Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Latest Jewish chutzpah

It’s absolutely incredible how organized Jewish interests are able to portray themselves as the “victims” to gain sympathy from the public and seize control of the historical narrative in virtually every situation. Masters at deception and public relations, the Jews constantly spin the facts and distort history to suit their agenda.

The Jews and their puppets commit outrageous war crimes and other atrocities against the Germans, Japanese and Eastern European peoples, and blame the Germans for a “Holocaust” of Jews during WWII. Israel and Jewish criminals in the media, government, and private sector plan, execute, cover up, and benefit from 9/11, and blame “Muslim extremists” in order to launch their Jewish War of Terror against the people of the Middle East.

Projecting their own crimes and perfidies onto their enemies using their control of the mainstream media and Hollywood, in addition to the endless maneuvering and conniving of organized Jewish lobbying organizations and interests groups, the Jews have certainly lived up to Adolf Hitler’s timeless characterization of them as having an “unqualified capacity for falsehood”.

So I guess it shouldn't surprise us to learn that the Jews have recently launched a campaign to portray themselves as the "victims" of the founding of Israel. The Christian Science Monitor reports:
More than 60 years after the founding of Israel precipitated two tides of refugees in the Middle East, the Israeli government has launched a campaign to persuade the world that it’s not just Palestinians who suffered in Israel's early days.

Facing powerful forces that were reshaping the Middle East – including rising anti-Semitism, nascent Arab nationalism, and a strengthening Zionist movement – some 856,000 Jews from Morocco to Iran were compelled to leave their home countries. Most of them settled in Israel.

Partly because of draconian Arab laws issued after Israel declared independence in 1948, these Arab Jews left behind assets estimated at $700 million (about $6 billion today). According to one accounting, that’s roughly double the value of Palestinian assets lost.

Now, Israel is demanding that those losses be acknowledged and recompensed in some way. In doing so, the campaign touches one of Palestinians' most sensitive wounds, harbored since Israel’s founding in 1948: their right to return to lands and homes left in 1948-49, when at least 750,000 either fled or were expelled by Israel.
Never mind the fact that Jewish terrorist groups bombed and terrorized British forces into leaving Palestine back in 1948, allowing criminal Jewish political factions operating in Palestine to declare an independent Jewish state on Palestinian territory.

Never mind the ethnic cleansing and brutal genocidal policies pursued by the Jewish state, all aimed at the destruction and elimination of the indigenous Palestinian Christian and Muslim population.

Never mind the hundreds of thousands of refugees and displaced Palestinians, the illegal expropriation of Palestinian property, farmland, and homes, and the general upheaval caused by the illegal usurping Jewish state.

Never mind the countless wars and barbaric military campaigns instigated and launched by the illegitimate Jewish regime occupying Palestine.

To the Jewish supremacists and their brain dead goyim supporters, the Jews were really the victims of the founding of the fraudulent state of Israel, and in fact deserve compensation.

Can you believe this shit?

Of course, the Jews are still fleecing the German and other Eastern European governments for “Holocaust reparations” and other monetary payments for “lost assets, land, and possessions” of European Jews during WWII.  One wonders when the Germans, Russians, Japanese, Ukrainians, Palestinians, and other victims of Jewish war crimes and theft will be recompensed?


  1. Danny Ayalon and the Jewish refugee fallacy:

    The Israeli government has recently launched a campaign to win international recognition for the plight of the approximately 700,000 Arab Jews, or Mizrahim, who fled their homes during the 20-odd-year period following Israel’s establishment in 1948. Speaking with much fanfare at a symposium hosted by Israel’s UN delegation in New York last week, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon stated that there will be no peace (between Israel and the Palestinian Authority) until the Arab League compensates these Jewish refugees. He has indicated that abandoned Palestinian holdings in Israel might be somehow balanced against abandoned Jewish holdings in Arab countries. The Israel lobby in the US and Canada — including all of the usual suspects — has enthusiastically jumped on the bandwagon. Comparing the expulsion of Jews from Arab countries to the expulsion of Palestinians from Israel, Alan Dershowitz proclaimed, “The situation faced by Jews in Arab countries was much worse than that faced by Palestinians in Israel.”

    My father and his entire family were forced to leave Egypt in the early 1960s, abandoning their community, their country of birth, and much of their property. Their traumatic uprooting after centuries of life in the Middle East is an egregious example of systemic religious persecution, and one that unquestionably merits redress. Yet, efforts to equate my “plight” today with the plight of a Palestinian of my age who grew up in a refugee camp (mere kilometers from my beautiful Jerusalem apartment) are manifestly absurd.

    The first immediately obvious question is, why is this happening now? Why is the government of Israel suddenly seeking to reopen an issue that has been closed for the better part of a century? And why has it consistently refused to pursue such claims in the past, despite decades of lobbying by a group calling itself the World Organization of Jews from Arab Countries? [...]

    I have this to say: I am not a refugee. I came at the behest of Zionism, due to the pull that this land exerts, and due to the idea of redemption. Nobody is going to define me as a refugee.

    – Iraqi-Israeli parliamentarian Ran Cohen

    We are not refugees. [Some of us] came to this country before the state was born. We had messianic aspirations”

    – Yemeni-Israeli speaker of Knesset Yisrael Yeshayahu

    I do not regard the departure of Jews from Arab lands as that of refugees. They came here because they wanted to, as Zionists.

    – Iraqi-Israeli Knesset speaker Shlomo Hillel


  2. Let me get this straight, Daryl Smith is linking to you and you are calling Jews Jews? Are you aware that an old Jewish lady gave Daryl soup once on his way to be crucified? I wonder what Daryl and all the Ugly Truthers know about you that we dont.

    Mel Gibstein

    1. I don't understand what you are talking about.

  3. oh I see you are calling them zionists down below- I thought so.

  4. "The first immediately obvious question is, why is this happening now? Why is the government of Israel suddenly seeking to reopen an issue that has been closed for the better part of a century? And why has it consistently refused to pursue such claims in the past, despite decades of lobbying by a group calling itself the World Organization of Jews from Arab Countries? [...] "

    I would guess that Bibi is kind of in deperation mode now, and bigtime chutzpah can look a lot like desperation. More and more national leaders in the USA, including military top brass, are saying a big NO NO NO to US involvement in or support of Israeli attack on Iran. Bibi is looking more and more personally psychologically deranged and "shaky." That cartoon bomb diagram thingey he did recently was pathetic and laughable. Many times, national leaders who happen also to be psychopathers can hide the craziness component of psychopathy, but Bibi Netanyahu seems so desperate lately to drum up USA and world support for an attack on Iran and even he, with his crippled psyche, can see that he is losing and being withdrawn from by top USA leaders. So Bibi may be pulling this "chutzpah" stunt now to garner whatever sympathy he can right now for the Israelis because there is decreasing precious little sympahty for them these days.

  5. It is certainly not a war "on" or, "Against" Terror. It is a war OF Terror, brought to you by none other but the so-called, "Victims"/

    When is enough finally too much for all of the world, in particular, the USA and EU? I know I've had enough, but if you ask my neighbors (nevermind as most of them are Orthodox Jews), it's a debt we all owe and it will never be paid.
    People need to figure this out, like yesterday!

  6. Well i think the zionist khazars have aopen a can of worms because of the genocide against the real semitic jews MIZAHRIM in the 1950's known as the ringworm children. There's an iraqi jew NAEM GILADI who wrote a book about how he and israel bombed jewish area in iraq to scare the arab jews into fleeing from lands where they lived for a thousand years. I think the arabs can easily checkmate the israelis with this one all jews who fled their respective countries are allowed to migrate back because without jews in Israel the jewish state can no longer function.

    1. I was going to mention this in the post, but I sort of put that together in a hurry. So here is an introduction to Naeim Giladi's "The Jews of Iraq", which is linked on the right hand side of this blog under Israeli and Jewish Sources.


      I write this article
      for the same reason I wrote my book:
      to tell the American people,
      and especially American Jews,
      that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate
      willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave,
      Jews killed Jews; and that,
      to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands,
      Jews on numerous occasions
      rejected genuine peace initiatives
      from their Arab neighbors.
      I write about what the first prime minister of Israel called "cruel Zionism."
      I write about it because I was part of it.

    2. See Operation Magic Carpet as well:


      June 1949 to September 1950 -- Operation Magic Carpet:
      Amongst a host of tactics, Mossad-planted explosives and bombs were used to blow up synagogues in Iraq and Yemen. These attacks were, of course, blamed on Yemeni and Iraqi Arabs, and were used to inspire the Jewish populations of Iraq and Yemen to emigrate to Israel out of fear of further “Arab attacks.” The operation was quite successful.

    3. Here is an example of jewish hutzpah as disseminated by Wikipedia. The Kielce pogrom was a typical example of Jew-on-Jew violence the purpose of which was to force emigration to Israel.

      here is an excerpt:

      The Kielce pogrom was an outbreak of violence against the Jewish community centre in the city of Kielce, Poland on July 4, 1946, perpetrated by a mob of local townsfolk and members of the official government forces of the People's Republic of Poland. Following a false tale of child kidnapping, including allegations of blood libel[1] which led to a police investigation, violence broke out which resulted in the killing of around 40 Jews. Polish communist courts later tried and condemned nine people to death in connection with the incident.

      There is general academic agreement that the massacre was instigated by Soviet-backed communist security forces, possibly for propaganda purposes to discredit Poland and maintain totalitarian control over the country. Because the top-secret case files were destroyed, there is an ongoing academic inquiry and debate about whether the violence resulted from anti-Semitism or secret coordination with NKVD by the authorities.[2][3]

      As the deadliest pogrom against Polish Jews after World War II, the incident was a significant point in the post-war history of Jews in Poland. It took place only a year after the end of World War II and the Holocaust, shocking Jews in Poland, many Poles, and the international community.

      It has been considered a catalyst for the flight of most Jewish-Polish Holocaust survivors and other Eastern European Jews to Israel. All of the numerous Holocaust survivors would have rather emigrated to Paris or New York, but in face of Jew-on-Jew violence some opted for emigration to Palestine.

  7. I continue to be amazed at what was written in the NT about these people. John 8:44:

    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  8. Yes, many of the Jews who immigrated to Israel from Arab countries were victims, but victims of whom?

    "Zionism, was not so much a Jewish national movement (unlike the anti-Zionist Bund) as a nationalist movement, no different from similar racist and blood and soil movements in Europe, including Nazism itself. If Zionism was prepared to turn its back on and collaborate in the destruction of European Jewish communities, how much more so was it prepared to ensure, by violent means if necessary, that the mass of Jews in the Arab countries emigrated to Israel? What the Israel state required, above all, was a Jewish working class and that was the role of the Arab Jews."
    "It is a well-documented, open secret, that the exodus of over 100,000 Jews from Iraq, they formed one-third of the population of Baghdad, a rich and vibrant community, was plotted together by the Israeli government under Ben-Gurion and the British puppet ruler of Iraq, Nuri e-Said, who was hanged in the streets after the revolution of 1958. Israeli agents later testified to having planted bombs to simulate anti-Semitism in order to provoke the flight of Iraqi Jews. In exchange the Iraqi government got to seize their assets."

    They were victims of the ever-popular Zionist false flag attacks. Suspicion of their Jewish neighbors that hadn't existed before in Arab countries became quite justified and understandable with the growth of messianic, hostile, and insidious Zionism on their doorstep. See http://azvsas.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-zionist-destruction-of-iraqi-jewish.html.

    See also my article, "The Zionist Mentality and Method" at http://www.dcdave.com/article5/101220.htm.

  9. Palestinians were robbed of their livelihoods and homeland and many were slaughtered (& have been for 64 years). Cannot put a price or value on that.

  10. I agree with the earlier poster. The Arabs should immediately launch a PR campaign inviting all Arab Jews (and their descendants) who fled to Israel to return to their former Arab countries and that upon returning home and renouncing Israeli citizenship each individual will have his/her property returned to them. Of course this is provided that the Israelis reciprocate and offer the same terms to all Palestinian refugees.

    We all know that this would be a non-starter...even if it would be the most fair resolution.

  11. In order to frighten the little Jews living in Muslim countries in the 1950's, the Zionists bombed the synagogues in those countries and, of course, blamed it on the Muslims. Books have been written on this very topic, see above: Naem Giladi. The most famous of the many other false flags of the day associated with the Big Jews are probably the Lavon Affair, the attack on SS Liberty, and , of course, 9-11, which all facts point to it being a joint CIA/Massad operation in which most of the world has been made a victim, particularly the Muslim world of Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan and soon to be Iran.

  12. The hallmark of a psychopath is that he manipulates people into being on his side by making them feel sorry for him. The trick is to catch that person in act, to fact-check their stories, to direct them elsewhere for help. In refusing, anger will be unleashed in the psychopath but the upshot is that they will find someone else to exploit and leave you alone.

    Looks like this group - a subset of Jews - has taken that tactic to a whole new level. I had heard about them organizing pograms in Russia to get people on the Zionist cause, as well as in Germany to get folks to emigrate to Palestine, so in that light, all this new information fits right in. Operation Gladio was similar - as was much of the bombing in Ireland (by the British but blamed on the Irish).

    It's the worst kind of tactic - killing to manipulate the masses, even killing one's own. I'd heard, too that lots of "pizza shop" or bus bombings in Israeli/Palestinian cities were really Israelis bombing and making it look like Arabs did it. It's 9/11 writ large. Their signature, really. My my. And they then accuse others of being antisemitic. What irony.

    Thanks to you John and all the posters for this information.

  13. Using the Jewish victim mentality, Native Americans should be ale to capitalize as well and recoup untold BILLIONS from the US government. But don't say that to loud or Jews will start wearing loincloths and feathers.


  14. Joshua (Yehoshua in Hebrew and Jesus in Greek) the Messenger (Christ in Greek) invented Christianity to kill the Idea that the Jews are the Special Chosen People Favorited by the Creator of the Universe.
    That's why the Jews are at war with the Planet.
    The Jewish People don't want their Master Trick Secret Reveled.
    The Jew King has no cloths too, Really.

    Banned for this from ZeroHedge.com;

    I can't say it loud enough, the word "Jew" is not a Curse word. The Non-Zionist Jewish community is part of the human family.

    Those "Thousand Points of Light" George W. Bush Sr spoke of, the Jewish faction, the Saud faction, the Japanese faction, the German faction, the Russian faction, the Chinese faction, the British faction, the USA faction, and the European faction, etc of the Illuminati, Will be Eliminated.

    I know how deep the Rabbit Hole goes Red Pill.

  15. John, this is a bit off topic, but tell me...what are we to do at this late date ? I read your blog, The Ugly Truth, Piper and others....we are in deep sh*t.... is it too late ?

    1. Nah, just do what you do. Speak the truth, live your life, don't be afraid or intimidated by these criminals, do what you can while you're here to make the world a better place.

  16. I was so pleased to find this site. Most of the information here was things I believed to be true but really didn't know why. I was always an outcast and no one ever believes anything I say and I could never prove anything. It is most refreshing to find out that what I believed to be true is indeed a fact. The US thinks Israel is our ally. They are our worst enemy and all the other countries that Americans were brainwashed to believe were bad turn out to be more honest than our so called ally. I saw a video about 9/11 that was most convincing that it was an Israeli act and I believed it. Now everything makes sense and falls into place. I would feel safer visiting Iran than Israel. My brother thinks I have flipped my dipper because he only believes what he hears on CNN and is told by our government. It breaks my heart to know that none of the young people in our military ever died for our freedom.

    1. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it. And I totally agree with you.

  17. I was so happy to find this site. It affirms what I have believed for some time now and of course am told by every other American including my own family that I am being lied to. No one lied to me, I did my own research. Everyone thinks I'm nuts. It breaks my heart to know that none of our young military men and women died for our freedom. They died to make wealthy people wealthier and poor people, poorer. From other things I've read, it seems that the holocaust really did not happen. The photos of bodies that we were shown were Germans who died of starvation because of the "fake" Jews who boycotted the German businesses.


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