Saturday, September 22, 2012

John Friend on Inside the Eye Live! with Dennis Fetcho

I spoke with Dennis Fetcho aka "The Fetch" on his radio program Inside the Eye Live! broadcast on Oracle Broadcasting Network this morning.  We talked about my university education and experience, Jewish tyranny and their anti-free speech campaign on college campuses and elsewhere, 9/11, activism, and related matters.  You can download the full two hour show here.  


  1. Cool! I have downloaded the MP3. I may post later.


  2. Your discussion with Fletch of your college experience reminded me of an article I read recently that you and your readers might find interesting.

    This is a blogpost and radio show about a white male student at Towson who ignited a firestorm of insanity because he wanted to start a White Student Union. Check out the linked articles from the university newspaper, The Towerlight and scan the comments.

  3. Sorry, I meant Fetch.

  4. Interesting article. They do have a point though about the White Student Union most likely not accepting half-blacks, even if he looked white like Lawrence Dennis (a half-black guy who was welcomed in National Socialist Germany by Hitler himself)

    whereas the Black Student Union would accept half-whites like Obongo.

    ~negentropic mk iii


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