Sunday, October 28, 2012

John Friend on Truth Militia Radio with Rich and Keith

I was on Truth Militia Radio with Rich and Keith earlier this evening for the first hour.  We talked about Jewish supremacism, the brain dead, idiotic people amongst us, Christian Zionism, and other related issues.  You can download the program here.

As a reminder, I will be hosting my first radio program on Truth Militia Radio tomorrow evening starting at 6pm PST.  Deanna Spingola will be my guest, and we will be discussing the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" and other aspects of WWII.  


  1. John, look forward to the show! DO take a look at my efforts at WUFYS to get across the obvious regarding Joseph McCarthy. Thanks, Fes

  2. To understand the Christian Zionism plague, folks really have to read E. Michael Jones' The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit (

    The NT is clearly anti-Talmud, and "anti-Semitic." The JEWS have always said this. That's why Christianity was an effective defense against the Jews for centuries.

    Fucked up Zionized Christianity is not to be confused with Christians. People need to figure it out. NOT that hard.

  3. The book "Destroy the Accuser" by Fred Seelig will augment the discussion which caller Neal started about pedophiles and kikejews. It can be found here near the top:

    Also here for the first time in PDF form is the second Eustace Mullins book, "The Federal Reserve Conspiracy" (1954)


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