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Woman Disabled by THIS YEARS FLU SHOT (10 days AFTER vaccination)

Video found at Daryl Bradford Smith's excellent website,


  1. just to note, re: "THIS YEAR'S FLU SHOT", that title's about 3 years past its relevance date.
    Published on Oct 14, 2009 by 91177info

    '09 was the year the JWO satanists- big pharma execs in cahoots with WHO & global jewsmedia, conspired to try to whip up hysteria over their "bird flu" creation, & trick as many naive, trusting sheep as possible into taking their toxic "flu vaccine" bioweapon jab. That was also the year Baxter deliberately sent a bunch of contaminated "flu vaccines" to labs in several cities to really get the scam rolling, but the "error" was discovered and global pandemic averted.

    Jane Burgermeister was out front exposing the whole racket,

    also youtube search her name, several vids of her around that time and since, exposing & warning what was going on.

    1. Excellent, thanks for that. I don't get into many of these health issues, so I appreciate that info. I remember when I first moved to San Diego back in fall '09, they were really pushing the "flu vaccine" big time. I worked with a lot of non-profits and community organizations, and many were pushing this BS. The government in general was pushing it, at all levels - federal, state, local.

      A friend of mine actually got the "flu vaccine" and got extremely sick for a while. She is fine now though. I haven't had health insurance for about 3 years now at least. I refuse to be involved in that racket, and just try to eat healthy food, get out in the sunshine, and exercise. It's worked thus far, lol

  2. I don't think it's that rare. I stupidly got a tetanus/diptheria vaccination on 8/1/12 and was sicker than I've ever been in my life. It took me over a month to recover and I am thankful I don't have permanent damage. By the fourth day of thinking I was going to die

    I called the hospital and talked to a nurse and he said "it's the vaccine, it happens all the time." Then a few days later when I was still very, very ill I called the hospital again because I didn't know if I needed to go to the emergency room. The second nurse pooh-poohed me, as did my doctor, saying that it doesn't happen.

    Well I will never get another vaccine as long as I live! I've never had a flu shot and the only reason I agreed to the tetanus shot was because the last one I had 30 years ago didn't do anything to me. They have changed something in the vaccines and I think they are dangerous.

    I feel so sorry for this poor woman. Also, I reported my reaction to the National Vaccine Center and they sent me a 16 page report about a 54 year old woman who got the tetanus/diptheria vaccine and is now permanently disabled. Get this: she sued but it was the GOVERNMENT she had to sue NOT the pharmaceutical company.

    1. Wow, that's incredible... sorry to hear about your experience. I guess you had to learn that lesson the hard way, lol! I've been there before...

      Could you imagine being permanently disabled after being injected with a vaccine the doctor insisted you get to protect your health?! It's ridiculous people just go along with this stuff.

  3. This woman Desiree got busted.This is a hoax.Look it up.


    2. I don't trust mainstream media or flu shots,but this girl is full of shit
      There's more out there if this doesn't convince you.

    3. Hmmm... interesting. It does seem a bit phony.... but yeah, fuck flu shoots.

  4. I have no info about this video other than that it's from at least a year ago. I saw her in another video in which she was shown able to walk backwards but not forwards.

    Today while at a store, I queried the on-site nurse who was ready to give any and all the flu jab. She had no idea that she was supposed to shake the vials to distribute the thimerosal (50% mercury) so that the person who gets the last one (of 8 shots per vial) doesn't get all the mercury. They are also supposed to be able to tell you what is in the flu shot - but her material safety data sheet did not list ingredients. Anyway, a regular flu shot is supposed to have 25mcg of thimerosal -- enough according to the EPA to be safely processed by a 550 pound person. I'm sure that that's an exaggeration - I know of no research that has established a safe level. Mercury, a heavy metal, is pretty bad for developing brains, too. And then people differ - if you are already sick, have allergies, are pregnant, are immune-compromised, it's worse.

    Mercury is a neurotoxin, which is why some people experience neurological disorders in response to the shot. And it causes more flu than it cures. And I'd rather have the flu any day than guillain barre syndrome or meningitis or whatever else this thing causes. Take vitamin d instead!

    1. Hey EV, I brought this up with a doctor one time, and she told me none of the vaccines have mercury in them anymore. What would you say to a doctor in that situation?

    2. A friend of mine sent the following email to me the other day about Vitamin D and sunlight:

      Hi John, I just saw the video about sunlight by Mike Adams who gives good info. I just want to add to that.

      The topic of sunglasses usually do not come up which is a very important topic.


      Makes your body think it is dark outside during the day. This confuses the hormone balance in the body by suppressing the part of the brain that controls the production of melatonin. Wearing sunglasses make our production of melatonin drop because our body thinks it doesnt need to produce it because it is dark. This leads to a melatonin deficiency which can lead to sleep disorders, anxiety and mood swings.

      Skin cancer went up in the US when sunscreen and sunglasses were sold.

      The sun offers the greatest help in overcoming all sorts of eye problems. Eyes cannot function properly without adequate and regular exposure to the sun and most eye problems result from sunlight deficiency. Living beings that live under the ground, like earthworms, have no organs of vision. Where there is no light, there is also no need for a sense of sight. Fish living in dark caves require no eyesight and therefore become blind.
      Most miners develop defective eyesight and inflammatory diseases of the eyes. In fact, all people who live in dark places, indoors or under artificial lighting most of the time, develop weak and insufficient eyesight. After living in these or similar conditions for a certain length of time, the light receptor cells of their eyes begin to deteriorate. All cells in the body, including those constituting the eyes, require sunlight, especially ultraviolet rays, to stimulate proper cell growth and cell division. Like the saying ‘use it or lose it’, eyes that lack regular exposure to sunlight gradually ‘wither’ away like flowers that are kept in the dark.

      Sunlight should enter the body most directly through our eyelids, and our eyes are perfectly capable of sun exposure. I have not worn sunglasses in over 10 years and I am outside a few hours a day.
      Throw away your sunglasses, you will be healthier for it. Wearing them only for driving if it is necessary for the glare.

      Vitamin D supplements

      I am not in favor of taking vitamin D supplements since they can block the body from making its own and thereby make you dependent on it. Vitamin D supplements can actually suppress the immune system. Vitamin D supplements can also damage the liver. Vitamin D isn't a vitamin, but a steroid hormone. Steroid hormones if taking in the form of medication can make you feel great for a while, but besides the immune system, they can also mess with the hormonal system. Natural sunlight is a much better choice.

      If you are in the sun and the shadow your body throws is longer than the height of your body, you will not make Vitamin D from the sun. In this case you can use a spectrum lamp. Fortunately living in California we get a lot of sunshine.

  5. Hi John,
    1) I'd have the doctor double check the ingredients - flu shots have it, unless they are single-dose shots. This is why I asked that nurse to read the material safety data sheet that comes with the vial - but the writing was so small it's possible that she missed it. I believe by law they must have ingredients on that sheet.
    2) I believe that, several years back, the CDC asked (but didn't demand) that vaccine makers take thimerosal out of vaccines, but plenty still had them (old stocks?) when my pediatrician checked his fridge in 2006. Others are made with thimerosal in the manufacturing process somewhere along the line (so trace amounts remain) even if the vaccine doesn't say it has any in it.
    3) I have never heard the idea that taking vit d supplements blocks the body's production. I'd like to see some evidence - can you ask your friend?
    4) Where I live there are no uvb rays from oct to may, so I must supplement, even if I end up unable to make my own (if that's true).
    5) The part about eyes not functioning well without sunlight makes sense.
    6) I know that vit d is not a vitamin, it's a hormone/steroid - neat thing is that cholesterol is necessary to make vit d. I just thought I'd throw that out there...

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