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How Jews destroy nations with "Love" and "Tolerance"

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  1. Jewish Colonization in RussiaNovember 29, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    Organization for Jewish Colonization in Russia
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    The Organization for Jewish Colonization in Russia (Idishe Kolonizatsie Organizatsie in Rusland), commonly known by its transliterated acronym of IKOR, was a Communist-sponsored mass organization in North America devoted to supporting settlement in the Jewish socialist republic of Birobidzhan in the Soviet Union. The organization was founded in the United States in 1924 and soon spread to Canada.

    The American Committee for the Settlement of Jews in Birobidjan (Ambidjan) was established on February 27, 1934, at a meeting held in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York City.[2] The meeting was addressed by Lord Marley, Dudley Leigh Aman, a British Labour Party Member of Parliament and leading spokesman for the Birobidjian project in the United Kingdom.[2]

    The chief American behind the establishment of the new organization was William W. Cohen, a banker and stockbroker who had been a Congressman from New York's 17th Congressional District from 1926 to 1928.[2] Cohen saw the establishment of a Jewish Autonomous Region in the USSR as providing an important "haven for the salvage and rehabilitation of many thousands of Jews suffering in the infernos of central and eastern Europe" and supported the establishment of Ambidjan with his money, time, and effort.[2]

    Ambidjan began formal operations in September 1935 with the establishment of an office located at 285 Madison Avenue in New York City.[2] Lord Marley was named honorary president with Cohen the president of the organization.[2]

    A key figure behind the scenes at Ambidjan was J.M. Budish, a member of the Communist Party USA and employee of Amtorg, the New York-based Soviet foreign trade office in the United States.[3] Budish's close ties with Soviet Ambassador Alexander Troyanovsky and position in the Communist Party apparatus made him the ideal conduit for information to Ambidjan regarding developments in the Soviet Union.[3] In the summer of 1935 Budish travelled to Birobidzhan to tour the region and conduct talks with government officials regarding the future role of Ambidjan.[4]

    Following Budish's 1935 talks, Soviet authorities gave Ambidjian permission to proceed with its efforts to subsidize the emigration of European Jews to Birobidzhan.[4] Selection of settlers, primarily from Poland, Lithuania, Romania, and Germany, was to be made by Ambidjan in consultation with Soviet officials.[4] Ambidjian would provide a grant of $350 per family selected to aid in the costs of relocation.[4]

    Ambidjan's efforts attracted a wide spectrum of Americans to membership in its ranks, including a substantial contingent from the middle and upper classes, some of whom were non-Jews.[5] Dues in the organization cost $5.[2]

    In 1946 IKOR and Ambijan merged to form a unified organization.

  2. Here are some quotes from an article by E. Michael Jones titled "Jewish Nazis"

    I will post more quotes in a second consecutive posting here due to space constraints.

    "multiculturalism has been a completely Jewish creation from start to finish. For over 100 years now, Jews in America have been promoting multiculturalism as a strategy for weakening the dominant culture and thereby enhancing Jewish power."

    "University of California at Long Beach Professor Kevin MacDonald shows in exhaustive detail how Jewish organizations supported multiculturalism almost from the moment when eastern European Jews arrived in significant numbers on these shores. According to MacDonald, the “historical record supports the proposition that making the US into a multicultural society has been a major goal of organized Jewry beginning in the 19th century.” The main way in which Jews promoted multiculturalism is by changing this nation’s immigration laws. “Jews,” according to MacDonald, “have been ‘the single most persistent pressure group favoring a liberal immigration policy’ in the US in the entire immigration debate beginning in 1881.” MacDonald goes on to cite one Jewish authority after another to back up his case.

    The Jewish promotion of multiculturalism in America had two main goals: 1) “maximizing the number of Jewish immigrants” and 2) “opening up the US to immigration from all of the peoples of the world.” Both goals paradoxically used “diversity” as a stalking horse to advance Jewish ethnocentrism. This is so because the whole point of multiculturalism is not so much the promotion of diversity as it is the demographic dilution of homogeneity.

    Representative Leavitt saw through the diversity ploy when he complained that the Jews were “the one great historic people who have maintained the identity of their race throughout centuries because they believe sincerely that they are a chosen people, with certain ideals to maintain, and knowing that the loss of racial identity means a change of ideals.”

    The purpose of multiculturalism has always been to subvert coherent cultures, weaken the majority, and thereby enhance the Jews’ power. Or, as MacDonald puts it,

    ethnic and religious pluralism serves external Jewish interest because Jews become just one of many ethnic groups. This results in the diffusion of political and cultural influence among the various ethnic and religious groups, and it becomes difficult or impossible to develop unified, cohesive groups of gentiles united in their opposition to Judaism. Historically, major anti-Semitic movements have tended to erupt in societies that have been, apart from the Jews, religiously and/or ethnically homogeneous.

  3. Part 2 of quotes from E. Michael Jones article "Jewish Nazis."

    There is a direct link between Jewish anthropology as practiced by Franz Boas during the 1920s and Jewish immigration policy as implemented by Senator Jacob Javits in 1965. In other words, if New York City resembles Mogadishu these days, we have Dorothy Rabinowitz and her co-religionists to thank for this. The main reason people like Major Hasan are American citizens and serving in the United States Army is the immigration bill of 1965, which was a Jewish operation from start to finish.

    Earl Raab . . . remarks very positively on the success of revised American foreign policy in altering the ethnic composition of the United States since 1965. Raab notes that the Jewish community has taken a leadership role in changing the Northwestern European bias of American immigration policy, and he has also maintained that one fact inhibiting anti-Semitism in the contemporary US is “an increasing ethnic heterogeneity as a result of immigration, has made it even more difficult for a political party or mass movement of bigotry to develop.” Or more colorfully: “The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.” . . . Indeed the “primary objective” of Jewish political activity after 1945 “was . . . to prevent the emergence of an anti-Semitic reactionary mass movement in the United States.”

    Charles Silberman notes that “American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups. It is this belief, for example, not approval of homosexuality, that leads an overwhelming majority of American Jews to endorse ‘gay rights’ and to take a liberal stand on most other so-called ‘social’ issues.”

    Silberman’s testimony leads MacDonald to conclude that:

    The 1965 law is having the effect that it seems reasonable to suppose had been intended by its Jewish advocates all along: the Census Bureau projects that by the year 2050, European-derived peoples with no longer be a majority of the population of America. Moreover, multiculturalism has already become a powerful ideological and political reality.

    continued in Part 3 separate posting

    1. Jones' article is good, but the title is terrible. This anti-"Nazi" bias due to Jew propaganda has to be overcome, especially by honest truth seekers. Jones is failing in this regard.

    2. Jones’ article does clearly support and give people examples of what he means by the term “Jewish NAZIs”.

      The truth is ALL, repeat ALL, Marxist ideologies (political, religious, etc.) are Judaized ideologies. The “NAZIism is good” idea is error.

      All Judaized ideologies and regimes are anti-Christ, so they are anti-life and anti-truth for the body and the soul. Death and slavery is always what happens to the of the bodies of people living under Judaized systems.

      I pray that you, John, do not fall into error of any kind.

      And he said to them: But whom do you say that I am? Simon Peter answering, said: The Christ of God. Luke 9:20

    3. National Socialism is diametrically opposed to Marxism and international capitalism. National Socialism is in no way, shape, or form Judaized. Have you ever read Mein Kampf or any NS literature?

  4. Here is a little food for thought...

    Some of you seem to promote the idea of a "Coalition of the Goyim", whereby "somehow" "all you have to do" is "reach out" to non-Whites and "unite" to defeat the Jew.

    Ever heard of Greece?

    Ever heard of Golden Dawn?

    Why don't you make that suggestion to the members of Golden Dawn?

    Shoot 'em an email and tell 'em "Lissen - all you have to do is UNITE with all those non-Greek invaders." Tell 'em "It's a NO BRAINER".

    Yeah. Right.

    Well, it won't work here either.

    The Jews already know this.

    1. My main point is that we should all be proud of and working to advance our own unique racial or national interests. I'd like to think we can cooperate against our common enemy, not necessarily unite.

  5. Part 3 of quotes from E. Michael Jones article "Jewish Nazis"

    In promoting their multicultural agenda, the Jews claimed that it would lead to collaboration and brotherhood. Writers like Boas protégé Israel Ehrenberg, who wrote under the name of Ashley Montagu, claimed that human beings were “innately cooperative.” Any evidence that increasing ethnic diversity led to ethnic conflict, i.e., violence, was ignored by the Boasian social science establishment, which had an a priori and overriding commitment to Jewish universalism. Conflict and violence, however, were inevitable, especially since the dominant philosophy of post-Christian America was then and is now Capitalism, which is the economic version of the war of all against all:

    If one adopts a cultural pluralism model in which there is free competition for resources and reproductive success, difference between ethnic groups are inevitable, and history suggests that such differences would result in animosity from the groups that are losing out. . . . Under present policies, each racial/ethnic group in the world is encouraged to press its interest in expanding its demographic and political presence in America and can be expected to do so if given the opportunity.

    According to MacDonald, the American Jewish Committee, the main proponent of both multiculturalism and unrestricted immigration, succeeded in changing the ethnic make up of the United States by a combination of “strong leadership [particularly Louis Marshall], internal cohesion, well-funded programs, sophisticated lobbying techniques, well-chosen non-Jewish allies and good timing.”

    Suggest everyone read the full article at

    I think this kind of analysis is so good and goes far far beyond just assertions not backed by analysis of predicatable patterns over the years. The entire "multiculturalism" sctick is a project of you know who.

    1. Why do the Jews not "diversify" China?

      Why do the Jews not "diversify" Japan?

      Or how about Mexico? Or how about Africa?

      No....they only diversify White Nations.

      I asked this question over at the Ugly Truth Blog. Mark Glenn and his posse are anti-racists -- code word for anti-white.

      No one there can logically answer this question.

      The Ugly Truth believes the Jews are representative of the white race. And Whites are the cancer of the earth.

      Ironic and Hypocritical -- the guys at the Ugly Truth live in white nations.

      Don't truth the Ugly Truth.

    2. There are attempts made to "diversify" China. One of the physical routes is through Yiddish Birobidhan. But is is just plans.

      Aleksandr Solzhentsyn wrote his last great work and a cautionary tale to Americans titled "Two Hundred Years Together".

      Jews In The Soviet Union - Two Hundred Years Together : Part One - by Aleksandr Solzhentsyn - A Review

      This is a review of Solzhenitsyn’s book Two Hundred Years Together by James de Juste that was posted at on April 29, 2010 with later updates. Two Hundred Years Together is an important book by an important author that has not been able to find an English language publisher anywhere in the world.

      Solzhenitsyn’s book “Two Hundred Years Together” refers to the approximate two hundred years that the Jews have lived in Russia with the Russian people.

      This book can and should be taken as an extreme cautionary tale to Americans.

      What the Jews did nearly one hundred years ago to the Russians, the circumstances are setting up in a similar way to have the same kind of thing happen in the USA. Instead of Communism the flag will be the New World Order. And as Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) wanted Communism to go international, so will go the New World Order. With the very, very quiet almost infinite wealth and power of the Rothschilds behind this, you know that it is slowly comming about.

      Just exactly why the book is not available in English, one can only surmise. It has – as a whole – not been translated into English. And even so, its clear that no publisher of books in English will touch it – the publishing business, of course, being Jewish dominated. The book has been in existence for some years, and why a major book by a major writer and important ethical force in the Twentieth – or any other – century, like Solzhenitsyn, should be ignored is a mystery unless it is viewed as anti-Semitic by the field of Jewish publishers, and that would be the cause of it’s being stonewalled.

      In any event, several chapters from “Two Hundred Years Together” were translated for the book, “The Solzhenitsyn Reader". So my review comments here are based on those several chapters.

      What is clear in these chapters is Solzhenitsyn’s great care in developing very unbiased analysis and in referencing historical facts in a straight-forward way. His aim is not to point fingers of blame but to deliver an accurate and measured reportage to try to get Russians and Jews to be more in harmony. He presents each of the Russian Nineteenth Century and the Twentieth Century, relative to Russian/Jew relations, as very distinct periods.

      He discusses a bit the “Pale of Settlements” of the Nineteenth Century; that is the sizable twenty percent of land in West Russia set aside for the Jews originally promulgated by Catherine the Great, (see map on Wikipedia). And he discusses the pogroms.

      He discusses the roles of both the Russians’ and the Jews’ in the Bolshevik revolution. With the revolution, the Tsarist bureaucracy was kaput. There, aside from the Jew Trotsky and Jews of high Bolshevik rank, e.g., Zinoviev, et al., he notes the vast assignment of Jews to Bolshevik commissars, organizational, and administrative jobs, to collegiums and presidiums, and how much of that was then cruelly administered by those Jews toward the Russians.

      But Solzhenitsyn says he agrees with Jewish authors and gives the benefit of the doubt in “The Jewish Question” by characterizing the Jewish Bolsheviks simply as “renegades,” in other words turncoats – yet they were arrivistes into the new Bolshevik society such as it was. But many, he writes, were, indeed, also anti-Russian.

      Although the Lenin Museum, in Moscow, Russia, now openly lists Lenin as a Jew, Solzhenitsyn classifies him as a Russian – and a “cowardly” one, he writes, who went into hiding occasionally when things got dicey.

  6. better off with Jewish leadership 1November 29, 2012 at 4:06 PM

    As if Birobidzhan, land without people, for people without land in 1928 wasn't enough.

    because there no people to leach off.

    Here are forays into land with people that might be better off with Jewish leadership. It is no joke. Check wikimapia's entries in northern tip of the island.

    The Jewish Island Madagascar

    It is time for the world Jewry to answer a question: how does it value itself and its role in the rapidly changing reality? Presently Zionism and “Jewish officials” offered us 2 ways:

    - Israel with its artificial idea of Zionism - Dissolution in the “alternative motherland” among the natives

    We are supposed to have nothing more to choose.

    Why Madagascar?

    To begin with, Madagascar is the most tightly connected to Russian “external land”. At the same time it is an island, which has historically been close to other European countries (funny enough to the countries with a high percentage of Jewish population). The Russians made two important attempts to understand geopolitically the image of the Great Island. The image of the far island unknown (Ultima Thule) – is actually a universal component of any developed national worldview. This image may vary from the fully conceptual antipode of the home country where everything is intentionally different to on the contrary the distant secret twin – a place to escape, a country of spiritual seeking. Originally Russian Ultima Thule is Buyan Island, Byelovodye, island Khortytsia in Zaporizhia. From the beginning of XVIII century it is Madagascar.

    Tsar Peter I had been the first to be inspired with the idea of having Madagascar under the Russian patronage. The appeal for the monarchial support from the pirate Caspar Morgan, who declared himself a king of the island, became its motive. According to contemporaries, “the expedition had been prepared in such a rush as if the destiny of the whole state depended on it”.

    In 1721 the Swedish admiral Daniel Wilster appeared at Peter I court. Additionally to the willing to join the royal service, admiral introduced the project of the secret expedition to the tsar. The tsar accepted the project and preparations began. Frigates “Amsterdam Galei” and “De Crohn de Livde” got ready for entering the sea. In December 1726 the vessels left the Reval harbor. The passage was so confidential that the ships were only let to enter the Atlantics not through La Manche but rounding the British islands; they were prohibited to enter any foreign harbors. The ships went under the English and Portuguese merchant vessels’ banners. Not trusting the admiral Peter ordered 2 officers captains of the vessels to secretly watch for him.

    There was also a second such attempt. In 1771 a Hungary-polish noble Morits August Benevsky headed an escape of 90 Kamchatka exiles (there were only 5 foreigners among them, others – Russians and Poles) and arrived to Madagascar. Soon natives declared him a king. It is interesting that Benevsky always titled himself “Tsar Pavel Petrovich’s courier” (25 years before Pavel actually became tsar). In case that Benevsky was alive until Pavel I became tsar, Madagascar would have become Russian island.

  7. better off with Jewish leadership 2November 29, 2012 at 4:13 PM

    The official version in these circles is that in the beginning of 1938 Hitler assigned Adolf Eichmann to start collecting materials for the “external policy solution of the Jewish question”. The idea of British judophobes Henry Hamilton Beamish and Arnold Leese and Dutch Egon van Winghene concerning the European Jews deportation to Madagascar – a French colony in those years was planned as a supposed base. In 1937 Poland, which strived for speeding up the Jews deportation got an approval from France to visit Madagascar with a familiarization delegation. The delegation head – Mechislav Lepetskiy supposed that it is possible to settle from 40 to 60 thousands of Polish Jews on the Madagascar highlands. The intergovernmental united committee had been created in order to realize allocation. London got also interested in “Madagascar plan” for the English were not satisfied with the Jewish claims of a government in the territory of British Palestine assignation.

    On 25 May 1940, the week after Wehrmacht forces reached La Manche another meeting concerning the “Jewish question” with Hitler and Himmler presence has been organized. The latter one offered “an exportation of all Jews to Africa or some colony” so that “the very definition of Jew would be erased forever”. The SS Reichsfuhrer supposed this solution to be the most suitable and harmless. At that time he considered physical genocide a “bolshevist” approach, which “as to his inner view was impossible and besides it was not a German way of solving things”. Hitler approved Himmler’s plan as a new policy. National-socialists thought the Jews deportation to some African colony “logical”. Waiting for the upcoming victory over France and Britain they thought to get their overseas territories and also strong British mercantile marines, which could be used for bringing their plans into life. Besides, having conquered several Western European territories Germans got hundreds of thousands additional Jews under their authority. Thus the previous plan of settling half a million of Jews in the “Jewish reservation” under Polish Lublin seemed to become impossible.

    Originally Hitler assigned Himmler’s plan realization to Franz Rademacher, head of Jewish questions department. In 3 June 1940 the official offered to use a victory upon France for settling a considerable part of Jews “to Madagascar for instance”. Eichman sent his employees to Hamburg Institute of Tropical Medicine and Colonial Archive of Paris for information about Madagascar collection. On 18 June 1940 Hitler and Ribbentrop personally informed Benito Mussolini and the Italian foreign department minister count Ciano about the “Madagascar plan”. Himmler’s assistant, Reinhard Heydrich had been assigned as a person responsible for “territorial solution of the Jewish question”, while the Madagascar plan working out had been passed to SS competence, which were assigned to organize the “new administrative governance” in Madagascar. German MFA had to develop a peace treaty with France and Britain, a four-year plan realization department had been supposed to coordinate the use of the rest Jewish property, Fuhrer’s chancellery was responsible for logistics, the propaganda issues had been held to MFA and Gebbels personally. Finally it was SS’s question to “collect” Jews from all the Europe and send them to Madagascar.

  8. mexico is already a multicultural nation since colonial times dumbass but you are rigth jews are tring to destroy everyting


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