hide or destroy potential evidence. […]

Did this man do this to you? To a child, this is highly suggestive, especially coming from a panicked parent convinced something has in fact happened. Some children who admitted something had happened to them were given candy or toys. Parents showed their children pictures of suspects and asked if these men had done anything to them. Many children who denied being abused were repeatedly questioned, especially after a suspect’s guilt was seemingly established. A mother, who has requested anonymity, recounted her reaction when told that Sid “Skippy” Marcus had allegedly abused her children: “We asked our kids, and they were like no, no, no, no. And the day Skippy was arrested … I asked my son: Did Skippy ever do anything immodest to you? And he goes like this [nodding].”

Overzealous investigators, which can include parents, therapists, and even other children, can seriously affect a child’s account or even memory of what has happened, especially when those investigators are convinced that the child in question has indeed been abused and it’s their job to get the child to admit it. “Many of these investigations are started by the parents who are not properly investigating,” said Lanning. “They’re just trying to find out what happened to their kid.” And they will not stop until they do so. “A single complaint, whether true or not, can set off a moral panic,” Rabinowitz, the journalist, told me. “Which can quickly get out of control.” […]

But the required logistics of a secret pedophile ring this size—the organization necessary to continually and extensively abuse an entire demographic of a whole neighborhood without being discovered—remains the least credible aspect of the allegations. The difficulty of keeping a conspiracy a secret increases exponentially with each additional member, and with as many as 70 it’s virtually impossible. “You cannot be engaged in this kind of activity for this long and leave behind little or no corroborative evidence,” Lanning said. “The more people involved in a crime, the greater the crime, the greater the likelihood that there’s going to be some kind of corroborative evidence left behind, physical evidence.”

After expressing the findings of my early research, I told Steinherz, the therapist, that I needed corroborative evidence aside from the children’s testimony in order to report that there was indeed a pedophile ring in Nahlaot. The evidence I was ultimately provided or made aware of included: court documentation that strongly suggested police incompetence or corruption; archived web pages that showed that some of the accused had lied about not knowing each other; medical records of various ailments; pictures the children drew; the detailed account of a therapist named Levana Khalili, a witness for the prosecution; and stories of corroboration among the children. None was evidence of a pedophile ring; all was material that reinforced an already assumed narrative. Yet in all my conversations with Steinherz, parents, rabbis, therapists, and community organizers, not once was it acknowledged that these might be the products of a child’s imagination.


  1. "The difficulty of keeping a conspiracy a secret increases exponentially with each additional member, and with as many as 70 it’s virtually impossible."

    I submit that this is untrue. All of this Satanic evil has been very efficiently kept concealed for probably at least a hundred years in the USA. Yes, now is the time of culmination and people are waking up to the web of evil over this world, but the USA and really every country for the last few hundred years at least, do not operate in anything that could be called "justice" or the "rule of law." Everything is a big blackmail, extortion and bribery grid. Sexually pervert criminal acts are encouraged becasue they are one of the main tools to get people under blackmail control. The Republican party people in the USA seem to be big partakers of the evil but the truth is the evil and the grid encompasses all political parties and all religions. All human beings are fallen and weak and they want power and sex and money more than they want to love the Savior and go to heaven.

    Pedophilia is mainly pederasty so it is directly related to male homosexual behavior.

    Just as for abortion, and as for ideological subversion and infiltration into Christian organizations, a strong case can be made that the subverters are "Bolshevists." However, the truth is that all of these evils are used to capture and control the world and all are of Satan / anti-Christ and are to hasten and bring about Satan's one world death and slavery system.

    Jewish Ex-Penn State president,Graham Spanier,and many other "important people" are charged by the Penn. Attorney General of covering the Sandusky matter for many years.

    According to American Free Press, both Spanier and the Pennsylvania Attorney General were thought to be covering up the scandal.

    By Victor Thorn

    Why did so many individuals cover-up for serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky, including those within The Second Mile (TSM), the Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s office, and a leading official at Pennsylvania State University (PSU)? "

    Now there must be some serious blow-up in all this expanding scandal and the Penn Atty General is going on the offensive to save their own skin and are now charging Spanier.

    The Penn State ring was a pedophile ring linked directly to the Philadelphia and Brooklyn pedohile rings. There are other rings in state of Washington, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Florida and they are all really one big pedophile human trafficking ring. Some of the sex trafficking is of adults, usually females.

    There is a huge pedophile ring covering all of the USA and has been for several decades, but it is really international in scope.

    The Columbine shootings and the gross corruption at the top levels of Colorado government are directly related to pedophile rings. Of course, the Agenda 21 destroy sovereign USA scams and the wide open borders/illegal immigration scams are a part of this web of evil to take over the world.

    1. Blaming Jewish crimes on a make believe Satan is precisely the reason he was invented, these are jewish crimes committed by jews. Enough with all the religious bullshit and using names like Zionists. People are clueless to the jew problem as it is already, call a spade a spade and get on with it.

    2. You should be careful about making generalisations. Male homosexuality is not solely responsible and creating a link between them could potentially result in non homosexual pedophiles walking away free. You should make it clear that a large number of pedophiles may be homosexual but it is not exclusive to homosexuality.

      A very large proportion of it is religiously based too as in some religions allowing marriage of 5 year old children to men, sometimes in their 60's. The sooner we dump this "religious tolerance" when it comes to child abuse, the better. It leaves too much scope to form a religion that protects pedophiles. Religion should never be given carte blanche to override the laws of the country.

    3. My statement was,,,

      "Pedophilia is MAINLY pederasty so it is directly related to male homosexual behavior. "

      Your statement was...

      "You should be careful about making generalisations. Male homosexuality is not solely responsible and creating a link between them could potentially result in non homosexual pedophiles walking away free. You should make it clear that a large number of pedophiles may be homosexual but it is not exclusive to homosexuality. "

      I did not make a generalization and chose my words carefully. You have responded with the straw-man falacy by saying I said "solely responsible."

      I suggest one listen to audio interviews of Mrs. Randy Engel and look over her book,

      "The Rite of Sodomy --
      Homosexuality and Roman Catholic Church"

      This Catholic woman has done a scholarly study of this one large area of homosexual abuse of children. The FACT is that the homosexual behavior in this arena was MAINLY, overwhelmingly MAINLY, of the pederasty type. It was young males who were the victims.

      Pope Paul VI (Montini) was under blackmail because he was a practicing homosexual. I do not know if the males he sinned with were underage.

      This pope was greatly influened by his close Jewish friend.

      A later Pope, John Paul II, now called "Blessed" (!!!) was greatly influened by his lifelong Jewish friend and this influeced this Post Vatican II Council policies on homosexual practice.

      I have not studied this whole nauseating subject extensively but probably have more than most commenting here.

      From my studies so far, there is clealy a strong Jewish component to this metastasizing disease of homosexual predation on young males. I believe there is the same Jewish causation component with the abortions industry as well as the "sexual revolution" subversion of culture starting in the 1960s. The goal of all these sexual subversions of societies is Jewish control of the world.

      Read Libido Dominandi by Dr. E. Michael Jones and see the direct correlation between sexual "freedom" and political and population control. It is all about world domination and killing off large numbers of people. Sexual sin of every kind are spendid tools to effect this worldwide control.

  2. Apart from the despicable nature of the allegations described...for which mere incarceration is insufficient - I found the following sentence very interesting:

    ... "Many are convinced that there are Christian missionary motivations at play here and that false converts have infiltrated their community. ..."

    I think we have another case of "Jewish Inversion" here where Jews literally "flip the script" as we have seen so many times in the past.

    That quote mentions "false converts" and "Christian missionary motivations".

    In real life - there are many false converts to Christianity acting on behalf of Jewish motivations.

    They have so infected Christianity that Christianity poses no threat to Jewish Usury or the Jewish destruction of entire societies.

    One such convert to Christianity has openly stated:

    "Maybe the mexicans can be the new americans and revive Christianity."

    Who do you think said that?

    Which JEW who makes videos of himself wearing a Christian Clown Suit said that?

    1. Thank you. Some people will not want to hear it but it is past time to take a good hard look at the jew who wears a 'Christian Clown Suit.'

    2. Kenny,

      Far too many people have been hopelessly "brainwashed" and fall victim to anyone wearing a Christian Clown Suit. Especially on adorned with big giant crosses.

      Unfortunately, Counter-Culturalism and Open Borders are arrows in the quivers of the Jews and their closely associated Christian allies.

      Christianity has been weaponized and turned against Nationalism.

      This is an unassailable FACT.

      The destruction of Nationalism give way to what? You know what.

      And that guy in the Christian Clown Suit is laughing in the face of "Christians"....who for some odd reason defend this guy.


    3. Whether this is relevant or not I don't know but I ran across this awhile back.

      Mickey Kapner was a member of the 60's psych band 'Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers.'

      "Mickey Kapner eventually quit music and moved to the Boston area, where he enjoyed a successful career as a salesman. Kapner later had a religious awakening {??} and changed his name to "Brother Nathaniel," and became a well-known street evangelist in both Massachusetts and Colorado."

      also in the comments here:

      At one time I had some more links to back this up but can't find them at the moment.

      Anyway, I suppose you could generalize and say, once a salesman and entertainer, always so. (grin)

    4. I don't buy the Christian Clown Suit act. Sadly, religious brainwashing often begins at an early age during formative years. Many victims are forever rendered unable of independent thought.

      But isn't the the whole idea in the first place?

      I find it ironic that some people vigorously defend institutional dogma when that same belief system is totally discredited by Science and the Scientific Method.

      Is is surprising that religion appeals primarily to those of lower intelligence?

      I think it makes sense.

      There are a LOT of stupid people. Intelligence is distributed among populations reflected by Gaussian Distribution (a Bell Curve". Few really dumb, many "average", and few really smart.

      "Average" isn't saying much.

    5. I'm not a fan of Bro. Gnat after his ludicrous act in Denver somewhere.

      That said, attempting to communicate with people the last 11 years have been ample evidence that most folks have NO interest in "independent thought." That smells like a poison road apple from the "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" JEW Festival of 1789.

      Let the Jews overrun the Churches while the Goy are munching in front of the TV, and you got what we got. Slut-o-vision's fare is far more detrimental than anything the church ever asked of the flock.

      The Church dealt effectively with the Jews for a long, long time. Not the problem, I'm afraid. Judaized Christian churches are for sure.

    6. Re: "The Church dealt effectively with the Jews for a long, long time. Not the problem, I'm afraid. Judaized Christian churches are for sure."

      An investigation of Jews vs "The Church" will reveal a pattern how "The Church" has dealt with Jewish Criminality throughout history. Much of this is reflected by the numerous expulsions of Jews from many countries.

      In cases where Jews had been expelled - how do you account for the readmission of Jews to the same counties as all of this happened way before the advent of "Slut-O-Vision".

      Monopolization and Debasement of currency has been a premier weapon of Organized Jewry. This too predates "Slut-O-Vision" by many centuries.

      The facts show that "The Church" has succumbed to a massive Jewish infiltration effort - and is now just as much of the problem as Jews are themselves.

      Perhaps this truth is too difficult for you to recognize and accept. We all know how powerful brainwashing can be.

      Members of "The Church" are importing Somalis into my country. Somalis do not provide any kind of benefit whatsoever to my country. Yet, members of "The Church" are literally transporting them into local neighborhoods where they steal, deal drugs, assault, rape and murder.

      The people who enable those Somalis to come here are accessories to their crimes. So it "The Church". In this case "The Church" is furthering the Jewish Communist Agenda and is also hammering away at Nationalism itself. Those things are Jewish and Satanic.

      "The Church" is my enemy. And so are its blind "followers".

    7. The Slut-o-vision is where people will happily migrate once the moral foundations of society are demolished. What would the reaction have been 50 years ago if today's TV programs had been aired?

      The problem is Jewish financial power. The Church was a strong force against Judaism for many centuries.

      Nothing would please today's Pharisees more than to see Christianity completely destroyed. Who's blind to centuries of historical fact?

    8. Yes..good comment Jewish infiltration of Christian churches has been the problem not Christianity. The Talmud outlines the Jewish/Luciferian goal of destroying Christians and Christianity and makes this very clear. And the method, also outlined in the Talmud, is mainly through deception and confusion. This is not merely for religious consumption - the concequences of this are real and quite secular. Christianity -religious or secular-is like our heritage and history-non negotiable. Its not coincidence that the decline of civility and moral consideration has occured simultaneously with the decline and division of Christianity and Christian principles..

  3. Is nothing sacred anymore, not even childhood? Surely the parents should be doing more..

  4. Hi John, I have been enjoying your recent comment on Aangirfan.
    There is a little more info/discussion on Zoompad's blog.
    In any event please feel free to visit me at:
    It would be both a pleasure and an honour to have your attendance.
    Kind regards,
    Carol A. Valentine

    1. Thanks Carol, just added a link to you blog.

    2. Thanks John,
      I have just added a posting.
      I am sorry to have had to do it.
      I confronted him about it and I got no response.
      Not even a denial - I am upset to be honest as I got hoodwinked.
      Anyway cest la vie. Life goes on. Thanks for your support.
      Carol x

  5. Good post, as horrible as is the subject matter. It needs to be exposed, continuously, or as often as it happens. That seems to be always.
    Is it a cultural thing, or what?

  6. It is no surprise that in the topsy turvy world of evil these people live in and create all around them that the victims are always the perpetrators if only by association. The horrors visited upon these children is no different than that used in the MK Ultra terrorization of small children to splinter their minds into alter personas.

    Those victims too spoke of satanic rituals and extremely vile practices based on terror. After all, a terrified victim makes for better sacrifice. And, in the case of bloodletting, superior blood. Just read Kathy O'Brien's detailed biography and you will know all too much about the matter. It is interesting, in retrospect, that all these escaped slaves, who spoke of their trials in finite detail, never mention the word "Jews" (although Svalli nails the people in terms of their mindset and hubris).

    This author goes on to horrify and describe the situation and then very subtly turns everything back on the victim. That goddam party line again.

    And turning back on Christians in there is also a rather low blow but... do we expect any less?

    A few weeks ago I commented on a question in a public forum. The question was about the sex crimes in the Catholic Church and I responded that I would be more interested if the publication also included rabbis. I drew the comparison that both Israel and the Vatican provided safe harbor for pedophiles. No slandering, just those very words. I was sssssssssoooooooooooooo harassed for weeks as an anti semite, a term rather dear to my heart by now.

    The blow about the McMartin case is not believable when you read other recollections of that event. Considering the perpetrators, recanting is quite possible. Odd that this writer does not mention the Franklin Case in which the allegations were proven again and again. But then, that might mean exposing some truths without innuendos.

    Those men in black want their crimes hidden. What really does blow me away is... how insatiable are they if the blood of Christian innocents is not enough and they prey upon their own kind as well. I thought that was supposed to be... like a no no.

  7. If the satanic, NWO, freemasonry, revealed their advanced technology, that they keep hidden, you would know, that in the future, beginning with the chip-they find ways to turn human beings into part machine, part robot slaves, with animal DNA, that is what the drugs trade led to, the DUMBS. The missing in cages underground, experiments, lead to beings with no soul, no conscience. Such beings exist just to enjoy torture. These evil creatures can travel through time. They open doorways and take children, they torture them. I know, it happened to me, it is my first memory.
    Of course it also happens today, even in the vatican. Many people are demonic, who do demonic entities choose to possess? Only the rich, the elite, in power.
    Who do they like to torture? The weak and helpless, little children.
    People in the future, do high math quickly in their heads, data bases in brains, artificial intelligence, they have no souls, no creativity, no conscience, no ability to love or have empathy.
    Read the Billy Meier, Henoch prophecies, and they predict all of that, removable and replaceable limbs.
    I can tell you that all the FEMA camps are built above the DUMBS.
    There are many reports of Cattle mutilations, and also of the same torture happening to human beings.
    The future is very bad and the people today are hated for allowing it to happen.
    The sad truth is, that all technology comes from Satan-it is given in return for the torture of children and wars, all evil crimes against life/God.
    I know it can't be said for fear, but the only way to prevent it is to get rid of the Children of satan who have taken over the earth.
    By doing away with money, and living as we should, working and sharing all equally.
    God does not like inequity and without God, you have only Hell.
    time travel does exist in the future. Evil, and technology go hand in hand-they are not of God.
    The human race could stop prisons, poverty, inequity, all suffering, make the world a paradise for all.
    Strangely, it has never been a priority, quite the contrary, no effort has ever been applied toward that end.
    No wonder, it just gets much worse as time goes on.

  8. Sexual Abuse of Minors in Protestant Churches

    By Jonathan Morris

    (Fox News) The mainstream media has all but ignored the recent Associated Press report that the 3 major insurance companies for Protestant Churches in America say they typically receive 260 reports each year of minors being sexually abused by Protestant clergy, staff, or other church-related relationships.'

    260 Protestant Incidents VS 9 in the Catholic Church! But Prots are J E W Friendly.

    Abuse in School 100 Times Worse than by Priests
    April 1, 2010
    (LifeSiteNews) Charol Shakeshaft, researcher of 2004 study prepared for the U.S. Dept of Education, “physical sexual abuse of students In Schools is likely more than 100xs the abuse by priests.”
    A 2004 study most accurate data available at this time indicates nearly 9.6% of students are targets of educator sexual misconduct.
    6 credible cases of clerical sexual abuse in 2009 reported in the bishops annual audit- 65,000,000 members
    But Prots are Jew friendly. US Kosher media is selective.

  9. Texe Marrs names a rabbi / scholar type of high position who openly states and admits that in the history of Judaism (not sure if still happening) gentile children were abducted, tortured and sacrificed in ceremonies. The blood was drained from the children and the rabbis in the ceremony would drink the blood because it gave them power. I think the name was rabbi Toss or Taos or something like that. I had never neard of such a thing.

    Alex Jones, who I do not often listen to, gave an excellent "rant" today about "it's happening." He described how medical doctors and nurses are murdering people wholesale in our hospital right now today. This is true. The "hospice" service for the elderly is just a mass murder for pay operation. Alex pointed out how the eugenics movement int he USA has been going on for at least a century and it the same people that are doing the pedophile rings today. He was right on, but I believe some major instigators of this evil were of the Sigmund Freud / science atheist/agnostic experts/types out of England and Germany and that component is never mentioned. The American elites were part and parcel of all this evil from the beginning of America.

    The video can be listened to free for a few days here...

    Click this link or copy and paste it in the address line of your internet browser:

    Then, scroll down until you see, Secrets (Volume 196), and click the link.

    1. Sigmund Freud is a Jew who stated that his intent was to come to America in order to pollute it. Alex Jones is a Zionist mouthpiece.

    2. I wanted to provide the documentation regarding the rabbi scholar who stated plainly the Jewish involvment in pedophilia and killing and torturning of children. All of this is related to the early involvement of Jews in salve trade.


      full documentation in this thread...


      The son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome, Israeli Prof. Ariel Toaff, documented the Ashkenazi cult of ritual child murder:

      Toaff, Ariel. Pasque di Sangue: Ebrei d’Europa e omicidi rituali [Bloody Passover: European Jews and Ritual Homicide] (Bologna, Italy: Il Mulino, 2007). An English translation is available at and

      All of this is supposedly limited to "medieval times" but at a minimum it shows the very early connections of organized Judaism religion to pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse and murder.

  10. it is a famous line that the most impressive feat that Satan has accomplished in this world, is to convince so many people that he does not exist. When so many politicians and police, and wealthy people are trapped and being blackmailed-they do whatever they are told-and so they do not tell on the government satanists or each other. I used to work in Southern New Mexico where the town mayor and then later on long term city council member --who BUILT the town public swimming pool reigned with impunity for over thirty years-EVERYONE knew he had molested every child in town but no one dared say anything. Finally one of his victims who had grown up, moved away, and got fairly well to do--came back and filed a complaint against him and he finally made a public fake confession--admitting he did it but did not believe he did anything wrong (no child molester believes that they are doing anything wrong-mark of a personality disorder-it is ego syntonic behavior)--and he barely got a slap on the wrist for punishment--so please don't think these Satanic networks must be a lie because so many could not keep the secret-that is just not true.

  11. 'White witch coven' took part ritualistic sex abuse of young girls, court told
    Two men deny string of attacks in Cornwall on children as young as three from late 1970s to 2009

    Members of a "white witch coven" in Cornwall donned ceremonial robes and used daggers in ritualistic sex abuse of young girls, a court has heard.

    Peter Petrauske, 72, who allegedly told police he was high priest of the coven, and Jack Kemp, 69, were said to have been involved in criminal "pagan ceremonies" over a 30-year period.

    Children were plied with alcohol before being made to undress in front of a crowd of men wearing robes, it was claimed.

    The alleged victims, the youngest of whom aged three to five, were then abused by their tormentors before being given money and sweets to buy their silence, Truro crown court was told.

    When Petrauske was arrested last year, detectives discovered daggers, candles, incense and lavender at his home, the court heard.

    The men, both from Falmouth, deny a string of charges relating to the abuse of children from the late 1970s to 2009. Petrauske also denies one charge of rape.

    Police investigated last year when Kemp was arrested concerning another incident, causing rumours to spread around Falmouth and prompting the alleged victims of the historic offences to contact detectives.

    Jason Beal, prosecuting, said some of the assaults took the form of rituals with the young girls' wrists tied. He said a dagger had been involved and wax poured onto the bodies, according to testimony from some of the victims.

  12. Lots of great work being done here - keep going everyone!
    Great comments - too many things I agree with to be able to highlight it all. We must not loose faith in what we are doing, individually and collectively. It has to be said and it has to be done. Shine the light into the dark corners is what I say!
    Carol x

  13. Hitler should of finished the job with the jews, they are like vermin and parasites, and they once again own/control half of all world business.They are the equivelant of cockroaches in Israel, swarming over the land, that was once rightly Palestinians. 42 year old female, white,of no religious group, a British national.

  14. Ex-principal of Brooklyn Jewish school convicted on sex abuse
    December 4, 2012

    NEW YORK (JTA) -- The former principal of a Jewish high school in Brooklyn was convicted on 75 counts of sexual abuse against three boys.

    Emanuel Yegutkin, 33, was convicted Monday on all charges of sexual abuse stemming from his relationship with three boys between 1996 and 2005, including one who was 7 years old at the time.

    Yegutkin faces up to 25 years in prison for the top charge of sexual conduct against a child in the first degree. He will be sentenced on Dec. 17.

    Until his arrest in early 2009, Yegutkin served as the principal of Elite High School, a private school in the Bensonhurst neighborhood comprised largely of Russian-American students. Two of the victims were brothers; none were students at the school.

    "This violent sexual predator faces the remainder of his life behind bars," Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said. "This should serve as a clear message that those who would sexually abuse children in this county will be punished severely."

    Earlier this year, Hynes came under fire for his handling of prosecuting sex offenders in the haredi Orthodox community.

    Prior to his arrest, Yegutkin also worked as a lifeguard at Oorah summer camp in upstate New York and as a volunteer paramedic for the Flatbush Hatzoloh ambulance service.

  15. Great post. Hitler should of finished the job with the jews, they are like vermin and parasites, and they once again own/control half of all world business.

  16. I guess the Catholics aren't alone on this one.

  17. You gotta love the Israeli newspapers account of the Jewish townspeople who blame 'converts' and 'Christian Missionary motivations at play here'--LOL! Yeah right...

  18. Thank you for sharing this information. This is without doubt another horrific case of ritual abuse crime involving human trafficking and sadistic torture. FBI’s Kenneth Lanning is a fraud and has been exposed as a criminal spinner already. His information on the topic of ritual crime and egregious abuse is not only outdated but beyond grossly faulty on multiple fronts. His real job was to keep anyone away from knowing that such crimes happen. He is a liar and criminal and a defender of the wicked.

    I spoke at the UN on the topics you are sharing here in 2010 and I know what happened to all those children is absolutely true, without question. These types of twisted pedophile secret rings have infiltrated many group for years and directly like to target cloister religious groups like the one mentioned in this case, the Amish, Jewish sects, false Christian groups like United Pentecostal Churches, AOG, RCC and more.

    Here are some wonderful up to date resources of information on this topic I hope you find helpful. The evidence, convictions, survivors coming forward way after the mid
    80-90's attack against victims and supporter of egregious crimes and much more.

    Great job and never stop exposing such vile crimes no matter how such criminals try to bully people into silences. All such monsters need to be stop.

    Believe the children (1997). “Conviction List: Ritual Child Abuse”.

    The Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archive contains 92 cases as of February 12, 2008.

    Web pages proving the existence of ritual abuse:

    Noblitt, PhD, J. R. – An Empirical Look at the Ritual Abuse Controversy (2007)

    Extreme Abuse Survey:

  19. It would be a nice thing if Aangirfan didnt keep having a right go at people who try to expose the link between homosexual rights groups like Stonewall and the Paedophile Information Exchange, by calling us "homophobes", and it would also be a nice thing if Aangirfan didn't poach the research other people have grinded themselves to bits late at night doing and claim it for his/her/their own!


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