Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lemmings - Dr. William Pierce

Video found at the excellent blog HARDON'S BLOG:


  1. Good video. I wish Mr. Pierce had given us the apologetic against the guy who says what's wrong with the Mexicans taking back the land we took from them. Same goes for the "Indians" from whom we are said to have stolen their land.

    I have worked out an apologetic, but it does not seem to ring true with Democrats/liberals I know. Actually I am going to try to just let the whole rotten world system get squeezed out of every part of my life to be replaced by love of and following the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    Here is a nice article.

    Real Patriotism: Trusting Christ, Not the Ballot

    By: Paul Pierce
    Posted November 12, 2012

    1. I'm sorry, but reliance on a "sky god" is exactly what the Jews want you to do. In fact, there is plenty of hard evidence that your "sky god" is a Jewish fairytale.

      You probably never saw this quote before:

      "The technique of infamy is to invent two lies and to get people to argue heatedly over which one of them is true."'--Ezra Pound

      This is a well established method used by Jews to confound people. They have created different religions and set the various adherents against each other in engineered conflict - while they fleece you of your valuables.

      We are going to have to "do" something about the Jewish Problem. Merely "praying" will only get you more callouses on your knees.

      Action against the oppressor is the only thing that counts.

      Hey, if your house is burning down - what are you going to do? Get some water on the fire - or "pray" that it won't burn down?

      Well, the Jews are screwing us. What are we going to do about it? Pray?

      "In our time, the curse is monetary illiteracy, just as inability to read plain print was the curse of earlier centuries." ----Ezra Pound

      Monetary Illiteracy.

      The Jew depends on it.

    2. I’m sorry, but reliance on the Jew-created portrayal of the Creator of the universe as the “sky god” is exactly the fairytale the Jews want you to believe.
      “invent two lies and to get people to argue heatedly over which one of them is true” is not only something I have heard of before but is something I have read and know about and probably have more knowledge of than you have in your little finger.

      Some call this the Jew Hegel’s dialectic, but this little scam started in the garden of Eden and is the creation of the Serpent, Lucifer, the “light bearer” for atheists and “agnostics” that rule our world.

      “They have created different religions”

      Yes, but “they” have not created the one true religion that Jesus Christ created and the one that He said against which the gates of hell would not prevail.

      Pray and work is what is needed. I am working by droping out, being not conformed to, this wicked corrupt system, as the One Who died for me lovingly advises me, and by working on getting myself under control and leading a balanced temperate life free of addictions and materialism.

      “Action against the oppressor is the only thing that counts.”
      The action is in the reaction, and the operators of the dialectic love for you to bite the bait of fighting against the “oppressor” they have constructed and are pawning off on you.
      You can never know the real enemy unless you know the Savior who by His death on the cross ruined the end-game of Satan, and Satan knows that his days are numbered. That’s why he goes around devouring weak minded people’s souls these days.

      “Hey, if your house is burning down - what are you going to do? Get some water on the fire - or "pray" that it won't burn down?”

      Such a trite weak old nonsense. I will tote buckets of water while I am praying - pray and work. That is the ticket.
      The Jews are the tools of Satan and it is Satan, Lucifer, who is screwing us.
      If we follow Christ and do what He advises, with the comfort and help of the Holy Spirit, we will win in this fight, a fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, and wickedness in high places.

      The greatest revenge against the Jews is to lead a moral life. Spiritual weaponry is what we win with.

  2. John, here's something from the First Anti-Jewish Congress held in Dresden, Sep 11-12, 1882:

    The Jews have managed, on the one hand, to gain direct control over the majority of the periodicals and, on the other, to exert an indirect influence on them in their favor, so that until recently no newspaper in Central Europe would have dared to speak the truth vis-à-vis Jewry.

    Thus the Jews have become absolute masters, fabricators of public opinion. Any complaint raised against them, however justified it may be, is suppressed. Any article that addresses the subject of Jewish dominance to the slightest extent is done away with. They bestow praise and reproach on the living and the dead, on rulers, statesmen, civil servants, scholars, artists, etc., even on individuals’ private lives. The professional advancement of men active in public life and the recognition and rewarding of their achievements is dependent upon the favorable position of the Jewish press. Consequently, anyone wishing to reach his goals through some kind of public career is forced to curry the favor of the Jewish press and thus that of the Jewish clan.

    As a result of this situation, intellectual slavery and moral cowardice vis-à-vis Jewry is one of the most characteristic features of our age. Aspiring young professionals are worried about their future; elderly men who have made a name for themselves are concerned about their past and their posthumous reputation. And in order to secure these things with the help of the Jewish press, they become trainbearers of Jewish power, they turn into traitors to their own nation and race and thus to their own blood relations.

  3. Lemmings like those on this picture ?


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