Saturday, September 29, 2012

How the Jews Undermine America

Video found at the excellent website


  1. A reminder: Jacob Javits mentioned by David Duke-btw he is talking like he is on speed now- had a secretary Harold Rosenthal the one of the 'Silent Tyranny':

    CIA O

  2. Good video. I thought it would be more about the psychological subversion of America and American ideals, but it was more about how the Jews wanted to break up and prevent any kind of unity, solidarity, of European communities in America. There are free audios and lectures of the web of E. Michael Jones speaking about his book "the Slaughter of Cities." Seargeant Schriver, JKF's brother-in-law, was one of the chief architects of "urban renewal" which moved Blacks from the south into Polish, and Italian, and German and Hugarian European White (and Catholic) communities in the North East. All hell broke loose and this created "White flight" when the Whites moved to the suburbs and not longer had their parish and priest and church and were mingled in with White Protestants so religious solidarity was busted up as well as White solidarity. Then the northeastern inner cities became dangerous slums and really prisons or ghettos.

    One thing that David Duke has not spoken about that I know of is the influence of Jews on England and English European white people. That is crucial information. Again, it kind of boils down to busting up the Catholic Church and adulterating the entire bible and getting Judeo-Masonic cultures all mingled in with the new Protestantism and the monarchies.

    Jews can be far left and far right and anything in between. There goals supercede the political paradigm. Did you pick up in the video where some Jews who worked so hard to bust up white US communities under the name of "civil rights" were not all Zionists, only some were. The "Israel first" ideology is only employed by some of those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit when it is convenient. I really think they have set up "Zionism" as a trap ideology to set people up in to what they call "anti-semitism." The subversive people we are dealing with ARE GLOBALISTS FIRST, and just use "Zion" of the modern nation state of Israel as a pawn for the bigger goal of a one world death and slavery system.

    1. Very interesting analysis and points, thanks! I think you are exactly right, the Jews we are dealing with are globalist in nature, the International Jew that Henry Ford identified. Zionism is but one of the many ideologies and strategies they have pursued over the centuries. Others include plutocratic capitalism, colonialism/imperialism, communism, cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, and the promotion of homosexuality and "alternative lifestyles". All of these ideologies serve to advance international Jewry's global agenda of subversion and subjugation. That seems very clear to me.

      Their biggest fear is nationalism, self determination, and ethnic/religious/cultural solidarity. Hence, an extreme demonization of any sort of nationalist ideology or leader.

  3. Thanks John, I'll send this out in an e-mail to my friends


  4. I would like to share an experience I just had. Information Clearing House is a website critical of US (foreign) policy with mostly good articles but often tows the official line that makes you suspicious.

    On September 30 there appeared an article in ICH by Matthew Rothschild, editor of Progressive Magazine : "Romney Wants to Waterboard Again, Bringing Torture Back".

    I posted as comment :

    "Can a person with a name like "Rothschild" really be "progressive"? The term "limousine liberal" is perhaps inappropriate, rather it should be "Rolls Royce liberal"! If you really believe this Rothschild is genuine and not a classical gatekeeper, go to YouTube : Kevin Barrett confronts Progressive Magazine Editor Matt Rothschild on MLK Day 2011, and see how he evades questions about the murders of MLK,JFK and 9/11 blaming everything on "corporations", the classical Chomsky-like gatekeeper's trick.

    Mr. Rothschild you're part of the problem, not the solution. Perhaps not so smart of the PTB to let a person with a name like "Rothschild" do the dirty gatekeeper's work!"

    On posting this comment there IMMEDIATELY appeared the following :

    This comment has been deleted by the administrator.

    Next I posted : "Rothschild is a gatekeeper".

    IMMEDIATELY the same reaction!

    Next I posted : "ICH is a gatekeeper".

    IMMEDIATELY the same reaction!

    Now I know enough, both about "progressive" Matthew Rothschild and "critical" ICH!

    1. That does not surprise me at all... Every day I receive an email update from ICH, and every day I am disappointed. They are major gatekeepers.

  5. I have rarely read any ICH stuff the last few years, but read quite a bit right after 9-11 as that was the only big alternative site with articles about 9-11 at the time. I guess if I go back and look at 2003 / 2004 9-11 articles, I could see the pattern of gatekeeping and channeling or manipulating 9-11 truth seekers into certain 9-11 truth streams,or actually one 9-11 truth stream or take. Since I have the perspective of being a 9-11 truth seeker from the event day, I have observed some very interesting things about the historical development of the so called "9-11 truth movement. I bet now that ICH was a major disinfo / misinfo site from the get-go, and since I think the site was created in early 2000s, it may have been created in reality for the express purpose of steering 9-11 truth seeking. And even if ICH was started before 9-11, it still may have had that purpose. At the time, I thought it was a real "truth" site on many subjects. I still get sucked in by an article now and then, but not much at all these days. ICH is an example, I think, of a VERY sophisticated operation, putting out just enough factual info to capture peoples minds.

    (I guess I should post this 9-11 article I just read by Devvy Kidd on the article here about planes without passengers (re Nick Dean work) but will just post it here. IT was linked from today.

    Devvy - 9/11...Why Are Americans Afraid Of The Truth?

    She seems to be deliberately leaving out the most recent 9-11 truth findings. I guess I am not sure if she is a deliberate suppressor of all the truth or not. I personally never have liked this woman and she seems to be of the general Alex Jones, Birch Society, "Christian" conspiracy alternative media type who always praise Dr. Steven Jones and his work, and of course, never a mention of Jewish revolutionary spirit at work in 9-11. Anyway, there may be some valuable tidbits in it that Nick Dean or some may want to pick up on. She refers to "pancake collapse" of the Twin Towers and placement of explosives in the manner of conventional "controlled demolition". Says Flight 93, "the plane", was shot down by Major Gibney et al. )

  6. ICH says about itself, among other things :

    # This web site is the work of one person.
    # I am a private individual.
    # I am not funded by any group.
    # I am not independently wealthy.

    On 30 September ICH published 11 articles. Assuming that this single "private individual" works 8 hours a day, that would mean he could spend only 43,6 minutes for every article, and that includes surfing the web in search of suitable articles, reading them, thinking about them, selecting them and finally typing them. I find that very unlikely. If he is besides "not independently wealthy" he would have a job to support himself, which makes his solo activity even less likely.

    I think we'd rather assume that we are dealing here with a team that is funded by a certain group that has an interest in spreading information of a "gatekeeper" nature.
    The fact that ICH reacted so swiftly and resolutely to my critical comment on gatekeeper Matthew Rothschild makes me suspect in which direction we have to look for ICH's financial support.


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