Saturday, September 29, 2012

Global Gentile Defense League

Video found at

Documenting death threats from Jewish Supremacists against Mahmoud El-Yousseph, John Friend, Mark Glen and the Ugly Truth, and to the global Gentile community.

Special thanks to Deeana Spinola and Mark Glenn for the audio clips.


  1. John,
    NICE VIDEO! Thank you, MG and Deanna for this!

    Not sure if you know this or not, but myself and Patty from TUT have been trying to get a formal "Gentile Defence League" started, with the co-operation of MG.
    If you or any of your LOYAL "Gentile" readers are interested let me know. We could use some "technical help" also.

    Like the video points out these SCUM are nothing but COWARDS when it comes right down to it! As a matter of fact I am still waiting for my "visit" from the same COWARD that threatened you, my fellow US military veterans MG and Mahmoud El-Yousseph, not to mention, I'm sure, others! I wont even give IT the dignity of mentioning IT'S name!

    My fellow "Gemtiles" there is no better time than NOW to say no to these SCUM once and for all!


    US Army Veteran
    Marc C. Daniele
    Hercy, Mo.

    1. I'm totally up for forming a Gentile Defense League! It needs to be done. BTW - I didn't make this video... but I love it!

  2. The first thing such a Gentile Defense League could do is to propagate the idea that there exists such a thing as "anti-Gentilism" and that this problem is as old as the Jewish people itself. Start with the Old Testament and then via the Talmud trace this phenomenon throughout history. Anti-Gentilists killed 66 million people in the Soviet Union. Anti-Gentilists have created their own rogue state in Palestine and are a threat to the world. Anti-Gentilists control the banking system by which they rob the world. Anti-Gentilists control the press by which they spread lies and stir up hatred between the Gentiles. The problem of anti-Gentilism is as acute as it was 3000 years ago.

    1. Exactly... I'm working on a post dealing with the anti-Gentile nature of these supremacist Jews.

  3. Excellent video! and.. excellent suggestion from Franklyn!

  4. The Ugly Truth is a "neo-Nazi" web site? One of us doesn't know the definition of Nazi, and it ain't me. I've been reading TUT for over a year. I've never once seen any Nazi image.

    Good ending on the video, John. Chech out, 'The Zionist and the Duck' for another laugh.

    1. Well, if you criticize criminal Jews & name them as Jews you are automatically a Not-See bastard and a 'filthy' one at that, don't you know that already, my lad ?

      You should be honored to be called that kabbalistic kosher slang for National Socialism which Germans never called themselves.

      For you are being accused of being connected to the naughty little culture that created the first programmable computer, the first binary calculator, the helicopter, the Jet engine, Jet aircraft, night vision technology, 3-D 35mm Film, magnetic tape, rockets, freeways, nuclear fission, a 268 MPH land-speed-record-breaking Mercedes Benz Rekordwagen 125 with 728 horsepower, etc.

      You are being accused of the naughty effrontery of having actually had 300,000 shameless patents & copyrights in your possession which were stolen at the end of the war by Stalin's allies without any compensation, accused of committing the outrageous crime of freeing your people from usury and fractional reserve counterfeiting, of feeding 8 million starving unemployed by putting them back to work & taking over a land devastated by hyper-inflation & forcing them to live under the 'oppressive slavery' of ZERO inflation. lol !

      You are accused to being so successful that Austrians voted by 99% majority in free elections & the Saar region by 90% majority to be re-unified with your 'terrible' country.

      Ouch, to be called a Not-See, such lepers of 'non-existent' naughty accomplishments and integrity we must all learn to be !

      So instead of helping everyone Not-See what they want you Not-Seeing by giving their slang term credence, learn to see National Socialism instead.

      Remember that, as Dennis Fetcho says, Jew-Dough is the martial art of using lots of 'dough' to throw you off balance & therefore unable to un-slave yourself as Michael Tsarion says. And the best way of throwing people off-balance is by perverting the very meaning of the concepts & ideas that they use & all the associations thereof. That is at the root of everything else because that is what your very thinking and your entire worldview is built on.

      Dresden Before the Destruction 1939

      Sommersonntag in Berlin 1942 - Summer Sunday in Berlin 1942

      1937 Ca - A Perfect German Sunday

      ~Return of the Son of Negentropic MK IV

    2. Well said Negentropic, as always. Thanks man!

      I was having a conversation with a guy the other day, and I was just making basic, factual criticisms of Obama - NDAA, expansion of wars, letting Wall St crooks off the hook, etc. - and I told the guy that the Dems and Reps are all run by the same criminal interests centered around Israel. He looked at me and said, "Are you a Nazi?!" I said, "You're God damned right I am! They were the good guys!" I don't give a shit anymore dude, the Germans under the NSDAP were the real deal. National Socialism is the way to go.

    3. National Socialist is the right answer, Not-See is just the Pavlovian trigger for retards to start slobbering all over themselves.

      National Socialism is a fully worked out strategy of self-defense that anybody can use, even all those who want to restore the Republic. They'll learn that if they want a Republic, they have to learn 'how to keep it' like Franklin advised, & keeping it takes a lot more than voting in a corrupt system. It means the physical right of self-defense against massive fraud & criminality.

      You shouldn't even let the Pavlovian trigger set you off into the 'you're goddamned right' defensive posture part anymore. It might take some time and meditation but see if you can switch the trigger inside yourself by deconditioning it so that you smile & become extra calm & friendly when you hear the 'Are you a Not-See?' kosher judge & jury & immediate sentence of ostracism & exile to a leper colony.

      When you start smiling & become extra friendly they'll think they paid you a compliment, which is what they did, they just don't know it. Just take the position that a father takes towards a child who says something silly & doesn't really know better without condescending too much.

      You can even adjust the trigger so that if some psycho Jew screams it at you, the smile becomes a grin of sarcasm & amazement at what sad depths scroundrelism can sink to, but that you become even more calm if not exactly that friendly.

      By being calm, you'll be balanced. By being balanced, you're much more likely to be articulate when you speak. A calm & tempered logical person with a sense of humor who is firm & fair even in the face of complete absurdity, even in the face of doom. They can only defame that by defaming themselves. Then they'll have to spread black propaganda for decades to bury it.

      National Socialism is really not that different than the Jeffersonian system as embodied in the quote:

      "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

      It's just 'eternal vigilance' in red alert mode performing surgery on a dying patient trying to save it. The patient is individualistic European civilization which in its pursuit of happiness through individual thinking required for that very civilization has forgotten how to cohere together to protect the very basis of their civilization.

      "If freedom is short of weapons, we must compensate with willpower."
      -- Adolf Hitler, Landsberg, 5 November 1925

      Chapter XV: The Right of Emergency Defense:

      Open Letter from Adolf Hitler to the Reich Chancellor Bruening 1932

      I've also noticed that it's a lot harder to research Mussolini & Fascism online than Hitler & National Socialism.

      My Autobiography by Benito Mussolini (1928) - pdf download here:

      "I personally think extremely well of Mussolini. If one compares him to American presidents (the last three) or British premiers, etc., in fact one can NOT without insulting him. If the intelligentsia don't think well of him, it is because they know nothing about 'the state,' and government, & have no particularly large sense of values. Anyhow, WHAT intelligentsia?" - Ezra Pound

      "Mussolini has steadily refused to be called anything save 'Leader' (Duce) or 'Head of the Government,' the term dictator has been applied by foreign envy, as the Tories were called cattle-stealers. It does not represent the Duce's fundamental conception of his role. His authority comes, as Eirugina proclaimed authority comes, 'from right reason' and from the general fascist conviction that he is more likely to be right than anyone else is." Ezra Pound, Jefferson and/or Mussolini, 1935


    4. Thanks Negentropic, I try to stay calm and collected, but it can be difficult when you're dealing with totally brainwashed Jew-lovers.

      Jefferson was great, he always had very good things to say. Jefferson and some of the other founders basically told us they gave us a Republic - if we can keep it. And in order to keep it, we have to be informed, involved, knowledgeable, and willing to stand up to tyranny, lies, and injustice. Didn't Jefferson say:

      "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

      Sounds exactly right to me!

    5. I haven't researched Mussolini in any detail at all. I remember reading an article in The Barnes Review about Mussolini a few months ago, and it portrayed him in a positive light. Got any good sources about Mussolini?

      Also, what are your thoughts about fascism? I basically view fascism as economic nationalism, which allows for free enterprise, private property, etc. with one exception: intellectual property rights and technologies are to be protected, and capitalists can't simply outsource labor and other production to make money at the expense of the worker and nation. Do I have that about right? And what exactly is wrong with that?! People have a seriously distorted view of fascism. America is NOT fascist. America is Talmudic, totally controlled by Jews for the sole purpose of advancing Jewish interests. America is Communist basically, which is a Talmudic ideology.

  5. John, The tird video down on the link page, with Netanyahu behind the podium. Matthew/Boston

  6. Goyem annoy'em.

    Count me in, John. We would have to come-up with a workable vetting process to avoid massive infiltration of hate crazed anti-gentiles such as Irv Rubin whom I met burning a confederate flag on the steps of Las Vegas courthouse.

  7. Respect! From the Hungarian Goyim!


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