Saturday, October 20, 2012

Germany get off your knees - The Ernst Zundel Story

This is a must watch!  God bless Ernst Zundel!


  1. Fantastic find John!

    Do you know what the present whereabouts and situation with Ernst Zundel are?

    1. Hey Mouser, Zundel is still in Canada as far as I know. The commenter below has more to day.

    2. Whoops... I meant Germany. Zundel is still in Germany. His wife is in the USA.


    The thing that sent Ernst Zundel to prison was his printing of an article in his newsletter entitled “STRANGER THAN FICTION - AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION OF 9-11 AND THE WAR ON TERRORISM By: Dr. Albert D. Pastore Phd.

    Don’t believe me? Ernst says: “In my case, my “Holocaust Denier” profile was convenient, but passé. It was not even, as is so commonly and falsely claimed, “Denial of the Holocaust” or even more bizarre, my “visa overstay”! I was told what actually happened by a friend of ours with high-level UN connections. In his own words: “It was the Blue Booklet that did it! That’s when it was decided at the very highest level to take you out for good!”
    Read about it here:

    Why would “they” lower the boom on Zundel for investigating 9/11? Why was Zundel prosecuted for investigating the HoloFraud? What do both of these things have in common?


    "History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance."
    --------------President James Madison

    Who controls money and its issuance here in the jewSA? What happened to Germany once they took control of their domestic money and its issuance? Why is the AmeriKwan Army fighting Israel’s enemies? Why is your dollar buying you less and less? Why are there so few good jobs here?

    What do Jews have to do with all of this? Why is it forbidden to point out the fact that there are Israeli citizens placed in key powerful positions in government, industry, education, media and banking?

    Who is really running things here?

    If you can’t figure it out by now - just go back to watching your TV.



    Zundel presently resides in Germany and is under a terms and conditions of a 3 year probationary period that is due to expire in March, 2013. That is in about 5 months.

    So far, the Jewsish controlled Canuckistanian gov has stated that Zundel cannot return there.

    Zundel's wife lives here in the jewSA. It remains to be seen if Zundel will be permitted to leave Germany and return to AmeriKwa.

    At any rate, Zundel will most probably need a lawyer and the funds with which to pay that lawyer to enable his escape from shitty germany.

  3. Q: Where does “money” come from?

    A: Under this system, money is literally “created” when an “authorized bank” makes a loan.

    Q: Doesn’t the government do that?

    A: No.

    Q: You mean that private individuals literally “create” money and loan it out?

    A: Yes.

    Q: That’s insane!!! Who allowed that?

    A: The Federal Reserve Act authorized that. Certain members of Congress and President Wilson were “persuaded” to give that power away.

    Q: We are screwed - aren’t we?

    A: Yes. Until or unless we remove the power to literally “create” money from private individuals - we are screwed. We are their slaves because they can literally “create” money with the flick of a pen and buy anything they way - and bribe anyone they want.

    Q: What does all of this have to do with the Holocaust and 9/11?

    A: Everything.

  4. Because of 911 lies and the developing economic depression, lack of jobs, inflation and wars and everyday endless Jewish propaganda spewing out of the Talmud Vision, the world is catching on, and with the internet the information is bouncing back and forth at light speed. We know that Israel did 911, we know the MSM is Jewish owned, we know Hollywood is making endless Holocaust films to keep us brainwashed so that Jews can extort money and bankroll for their hell hole called Israel, a racist state for Jews only.

    The tide has turned, we who live on this planet say no to Jew despotism, we say NO! NO MORE WARS for Israel, we are on to you and your lies and defamation of the truth. We say to our elected representatives either prosecute the criminals or hang with them.

    Has Abe Foxman and the ADL or the JDL, or the SPLC or any of these Jewish organizations even mentioned that 911 was a false flag by Israel? Did Abe Foxman and other staff members know about 911 before it happened? All of these organizations knew, many Jews knew and they didn't report this terrorism then or now. They are guilty of treason, they are guilty of aiding and abetting the Jewish state in an major act of state terror, mass murder, and destruction of property. Then these very same Jewish organization helped covered up the crime and prevent prosecution.

    They aided and abetted Israel, they will be arrested, they will be tried, they will be executed for their crimes against humanity. They knew, some of them participated in the setup, the act, the coverup. What right do they have to being in this country? They have no right to operate here, they have no right to life.

    Jewish organizations are organized criminals and thus can be prosecuted under the RICO Act. All of their assets can and will be seized and used to pay the victims of their crimes.

    1. Anon,
      The "jewish" scum just don't seem to realize how close they are to an actual REAL "holocaust" at this point in time!
      I guess when they start dropping like flys soon they will finally realize this FACT, but it will be TOO LATE for them then!

      This is a flat out call for justice folks! Shit or get off the pot!

      US Army Veteran
      Marc C. Daniele
      Hercy, Mo.


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