Monday, October 29, 2012

Truth Militia Radio with John Friend

I just finished my very first broadcast on Truth Militia Radio.  I discussed the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" and other aspects of WWI and WWII with Deanna Spingola.  You can download the program here.

Thanks for tuning in!  Be sure to check out next week's show, I'll be interviewing Jonathan Azaziah of the Mask of Zion.  


  1. I just listened carefully to the entire first show and was very impressed. I think the show was intelligently planned and followed an outline which kept things moving along at a good pace.
    Deanna Spingola certainly knows her revelatory history, not "revisionist" history.

    I was struck with the characteristic on powerful international Jews for centuries to manipulate outcomes by stealth and psyops and mind control, that is to undermine, to subvert, to infiltrate and destroy from within.

    Pope Gregory the Great way back in the sixth century, recognized that characteristic of subversiveness and stealth behaviors of Jews and Pope Gregory gave a directive, still operative upon the Church to this day, known as ...

    Sicut Iudeis non,

    which states quite simply:

    “no one has
    the right to harm Jews or disrupt their worship services, but the Jews have, likewise, no right to
    corrupt the faith or morals of Christians or subvert Christian societies.”

    Christians since the time of that directive have failed utterly in keeping the Jews from subverting the Christian morality and Christian societies.

    I feel that John Friend's show and his shows to come will greatly make up for this laxity and will help us expose the way the Jews have subverted Christian culture in Western civilization for centuries.


    Suggest everyone search for free online video of Father Coughlin giving his Kristalnaght radio speech in the 1930s. He tried to explain to people that many more thousands of innocent people, innocent Christians, had been killed by Lenin and Stalin in Russia than had been killed in NAZI Germany and that people needed to give much more of their attention to that grave matter rather than solely focusing on the "Holocaust." For that radio show, the popular Father Coughlin was forever branded a "vicious anti-semite" and was pushed off the national airwaves.

  2. Rich (Truth Militia Radio)October 30, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    Nice work John, I really enjoyed the show last night! Your guest had a ton of great info.

    Rich (TMR)

  3. Great job, Man!
    Interview went wonderfully, btw.
    Both yours with DeAnna and mine!

  4. Very impressive first show! Try Joe Cortina and/or ZCF as as guest(s). Fetch had Cortina recently and might be worth a listen, if you haven't already, to see how you want to handle him. I believe Deanna is going to schedule Cortina if she hasn't done so already. A guy like that and ZCF might boost you to a greater audience real quick. Your voice is easy to listen to and seems to have just the right amount of passion; subtle but there. I think you will go about as far as you want in this venue. Thanks again for what you are doing. I figure you already know of ZCF's site, so here is Joe's:

    1. Thanks for that useful feedback, I appreciate it! I would like to have Joe and ZCF on at some point.

  5. Well-presented and riveting debut! In concert with your blog, which is very well-written.
    Regarding the hoax, and the mythical 6M, there was a series of correspondences in a PDF file on David Irving's site, that he used for his writing research, between the MMAZs (mass-murderers-arch-zionists) Churchill and Weizmann.
    The main thrust of all these letters W sent to C throughout the 1930s-50s, was concerning the Jews’ right to Palestine, and there was a PERSISTENT weaseling and heavy-handedness by W in justifying this right to C – little persuasion needed, as C proudly declared in a 19 Nov 1951 letter to W: “The wonderful exertions that Israel is making in these times of difficulty is cheering to an old Zionist like me.”
    In a 22 May 1945 letter and memo sent to C by W, the latter stated in his memo:
    “….During these years [referring to the “fight against Hitler”], they [“the Jewish people”] have seen very large numbers of Jewish lives cruelly sacrificed ….. Now that the war is over ….. the survivors of the Nazi extermination campaign ….. of some six million Jews inhabiting the European continent (outside Russia) in 1939, only some 1,200,000 are reckoned to remain today.”
    Did you catch what W stated?! He wrote that the total population of European Jewry “outside Russia” in 1939 was 6 million!
    It’s so obvious, even if you leave aside the stellar research and exposés of Zundel, Faurisson, Butz, Hoffman, Leuchter, et al, that the entire present-day narrative of the hoax is one that entailed an ‘evolving’ series of fabrications, coupled with engineering events like the despicable Nuremberg proceedings, to developing a holocaust industry replete with scores of books and movies churned out ad nauseum year upon year – all of it convincingly proven to be based on questionable and many times utterly fraudulent scholarship.
    All the best, Rubina

    1. Thank you Rubina, I appreciate it! That was the main point I was trying to get across in this show - the "Holocaust" narrative is a completely fraudulent, manufactured narrative based on one lie after the other.

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone, much appreciated. I was a bit disappointed in the sound quality. Deanna sounded fine, but I sounded muffled and distant. I think I'm going to try using Skype next time.

    I think the show went fairly well, lots of good information was brought to light. Still a few things to figure out, but I think I'll pick it up as we move from week to week. Thanks again to Rich and Keith for allowing me to broadcast on their network!

  7. Excellent interview and kudos on having one of the smartest ladies around as guest. I am sad that this is to be your standard time for your programme because I am committed on Monday evenings, most of the time, but then guess I will listen the next day. Hope Mami's Shit picks you up too.

  8. The point I was trying to make, that according to Weizmann's 1939 population stats for European jewry outside Russia, if the "Nazis" indeed disposed of their hallowed 6M, then there would be no European jews left today!

    There was a website I really enjoyed reading now and then, that has completely vanished -- No-one twirls chickens like a judaic -- and the author firmly believed that the world's total jewish population is way higher than the 18M claimed, or less than 1%. I believe that also, and if you follow the stories of people in USA alone who miraculously 'discover' their jewish ancestry (having always been card-carrying zios beforehand), then the true numbers are deliberately underestimated. Remember pres candidates John Kerry decreeing his family name was actually Cohen, and whose brother had "converted" to becoming a Rabbi, and Howard Dean who portrayed himself as gentile, but whose immediate ancestry was jewish. In my own experience, I've run into many people whose profiles were gentile, but on enquiry revealed a jewish parent or two, and all were very hostile to my hearing criticism of jewry's or israel's behavior. These are probably the perfect candidates for recruiting as the sayanim infiltrators that organized jewry relies on.


    1. Point well taken, completely agreed.

      And I think you're right - the Jewish population is way underestimated, there's no doubt in my mind. I used to follow that blog No One Twirls Chickens Like a Judaic as well... whatever happened to that one? Last I check it was gone.

  9. Do you think if you get a call-in number that Rivero will callin?

    just joking - i remember when you used to call in - i understand you no longer listen - me neither

    anyway may i may a suggestion for a possible show?

    i read the post over at zcf's site about felton and was impressed with some of the things Hans Krampe was saying about demovcracy

    today i re-read timsters blog from last july (i'll briefly quote to remind you)

    "I could have predicted this. And did. That those out here uncovering the machinations of the criminal-jewish-mafia would eventually turn to national socialism. When those infused from childhood with 'patriotism' for a country whose ideals were never, and more importantly CAN never, be achieved; and they see these ideals being usurped by foreign is natural that they would revert to the type of idealist socialism which Adolf Hitler envisioned. Natural. But wrong. Terribly wrong.

    I listened to Deanna Spingola's interview with John Friend today. Both bright and aware individuals. Truly critical thinkers, the pair of them. However both trying to deal with a void. A trap that even they do not acknowledge...if I am hearing them right."

    my suggestion would be to have Hans and timster on the show together for a good ol conversation or if it happens a debate


    1. Hey George, yeah I just can't listen to Rivero anymore man... the anti-Nazi BS is too much for me. He's got to get over that, and calling all the Jew bankers "Money Junkies", which I admit is a catchy phrase to use, but let's be serious now, we're talking about JEWISH bankers and financiers (read: criminals), NOT merely "Money Junkies".

      I read ZCF's post about the exchange with Felton. Felton and Timster are probably best friends, eh? LOL! That is a stretch, Timster actually names the Jew, but he fails big time when it comes to Hitler and National Socialism. The guy is completely clueless if you ask me. He seems to be a multicultural, anti-white type... but whatever, I don't even read his stuff anymore. I did buy his book, and think it's pretty good stuff though.

      Hans would make a great guest for a future show, thanks for the suggestion.

  10. Hi John,
    I am half-way done listening to your show - fascinating! I learned a lot.

  11. Good first show. Looking forward to more

  12. Here is a good article that I would call "must read."

    HERE COMES EVIL, By Lasha Darkmoon
    Posted on October 6, 2012 by Montecristo

    There is a free download of an interview of Hugh Akins, author of 800 page book that covers 9-11 and a wide variety of subjects...

    Synagogue Rising: A Catholic Worldview of
    Anti-Christian Judaism and Counterrevolutionary Resistance


    This will only be available for a week or so, so download it now.

    This man is quite knowledgeable and articulate.

  13. Brilliant first show!Thanks a lot for all of your work.And also thanks to Keith and Rich from TMR for their part in making this possible.

    Have a good weekend!

  14. Agree Pas, this Kid has some brass. Anyone that can keep up with Rich & Keith has to have a lot of energy. Those 2 guys are nuts, in a good way! Looking forward to John's next show Monday night.


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