Tuesday, September 25, 2012

John Friend on Spingola Speaks

Last night I discussed the PSYOP aspects of 9/11 with Deanna Spingola, and how that event was really a trauma-based mind control operation on a societal scale, used to initiate the "Global War on Terror" Jewish War of Terror.  You can download the show here.  


  1. Excellent interview.

    I, too, appreciate your work, buddy. At least I feel that you are honestly seeking answers (and we seem to come to many of the same conclusions).

  2. Interesting show.

    Deanna said she thought the 9-11 truth movement was part of the originally planning of 9-11 and I agree. I think the major, Zionist protecting entity that has been put in from the beginning was Mormon Dr. Steven Jones and his "explosive nanothermite" garbage along with the insider deceiver Richard Gage and his 1700 duped architects and engineers. They have strongly controlled free discussion and inquiry about 9-11 since 2005. No planes was strictly verboten from the get go. I know, I was a "truther" since 9-11-01. I was only briefly deceived by Alex Jones right after 9-11-01 but caught on to his nonsense about 3 months later.

    The folks over that The Ugly Truth keep saying I and other should stop wasting time talking about aspects of 9-11 and just keep saying "the Jews did it". So that is another form of exactly the way Dr. Steven Jones psyops controlling of people's thoughts works.

    It is by openly discussing ALL aspects of 9-11 that we more clearly see the media, the intelligence agency, the congress, the executive, the judiciary, all controlled by the pursestrings of the Zionists, Israelis, Mossad, Jews. That is the logical reasonable way to expose this entity that did 9-11, by rational discussion and proofs of the connections, not just over and over again saying "the Jews did it."

    1. Except that the average person hasn't been doing research on the subject for 11 years. What is desperately needed are simple lead-ins to the fact that it was a Mossad operation like the USS Liberty. Once folks grasp that, they're on the right side and no longer part of the problem.

  3. Deanna Spingola has a very high opinion of Dr. Judy Wood and her research concerning 9/11.

  4. "AnonymousSeptember 26, 2012 9:12 AM
    Deanna Spingola has a very high opinion of Dr. Judy Wood and her research concerning 9/11.

    Well, that explains a lot. I exchanged some emails with Deanna fairly recently and I said I thought Dr. James Fetzer was one of the top experts on 9-11 truth. She wrote back that she could think of many people much more knowledgeable about 9-11 than he and here tone indicated a dislike for Dr. Fetzer. She would not tell me who she thought was more knowledgeable on all aspects of 9-11 and I kind of lost respect for her as being an honest communicator. Since Dr. Judy Wood intensely dislikes Dr Fetzer and Deanna Spingola thinks very highly of Dr. Wood, I now understand her seemingly unreasonable stance regarding Dr. Fetzer is because the enemy of her friend is her enemy too.

    I personally am disappointed at how 9-11 truth has played out. While quite a bit of good data and facts have been feretted out by many people, the whole thing was brilliantly and diabolically steered or channeled toward dead ends, and always dead ends that block out the Zionist major part in the perpetration of the event.

    Most particularly disappointing is how some Christian leaders and scholars have been steered and channeled and controlled so that their 9-11 truth does not look much like truth at all.

    1. I always keep an open mind when looking into anyone's research. I think Dr. Fetzer and Dr. Wood both offer some extremely valuable perspectives when analyzing what happened on 9/11. Although I have to admit, after listening to Simon Shack and another audio that the commenter Negentropic linked in a previous post, I'm starting to think that the fakery involved on 9/11 was more extravagant that I originally thought. Shack and September Clues' research has been going through all the collapse footage, and they are claiming it is all fraudulent, CGI manufactured footage. I'm open to that idea... but I think we should be open to exploring all possibilities of what really happened on 9/11.

    2. "Shack and September Clues' research has been going through all the collapse footage, and they are claiming it is all fraudulent, CGI manufactured footage. I'm open to that idea... but I think we should be open to exploring all possibilities of what really happened on 9/11. "

      I agree. I am open to his ideas and find good reason to believe that very few people in the Towers died, although he claims ...
      "there is simply no more rational reason to believe that anyone died under the 9/11 “attacks” (In fact, only 405 people in the entire state of New York are listed as deceased in the official death records of that day).

      Dr. Morgan Reynolds on his site rejects the idea of looking in to much more extensive video fakery than most of us originally thought. I posted on Dr. Fetzer's Real Deal site that IF there were a way to verify or unverify the destruction-in-progress videos of each of the Twin Towers, then it would seem logical and important to do such a check. Dr. Fetzer has never commented one way or another on that matter. It would seem like such an important thing to do again IF a process whereby the verification could take place existed. Dr. Wood, Dr. Reynolds, Dr. Fetzer, and so many other researchers base many of their findings on those destruction-in-progress videos. I have never heard Dr. Steven Jones and Mr. Richard Gage even refer once to those videos. They focus on the red-grey chips in the dust, molten iron, and now on Building 7 and calling for a new investigation. Since I think those two fellows are agents within "the plan", we may find out that they are going to eventually look right and good for never having based their information and "findings" on the destruction-in-progress videos.

      Simon Shack makes a rather extreme sounding assertion regarding the destruction of the World Trade Center Buildings. He basically says they pumped out a smokescreen and then took the buildings down by conventional controlled demolition. I do not see how he could ever prove that idea. Also, the aftermath "evidence" does not at all support a conventional controlled demolition of the World Trade Center Towers, nor buildings 3, 4, 5, & 6 which were left with huge portions just totally missing. I think Building 7 looked liked a conventional controlled demolition, but again I only base that on the video taken by a person I know here in my town who was in a hotel on that day there and took the now famous video himself.

      I no longer am much interested in how the WTC buildings may have been destroyed. In reality, the burden of proof is on Simon Hytten to document his research and publish it in some form. I find the no- planes matter much more firmly proven, and that is the topic that the nanothermite gang as well as 911blogger and 911truth.org has always suppressed and dismissed from their beginnings in about 2005.


      "In reality, the towers were of course demolished (although most likely behind a smokescreen) – but there simply is no photographic record of those brief events. "

      "So, once you ensure that no private camera can capture the morning’s events, you just release a smokescreen to obscure the WTC complex from public view – and bring it down with perfectly safe and reliable conventional explosives."

      Following quote from Dr. James Fetzer...

      "If there were no planes,
      Then there were no passengers.

      If there were no passengers,
      Then there were no hijackers.

      If there were no hijackers
      Then there were no Islamic fundamentalists.

      If there were no Islamic fundamentalists,
      Then the whole “war on terror” has been a complete charade."

  5. Israel so much wants to occupy south Lebanon, for its water resources, that its operatives are continually pushing for a false flag attack against Iran, and so anybody willing to stand up and tell the USA that the Jewish state and traitorous Americans did 9/11 MIGHT save the world, and are my heroes. Islam needs to be praised because it is all that is stopping the Jew World Order from expanding.

    1. according to yiddish folklore , aka , the Christian Bible which they use as their fake history, which like dr shlomo sand has stated, in his book , the invention of the jewish people, the yids want the land of eretz yisrael, which they feel is their land. this land extends all the way to the litani river in lebanon. the trouble is, many of these areas are inhabited. the last time they went into lebanon in 2006, they got their asses handed to them. they found out real fast, in this modern world, the ww2 idea of armored columns in the attack is so long , past , especially with fleet of foot and quickly reacting and well trained hezbollah 3 man anti tank crews infesting the hills of lebanon with their russian made rpg 29's ......it cut through the indominable jew merkava tank, like a hot knife through butter. many a jewish conscript lost their lives in the land of phoenicians. yid armies are only good when their conscripts fight women and children and arab men armed with ak's etc.....

  6. Nice John, someone back in late 2004 or erly 2005, came across these victum names not having a Social Security Number. So that would be a good place to start researching.


  7. Just for clarification I have never said that the 9/11 truth movement "was part of the "originally" planning of 9-11." I said that I thought people were in place long before the event. When anonymous, under another name, a relative stranger to me, emailed me on May 2, 2012, to ask my thoughts on Dr. Fetzer and his expert 9/11 research, I simply said, "I can think of others who fit that description more accurately." I never expressed a negative opinion of Dr. Fetzer. People can have preferences. For instance, I prefer chocolate ice cream over vanilla ice cream. That doesn't mean that vanilla ice cream is bad or that people who prefer vanilla are somehow flawed. Anonymous has no grounds for saying that my "tone indicated a dislike for Dr. Fetzer." That is quite an assumption to make from an email. Anonymous then posted negative views about me on Dr. Fetzer's forum. I find it interesting that people, like anonymous, seem to have a problem with me having a high opinion of Dr. Wood's work. My opinion is irrelevant and has nothing to do with Dr. Fetzer or anyone else. This isn't high school people. I am not sure why people are trying to create an issue where none exists. I made my conclusions after thoroughly reading her book.

    1. dr wood is a jew. in my mind, that is a good enough reason not to trust here right there. she was doing nice little talks , with some schlepper called hutchinson who talks about the hutchinson effect , whatever the hell that is. i believe she is just another plant out there. one of many who sprung up over the years. in the end, the tribe always dances with who brung them. we shall do so also. terrible tommy said one time that one day, they would all come running his way. maybe he is right.

    2. Where is the proof Wood is a Jew? Are you saying that her research raises no legitimate or valid points?

    3. Spingola does not think that Wood is a Jew. MelGibstein.wordpress writes today that Jim Fetzer is Jewish.

    4. Again, sole focus on who is "a Jew" is incorrect way to analyze the Zionist takeover of the USA and the world. Last names can be a clue to be taken into account, but it is behavior that must be studied. By the way, I used to work with a lady in Houston who was a self-declared Jew and her last name was Friend.

    5. The problem with Judy Wood's theory is basically that ALL images from 9-11, absolutely EVERYTHING, all photos & all videos are completely suspect & most are already, absolutely proven fakes. It's not that Shack is banning her 'evidence,' it's that he's had enough of it already. They already debunked many of the photographs and videos that are the main source of her 'evidence' beyond hurricane Erin, the seismic footprints, the dust being nano-scopic & that other stuff. That other stuff without the images & the videos Wood relies on doesn't prove much. And yes, I do have her book, bought it the first week it came out, back when I still thought that some of the images could be trusted and thought, just like Deanna Spingola, that it made a solid case based on those images. Not anymore. Some aspects of her non-photographic evidence might turn out to be valid but not the gist of the DEW theory. She even thinks that the videos and photos of the so-called jumpers are real which have been debunked any number of times as fake.

      Fetzer is also not very well-liked at Clues Forums because he sits on the fence forever & especially since he recently came out with the hologram theory again citing Richard D. Hall's film & some witness named Steve Forbes he interrogated who 'saw a plane.' Andrew Johnson also recently mentioned this Richard D. Hall film on Deanna Spingola's show as if it was some kind of new breakthrough. In fact, not only is it not a breakthrough, but it's not even much of a challenge to the Clues research since it took Shack just one friggin post to debunk it straight out the door:


      scroll to the middle of the page

      It seems that all these people, including Andrew Johnson and Jim Fetzer have not even bothered to read this:

      Introductory Tour Guide to the September Clues research by Simon Shack - (updated on July 18 2011)


      so that confusion will not reign in their heads in case confusion and making everything believable and nothing knowable was not what they were after in the first place.

      Brian S Staveley On The Kevin Smith Show- 9/11 special

      The Real Truth Behind The Greatest Illusion Of All Time. 9/11


      This is a great audio from a few months ago. Just imagine, this guy Staveley only woke up to 9-11 truth through Loose-Change a year ago! It's unbelievable how much 9-11 info he's been able to pick up and articulate so well in just one year of research. Before that he was trying to be a sportscaster. After Shack liked him well-enough to agree to do an audio with him back in April, Phil 'the shill' Jayhan IP banned him for life from "Let's Troll Forums" ! Later, even a few of the Clues Forum people started going after him so he hasn't been back there either for a couple of months.

      The Fetzer appearance with Staveley from last week is archived here:


      If you ask me it was very disappointing to say the least. Holograms ? Willie Rodriguez ? Phew! Let me wipe the sweat off my brow from such massive philosophical intellectualisms ! lol!


    6. Good points Negentropic, thanks!

      "She even thinks that the videos and photos of the so-called jumpers are real which have been debunked any number of times as fake."

      EXACTLY! This is something that I've always found very puzzling about Dr. Wood. I never even considered the photographic evidence she compiles could be suspect until relatively recently. You got me on to this after posting those links with Shack and Staveley. I think they are right - ALL the videos, including the collapse footage, is fake. I mean, I'm no expert, but it rings true to me, and if you watch the footage, none of it adds up. There seems to be problems with all the footage and photos in NYC on 9/11. I can't say it's all fake, but I'm definitely open to that idea. And Shack and Staveley make some damn good points about all this...

      I am very impressed with Staveley, at least from the audio files I've listened to. He knows what's up!

      Did you listen to Fetzer debate "One Born Free" about the fake videos and hologram info?


    7. So Willie is a total fraud? Another 9/11 actor? I haven't delved into this too deeply, but I think that's about right.... I read the Let's Roll Forums post on him and they totally expose him for a fraud.

      That's a bummer about Jayhan, he seemed to me to be a good guy after hearing him on Fetzer's program back in the day. He was exposing most of this stuff back then, and no one took it seriously! All the "victims", the hollow towers, the fake jumpers, he exposed all this stuff.

    8. I don't know about that Jayhan guy. He's a bizarre character & unstable to say the least. I'll stop calling him a shill when he passes the holohoax litmus & not until then. It's not acceptable to run a forum that big & act like Alex Jones when it comes to the real history of WWII.

      Nothing about the Willie Rodriguez story holds up against any true in depth research into the 9-11 issue beyond the surface alternative scenario bull-crap but you'll get Fetzer yelling 'how dare you imply he's a liar?' into your face if you bring it up like Staveley did in that audio. lol!


  8. Does anyone know what is going on over at zcf these days? is it some kind of bitch fest over there are what? Just like he said. he gets more crap from people in the movement than the jews themselves.

    1. His site is up when I just checked it... hopefully it stays up for good now!

      As for the bitch fest... I didn't see that. Maybe it was in a post I didn't follow the comments on though.

  9. Looks like a fairly major bitch fest brewing over HOW 9/11 WAS DONE.

    Think the criminals are going to enjoy that or not? See Sabrosky. Keep it simple. USS Liberty & All the Proof in the World.

    Do not, repeat, do not get sidetracked on a second rate question. The answer to this question will not help the Greeks, the Spaniards, the Iraqis, the Palestinians, or anyone under the Jewish yoke.

  10. This Keep It Simple Studpid (KISS) rule can be a good way to keep people believing dumb stuff. KISS can mean ablating the very 9-11 topics that would prove in crystal clear manner WHO are the ones who have a strong history of engaging in like behaviors over the centuries.

    Here's an example of this command to me to KISS. http://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/revolt-of-the-plebs-broadcast-sept-11-2012/

    #24 by Carolyn Hamlett on September 25, 2012 - 5:37 pm

    While you people are busy arguing about how 911 was pulled off, the evidence of WHO did it and WHY is totally being ignored. Why not bring out all the massive evidence of Jewish connections and that of Israel to 911?

    Find out who did it. Then, find out FROM THEM how they pulled it off.

    Here is one of my comments to this poster. The people there have just not studied 9-11 and have their arguments and questions to me based on their incomplete understandings.


    #26 by dachsielady on September 26, 2012 - 1:45 am

    It is proper order to first consider what the “it” is of “Who did it.” We have the “it” of the official story, which upon careful examination has been proven in many many ways to be an “it” that cannot possibly be true. So then we have the reality that a big big lie event was perpetrated. We do not know how many people were killed. It could have a 350. It could have been 3000. We have zero evidence and proof of how many deaths. We do know that to peddle enforce a lie of this magnitude required the top level people of our military, our intelligence, and our executive government administration, as well as our totally controlled mainstream media. Not only was this event crafted over a 20 or thirty year period, it was crafted using all of the sophisticated mass mind control techniques of our shadow government. Also the “9-11 truth movement” was totally controlled from the beginning so as to keep everyone focused on narrow dead-end subjects so as not to focus on what the real “it” consisted of. The 9-11 truth movement is still brilliantly and totally controlled to this day, and I fear some of our best researchers and best Christian leaders and best journalists may be controlled and not even know it.

    Only when there is free and open and reasonable discussion of all ideas is it possible to find truth. We have formulated a pretty clear picture at this point of the “it” that could not possibly have happened. Now that we have done that and provided a myriad of proofs of why the official “it” is a Satanic lie, we can have a much better idea of the “Who” of “Who did it.” We can look at what has transpired in the way of our military actions and our military maneuverings for the near future and we can form a much clearer picture of “why” the “who” did “it.”

    It does not help our case to strictly focus on the Who unless we first know what the “it” could and could not have been. Everything must be based on the most reasonable plausible explanations available to us. Not just saying who did it without having that important background and basis only makes us look like fools. And there are sophisticated manipulators who want that condition of us looking like fools and they work very hard to maneuver us into that position."


    What is so clear to me today is that people have awakened to the Zionists' machinations for war without end even though they have never studied or digested 9-11. Miracle of miracles! People are beginning to see the truth, even without looking at 9-11. I say good, but if you are going to look at 9-11, then do it as John Friend appears to be trying to do, that is, looking at all available alternative "theories" and keeping an open mind and remaining circumspect and/or agnostic on things that appear scientifically highly implausible.


    1. Not buying it. The ONLY truth that is censored is the truth about Jewish control.

      We need lots more people in the door and on board with that singularly important fact. The rest will follow.

    2. Fact is the operative word here. Facts point to Jew control, and the facts of media fakery are no exception.

      No one needs the absurd BS of non-existent planes being gobbled up by buildings on faked videos handed down from Steven Rosenbaum of Camera Planet to Dylan Avery & Jason Bermass to Christopher Bollyn to Alan Sabrosky on different levels of gatekeeping hang-out, whether deliberate or subconscious, one level always the controlled opposition to the other.

      What builds the gate is the inevitable pile of bullcrap attached to almost any 'revelation' of the half-truth movement. What opens it are facts and truth or the closest approximations thereof. Shillery feeds upon itself in ever-expanding circles until certificates of shillery are earned by the longest-lasting shills in residence inside the various gates.

      In what bizarro world of utter fantasy can it possibly be better to convict criminals by making believe that a bunch of cartoons are real rather than just using the evidence of the cartoons themselves to conclusively prove massive fraud ? Sabrosky & Bollyn should immediately stop the BS of pretending a bunch of cartoons are real and adjust all their other findings to fit that reality or be refused certificates of shill clearance.


  11. why would the mainstream media expose the tania head affair?

    it 'authenticates' the otherwise WHOLLY FABRICATED victims movement.

  12. Donald

    I wish everyone on our side of 9/11 truth would stop belly aching about each other and start criticizing the mainstream corporate media.

    In the US the responsibility to report the truth may not be as morally ethical as it might be in countries like UK, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand etc, because we have a government MSM broadcaster which is financed with public money and therefore committed and obligated to tell the truth, (except that they don't)

    I want to remind everyone that our fight is not with each other but with our MSM.

    John friend you communicate 9/11 truth very very well.

  13. George Galloway and US caller - Israelis were filming the 9 11 attacks


    George Galloway and US caller discuss the information that Israeli citizens (Mossad agents?) were filming the 9 11 attacks on the Twin Towers right at the time when they happened, thus proving they had previous knowledge.
    From WBAI radio show, September 12th, 2012.


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