Monday, October 15, 2012

A Holocaust Debate: Mark Weber vs Michael Shermer

Video found via B'Man's excellent YouTube channel:


  1. I still think Weber gives the Jewish Holohoax fable too much credit when he claims that "many Jews did suffer horrible deaths and were badly mistreated by the Germans", blah blah blah. He always makes that clarification and I just don't know if it's warranted... good facts presented though.

    1. Even if hes right? You're as bad as the clowns who constantly claim Hitler was the most evil man to ever live, you're just on the flip side. The German regime under Hitler killed a lot of people. Get over it. They weren't perfect.

    2. John, Weber is very suspect. Michael Piper has detailed his grasping, destructive behavior and Jewed-up financial backing. He just loves to repeat the "horrible suffering" line which undercuts everything else he might say.

      Piper wrote up the story here ( Just finished Phil Tourney and Mark Glenn's book, What I Saw That Day, which is excellent and underscores again how important Carto and Liberty Lobby et al were. Fuck Weber!

      Think these are them:

      FEBRUARY 2, 2009: Destruction of The Institute for Historical Review. (

      FEBRUARY 3, 2009: Continuing the history of The Institute for Historical Review, Liberty Lobby and The Spotlight. (

      FEBRUARY 4, 2009: Questions posed by listeners on Willis Carto and his history leading up to American Free Press. (

      FEBRUARY 6, 2009: Wrapping up the history of The Institute for Historical Review, Liberty Lobby and The Spotlight, plus other related topics including: Willis Carto, The Barnes Review, and the Madoff Scandal. (

      Weber - Scientology connection 14 Oct 2012. has it but the download isn't working.

    3. John, this page has same files and this letter which highlights Weber's failure and financial gain (

      Let's examine the amount of donations the IHR/Mark Weber received from the revisionist/patriot community, and then ask this question: Is the revisionist/patriot community getting a good return on their money?

      For said years, the IHR/Mark Weber took in the following in "Contributions, Gifts, Grants, And Similar Amounts Received: Direct Public Support."

      Tax Year 2000--$346,572
      Tax Year 2001---$209,229
      Tax Year 2002---$610,152
      Tax Year 2003--$210,363
      Tax Year 2005--$409,477
      Tax Year 2006--$299,623

      Now, this adds up to be $2,085,416. That is to say, the IHR/Mark Weber took in $2,085,416 in donations from the Revisionist/patriot community for these six tax years. Have we, in turn, received a good return on our money????

      I say, Hell no!!! Mark Weber destroyed the Journal of Historical Review, the yearly IHR conferences, the IHR's book publishing arm, and the IHR newsletter. He even refuses to sponsor a weekly Radio talk show!

      What does Mark Weber/IHR do to deserve $2,085,416 from the Revisionist/patriot community???? Well, he sends out newspaper clippings to one thousand people or less. He sells a bunch of old books and DVDs, many of which are decades old. He attempts to market the works of others like Kevin MacDonald and Pat Buchanan--books that can be obtained cheaper elsewhere. And finally, every once in a great while Weber writes a short essay or gives a short speech.

      In my opinion, this is madness!!!! The $2,085,416 is a horrendous waste of money!! I can think of far more productive ways to utilize this money than to send it to Mark Weber.

    4. The IHR Files, Pt I
      February 21st, 2011

      By Popular Demand: The inside story of Mark Weber and the CIA-Mossad role in the coup d'etat at the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) and the subsequent destruction of Liberty Lobby and The Spotlight.

    5. @ Anon 8:40 AM

      You need to get over these Jewish lies dude. The German regime under Hitler did kill a lot of people - they were in a war against practically the entire world! The Jew-controlled Western Allies and the Soviet Union were the real monsters in WWII, there is no doubt.

      "Never has so much hatred and vengeance been poured forth onto one people and one nation that had chosen not to abide by the laws of international bankers and financiers who wish only to enslave, plunder, steal and when necessary, kill. And most of the White races of the world were more than willing and eager to take up the flag of international Jewish money power and to smash the one White race that opposed it with such honor, valor and sheer might – so much so that it took all the best brain- and material-power of the entire White supra-race and all the monetary power of its Jewish financiers and overlords to break its back. […]

      The only ones who bear the burden of bloodstain and guilt are the Allies. No crimes in recorded human history surpass those inflicted against Germany and Europe by the United States, Great Britain and the former United Soviet Socialist Republics – all with Jewish spiritual, media and financial backing and support."

    6. To the other Anons...

      Thanks for the links and info! I remember listening to Piper's shows about Weber and the IHR a while back. I think Weber has done some good work over the years, and has written many important articles. But that's about it... Carolyn Yeager has really criticized Weber on a number of her radio programs. I have to admit - I agree with her, and you!

  2. "Even if hes right? You're as bad as the clowns who constantly claim Hitler was the most evil man to ever live, you're just on the flip side. The German regime under Hitler killed a lot of people. Get over it. They weren't perfect."

    Hitler killed a lot of people -- innocent or what? Which would those be -- specifically? And why were they killed? It was a world war after all.

    1. I hope our Anonymous buddy answers these simple questions after making such a claim.

  3. Whatever Weber has or has not done, one thing is clear: He has created this video that shows Michael Shermer unable to provide evidence or even muster a convincing argument for the holocaust tale.

    That's more than you have done.

    Spreading discord within our ranks is self-defeating and is doing the jew's work for them.


    1. I generally agree with you, but I think it's important to criticize and debate amongst ourselves. We need to be much more forceful in our rejection of the Jew "Holocaust" fable in my opinion. After all, the Germans in WWII were fighting the good fight, they were the good guys, eh? Why do we continue to concede this ridiculous fable that, "Well, yes, Jews were horribly persecuted and many died terrible deaths at the hands of the Nazis - many were even murdered!" It's simply not true, so why is Weber conceding this point? Why is he going along with the Jew propaganda? It's a rather important point if you ask me... and he failed on it, big time. And continues to fail big time on it. Which is why I don't bother following his radio programs or work in general anymore.

    2. I disagree with your assertion that pointing out instances of siding with the enemy is "spreading discord within our ranks is self-defeating and is doing the jew's work for them".

      As you know, Lenin said that "the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves".

      Conceding that the Jews were "horribly persecuted" and that "many were even murdered" by the Germans quite definitely supports the Jewish narrative and is "doing the jews work for them".

      The Jewish Holy Hoax lie is literally falling apart - yet Weber supports the other ugly Jewish lie...the one that the "jews were persecuted".

      The Jews were not persecuted. The were asked to vacate - and the ones that refused were prosecuted. Big difference.

      The Jews did not find themselves in a predicament in Germany because they were Jews. They found themselves in a predicament because of their collective conspiratorial behavior.

      Interesting that the Jews are destroying the US in pretty much the exact same way that they destroyed Germany before the NSDAP took over. I suppose if the Jews could have flooded Germany with negroes and mexicans, Hitler could never have gained enough support to throw the Jews out and revive Germany.......oh - now I get it...LOL!

      Do you?

    3. Yep, the LENIN quote needs to understood by everyone.

      Of course Weber has done good work. So has Alex "It's the Germanic Death Cult" Jones. They have to in order to win a audience.

      That said, Piper makes it clear that he's dirty. Faurisson thinks he's bad and so does Butz. You done something more significant then those heroes???

      As JF pointed out initially, he's reinforcing the Jew's demands for pity with his many Jews did suffer horrible deaths and were badly mistreated by the Germans." Fuck that! They're responsible for both WWI and WWII and the upcoming WWIII.

    4. My research has indicated that the Germans treated the Jews very well.

      It was only the complete destruction of Germany that forced the German people to recognize that they needed to rid German society, culture, press, economy, judiciary, and politics of any remnants of Jewish ideology.

      Why don't we look around at the present day US. Some refer to it as the jewSA due to the overwhelming presences of Jewish Operatives of the Global Money Mafia occupying key posts in the Jewish Press, The Jewish Banking Industry, The Jewish Controlled Political Parties, and the Jewish Dominated Courts.

      Would anyone care to dispute that "somehow" Jews occupy key controlling posts in all of those areas?

      By what mechanism did that happen? What specific force enabled their usurpation of our sovereignty?

      Obviously the enabling mechanism is the PRIVATE JEWISH MONOPOLY OVER CREATING YOUR CURRENCY.

      "Someone" has a privately owned MONOPOLY over your money creation. Who is that? Do you know? Are they Jews? If they are Jews, why is that significant? Do Jews have any specific agenda that might be at odds with your agenda of freedom and self-determination?

      Jews are literally destroying the very fabric of your nation. They use your country as their private ATM Machine and Proxy War Machine. Your kids are fighting their wars in the Middle East against THEIR enemies. Against ISRAELS enemies.

      These are the facts.

      Collectively, Jews are committing Treason against the US. It is so bad that we literally have ISRAELI CITIZENS occupying posts in our Congress and in key positions in the Federal Government. And they are acting on behalf of Israel. That is Treason.

      Other Jews have enabled those Jews to take those posts.

      Jews can therefore be subdivided into the following categories:

      I. Major Offenders
      II. Activists, Militants, and Profiteers, or Incriminated Persons
      III. Less incriminated
      IV. Followers, or Fellow Travelers
      V. Exonerated, or non-incriminated persons

      We need to regain sovereign control of our own Government and implement Judicial proceedings for the removal and expulsion of Jewish criminals and their enablers.

      Weber has revealed himself to be an operative of the Jewish enemy.

    5. Brilliantly stated!

  4. Well, we shouldn't really talk about Hitler who supposedly killed so many jews, or holohoax, inc. or debate historical FABLES without including Stalin, under which well over 60 MILLION people were exterminated. And Stalin was a jew. So was Marx and Lenin. Speaks volumes doesn't it? Explains quite clearly why the Bolsheviks are seldom spoken of in the history books. Because the vast majority that began the Bolshevik Revolution were jews - and most of them from the east side of New York. We wouldn't want it to be known who the REAL monsters of history are, would we?


  5. Weber also tiptoes around 911. He mostly endorses the "blow back" theory. Weber should be handled with extreme caution, if not expelled from our side all together.

    1. Lenin said: "the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves".

      Why am I not surprised that Weber supports yet another Jewish narrative that 9/11 was committed by "Muslims" due to our support for "Israel"?

      It sure looks like the Jews are handing Weber a script to read from....and there he is reading from it.

      There are some other semi-prominent figures out there that also propagate the blatant Jewish Lie that 9/11 was committed by "Muslims" due to our support for "Israel". Some of them are Don Black (of Stormfront) and his close friend David Duke.

      What - you didn't know that Don Black and David Duke are "close"? They are so close that Black even married Duke's ex-wife.

      Don Black runs a "White Nationalist" website....called "Stormfront". Why does Don Black consistently profess that Jews did NOT do 9/11? Does Don Black have a brain tumor? Why does David Duke do his absolute best at tap dancing around the issue?

      Many people cite David Duke's appearance on CNN where he was interviewed by the Israeli Jew "Wolf Blitzer" as supporting Duke's credibility. Who runs CNN? Wasn't CNN one of the few networks that were up and running on 9/11 and reporting that "Osama Bin Ladin" was behind 9/11? Do you really think that CNN would willfully give a broadcast platform to someone who is their supposed arch enemy?

      I am not so naive to fall for that one.

      Would it surprise you to know that the anti-black website "" is owned and controlled by Jews and that they ban anyone who speaks the truth about Jews? Why do you think that is?

      So why would "they" back and support "leaders" in the so-called "White Community"? Why do you think?

      >>>>"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves".<<<<

      As the old saying goes: "where there's smoke ......." LOL

      We all know that there is no question that Israelis and other Jewish operatives were behind the 9/11 event.

      We all know that there is no question that there is a private group who literally control the Debt Based Currency Scam and that scam extends through the Usury Based Banking Industry.

      We all know that there are two ways to gain control of a Nation: One is by the Sword - and the other is by Debt.


      I am satisfied that anyone who supports the Jewish narrative of the "Hollywood Hitler" that we have seen so much of - is in the employ of the enemy.

      "Hollywood Hitler" was all about "hating the Jews" for no reason. "Hollywood Hitler" was in incoherent screaming maniac. "Hollywood Hitler" has brainless supporters who blindly go around "hating" everyone only due to their race - and having absolutely nothing to do with their behavior.

      BTW : Were you aware that the State of Florida recently threw in the towel on "racial equality" and conceded that blacks are "different"?

      The Florida Board of Education is using race to determine new goals for students, setting higher standards for Asian and white students than for Hispanic and black students.

      The board’s new strategic plan calls for 90 percent of Asian students and 88 percent of white students to be reading at grade level or higher by 2018. The bar is lower for Hispanic students at 81 percent and black students at 74 percent.

      The board said the goals are based on an equation involving how different races of students are performing. Sixty-nine percent of white students read at grade level, 53 percent of Hispanic students, and 38 percent of black students hit the mark.

      So - why is it that academic standards are not "race blind"?

      Who does this benefit?


      HA HA HA

  6. The comments on the lazy indolent Weber are true. He does nothing at the IHR but watch You Tube video's, read newspaper articles, talks to Jerod Taylor for hours on the phone. The dupes still send him money by the thousands. Nothing has been produced by the IHR under Weber for years. Weber is a crafty, slimy toad, who uses his office at the IHR as a sinecure, a office were little or no work is involved, but offers a salary. Weber's salary is 50,000 a year, he lives in a $500,000 condo in plush Irvine Calufornia, with his moody Russian wife. He has child support for two children from his first crazy wife. He attempts to con his supporters that he is a whirlwind of activity, when the reverse is the truth, it's all a con to keep the dupes sending him the sheckels.


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