Saturday, September 1, 2012

JDL Threat against Mahmoud El-Yousseph

This is a copy of the death threat I received by phone on August 13, 2012. My name is Mahmoud El-Yousseph. I am a free lance writer and a retired USAF Muslim veteran.

The day after the threath, I found out that Mr. Levi have engaged in terrorizing three other American citizens by sending them death threat via email. In on instence, he did threatened the life of Phil Turney face to face in a Holiday Inn Lobby in California. Mr. Tourney is a broadcaster and a survivor of the USS-Liberty ship that was attacked by Israel on June 8, 1967, where 34 sailors were murdered and 174 were injured.

The other two people who were subjected to JDL threat are: 1- Mark Glenn, a political commentator and the moderator of The Ugly Truth website. 2- John Friend who is a bloger from California. Both Mark and John as well as Phil are a strong critics of Israeli polcies and are advocate for the Palestinian rights to freedom and independence. It is for those reason that JDL has target all of us. The is an assualt on Free Speech. Danny Levi will not prevail in initimadating any of us into silence. Terrorism does not belong on American soil!

Our zero tolerance against terrorism means going after terrorists regardless of their religion. It also means targeting countries that provide them with safe haven. The Jewish Defense League has been identified by the FBI as a demostic terrorist organization.

Since we know who Danny Levi and where is he living, why not shut down the offices of JDL, freeze their bank accounts, and go after Mr. Levi to help bring them to justice, just as we would (and have) with other "terrorist" entities?


  1. Moderate away, dear John, as is your right.

    I am so sorry to read that the dedicated Mahmoud has been troubled by this death threat by phone, and think that all would appreciate hearing Piper, Cortina, and Glenn, on the 8/26 "The Piper Report", archived at RBN, discussing the troubling intanglement of the USA with what Obama calls the Jewish State of Israel, and proposing political solutions.

  2. entaglement. P.S. This discussion between the three of them (Joe, Mike, and Mark) takes place halfway during the second hour of last Sunday's "The Piper Report".

    1. Thanks Marycatherine, I'll have to download that one.


    "JEWISH" ,,,,media, ADL/FBI....ADL/FBI....Masons/Baptists.....

    Due Process ???

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  6. "Since we know who Danny Levi and where is he living, why not shut down the offices of JDL, freeze their bank accounts, and go after Mr. Levi to help bring them to justice, just as we would (and have) with other "terrorist" entities?"

    Why? Because there's a big, fat, nasty, stinking double standard in this country, that's why. Alex Linder once said: "When you deal with jews, all rules go out the window." How true.



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