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Former Mossad chief: Israel, Jewish people benefitted from 9/11

Video and text found at ZionCrimeFactory:
Interviewer: That reputation could also backfire can’t it? After 9/11, for instance, there were conspiracies all over, certainly within the Arab world but even beyond that, that Mossad was the only one who had the power and the strength and the organizational skills to pull off something that spectacular — somehow Israel was behind that for political gain. Do you feel that’s the dark side of the reputation of Mossad?

Efraim Halevy: Well, like everything in life, there’s a downside to the mystique as well. On 9/11, I was head of the Mossad. And within hours of the event becoming public there were rumors flying around the Middle East that this was a Mossad operation because, after all, one of the immediate result of the 9/11 was clearly a very very severe backlash of international approbation of Islam in general. Islam had a very bad day. The Saudis had a very bad day. Muslim countries had a very bad day, including moderate countries. So who benefits from it? And as you know in a crime the immediate question is asked: “Who benefits? Who benefits from something?” Obviously Israel benefited, the Jewish people benefited. So it was the Mossad. This of course was a very vicious libel, it was a clear lie. . . . But yes, in situations like this obviously it is easy to pin things on the Mossad.

Notice that right after the question above, the interviewer detailed how Washington fully adapted the Israeli paradigm in fighting "terrorism" - the legalization and institutionalization of torture, rendition, assassinations, the use of drones, blatant departure from the Geneva Conventions and international legal standards, and other tyrannical and depraved measures.  It's been reported that Israeli is involved training U.S. military and intelligence personnel in torture and detention techniques, and they essentially have a lock on the drone industry, a truly horrific and cowardly method of murdering people anywhere in the world.  Jews and Israeli agents make our foreign policy, and largely control the United States federal government.  American police and security officials are trained by the ADL and the Israeli military.  The illegitimate terrorist state occupying Palestine even specifically geared it's economy toward the "Global War on Terror" and "Homeland Security" industry shortly before 9/11, as Naomi Klein documents in her book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism:
The reasons for Israeli industry's comfort level with disaster are not mysterious. Years before U.S. and European companies grasped the potential of the global security boom, Israeli technology firms were busily pioneering the homeland security industry, and they continue to dominate the sector today. The Israeli Export Institute estimates that Israel has 350 corporations dedicated to selling homeland security products, and 30 new ones entered the market in 2007. [...]

With the most tech-dependent economy in the world, Israel was hit harder by the dot-com crash than anywhere else. The country went into immediate free fall, and by June 2001, analysts were predicting that roughly three hundred high-tech Israeli firms would go bankrupt, with tens of thousands of layoffs. The Tel Aviv business newspaper Globes declared in a headline that 2002 was the "Worst Year for Israeli Economy Since 1953."

The only reason the recession was not even worse, the newspaper observed, was that the Israeli government quickly intervened with a powerful 10.7 percent increase in military spending, partially financed through cutbacks in social services. The government also encouraged the tech industry to branch out from information and communication technologies and into security and surveillance. In this period, the Israeli Defense Forces played a role similar to a business incubator. Young Israeli soldiers experimented with network systems and surveillance devices while they fulfilled their mandatory military services, then turned their findings into business plans when they returned to civilian life. A slew of new start-ups were launched, specializing in everything from "search and nail" data mining, to surveillance cameras, to terrorist profiling. When the market for these services and devices exploded in the years after September 11, the Israeli state openly embraced a new national economic vision: the growth provided by the dot-com bubble would be replaced with a homeland security boom.
Israeli Mossad agents were arrested in New York City on 9/11, and hundreds more were arrested due to an elaborate DEA/FBI investigation into organized crime, drug running, and espionage across the country in the weeks leading up to 9/11 and after.  Jews controlled all aspects of the official 9/11 "investigation" and sold the fraudulent narrative that bin Laden and Muslims attacked America to the public.  As Halevy, the former Mossad chief, himself said, "Israel benefitted, the Jewish people benefitted," from the events of 9/11.

In a nutshell: the Jews were behind 9/11 from start to finish.  There is absolutely no doubt about this one folks, the debate is over.  If you are too stupid to recognize this fact or to cowardly to face reality, you are part of the problem, and will be dealt with as such.


  1. If you haven't seen this site, it's well worth checking out as it has an extensive list, going back several centuries, of Zionist betrayals, butchery and cons.


  2. This is worth listening to

    1. Thanks for the link andie, I have listened to a lot of Fetzer's interviews and broadcasts. He's actually going to be my guest November 19th. Would you be interested in being a guest on my program to talk about your FOIA requests relating to 9/11?

    2. Not really, I tend to value my privacy too much. I might call in if you have that available, but I have to think about it.

  3. Good video. Don't know who made it or when it was first published but I have never seen it before and I thought I had seen them all.

    There probably needs to be a transcript of the video available too. The music and screen words moved a bit too fast so people have to keep hitting pause to be able to read the captions.

    Video assumes the towers were destroyed by "controlled demolition". Not cool.

    One great thing about the video is that it highlighted 911blogger (jon Gold) and guy. Those were the very earliest official 9-11 truth sites. It must be stated that those two site managers from the get-go vigorously and really maliciously defended Dr. Steven Jones and his "theories" and his "science." Those sites also maliciously attacked, denigrated, marginalized and demonized any researcher who suggested that any truly scientific research into 9-11 necessarily needed to go far outside of and beyond the limits set in place by Dr. Steven Jones and his thermite stuff (also including the Steven Jones spinoff entity Richard Gage and Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth).

    I still think there is a possibility that the whole dancing Israelis scenario could have been planted and made on purpose to be extremely easily found out and publicized with police and media and then the Mossad guys let go and saying plainly on Israeli TV such blatantly incriminating testimony.

    As the "Interviewer" question included, "Mossad was the only one who had the power and the strength and the organizational skills to pull off something that spectacular", I pesonally have always understood the Mossad to be extremely sophisticated in black ops and subversions and deceptions and the deepest levels. Somehow these blatantly "Mossad front company and owners and dancing Israelis" who were all clearly labeled "Mossad" by the 9-11 truth seekers is highly incongruous with my understanding of the nature of the Mossad. That is why I keep entertaining the idea that the whole "dancing Israelis" scenario on 9-11 was inserted by the Mossad/US controller perps of 9-11 into the 9-11 event playout. That indeed would be a highly twisted and sophisticated ploy, that is, to get all these smart researchers to take the dancing Israelis thing at face value and lead them down some Mossad-desired and controlled path. Really do not know what Mossad could have had as a goal in doing this, but of course, the goal is about control and deception with positive outcomes always accruing to the Zionists' goal to take over and run the world.

    1. You suspect this "dancing Israelis" plot was made as a side-track? But there is no side-track since it leads straight to the Mossad!

      What probably was a side-track was the case of those Israeli "art students" trying to sell their art to military institutions. This was done in such a clumsy way that it had to attract attention. That was probably done to draw first attention to possible Israeli involvement, which could then easily be dismissed, suggesting that therefore the Israelis weren't involved in 9/11 at all.

      But the case of the "dancing Israelis" was a genuine blunder. The Mossad is not perfect. The Lavon affair and the murder in Dubai proves that (there are probably more such cases). Don't ascribe mythical powers to the Zhids.

    2. Here is a pretty good message from Morris on how the Mossad operates.

      The Mossad is Hiring - Morris

      "You suspect this "dancing Israelis" plot was made as a side-track? But there is no side-track since it leads straight to the Mossad! "

      No, it leads straight to the image the Mossad wants truth seekers to have of the "real true Mossad."

      I am not familiar with the term "side track" but will use it to mean what you seem to say it means.

      I said I did not know what their goal was in inserting this side track but the Mossad, as the video indicates, does not mind at all having their minions (many alternative radio talk show hosts) lambasting NATO and American imperialism and racists and war mongers and neocons and whatever just as long as Israel and Zionists never ever mentioned.

      I think maybe it is possible the Mossad may have moved up their deceptions up a notch by having their minions appear to be implicating and lambasting the Mossad to maybe show how totally weak and easy it is to identify and catch a bunch of young inexperienced "Israelis", so dumb and unsophisticated that they go on Israeli TV and blatantly indict themselves. Oh, the pitifully weak and dumb Mossad!

      I do not know if it was a "sidetrack" but it is so blatantly inconsistent with the very sophisticated operation of the Mossad ( and the CIA too for that matter) that it looks like something that should NOT simply be taken at face value.

      I do not know what the "goal" of the sidetrack was and can only speculate. Maybe it contributed greatly to further running out the clock on getting real investigations of 9-11. Maybe it kept a bunch of "9-11 truthers" occupied and distracted and side tracked because some were getting way too close to the truth. Maybe when you start saying the Mossad did 9-11, it is always going to turn out that those apprehended will be blithely let go and let to return to Israel and then in an in-your-face way admit on TV that they knew what was going to happen in advance and they got off scott free with no deep questioing by our "law enforcement." That is the scenario we will be treated to by the Mossad if anyone dares point a finger at them.

      One thing for sure, nothing the Mossad does is as blatant as this without being deliberately so. My thinking is not twisted or devious enough to come up with more plausible rationales for the Mossad having inserted this act in their 9-11 play.

      I do not ascribe "mythical powers" to the Mossad but I have observed their methods to some extent, and they are always brilliantly diabolical and twisted and disordered. They have Lucifer the Light Bearer helping them. I pray for the light of Christ to help me shine the light of truth where it needs to shine.

    3. Check this out if you haven't:

      9/11: Civil Court Finds Against Arrested “Dancing Israelis”
      “Dancing Israelis” Arrested On 9/11 Later Sued The Govt, But Lost Their Case

  4. Very interesting article, opposing views:!/2012/11/the-hitler-project-astonishing.html

    1. This is garbage dude, more BS from Tarpley and Co.

    2. Or maybe its not as simple as-"Hitler was the most evil man ever" OR "Hitler was a golden god and absolutely perfect". I'm suspicious of anyone pushing either extreme.

  5. Hi John

    Love your site. Saw the same video on the ugly truth, but cannot find it on jewtube. I would like to download for self so that I can save it and spread it around. Can you put up a download link or send it to me?

    1. Here is the link to YouTube:

  6. "I still think there is a possibility that the whole dancing Israelis scenario could have been planted and made on purpose to be extremely easily found out and publicized with police and media and then the Mossad guys let go and saying plainly on Israeli TV such blatantly incriminating testimony."

    I've actually speculated about this before and think it likely, for example:

    "I also wonder if Israel is being used [as a willing patsy] in a similar fashion w/ regard to 9/11 investigations. We have people like Richard Clarke now “revealing” that up to 50 people in the C.I.A. knew the hijackers were coming in the country and speculating the CIA may have been trying to infiltrate al Qaeda here in the U.S.: [deleted but now found here: - the C.I.A. has delayed publication of the full length documentary 'Who is Rich Blee'] This lays the cover story for Israeli involvement because the U.S. is thought to use foreign services like the Mossad for operations on U.S. soil, so that’s the logical next step to Clarke’s allegations. We also know the stories about the dancing Israelis and the Israeli art students; these people could very well have been responsible for 9/11, or patsies, or both. And of course Saudi Arabia and Pakistan look to have played a similar role/service. [because of Saudi money and the meeting with the head of Pakistan's ISI on 0/11--see e.g.]"

    I find it hard to believe that secret operatives, let alone the Mossad, would celebrate their deeds publicly by 'dancing' or lighting a lighter in the air while watching their crime unfold and then manage to get arrested.

    Like anonymous above, I still don't know what the exact motive is for all this . . . as I do think that some combination of Israelis, Jews, and the Mossad were likely involved or the key perpetrators. Maybe it was simply to pass the blame to the Israeli subsidiaries and deflect from the American subsidiaries . . . I've speculated before this is the backup cover story after the original cover story falls apart--that 19 Arab hijackers led by bin Laden did it.

    Out of all your links on the sidebar I think Let's Roll has come the closest to showing the identities of the perpetrators and organizations involved. These governments and companies and intelligence services are just shells anyway. It's a confusing mess though--as intended.

    Very interesting about the bungled lawsuit as well. I wonder if the fake lawsuit/criminal case is a common tactic (like w/ the Detroit Christmas bomber, Bradley Manning's case, Chris Hedges' NDAA case, Tim McVeigh's case, etc.).

    Btw, I will also be interested to hear you interview Jim Fetzer. I hope you ask him about some comments directed to him here (which you are obviously aware of since you commented):

    This criticism/questioning was expanded on by Culto at Let's Roll in his thread theorizing that the JFK assassination was staged: (as well as the subsequent post). I would be very interested to see him respond to the JFK stuff.

  7. I firmly believe that "the Zionists", specifically the Zionist Jews in upper levels of U S government or closely connected at the top levels thereto played a major controlling / orchestrating role in the planning and perpetration and follow-up activities still going on today of the event of 9-11.

    I think there is a long list of strong, albeit mainly circumstantial, evidence indicting these Zionist perps. Of all that long list of incriminating facts and information, there is one story that I think it is wise to be extremely circumspect about, that is, the whole "dancing Israelis / Urban Moving Systems / white vans acts in the in the Hollywood movie.

    When we have such otherwise large amount of incriminating facts, it is not necessary to latch on to this big blatant "dancing Israelis" story, though it does, temptingly, seem to be the most "sure" or "materially incriminating" story about Israeli involvement out there, that is, a story that is less of a circumstantial nature.

    But quality research clings to FACTS that can be verified. When we start throwing around names of people who "are Mossad" and "Mossad fronts" etc., we are moving into very grey territory. Our CIA doing things in other countries never can seem to be possitively identified as CIA and the same goes for the Mossad operating in the USA. I have never heard of one definitely proven incident in the USA where the Mossad was the perpetrator. I found this statement of the previous poster here "U.S. is thought to use foreign services like the Mossad for operations on U.S. soil" most interesting. Rings true to me but again we do not have the degree of proof we should have in searching out the Zionist connections to perpetration of 9-11.

    I researched this dancing Israelis story to some extent but it is full of so many holes and dead-end leads and weird anomalies that I have back off to my general gut feeling about the whole story from the beginning, that is, that it is just too blatant and too incongruous to be anything other than some planted story or maybe better described as a big trap set for all the researchers on Zionist role in 9-11. Time will tell on the trap aspect of this. Some of our best researchers who are otherwise always very careful seem to have really emphasized the "dancing Israelis" story in their research and that concerns me a great deal because we do not have that many quality researchers in the fading 9-11 truth seeking efforts here 11 years out.

    There is a person named Andie531 who made several interesting comments about this "dancing Israelis" subject in this thread

    Andie531 has his own blog... and here are a couple of pertinent articles... Andie531 seems to have strong respect for sticking to the facts.

    Andie531 is the person who purchased the FBI report from the FBI and posted much of the report on scribd. The full report is over 400 pages.

    1. Here is what we do know:

      5 Israelis connected to Urban Moving Systems were arrested by the East Rutherford Police department on 9/11. The FBI took custody of these Israelis shortly after being arrested. Sivan Kurzberg told Officer DeCarlo "We are Israeli, We are not your problem. Your problems are our
      problem. The Palestinians are the problem."

      We also know a massive Israeli espionage operation was in fact uncovered by the DEA, FBI, US Customs, etc. in the months leading up to 9/11 and after See here:

      And here:

      All of these sources are official US government agencies documenting this Israeli espionage operation. Urban Moving Systems was reported to have been a Mossad front by multiple people, including Christopher Bollyn and The Jewish Daily Forward newspaper. Suter, the head of Urban Moving, fled the US after 9/11. Apparently, Suter was on an FBI list of persons of interest relating to 9/11 as well. The espionage rings in New Jersey and Florida were said to have been tracking the "Arab terrorist hijackers" prior to 9/11. We know that there were no hijackings on 9/11, so what were these guys really up to? Setting some of these Arab guys up?

      The rest of the Israelis arrested before, on, and after 9/11 connected to this espionage ring were eventually deported back to Israel, largely as a result of immigration violations. I don't think these stories were just invented to confuse 9/11 investigators.

    2. What is needed is a real "fact finding" effort.

      In our society, fact finding is what Courts of Law are set up to accomplish.

      Essentially, if there are facts in dispute - two opposing sides present their "proof" and a jury decides the case. The judge is there to enforce procedure.

      This is what is needed here.

      I would like to see a Court Of American Citizens try this case. This Court is something we could set up ourselves. We don't need to reinvent the wheel here. We could use the current Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure as our guide.

      Initially, we could operate like a Grand Jury - where evidence is presented to a panel who would then decide if the evidence presented warranted further action.

      The Jewish perps benefit from endless unfocused discussion on the events of 9/11. Just as with the JFK Assassination, they seek only to confuse and muddy the waters as much as possible.

      Kind of like the above poster. LOL


      Historic Result From San Diego Citizens' Grand Jury
      On The Crimes Of September 11, 2001
      In New York City
      Jurors Vote To Charge Sixteen With 'Conspiracy To Commit Mass Murder' On 9/11/01

      This "citizens grand jury" thing in 2007 turned out to be a farce, and note who posted the story about this, the biggest 9-11 untruthers around! This San Diego group may have been some of the same people who would not let John Friend give his talk there.

      "they seek only to confuse and muddy the waters as much as possible."

      No, they seek to avoid overly simplistic acceptance of every piece of junk thrown at us. If the "Zionists" were as in total control of 9-11 as we all seem to be saying, then they sure as heck were in control of all the "dancing Israeli" scenes peddled. Don't know WHY the perps did this, but I definitely believe it was part of their plan and it was not independent real espionage activity by the Israelis to be taken totally at face value.

      The way the "dancing Israeli" matters were handled by the law and by the media shows way too much cover-up, dismissal, and deliberate lack of coverage. Nothing was meant to ever come of the Citizens Grand Jury and nothing did. Nothing was meant to ever come of the "dancing Israelis and nothing did." Certainly no truth and justice.

    4. I am not talking about a fake Jewey "Citizens Grand Jury".

      I am talking about a non-Jewed trial of facts.

      Perhaps you would benefit from a bit of study on how facts are discovered.

      When I said that the perps sought to only to confuse and muddy the waters as much as possible - I was not wrong.

      Try opening up a law book. Read about facts and evidence.

      Then maybe you will be prepared to post something valuable.

    5. "When I said that the perps sought to only to confuse and muddy the waters as much as possible - I was not wrong."

      No you were not wrong about THE PERPS, but you fail now to mention that you not only said THE PERPS sought only to confuse and muddy the waters, but you also said I was all about seeking to confuse and muddy the waters,
      {"Kind of like the above poster. LOL"}
      and about THAT little piece of info of yours that you now choose to omit, you WERE definitely wrong.

      "Try opening up a law book. Read about facts and evidence.

      Then maybe you will be prepared to post something valuable. "

      You state and / or strongly imply that I have not yet posted anything valuable and that if I prepare myself properly in your prescribed way, I may be able in the future to post something valuable.

      Another example of the whole tenor of your remarks about me. You are sarcastic, arrogant, presumptuous, and condiscending with strong tendencies toward ad hominem.

      First of all, you have no idea what I have read about law and evidence and I see no evidence in your postings so far that you have a strong knowledge of same. By the way, that group who did the Citizens Grand Jury was made up of people who claimed to have strong knowledge of law and rules of evidence. I know, because I listened to several of the organizers of that event on several radio shows leading up to the event. Like "science", and academia, and media and medicine and all major aspect of our society, law and courts and judges and lawyers are controled and ruled by those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit.

      Message to John Friend:

      John, thank you for letting me post my ideas, which I realize go against many of the ideas or "theories" of others here. We only will have the Jewish controlled Internet for a little while longer, and even though it is thorougly Jew controlled, the Internet does have strong potential for truth finding and truth telling. Those who allow free expression of people's ideas and "theories" about 9-11 are correctly using the Internet to promote truth, especially truth about 9-11. This is your forte, that is, approaching the subjects of Zionists control of USA and Zionist perpetration of 9-11 in an objective, fair and intellectual manner. So far, you are doing that in the highest and best way compared to the other Internet people who speak and write on the same topics.

      So again, thank you, John.

  8. I'm well aware of the investigations of Israeli espionage in USA in the months and years before 9-11. Fox News - Carl Cameron did a series on this and links are posted here...

    "I don't think these stories were just invented to confuse 9/11 investigators. "

    Nobody is saying those stories covered by the Fox series were just invented to confuse 9/11 investigators. However, I think the "dancing Israelis" stories MAY be a completely separate "artifact" and not related to those spy ring investigations, even though the disposition of those apprehended was the same as those apprehended as a result of the spy ring investigations. There is no doubt in my mind that those spys in the spy ring operation were involved in laying the preliminary ground work for aspects of 9-11.

  9. 22 sec video Alex Jones defending Israel

    Alex Jones a pawn of Zionism? OPEN YOUR EYES!

    1. Thanks for the links, this guy Jones is such a clown.

  10. Actually Luke Rudkowski is not a Jew, he's Catholic. I know that for a fact, but one hint is that he's named after one of the apostles. Otherwise the list is on point - these people are killing us. BTW this looks like a great site. I'm glad I stumbled on the link while reading the Irish Savant.

  11. Now that I think again about it, I think there is an explanation for the suspicious "dancing Israelis" plot. That was a PSY-OP meant to spread the idea that AT MOST the Israelis knew in advance about 9/11 but didn't warn the authorities. That leaves the official 9/11 story in tact ("Arabs did it") but clears the Israelis from further suspicion. That's why they appeared on an Israeli TV show saying they were there "to document the event". With this PSY-OP the Israeli perpetrators hope to "satisfy" the more curious ones without really implicating themselves. The Mossad regularly infiltrates Arab terrorist groups. That is well known. It is therefore not at all improbable that they also would have infiltrated "al-Qa'ida". The maximum "blame" they would incur with this PSY-OP is that they didn't warn their American allies, but the advantage was that it would confirm the official 9/11 story. So it makes sense.

  12. This comment was posted on my blog by "Anon" under the King Street story

    "More evidence of the existence of the King St. mural truck. 3 blocks from King and 6th a man talks about a big truck with a mural of a plane flying into the towers, and that the police caught it. "

    I think this is that Vance Green guy posting it

    The first few minutes is a vid of people supposedly talking about the King st van - I have never seen this before now and my suspicion is that it was filmed a few weeks ago, as in "hey homies, I'm doing a mockumentary on 9-11, can you say a few lines and I'll give you some free McDonald's." This is evidence fabrication.


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