Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Third of the Holocaust

So much for David Irving's contention that millions of Jews did in fact die on the Eastern Front in a state sanctioned campaign to eliminate European Jewry...


On a separate but related note, my good friend Zan Overall, the Wise Old Man as he is commonly known, went to Cal State Northridge this past Friday to introduce some marginalized ideas to the students at this university.  He will be going back in the near future to do some more outreach, which will focus specifically on the fraudulent Jewish "Holocaust" narrative, the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, and the Jewish orchestrated false flag attack on America on September 11, 2001.  The Wise Old Man never ceases to amaze me, God bless him!  More pics here.  



    Great video from Northerntruthseeker

  2. I heard you on the Truth Militia on Sunday evening.

    As usual, you made your points clearly.

    One comment on the Truth Militia hosts. During your interview, one of the hosts made a back-handed comment deriding Adolf Hitler's military leadership and strategic thinking ability.

    I want to make something very clear. That host reveals his own ignorance of facts pertaining to World War Jew.

    I can only speculate as to where he acquired his "knowledge" about Adolf Hitler's military thinking. Did it come from kosher sources like "The History Channel"?


    Maybe that host will read this comment and enlighten us on where he got his information.

    The reason I am writing this is because after realizing that I was taught fraudulent "history" - I then embarked on a very long journey in search of what really happened.

    At the present stage of my research and fact finding, I can state firmly that I as a result of the facts that have come to light on the subject - I do not share that hosts view of Adolf Hitler's ability as a leader or military strategist.

    The guys on The Truth Militia need to first realize that they need to "unlearn" what they think they "know". Then, they need to learn how to find facts and discern them from things that are not facts.

    Only then will they be prepared to provide intelligent commentary on the subject.

    In many ways, comments on historical figures such as Adolf Hitler that are derived from ignorance and/or Jewish sources - simply do more harm than good.

    Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut on a subject you are not familiar with - instead of talking from a position of ignorance thereby revealing the shallowness of your understanding.

    I'm looking forward to John having his own show.

    1. Amen! John handled that very well. Could have schooled them harshly on the spot but let it go. TM's focus is great but they ain't expert yet.

      John, nice finesse on the religious stuff. TM again "knows" it all and should like a couple of Jewish comedians to my cynical ears.

      If you ain't read E. Michael Jones' The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, then folks really ought to hold their fire on the "evils" of Christianity and it's being "foisted on us" by the Jews. Complete load of shit.

      Even if people haven't read it, there are centuries of evidence of Jewish HATRED of Christ and Christianity. WTF?

      Great work, John.

  3. I hope John posts a good link to the audio archive of his first show. For some reason I cannot access live listening at blogtalk radio so could not get live feed today. I think my file associations are messed up. So please post a link to your first show.


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