Monday, November 19, 2012

Truth Militia Radio with John Friend

I just finished the fifth edition of Truth Militia Radio with John Friend.  My guest was Dr. Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and we discussed 9/11 and the JFK assassination.  You can download the entire show here or subscribe on iTunes via the Truth Militia Radio page on Blog Talk Radio.  



  1. Fetzer says:

    ..."I don't use the word "Jew" because it isn't relevant. What's relevant is Zionism and Politics and the actions of the Country of Israel..."



    I've had about enough of this Fetzer guy.


  2. Sadly, that was the worst show so far.

    Fetzer basically hogged it and performed a monologue.

    I was happy to have been educated on the fact that the problem we face has nothing to do with "Jews". Fetzer taught me that.

    Thanks, Fetzer.

    Judaism isn't "relevant", says Fetzer.

    How about USURY? Is that "relevant"?

    Probably not. Fetzer never mentioned it. Why would he? After all, it's a Jewish Religious issue..and therefor not relevant.

    Right Fetzer?

    If I wanted to hear a bunch of bullshit I can just turn on Fox News. No need for this crap to leak into Johns radio show.

    We need to institute a "no clowns" policy concerning future guests.

  3. Hi John, Together with his JFK research, JF has certainly done equally excellent probing into the scientific component of 911, and I agree with his belief mini-nukes, and not the directed-energy bs of jew Judy Wood, were responsible. However, I no longer bother with his archived shows as they are massively deficient in covering the continual/continuing and dominant jewish component that pervades virtually all of the crimes and 'false-flags' affecting or involving USA. The jews have mastery (in the most evil sense) over it all -- the science, the military, the politics, the media, the judiciary, the entire financial system, etc -- and that is why there is no aspect of researching these topics that can leave out their control, and not merely their 'participation'. I am sick of the likes of JF going on about, for instance, the "CIA role" in JFK's hit without mentioning that these are jew-run org's through and through.

    The time for not recognizing how extensive jewish crimes have been is long overdue, and I am so glad your show otherwise hits this issue square on. Now, don't ruin it again by getting the likes of Kevin Barrett, or Gordon Duff, with whom JF has a lot of 'positive' interaction.


    1. Amen.

      The work Dr Fetzer has done is admirable. It is thorough.

      But how or why he doesn't understand that Judaism IS Zionism (or as John points out that Israel IS a Jewish state). Judaism IS Talmudism (which is one of the most evil and destructive beliefs the world has ever known and is the key reason why Jews have a superiority complex (even if they are not "religious"). It is all interlinked and the basis is Jews. Period.

      His disconnect and knee jerk reaction is almost like a trained seal. Much like many of the Zionist Bible Thumpers I know first hand, without the religion attached.

      The Jews that I have known, without exception, are atheists. So, even though they brag about their Jewishness, it has NOTHING to do with religion (Fetzer's biggest mistake). Also note that without exception, each and every Jew I have ever known personally has tried to take advantage of me, lie to me, steal from me, or treat me as if I am truly Goy (an animal).

      Maybe his experiences are different, but that would amaze me. The truth is that I only know a few "decent Jews". And I sure as hell am not "racist", so don't try the canard on me.

      Sadly, it appears to me that political correctness is more a motivation than actually seeing the root of the problem.

      All that being said, I still appreciate his scholarship regarding JFK, 911 and "Zionism". I just wish he would show that he can think a bit farther towards the reality of what Jews are and do and admit that Judaism/Talmudism/Zionism is all the same damned thing and is the root of the entire problem.

  4. Dr. Fetzer spends a lot of time talking about symptoms. Frighteningly, Dr. Fetzer says that the underlying cause of the symptoms is "not relevant".

    Thank God Dr. Fetzer isn't a medial Doctor.

    BTW, what is a "Fetzer"?

    Sounds derogatory.

    Let me see if I can use it in a sentence. "I Fetzed around the issue as much as possible - hoping I could maintain an audience and get paid".

  5. So much info at breakneck speed -

    i havenet followed jfk research as much as 911 so cannot comment on those prtions of the show.

    as for 911 - re: the pentagon - what hit it?

    personally i cant say as there is so much conflicting evidence

    Have you ever come across ryan dawson's (3) films on 911 and some shorter videos of his stating that a plane did hit the pentagon - he showed pictures of a hole in the 2nd floor - he apparently tried to communicate his ideas to fetzer who wasnt interested

    You could ask him to be on a show but he lives in japan. you might have to record it. Best radio would be a debate with jf. (but i doubt that will happen)

    his site is

    his youtube channel is rys2sense

    if there were mininukes - there would be radiation right?

    1. I follow Dawson's YouTube channel and agree with most of what he says. He is dead wrong about the Pentagon and video fakery/"no planes" though... and what's worse, he's an absolutely asshole to anyone who even discusses these issues rationally. He just calls it all "DISINFO" and that "these theories are made up to just make us look crazy" blah blah blah. He will never talk about the facts, just show some fake photos of the Pentagon that don't even clearly show a 757.

      There seem to have been explosions inside the Pentagon that went off prior to whatever actually hit the building. See this from Barbara Honegger:

      Also, if you're interested in pursuing any of these technical aspects of 9/11, definitely check out Dr. Fetzer's work at Veterans Today and Scholars for 9/11 Truth. His radio programs address these issues at length as well.

    2. i sgree he gets too worked up and uses aggressive language to people who disagree. thanks for the links.

      frankly how it happened while interesting is not key to knowing who was behind it and we both agree on that ss does dr fetzer

    3. Who was behind it is simple.

      Those who have the funds to pull the levers of power.

      Who has the funds to pull the levers of power ?

      Those who control the politicians, the military and the mass-media.

      Who's this ?

      Those who not only lend the entire money supply of a country at interest but counterfeit money legally at the ratio of 10 parts counterfeit to 1 part actual reserve and even up to 25 to 1 ratio of savings to counterfeited fake loans given to whoever they want to give it to and then still collect interest on ALL of those loans. If people don't pay up, they send a bunch of cops down and grab up all their property and assets. If they resist, they send a SWAT team or military forces down.

      This much access to legalized fraud gives them the entire plantation in a very short period of time upon which we all goyim work as the serfs. They make sure to throw us a few bones so we will produce things they can rob year-after-year. Only the house-goyim who betray their own are given privileges on the plantation. These are called shabbos goys. The more and more shabbos goys proliferate, the sicker and more debased the society becomes, a place where prostitution is rewarded and honest production penalized.

      So it's only a matter of let's say for naming this, that and that person pulling the levers in one Psy-Op, let's say for the Moon Hoax and this, that and that guy pulling the levers 30 years later with the 9-11 Psy-Op false flag hoax. Then you check who these people are and you inevitably find out that most of them belong to the tribe of J and you are surprised ?

      Why should you be surprised ?

      The heads of this world-wide criminal network are literally multi-TRILLIONAIRES ! Hundreds of Trillions of dollars have been legally defrauded into their coffers with full protectino of laws they passed on all goyim plantations.

      They own half the world's wealth and why should anybody be surprised when IDIOT GOYIM give them the LEGAL RIGHT to counterfeit money and charge usury in 155 countries !!

      At the turn of the century there were only 16 Rothschild-controlled central banks in the world. Today there are 155 !

      Listen to this great audio by Stephen Goodson and Deanna Spingola for more info on Central Banking history and the State bank of Russia:

      ~Negentropic MK I

    4. I have yet to hear Fetzer, (never mind all the plane-huggers like Sabrosky or Bollyn or ZCF who deliberately ignore all of Simon Shack's research wholesale as if it doesn't exist) and his followers mention this guy:


      There may be one easy way to find out just how the 9/11 planners impeded any genuine, private footage to be captured or/and to prevent any such footage to leak out to the public: ask Steven Rosenbaum.

      This is a brief overview of the guy - and his activities since 9/11:

      Mr. Rosenbaum’s pre-9/11 company, BNN TV, employed over 80 people and occupied five floors of a Fifth Avenue building in Manhattan. The proud slogan of his company was “BNN TV Changes the Way Stories Are Told”. His clients included CNN, CBS News, MSNBC, HBO and Court TV. The studios were equipped with state-of-the-art AVID video editing equipment - the sort of which you only find in major Hollywood studios.

      As the story goes, in the days following 9/11, Steve put up posters and fliers in NYC and placed an ad in The Village Voice “urgently requesting images that captured the attack, its aftermath and the mood of the city”. That effort seems to have worked out nicely. His 1,700 video clips of 9/11 constitute, he says, “the largest archive of my now dormant television production company, Camera Planet”. His website tells us that 76 people contributed to these “500 hours of videos”, which are owned by Mr. Rosenbaum and his wife, Pamela Yoder (no mention is made whether or not he paid these 76 people for their precious footage).

      In other words, Steven Rosenbaum claims to have collected 500 hours of 9/11 amateur footage - from amateur videographers who would have willingly handed over their 9/11 footage to his new Camera Planet company - so that he could set up a big, nice archive of 9/11 amateur footage! Later, as Camera Planet went bankrupt, he allegedly put this 9/11 archive up for sale - for a mere $3 million. Do you think I'm kidding you? Check out this 2005 piece of the New York Observer:

      (When the company was in dire straits last winter, Mr. Rosenbaum attempted to sell off his vast library of 9/11 footage valued at $3 million. So far, there have been no takers.) [/quote]

      Does anyone here have $3 million to spare? Perhaps we could relieve Mr. Rosenbaum of his dire burden?

      I trust everyone on this forum will be familiar with the numerous, horridly low-res video clips of purported 9/11 footage infesting Youtube - carrying the Camera Planet logo. Taken together, and providing you have watched/compared them all, anyone should be able to see that they are nothing but an assembly line of animations created in a digital 3D environment and are, all in all, just a crude series of computerized animations - slightly rotated & retargeted at will. The purpose they serve is, of course, to convey the illusion that many different cameramen shot these videos in reality.

      So let's ask Mr. Steven Rosenbaum if he can supply us with a list of the alleged 76 authors of these "amateur videos", shall we?

      Simon Shack

      I mean, what the frig man ? !!

      If that's not an important operative in the 9-11 Psy-Op then NOBODY is. lol

      How hard is it for them to click over to Clues Forum and read one friggin post and then double-check and verify it ?

      Not very hard at all. The Fetzer group of No-Planers just as deliberately gatekeep Shack's info as the die-hardest of the plane-hugger clowns.

      ~Negentropic MK II

    5. Great points Negentropic, I totally agree. I need to put up a post on this Rosenbaum guy, no one knows about him! I only heard about him on that interview Shack did with Stavely, but I didn't know the details or his background until recently. Thanks for the info.

  6. What unbelievable rubbish! I have published about Israeli involvement in 9/11 since "9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda" in 2008,; again in 2009, "Is 9/11 research 'anti-Semitic'?",

    I, along with Gordon Duff, Alan Sabrosky and Kevin Barrett, have even been attacked by the Anti-Defamation League, "Decade of Deceit: Anti- Semitic Conspiracy Theories 10 Years Later",, but I have continued to publish about it, "9/11 and Zion: What was Israel's role?"

    Anonymous (x2) and Rubina seem to have a fixation on the word "Jew". That is most unfortunate, because Jews are not the problem, Zionism is. Many Jews are not Zionists and many Zionists are not Jews. I am certain I have done more than any of them to expose the role of Israel in 9/11. If they want to show themselves to be bigots, so be it! But I am not among them.

    1. Fetzer,

      The Problem is Judaism. The Talmud. The Torah. Jewish cohesiveness and organized thievery.

      You call people names like "racist" and "bigot".

      Well......I don't care if you call me an "name".

      I've got a few choice ones for you as well.


      No mention of the Money Creation Swindle - right Fetzer?

      'Course not. Because you're not a "bigot". Right?

      You, sir - are pathetic.


    2. Truth About the Talmud: Judaism's Holiest Book:

      Jews May Steal from Non-Jews

      Baba Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile ("heathen") it does not have to be returned. (Affirmed also in Baba Kamma 113b). Sanhedrin 76a. God will not spare a Jew who "marries his daughter to an old man or takes a wife for his infant son or returns a lost article to a Cuthean..."

      Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews

      Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

      Baba Kamma 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

      Jews May Lie to Non-Jews

      Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

      Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human

      Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.

      Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.

      Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . Gentiles prefer sex with cows.


  7. Another discussion of the Israeli role in 9/11 is "Peeing the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots", which I published in 2011, Where are the articles and presentations of these twits? I have spoken out in public on the grass behind the Capitol. I have published article after article about it. I address it in interviews and lectures. I have been attacked by the ADL for doing that.

    So where did these guys earn their stripes? The problem is Zionism, not Judaism. I can't believe that these guys are so proud of themselves for using the word "Jew" and "Jewish" over and over again. What rubbish! That they are congratulating themselves for their blatant anti-Semitism and bigotry is astounding. There are too many mediocrities like them out there, alas. They are profoundly embarrassing.

    1. Fetzer,

      Now you call people "anti-Semites". LOL

      You read directly from the Jew Playbook.

      You are the embarrassment. Disgusting, in fact.

  8. Unreal! I am out there exposing the complicity of Israel in 9/11 -- and in a lesser role with JFK as well -- and you are sitting back and taking cheap shots when you have produced no evidence that you have done anything about this at all! You are insignificant hypocrites.

    Every reader can judge for himself, but those who claim that Jews and Judaism are the problem ignore that most Jews are fine people and many also reject Zionism. There are reasons why the ADL is attacking me and Gordon, Alan and Kevin, while no one has ever heard of my critics.

    And anyone who would suggest that I am reading "directly from the Jew playbook" has their head where the Sun does not shine. I can't believe the crude, shallow and open anti-Semitism that is being displayed here, which is not only intellectually crude but grossly immoral. Stunning.

  9. I wager that Fetzer supports the Holy Hoax Myth.

    That would be right in line with the rest of his "Schtick".


    Don't tell me you speak Yiddish ya?

  10. Did the Italian mafia create Zionism?

  11. Prof, on your shows, you have clarified in painstaking detail, your various definitions and parameters that encompass the use of the term "video fakery", yet you fling around the (attempted) smear "anti-semitism", which the jews have brazenly commandeered to apply to themselves alone, despite the fact that the majority of them are no more "semetic" than any gentile's big toe.

    Thus, I don't hate Arabs, and for your information, that usurping criminal entity in the ME refers to itself as the "jewish" state, and has given the status of first-class citizen to ones who are "jews".

    What does being “attacked by the ADL” prove? It’s an outrage, jewish organizations like this have been allowed to proliferate, because they all have an utterly sordid history of ensuring the ruin and/or demise of their targets, and titles such as “They Dare To Speak Out” confirm some relatively milder aspects of that targeting.

    Today’s kids, their offspring, in the hitherto unaffected West (Germany’s destruction excluded) are being set-up for an as-yet unimaginable hell-on-earth, now that international jewry has all but consolidated its worldwide grip. Anyone who deems it worthwhile fannying around with zionism, zionists, israel or israeli (which are merely modern-day manifestations of an insidious control that jews have exerted, behind the scenes for most of history, and which has directly led to the misery and death of untold millions) and ignoring the true “bigots” needs to be “profoundly embarrassed” himself.

    Your “peeling the 911 onion” has revealed zionists and israel, and that is the PC restriction you are content with, and that you are “congratulating” yourself with this achievement is “astounding”.

    I didn’t use “judaism” anywhere in my previous post, nor in this. I’ve heard you complain bitterly of others putting words into your mouth you did not utter, and it seems your vision was blinded while you typed your arrogant screed.

    Perhaps, “insignificant hypocrite” Anonymous will follow up with another reply.

    “Mediocre Twit” Rubina, who does not claim to be a Scholar like the Great Fetzer

    1. You make a number of good points Rubina, thanks!

      One thing I always try to mention is that Israel is NOT the "Zionist" state - it's the Jewish state. That's how they describe their (illegitimate and criminal) country; that's how many American politicians describe Israel. The Israeli state is Jewish, not Zionist. Zionism is simply an ideological branch of Judaism.

      Jewish writers are often the best source of info on Judaism. See Israel Shahak's Jewish history, Jewish Religion:

    2. Israel Shahak's book "Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3,000 Years" is all the more important for being a document by a aknowledgeable Jew -- a Jewish "insider" -- about the beliefs and behavior of his fellow Jews. Born in Warsaw in 1933, Shahak spent a portion of his childhood in the concentration camp in Belsen, from which he immigrated to Palestine in 1945. He grew up in Israel, served in the Israeli military, and became a chemistry professor. Like all Israelis, he became fluent in Hebrew. He also became acclimated to the peculiar moral atmosphere of Israeli society: a combination of overweening arrogance and deceit, a mixture of pugnacious self-righteousness and duplicity.

      Unlike his fellow Israelis, however, Professor Shahak is deeply troubled by this peculiar atmosphere. Whereas the Jews around him take it for granted that the goyim on whom they depend for economic, military, and diplomatic support are too stupid ever to figure out what the Jews think about them and say about them behind their backs and plan to do to them when they can, and too sheeplike ever to take effective action if they do figure it out, he worries. He remembers that the Romans figured it out, and they consequently sacked Jerusalem and ended their cult in Palestine. He remembers that the Germans figured it out, and that's why he became an involuntary tenant in a concentration camp. He's worried that if his fellow Jews continue behaving as they always have, they will get themselves into some really serious trouble -- again.

      In particular, Professor Shahak is concerned about the behavior of those of his people who adhere to "Judaism". He is not one of these himself, and so he is able to look with some degree of objectivity at the mixture of superstition, Jewish chauvinism, and hatred of non-Jews which makes up the Jewish religion and its sacred writings. He deplores traditional Jewish teachings, not only because of the danger that some new Martin Luther will come along and spill the beans to the Gentiles, but because of the spiritually debilitating effect these teachings have had on the Jews themselves. Of the world of medieval Jewry in Europe, the world of the ghetto and the shtetl which modern Jewish writers refer to in euphoric tones as a world of quaint tradition and piety, Shahak says: "It was a world sunk in the most abject superstition, fanaticism, and ignorance ..."

  12. Oops, it's getting irrational. David David Cole had an almost complete definition of a Jew some 20 years ago. It is on youtube

    Zionists, orthodoxes of all stripes are equally unacceptable, for different reasons. This is a result of culture clash. Anglo/Saxon and Semitic. What is common is the Jewish mentality of relativity and utter disregard for truth. I know wannabee Jews who insist on being a Jew just because their unknown father was most probably a Jew. A Jew is someone who can be either depending on what is most convenient at the time.

    The definition of a Semite now days is someone who speaks a semitic language. With that in mind there were no Semites in Europe prior to WWII since European Jews spoke Yiddish. Just an example of jewish lies and an attempt at twisting the truth.

    Oh, 99% of Jews are people with fragile psyche. They tend to cling onto anything that makes them feel good regardless of facts. That makes them perfect sounding boards. Probably less than 1000 ppm of them are aware of the game being played.

    1. Sorry for mistaken link. It should be
      How Jews can identify market share by David Cole.

  13. For the record: Dr. Jim Fetzer is one of the most brilliant and honest scholars that I have run across. I find his research on 9/11, JFK, and the murder of Senator Paul Wellstone to be top notch, and believe he and the other scholars/professionals he has collaborated with have done more to clarify what actually happened with these events than almost anyone else. Sorting out the fabricated evidence from the real evidence and figuring out exactly what happened with these "Deep State" events is absolutely vital, and I commend Dr. Fetzer for all the work he has and continues to do. I do and will continue to support his work.

    My views on Judaism, Zionism, and Israel are fundamentally different than Dr. Fetzer's, however. And that's OK. We're all not going to be on the same page on everything. I think that if and when Dr. Fetzer takes the time to really investigate the true nature of Judaism and the true history of the international Jewish crime network that is behind virtually all of the world's problems - usury/debt, war, destruction of Western civilization, etc etc - he will be on board with what I and many commenters here have been saying for quite some time now.

    Let me add this quote from the Jewish American author, Gerald Krefetz, who wrote Jews & Money: The Myths & the Reality:

    "Perhaps it is possible to separate Jewish interests from Israeli interests, but the trick is yet to be turned. What touches Israel touches global Jewry, and vice versa. Purists and theoreticians may argue about the separation of church and state, Jews and Israelis, Judaism and Zionism, but in the real world the connection is hard, fast, and seemingly indivisible."

    1. The fact of the matter is that Zionism is a Jewish ideology, Israel is the Jewish state, and Judaism is a supremacist religion that is concerned primarily with subjugating the entire world - economically, politically, culturally, and even spiritually. And they have done a good job accomplishing this goal.

      Zionism, Communism, international capitalism, and even liberal democracy are Jewish ideologies. Judaism is the problem, not merely Zionism. Zionism is just a modern day branch of Jewish ideology.

  14. Zionism is the political wing of Judaism, and shame on Jim Fetzer for denying this fact.

  15. And let Jim Fetzer respond to the late and great Professor Tony Martin, who can be heard on video, entitled, "The Jewish Onslaught".

    1. I am saddened to hear that Professor Tony Martin has died.
      He was a great gift to humanity.

  16. Thanks, Anon @ 6.25am, for the reminder of that first-rate lecture, which is also on youtube under "The Hidden Onslaught" -- approx. 39min.

    All of Dr Martin's words ring true, but anyone who dismisses him because he's black, needs to listen from the 21-min mark onward. It's chilling how applicable all of it is to white gentiles who have done no more than wish to engage in intellectual discussions about jewish history (and crimes), and are met with jewish hostility that is on the order of insane! Dr Martin also gave a great talk at an IHR event that's on youtube.

    It is a an undeniable fact that jews cannot respond with reasoned arguments to anyone, or any group, exposing the physical harm they have caused, or the absolute control they need to have over gentiles, but resort to economic ruin, violence and oft-times murder. Of course, there are publicity stunts on NPR, etc, when their spokesperson will fawn disbelief and act shocked at being accused of censorship. I'll never forget the smashed face of Dr Faurisson, and now we see the savagery against the people of Gaza -- indeed, the volume of jewish revenge is monumental.

    I refuse to vote, and getting their black stooge in the WH may seem like another victory to jewry, but it's no different to their success with the previous stooges in place. Anyone noticed, the jews' bleatings about how each and every administration hasn't done enough for jews or israel. The ante gets raised at every election cycle, the sell-outs jump through all the hoops, and the sheople don't notice!

    I agree with Dr Martin's optimism, and that gentiles are winning the intellectual war. However, I believe that it will come at a tragic cost for USA, which is where my optimism is tempered.

    I grew up in UK, and though there are proportionally very few voices there like John F, Deanna, Charles Giuliani, Dr Carley, there is one guy at No-one To Vote For who sums it up for how bad it it there too: “…Jews, having gained a monopoly on victimhood, now control (with the assistance of their masonic and other assorted gentile helpers) just about every aspect of western societies from finance to food to communications to publications and the arts. Members of a community that constitute 0.5% of the UK population dominate every aspect of our lives and people dare not say so because our very human empathy has been weaponised towards our own spiritual and material destruction.”


  17. "The ultimate object of hatred in Talmudic Judaism is Christ, and the targets of Talmudic hatred are not just Gentile non-Jews, "the people who are like an ass — slaves who are considered the property of the master" (Talmud, Kethuboth 111a). Of these non-Jews, the Christians are most insanely hated and loathed because their doctrines are the opposite of every Talmudic doctrine. They rank not just as animals, like the rest of non-Talmudic humanity, but almost as vermin, to be eradicated. Language in the Talmud is virtually exhausted to find foul and hated names for Christians. "
    Elizabeth Dilling from her fully referenced work THE JEWISH RELIGION: Its Influence Today
    The Talmud may be viewed and researched online there also. (which is a rarity)

    Christianity itslef is the ultimate target of the Jewish Gentile's(meaning Nation) infiltration and corruption by any and all means. So, it always has been and always will be. Jews are pretenders to the claim of being related genetically to the Israelites of the bible. But they ARE the children identified by Jesus in John 8:44

    And they hate white anglo-saxons above all other Christians. Their efforts to promote inter-racial breeding between every other race OTHER that their own is abominable and impossible to deny.

    Not totally off topic I hope!

  18. “Yes, it’s true that the Zionist project has religious underpinnings of Judaism and corrupt forms of Christianity (so-called Zionist-Christian churches), but its keynote is not religion, and it is not race, and it is not even ethnicity, it is rather a self-interested criminal syndicate which has a very advanced knowledge of game theory, and uses false-flag operations and personal corruption to make the world its oyster. Zionist Israel is simply a visible excrescence of this worldwide conspiracy, but it is hardly its font.”

    Book Review

    Some Dare Call It Treason

    Jeff Gates, Guilt by Association: How Deception and Deceit Took America to War (Santa Barbara, CA: State Street Publications, 2008), $27.95, 287 pp., Paper, LCCN# 2008908446.

    Reviewed by Ken Freeland

    1. I have also done many interviews on Isreali complicity in false flag attacks around the world, including on the USS Liberty in 1967. I am dismayed that so many bigots who are fixated on the word "Jew" are posting here.

      Judaism is not the problem; Zionism is the problem. Many Jews are not Zionists and many Zionists are not Jews. A few programs archived at

      Wednesday, September 26, 2012
      Jim Fetzer
      On the "Unsolicited Opinion" show discussing Israel, the Middle East, and 9/11

      Friday, September 7, 2012
      Shiek Imran N. Hosein
      The Plight of the World (plus 9/11 and Iran)

      Friday, August 10, 2012
      Michael Collins Piper
      FINAL JUDGEMENT: Isreal's role in JFK's assassination

      Fridayk, August 3, 2012
      Eenst Zundel
      Persecuted & Imprisoned for research on WWII

      Friday, July 20, 2012
      Nick Kollerstrom and Kevin Barrett
      The Holocaust as Political Dogma

      Friday, June 8, 2012
      Kevin Barrett, Joshua Blakeney, Webster Tarpley
      Roundtable discussion

      A few classics:

      Wednesday, January 18, 2012
      James Morris & Phil Tourney
      False Flag Attacks: USS Liberty and 9/11

      Wednesday, April 13, 2011
      Adrian Salbuchi
      Libya / Zionism / Patagonia

      Friday, October 22, 2010
      Adrian Salbuchi
      Preying on Patagonia

      Wednesday, June 30, 2010
      Mark Glenn
      USS Liberty

      Friday, June 18, 2010
      Stephen St. John
      9/11, USS Liberty, JFK, more

      Friday, May 28, 2010
      Albert D. Pastore
      Israel and 9/11

      Monday, April 26, 2010
      Chapters of an important book

      Monday, September 21, 2009
      Adrian Salbuchi
      False Flag attacks in Argentina

  19. "Judaism is not the problem; Zionism is the problem. Many Jews are not Zionists and many Zionists are not Jews."

    I disagree 100%, but I understand where you are coming from Dr. Fetzer. I was of this same mindset for about a year until I really started understanding the true nature of Judaism. We've had a Jewish problem for thousands of years. Zionism is simply an ideological branch of Judaism, which has been around for about 125 years or so. Judaism sanctions the cheating, swindling, lying to, and even killing of non-Jews. I have a problem with that. And if that makes me a bigot or an "anti-Semite", so be it.

  20. Why is Friend sucking up on Fetzer? Is he "friend" of jewish payed disinfo?

    There are several other researchers, who have studied JFK israel connection as well as him. People have no time for disinfo artists, time is running up. Doc Felcher has just repeated same crap that AJ promotes, "it's the zionists, not jews, don't touch our dear kikes." Or you are horrible mass murderer, etc.

    Felcher is a jew-payed scumbag, pure and simple.

    1. No one is sucking up to anyone dude. I'm trying to have a rational, intelligent conversation here. I've explained why I value Dr. Fetzer's work over the years in detail before.

  21. Oy veh! Prothink and Fetzer!

  22. It seems to me that some of my critics are deficient in logic. To claim that "Jews are Zionists" implies that ALL Jews are Zionists. But I know of numerous Jews who are not Zionists. Since SOME Jews are not Zionists, the claim that ALL Jews are Zionists is simply false. There are quite a few here who seem to commit this elementary blunder, which I spent 35 years teaching freshmen to avoid. It is disappointing to read rubbish being said here by many who are not even willing to use their own names but hide behind the label, "Anonymous".

    That, I am sorry to say, comes across as an act of intellectual cowardice. I am defending the truth re Jews, Zionism, JFK and 9/11, where it is simply offensive to find sloppy thinkers making false claims about Jews and Zionism. I have discussed this in "Is 9/11 research 'anti-Semitic'". The study of definitions is one of my areas of expertise as a professional philosopher. No one is "sucking up" to anyone, but some of us are standing up for truth--including basic distinctions between Judaism and Zionism.

  23. John, I believe you are a good man. The point I am making is one of elementary logic. There are Christian Zionists, so it is not the case that all Zionists are Jews. There are non-Zionist Jews, so it is not the case that all Jews are Zionists. The identification of Zionism with Judaism is fundamentally flawed as a point of logic.

    A little old lady called me years ago to tell me that her rabbi had warned the members of her synagogue not to go to lower Manhattan on 9/11. She was not a Zionist. Many of those involved in 9/11 were Zionists, but many were not Jews. It is intellectually and morally wrong to equate them. They are distinct characteristics.

    1. Dr. Fetzer, I know you are a good man. I am not saying all Zionists are Jews. I'm not even saying all Jews are the problem. I'm saying Judaism is the problem. Zionism is rooted in Judaism, just as international Marxism and international capitalism are rooted in Judaism. The religion/ethical code of Judaism specifically sanctions and encourages the deceiving and even killing of non-Jews. We've seen how Jews have operated over the centuries. And what have we discovered? Jews, sure not all of them, but Jews, as an organized racial/religious group, have deceived, conned, lied to, cheated, defrauded, and yes killed (sometimes in a ritualistic manner) non-Jews. We've had a Jewish problem for thousands of years. Zionism is what, 150 years old or so?

      Jews have been behind all the major wars of the 20th and 21st century. That is easily demonstrated. Jews did 9/11. Jews have totally falsified the history of WWII, and have the entire world convinced Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany systematically murdered 6 million "innocent, suffering, harmless" Jews, not to mention being a complete psychopathic warmonger hell bent on conquering the planet with his "master race" of Aryans. All of this is completely bogus. It's a Big Lie, a technique of psychological warfare the Jews have mastered.

      Think about the magnitude of these lies. To act like this isn't a big deal, or that merely Zionism is the problem and not Jews and Judaism, is incomprehensible to me.

      Again, read this quote from Jewish American author, Gerald Krefetz, who wrote Jews & Money: The Myths & the Reality:

      "Perhaps it is possible to separate Jewish interests from Israeli interests, but the trick is yet to be turned. What touches Israel touches global Jewry, and vice versa. Purists and theoreticians may argue about the separation of church and state, Jews and Israelis, Judaism and Zionism, but in the real world the connection is hard, fast, and seemingly indivisible."

  24. This guy "Anonymous" suffers from cognitive impairments, but I am supposed to be "jewish payed disinfo"? How dumb is that? Although there are converts, being Jewish is generally understood as a genetic or ethnic trait. Zionism, by contrast, is a political ideology. Does anyone believe the latter is caused by the former?

    Gilad Atzmon, Barry Chamish, and Stephen Lendman, I take it, are all Jewish but also non-Zionists. They do not subscribe to the Zionist ideology combining a belief in Jewish superiority with entitlement to the lands of Palestine. The distinction should be obvious, yet I am assailed for drawing it. So why am I the "scumbag"?

    1. I'm pretty sure Atzmon totally rejects his Jewish identity.... not sure about Lendman and Chamish, but I haven't been too impressed with either over the years.

  25. John, it's not a question of whether you are impressed with someone or not. They are in a class that cannot exist if all Jews were Zionists. I dare say it is even historically preposterous to equate them, since Zionism was only introduced as an organized political movement in 1897 by Theodor Herzl. Judaism existed for three thousands of years before Zionism reared its ugly head, although I suppose that Moses' search for the promised land could be interpreted as a vague and benign precursor

    For some of these "Anonymous" critics to be attacking me for drawing an elementary distinction and doing so using crude and abusive language is disgusting. You have a critique of Judaism. That's fine. I am not endorsing your critique when I observed that, at the very least, you are at least not committing an elementary logical blunder in attempting that. Christianity has its own theological and historical deficiencies, including the Doctrine of the Trinity, the Inquisition and the crusades.

    But perhaps there is something deeper and more profound that is wrong with Judaism. Certainly there are tenets of the Talmud that appear to be both intellectually and morally objectionable. Exposing them strikes me as both intellectually and morally appropriate. Do you explain the differences between the Talmud and the Torah in your discussions? That, I think, would be important, not to mention assessing the historicity of disputed works like THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION. There are real issues here, but conflating Judaism with Zionism is not among them.

  26. In regards to the question of "The Good Jew"...

    Here is a quote by Winston Churchill discussing this very issue. Churchill was trying to defend the notion of "The Good Jew"

    Here it is --

    "It is particularly important in these circumstances that the national Jews in every country who are loyal to the land of their adoption should come forward on every occasion, as many of them in England have already done, and take a prominent part in every measure for combating the Bolshevik conspiracy. In this way they will be able to vindicate the honor of the Jewish name and make it clear to all the world that the Bolshevik movement is not a Jewish movement, but is repudiated vehemently by the great mass of the Jewish race." Winston Churchill

    Now.....let's look back into history and see if Churchill was correct -- that there is such a thing as "The Good Jew". Where were those good jews who spoke out?

    I can count on ONE hand those Jews of history who have spoken out against the Jewish Power Elite. Benjamin Freedman is one of only a few. Think of all the lying Jewish scumbags who survived ww2. Many of them even survived Work Camps. But then they turn around and LIE! And don't speak up for the way in which they were cared for and treated by Hitler's Germany. Shame! These people were cared for! They were fed...given activities...shelter...medical attention....etc., etc. And they remained SILENT. Some even LIE. Sorry...........there are no good Jews.

    I have many clients who are Jews. They are nice people. But they are SILENT when it comes to the crimes of the Jewish Power Elite. Silent! They are complicit in their silence. Sorry Fetzer.

    There may be nice and civil Jews in this world, but I'll bet my life that when push comes to shove, they will always side with their supposed brethren. And I wonder Dr. Fetzer, are you telling your Jewish friends about the crimes of their brethren? Do you tell them that Israel and the Jewish Power Elite murdered Americans on 9-11? Do you tell them that the Holocaust is a fraud and that Hitler was a decent man who only tried to help the jews? Do you tell them that? And they still like you and are nice to you?

    Judaism is the problem. Not Zionism. And Jews are the problem. They are guilty by their silence.

    Hey Jim Fetzer......why have Jews as a people group been kicked out of over 100 nations, countries and principalities???

  27. This is completely ridiculous. I have listed article after article and interview after interview in which I address the crimes committed by Israel and the complicity of the Mossad in 9/11. What more am I supposed to do? Become an extremist anti-Semitic bigot like Jeff? What's wrong with him? I have laid out the evidence that I am calling out Israel for its criminal acts, but now I am supposed to be responsible for those who are Jewish and do not speak out? This kind of insanity is dumbfounding.

    1. Jim,

      You obviously do not understand jewish psyche. Just as most Anglo-Saxons can not fathom that it is possible to be several different identities at the same time or assume those personalities in different proportions depending on circumstances or agendas at hand. Listen what David Cole, a knowledgeable Jew has to say on this topic.

      But there is more. Let Ayn Rand be an example how a Jewess can build a supposed economic movement called " objectivist's synagogue". Of course any one familiar with Marx and his work entitled "World without Jews" can immediately identify Ayn's bullshit as reverse Marxism with Anglo-Saxon names.

      There is even more that destroys the "people without land" narrative. Stalin in a stroke of genius gave Russian Jews a sizable patch of land called "Birobidzhan" in 1928. They were free to govern themselves and sustain to the best of their ability. He even pronounced that Yiddish would be the official language. This happened at a time all other Russian minorities were forcibly mixed and only Jews were given a chance to form a distinct landed minority. Of course, most were atheists. The outcome proved the parasitic nature of Jews. The largest fear Theodor Herzl and Ben Gurion had when they were plotting to inhabit a smaller patch of land in Palestine.

      The official Jewish reason for failure to build a prosperous homeland in Birobidzhan were mosquitoes in summer and cold days in winter.

      It is the parasitic nature of Jews that describes them best. The role of a giant parasite is now played by the state of Israel. This crucial function had been delegated to the smartest among them.

  28. no, jim fetzer... you can only be responsible for yourself. and thankfully you have been quite clear in showing everyone where you stand. quite clear.

  29. It is really very simple, stop saying --

    "Judaism is not the problem; Zionism is the problem. Many Jews are not Zionists and many Zionists are not Jews."

    Judaism is the problem.

    You didn't answer my question --

    Why have the Jews as a people group been expelled from over 100 nations, countries and principalities?

    Where were all the Jews Churchill promised would speak out proving that Bolshevism was not a Jewish construct?

  30. Thanks for this excellent interview with Jim Fetzer. The book you discussed "JFK and the Unspeakable" by James Douglass is a well-written and deeply researched book that brings everything together in terms of how JFK's assasination was the raising of the curtain on the final act in the demise of America. Once they got away with that, the Shadow Government just got more and more bold. That book is a good one to give to people who know very little about the JFK assassination, especiallly older relatives who lived throught that time.

    Jim Fetzer has a multitude of facts at his fingertips. Hopefully his continued exposure in the alternative media will result in these facts becoming more widely known and Americans becoming more willing to face the truth about what has happened to our country.

    Keep up the good work, John and Jim!


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