Sunday, October 21, 2012

David Irving visits San Diego

David Irving, renowned British historian and author of numerous books dealing with WWII and Adolf Hitler, hosted a small lecture in San Diego today titled "Hitler and I" which dealt with Irving's experience working with the men and women closest to Adolf Hitler.  Irving has interviewed numerous individuals that directly served and worked for Adolf Hitler, including his personal secretaries, assistants, doctors, military personnel and other members of his inner circle, in order to write many of his books.  He spoke about his direct knowledge of these individuals and the stories they relayed to him.

I bought three books from Irving, which he gladly signed for me.  I purchased Hitler's War, Nuremberg: The Last Battle, and Banged Up: Survival as a Political Prisoner in 21st Century Europe.  You can purchase all of David's books directly from his website here.  David will be visiting a number of cities on the West coast in the coming weeks.  Take a look at the schedule here and check him out if you can!  


  1. During the discussion, the "Holocaust" was brought up immediately, and David Irving said he thought close to 6 million Jews actually did die throughout the course of WWII. He claimed that about 2 million died in Operation Reinhard alone. His main point was that millions of innocent people died during WWII, but the Jews have essentially created a racket based around their narrative. I agree with that.... but I really wonder if that many "innocent Jews" were actually murdered by the Germans, or if it was official German policy to kill the Jews in the East.

    Here is the wiki on Operation Reinhard, which Irving thinks was official German policy, although it was likely not approved or even known by Hitler. Irving claimed Heydrich and other SS officials were the main organizers behind these policies, and that it was likely implemented without Hitler's knowledge.

    I have been under the assumption that the "millions of Jews" killed on the Eastern Front were in fact Communist partisans and terrorists, and that the numbers and brutality have been greatly exaggerated. Although I do think some innocent Jews died during WWII - innocent peoples of all nationalities and ethnic groups died during WWII - I have a hard time believing that it was official German policy to liquidate the Jews in the East.

    Here is the Jewish Virtual Library''s write up of Operation Reinhard:

    In Victor Thorn's book The Holocaust Hoax Exposed, chapter 15 deals with Treblinka, and Thorn presents evidence that the "mass graves" are all fraudulent and no one has been able to prove that millions of Jews were murdered at any of these camps in the East. So, I tend to think that this is a bunch of BS. Irving said he hasn't written about this subject in any of his books, but may in the future with the publication of the biography of Himmler.

  2. I have know David for many years. He cannot be trusted on this subject. He is arrogant and has never acknowledged the solid research done by others. His arrest in Austria was not a matter of principle, but rather an instance of arrogant stupidity.

  3. Somewhat saddened that Irving thinks that close to six million Jews died during WWII despite the lack of forensic evidence to support that conclusion. I wonder if Jewish pressure has gotten to him .... yes he has taken many hits from them and who could blame him if he gives up fighting them. No matter what, there remains the absolute absence of real evidence for any deliberate genocide of Jews by Hitler, and given the almost total destruction of Germany from the carpet bombing by the Allies, it is a wonder that more people did not perish.

  4. I don't know what to think of Irving, He will be in Memphis soon, too. I think it costs $30 to attend. I am considering it, but money is so tight.

    Weird how he acknowledges the 6M number, when most of the Jewish historians don't.

    Of course, just the fact that people were made to work in forced labor camps is bad. That families were ripped apart... that many ended up with disease and starvation.

    All horrific and I can't even begin to have empathy, since nothing like that has happened to me or my family.

    It is a knife's edge when speaking with people about this subject, for one can "seem" callous and uncaring (two things that I believe I am not). But it is also true that there are those, mainly Jews, who use the lies, expound on them for profit and some sort of other gain.

    This is why the "decent Jews" need to hold the liars accountable, instead of allowing them to minimize the horror.

    Stop celebrating the Weisels and Weisenthal's (SP), etc. Call them out.

    The truth is bad enough, but it becomes a caricature with their intentional lies and distortions, especially when it gains them fortune and notoriety (not to mention POWER).

    1. you're considering spending 30 bucks to have some double agent tell you 6 million jews died in WW2?!

      one of your 'decent jews' will tell you this for free.

    2. Good Point.

      I am suspect as to why he's touring the US. One would think with New York, Hollywood and Chicago being run by Jews, he might be careful about speaking on the subject of the "jewish fairy tale".

      But in any event, in the lack of forensic evidence to support the claims, the claims of a holocaust are right alongside the 'parting the Red Sea' and 'Wandering in the desert' and the 'promised land', as well as the 'soap' and 'lamp shades'.


  5. What ? Is this a friggin joke ? He really said all that crap ?

    He's only figured it out now, after 50 years of researching the Third Reich and writing 35 books, 13 on WWII alone ?

    Something smells fishy here.

    I didn't put any credence in the rumors going around that they have threatened Irving to do a David Cole style recant but in a form that's not as obvious that it was under duress, but maybe they were right after all.

    How in the hell can he possibly back up that policy or those numbers when it's already been proven that no one was gassed to death at Auschwitz in all the years of the war ? Why would the same people have such vastly opposite policies in different areas ? It doesn't make any sense psychologically at all.

    So is he saying they shot all these people and buried them ? Does he have evidence of the all those bodies & mass graves when nobody else has been able to find it ? I seriously doubt it.

    He better have plenty of evidence to back up every single thing he claims or at least a hundred other revisionists are going to go over everything in the minutest detail and completely ruin his well-earned reputation for good. He'd better think twice if he thinks he can pass off any bullshit on his word & reputation alone.

    I will completely reserve my praise of this guy in the future. What a total disappointment. And here I was ready to congratulate you for meeting a living legend !


    1. Irving doesn't believe in the gas chambers nonsense, but he claims many Jews were shot and killed on the Eastern front in a deliberate policy. I don't think there is any proof whatsoever that this actually happened... although, like I said above, Jews did die on the Eastern front, but it was not a deliberate German policy.

      We also talked about the magical 6 million number. I mentioned that this appears to be a sort of occult, Cabalistic number, and brought up the fact that Jews have been pushing this 6 million number since WWI and even before, and cited Don Heddesheimer’s book, The First Holocaust: Jewish Fundraising Campaigns With Holocaust Claims During and After World War One. Irving dismissed it outright saying that he thought roughly 6 million Jews did actually die in WWII.

    2. john, john, john.

      the law of the excluded middle.

      david irving is exactly what it looks like he is.

      you're dancing with the stars here.

      did he bring up hitler's penis? ha hah. that's a good one.

    3. LOL, nah, you were the only one to bring up Hitler's penis.

    4. i'm only assuming he had one. i know he had balls.

      in david irving's book HITLER'S WAR, part of his argument for hitler being (part)jewish is that hitler never let anyone see him with his pants off. his jewish circumcision would have given him away.

      just a peep into the reasoning and agenda of our man, david irving. poisons are slipped in at the exquisite banquet.

      thanks again, john for your blog. you're awakening is a mirror for many people.


  6. Zan Overall left the following comment:

    In my opinion there was one way that Jews were murdered in the East.

    When the German Army took over an area, the local residents took revenge on the Jews who had oppressed them when the Communists were in charge. Many Bolshevik officials were Jewish. I believe this happened in some of the Baltic countries, certainly not by German orders.....

    I heard Irving speak in Los Angeles a few years ago. Worth listening to but I don't believe everything he says. Some people believe he had to make some agreement with those who imprisoned him to gain his release.

    -Zan Overall, "The Wise Old Man." I have spoken.


  7. Yep, those "Nazis" loved committing their atrocities.

    Here are a few (Warning: Graphic):

    Jew shot in the head by Nazis and left in street:

    Jew with hands tied behind his back - then an evil Nazi literally skinned his face off with a knife:

    Innocent Jew begged for his life before the Nazis shot him in the head:

    Nazis kill innocent Jew and throw his body on the hood of Nazi vehicle - Nazi holds up part of Jews brains in picture as trophy:

    Nazi with blue plastic gloves searches innocent murdered Jews bodies for valuables - which he steals and later gambles with in Nazi card games.


    Oops...I'm "sorry". The above atrocities were committed by Jewish controlled forces in Iraq.

    REMEMBER: The AmeriKwan Army INVADED Iraq. Iraq did NOT attack the jewSA. The people of Iraq were not an aggressor. The Nation of Iraq did not destroy AmeriKwa. Iraqi "bankers" did not loot the AmeriKwan economy.

    Video: "On The Dark Side". If you haven't seen it - you need to see what your Jewish government is doing.:


    As for Irving, he is a "writer". He is trying to "sell books". That is what he is all about.

    Irving is a mercenary. But, unlike the mercenary who actually dons armor and picks up a weapon.......Irving merely "writes stories" about those men - and seeks money in return.

    Honorable? You decide.

    My own investigation reveals that German troops were the most highly disciplined and moral in the entire world.

    Jews destroyed Germany. Jews are not "victims". Jews are perps.

    Let's just get that straight.

  8. It seems Irving "changed his views" around the time of his arrest & imprisonment.

    full audio inside: "Irving expands on Holocaust views"

    Hufschmid is an Irving skeptic, at least re the possible hidden story behind his "sudden change of views",

    Congrats on your meeting with him. I've watched a couple of his older lectures and have great respect. We must suspect that intimidation/blackmail may be play a role in his new views.

    Is that someone's home you're in? Doesn't look like the typical B&Noble or whatever. How was his talk advertised? How was it attended? Any organized disruptors or anything?

  9. THOSE EVIL NAZIS (Part 1)

    The Jews have spread decades of lies about the Germans.

    There is evidence that David Irving has capitulated to the Jews in his overt statements that indeed “6 Million Jews Died” during World War Jew.

    I think Irving is compromised.

    In this video you will witness an exchange between a group of Wehrmacht veterans and a blonde woman from the village of Putten in the Netherlands.

    Dutch Woman - Question: "Did you fight against the Russians?"

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: " be exact, not against the Russians, but against Bolshevism."

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: "They (the German soldiers) were people like you and I. (They fought) against Stalinist Bolshevism."

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: "We defended our country against it. And more importantly, all of Europe."

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: "If we hadn't stopped it, it would have reached your country (Denmark) and France too."

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: "Right up to the Channel, that was their (the Bolsheviks) plan."

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: "We also had to fight the Americans when they landed. In France, Italy and Africa."

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: "In the end, the Russians sometimes outnumbered us 12 to 1. And we still tried to keep them away from the borders of the Reich. To defend our people. The Russians didn't sign the Geneva Convention. He (the Russian) didn't need to respect International Conventions of War and he showed it."

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: "Stirred up by Bolshevik Propaganda, he (the Bolsheviks) massacred our people and also molested them - particularly (raped) the women. We tried to prevent that until the end. We didn't succeed."

  10. THOSE EVIL NAZIS (Part 2)

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: "German soldiers didn't do that. Maybe. But it was strictly forbidden.

    Dutch Woman - Question: "Did the Germans do that?"

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: "What do you mean? Rape? The Russians did that."

    Dutch Woman - Question: "The Germans didn't do that?"

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: "No".

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: "It's something you always hear about (from the Jews), but the Wehrmacht didn't do that."

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: "You couldn't. You would be shot, or sent to a punishment battalion."

    Dutch Woman - Question: "Yet bad things happened between the population and the Wehrmacht."

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: “In the Netherlands? Where?”

    Dutch Woman - Question: “In Putten, the village I’m from. The Wehrmacht surrounded it and deported the men to labor camps in Germany. More than 600 men were deported and only 49 returned.”

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: “Is there evidence of that?”

    Dutch Woman - Question: “Yes - they never came back. My great uncles died as well.”

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: “The Wehrmacht did that? I don’t believe that.”

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: “The Wehrmacht had nothing to do with Labor Allocation.”

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: “Maybe it was the Police.”

    Dutch Woman - Question: “A German car had been ambushed near the village, but it wasn’t clear…”

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: “So that was why. There is always a cause for such a fierce reaction.”

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: “But it was in violation of the Conventions of War.”

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: “But if those who had ambushed that car had been partisans, noncombatants, then they (were Terrorists and) had violated the Conventions of War. Or were they soldiers?

  11. THOSE EVIL NAZIS (Part 3)

    Dutch Woman - Question: “No. Resistance fighters.”

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: “There you go. Partisans.”

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: “That was the cause. It was a reaction to the car being attacked by Partisans.”

    NOTE: This is what JewPedia has to say about that:

    On the night of 30 September-1 October 1944, a car carrying two officers and two corporals of the German Army was ambushed by members of the Dutch resistance near a bridge, Oldenallerbrug, between the Putten and Nijkerk. Participating in the action was a sergeant from the British Parachute Regiment, Tex Banwell, who had been captured at Arnhem and escaped, but remained behind enemy lines to assist the Dutch resistance with handling their new British weapons. In the fighting, one of the resistance fighters, Frans Slotboom, was wounded and later died. One German officer, Lt Otto Sommer, was also wounded, but escaped to a nearby farmhouse to raise the alarm; Sommer died the following day. The two German corporals fled, and the second officer, Oblt Eggart, was injured and captured. He was also wounded and was abandoned by the resistance fighters in a place where he could be found by the Germans.

  12. THOSE EVIL NAZIS (Part 4)

    Dutch Woman - Question: “But the first time was the invasion of the Netherlands. We didn’t start it.”

    NOTE: Germany sought to secure the European coast of the English Channel from the threat on invasion and moved into the Netherlands on May 10, 1940. Here is what JewPedia has to say about it:
    “That’s right. We marched in. We marched in without asking permission. The Wehrmacht should have asked if it could have permission to march into the Netherlands.

    Dutch Woman - Question: “Or declared war.”

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: “No one would have given permission.”

    Wehrmacht Veteran - Answer: “War has its own laws.”


    My suggestion to anyone considering attending any Irving event or contemplating buying one of his books is to please just send that money to Ernst Zundel. Ernst Zundel is due to be released from probation in March. He could most definitely use that money to secure his escape from Bolshevik Germany.

  13. As much as I like Irving's books and talks on WWII, he's not willing to do "Real History" on the Holohoax.

    He said in one talk that he wished he'd never gotten involved in the Holohoax. So, having seen how they lie and destroy people, he'd rather not join the battle. Greed and Arrogance. All that great research and only abuse for his trouble. Guess he always wanted to be a big star.

    I still think his books and talks are excellent introductory material for newbies. Exposes the rank mainstream bullshit for what it is.

    Jews have been lying forever and always will (John 8:44)
    Why did Schopenhauer call them the masters of the Big Lie"?
    Why did Voltaire accuse them of surpassing all nations in telling "impertinent fables"?

  14. if he 'denies' 6 million in usa, and audio or video gets on the net and uk police take note, they can arrest him again, back to jail. maybe he should say '10 million'

    1. David Irving could simply state:

      "For legal reasons well known to you, I am not at liberty to comment truthfully on the number of Jews who lost their lives during the time period in question."

      BUT, David Irving CHOSE to support the Magic Jewish Number of 6 Million.

      This is a conscious, deliberate act on his part and it both reveal his spinelessness and his intellectual dishonesty.

      I won't be giving Irving a dime.


    2. @anon 11:35

      There are no holycost denial laws in England, buddy. Irving was imprisoned in Austria when he was dumb enough to try to sneak in there. He only did 18 months of a 36 month sentence.

      Sylvia Stolz, Zundel or Rudolf or any of the other myriad of revisionists who did prison times for their opnions did not get any early releases. Zundel was even denied bail while waiting for his trial for 2 years in solitary confinement which means Zundel did more time just waiting for his trial than Irving did altogether. After his deportation in Germany he got sentenced over there to the maximum 5 years too ending up with 7 years.

      They really hated Zundel and were determined to take as many years of his life away from him as they could possibly get away with. This is because Zundel had previously kicked there asses in court twice in Canada.

      Denying the holycost is illegal with fines and / or imprisonment for up to 5 years in these 17 countries:

      Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Czech Republic
      The Netherlands


    3. Funny....Jews have been kicked out of those countries before!

  15. Currently, I think the best source for WW2 History is Veronica Clark.

    Deanna Spingola features interviews you can download for free. Veronica also has a website. Just Google her name.

    We need to support this woman. Please purchase her books.

    She is my Hero in this despicable world the Jews have created for us. She needs to know that there are others out there fighting just as her.

  16. Alright folks , here's the real story on six million Jews killed by Nazis ; Two Nazis , named Hateful Whitey and Vernon the Vengeful , walked into a MacDonald's in lower Manhatten , pulled Ak 47 rifles out of their pockets and started shooting into the crowd at lunchtime . The shooting lasted for two minutes before the gunmen made their escape on the subway . Eyewitnesses reported the identity of the culprits and the number of innocents killed .
    There you have it folks , eyewitness testimony !

  17. I don't care for a single jew who died in that war! They have been victimized for too long and this talk how many died, how many poor kikes suffered etc, serves only them and nobody else!

    They have proven again and again how heartless, immoral criminals they are and putting them into camps was just an elementary precaution. It war war time, goddammit! It was completely different situation, Germany fought practically alone against whole world and it was truly titanic effort, considering that jews worked tirelessly around the globe, using money, terrorism and lies.

    No other country could stand alone against her, so weak they where because of jewish corruption, Hitler had only universal truth as his ally and nothing more.

  18. John, you should have asked Irving if it was ok to tell others about what he said "in confidence" at that meeting, even if you think he is correct or not. It is well known the Irving does not want reporters and others broadcasting what he says, because it is too easy for someone to misinterpret or not remember correctly what Irving said. It gets him and you and all of us into trouble. Without a tape recording and a direct quote, you might believe you are helping Irving, or helping those similar minded who hate Irving by snitching, regardless of the truthfulness, or the racially patriotic bs, on your webpage. Who can tell. Are you going to delete that part of your blog?, but you probably won't.

    1. I asked Irving directly if I could post the photos on my blog, and he agreed. I'm not misinterpreting anything he said - if I am, he can come here and let us all know.

      "Without a tape recording and a direct quote, you might believe you are helping Irving, or helping those similar minded who hate Irving by snitching, regardless of the truthfulness, or the racially patriotic bs, on your webpage. Who can tell. Are you going to delete that part of your blog?, but you probably won't."

      WTF are you talking about?


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