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Book review - Planes without Passengers: The Faked Hijackings of 9/11

Note: Dean Hartwell and I have been friends for over a year now. I heard him on Dr. Jim Fetzer’s radio program in 2011 and we exchanged emails shortly thereafter. I have spoken with Dean on numerous occasions, and consider him a good friend. You can purchase his book here on Amazon, or you can purchase it here as a Kindle electronic book.

Dean Hartwell’s 2nd edition of Planes Without Passengers: The Faked Hijackings of 9/11 deals with some of the most controversial and complex aspects of 9/11 research. Regrettably, many of the aspects of 9/11 research Dean pursues in his latest book are ignored, misunderstood, dismissed, or hastily rejected, even (or, perhaps, especially) by those in the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement”. Nevertheless, any serious 9/11 investigator will want to take what Dean has to offer in Planes Without Passengers seriously, and consider the implications of his well-established research.

Dean tackles the subject of “phantom flights” and their alleged passengers, the mislabeled theory of “no planes”, faked or otherwise fabricated “hijackings”, and other key details of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory in depth throughout the book, offering well-founded arguments and facts which totally disprove virtually every aspect of the official government conspiracy theory explaining what happened on 9/11.

Before going any further, let’s clear something up here: the “no planes” theory of 9/11 can be summarized as follows, which I think Dean would most assuredly agree with: there were no large commercial Boeing 757 or 767s involved at any of the alleged crash sites on 9/11. Or, to be more precise, the “hijacked” commercial airliners allegedly involved on 9/11 were simply fabricated cover stories or decoys for what really happened that day. Flights 11, 77, 175, and 93, the official flights alleged by the government and media to have been hijacked and used as weapons on 9/11, were not hijacked and did not crash anywhere on 9/11.

Consider the following facts, which Dean highlights quite succinctly in his book: American Airlines Flights 11 and 77 were never even officially scheduled to fly on 9/11 according to the government’s own records. Additionally, United Airlines Flights 93 and 175 were not de-registered as active commercial airliners until September 28, 2005 – a full 4 years after they allegedly crashed and were destroyed on 9/11.  (See 9/11: Planes/No Planes and "Video Fakery" and Dr. Jim Fetzer's presentation "Were the 9/11 crash sites faked?" in Seattle, WA here and here).

So the question then becomes: how can flights that were never even scheduled have crashed on 9/11? And, how can flights that were in the air 4 years after 9/11 have crashed that day?

Dean also cites well-known 9/11 researchers David Ray Griffin and A.K. Dewdney as key sources refuting the alleged phone calls made by passengers on the “hijacked” flights. Griffin and Dewdney have shown that the phone calls alleged to have been made on 9/11 were not even possible given the technology of the time. Some have suggested that voice-morphing technology was involved in the fabrication of the phone calls made on 9/11, technology which is known to be in existence, even prior to 9/11. However it was done, the alleged phone calls were a key aspect of the official conspiracy theory, and were used to sell the idea to the public that “Muslim extremists” really did hijack commercial airliners on 9/11. In reality, the phone calls were faked, and have been used as a major PSYOP on the American and world public in order to perpetuate the “hijacker” and “innocent American passengers died on board the airliners” myths.

Furthermore, Elias Davidsson has shown that the United States government has never been able to prove that any "Muslim extremists" hijacked any airliners on 9/11, a subject discussed by Dean in the book. The alleged flight manifests are either fraudulent or have serious problems, bringing their legitimacy into question, and there has been no video evidence produced by the government of “Arab Muslim terrorists” boarding any of the flights at any of the airports on the morning of 9/11, key facts Dean brings to light. Incredibly, none of pilots of the allegedly “hijacked” airliners that day entered in the hijack code to notify ground control operators, and no fighter jets were scrambled to intercept these flights (probably because there were no hijackings).

Dean also addresses the eye witness testimony of travelers at the various airports alleged to have been involved with the flights on 9/11, especially the travelers at the Cleveland airport, where multiple flights landed on 9/11, including flights associated with the official conspiracy theory, namely Flight 175 (or an aircraft thought to have been Flight 175). Figuring out exactly which flights landed where, what flights were even in the air, and other aspects relating to the flights on 9/11 are extremely complex details of 9/11 research, and Dean does a good job of trying to sort this all out the best he can given the available evidence. In my opinion, we will likely never know what exactly happened with the flights said to have been involved on 9/11, if there even were any (which I now doubt), but it’s important for knowledgeable individuals like Dean to investigate these matters honestly and bring important facts to light.

Perhaps the most controversial topic Dean covers is the alleged passengers said to have been on the official flights on 9/11. He makes a good case that many, if not all, of the alleged “passengers” were either government-insiders involved in the conspiracy, or were manufactured individuals sold to the public as “victims”, similar to what was detailed in the Operation Northwoods document. (See 9/11: trauma-based mind control on a societal scale)

Planes Without Passengers: The Faked Hijackings of 9/11 is an extremely important book for honest researchers of the events of 9/11 to pursue. I highly recommend it, and believe Dean has done a major service to those of us seriously interested in figuring out exactly what happened on 9/11.

Be sure to check out Dean’s website here, and information about his presentation at the 9/11 Vancouver Hearings organized by Dr. Jim Fetzer and Joshua Blakeney is here. Also, check out this article Dean co-authored with Dr. Jim Fetzer published at Veterans Today.


  1. Bombs in the Pentagon 911

  2. more weirdness,

    there is a facility NNE of Waco, SSW of Mt Carmel, called in 1993 Chrysler Technologies building built by butler construction of Ft Worth to house 4 wide body jets simultaneously...

    L3 Com which makes drones and other police state toys is the current the math

    a zionazi Phoenix control "officer" brought a field ops team to Mt. Carmel 30 days before they were at know to just look around

    now you gotta axe yoself...what are the odds ?

    was Paul Simon talking about 9/11 on Graceland...Boy in Bubble ?

    the official conspiracy theory is not a funny joke

    didja hear about the presidential libray at crawford burning...?

    1. The term "zionazi" is as Jewish and counterproductive as they come. The "Nazis" - or, to be accurate, the National Socialists - were the good guys in WWII man, stop buying and promoting the BS Jewish lies about WWII, Hitler, and "those evil Nazis".

  3. What is a zionazi?

  4. Thank you for a great review, John! Here is some more information for your readers about what happened in Cleveland:

    Here are the facts about Cleveland. From here I will explain how I arrive at 175:

    (All times Eastern)
    ACARS places United 175 over Pittsburgh at approximately 9:20 AM.
    ACARS places Unted 93 over Champaign IL at approximately 10:10 AM.
    From the local Cleveland media, two "mystery" flights fly into Cleveland Hopkins Airport at 10:10 AM and 10:40 AM.
    Due to Flight 1989 passenger Gray statements about length of detention, it is clear that the 10:10 AM plane is Flight 1989.

    Which plane landed in Cleveland at 10:40 AM?

    Case for Flight 175: It had plenty of time to make the trek from Pittsburgh to Cleveland in an hour and twenty minutes.
    Case for Flight 93: News story came out on local Cincinnati radio website from AP that Flight 93 had landed in Cleveland.

    I am going with the plane that undoubtedly had the time to make it. The news story mention of 93 was most likely a mix-up as I discuss in the book.


  6. I am in a what I guess has turned out to be a small debate, but I am going to drop out because I do not enjoy banging my head against the wall. I have posted in various threads over at The Ugly Truth

    whenever the subject of 9-11 comes up. I am happy that some Christian leaders and media people are finally speaking up about Israeli involvement in 9-11, but I am not happy that they insist on accepting the unproven orthodoxy of "explosive nanothermite" being the explanation for "molten iron" and "controlled demolition" and all the various kinds of suppression that go hand in hand with that theory. I am not positive that we have any Christians really yet speaking up for 9-11 truth. I guess if I am kicked off of TUT for my ideas about Dr. Jones and Richard Gage and nanothermite, I will have my answer on that. I contend that Dr. Jones and Mr. Gage are psyops inserts in the "9-11 truth movement" . Jones and Gage are perfect examples of keeping everyone off the subjects that most surely connect the Israelis to 9-11.

    The people on this forum say it is wrong to talk about planes. They say it is wrong to talk about Judy Wood's ideas. They say it is wrong to question Dr. Steven Jones and Richard Gage's ideas. They use all the usual ad hominems. They say it is only right to just keep saying "the Israelis did it." Just keep saying that but do not get off on absurd and ridiculous theories. I am unable to tell them that the no planes issue is something that most of the establishment 9-11 "truth movement" have been crushing and suppressing from the beginning. I know because I was among the earliest of no planers in about 2002 and I know what I experienced.

    To me when you look at the people and groups suppressing truth about the planes and the passengers, you see people and groups that are most vehemently suppressing Aionist / Israeli / Mossad connections to 9-11. The preservation of real planes, real crashes, real hijackers and real passengers is what is the jugular vein of those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit who planned and perpetrated 9-11. They must keep people narrowly focused, in militaristic crushing manner, on subjects as far away from those topics as possible, and that includes the idea of keeping people from exploring alternative hypothses about every aspect of 9-11. So the ideas of free expression, free speech, and open cordial discussion is also collateral damage of the suppressors.

    If there were no planes,
    Then there were no passengers.
    If there were no passengers,
    Then there were no hijackers.
    If there were no hijackers
    Then there were no Islamic fundamentalists.
    If there were no Islamic fundamentalists,
    Then the whole “war on terror” has been a complete charade.

    Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

    1. Well said, thanks. I don't bother with 9/11 debates at TUT, I've done it before. Some people either get it or are still under the Jew spell. All the vids were faked, there were actors, there were no hijackings... I'm betting most of the victims were frauds, just like the "passengers". The entire thing is a fraud.

    2. I still Sabrosky is right: keep it simple. WTC7 and the USS Liberty. Get them in the door and understanding WHO did it and WHY.

      We're only going to get a real change if we have sufficient numbers right? Keep it simple. Once they're in the door, they can move on to the higher mysteries.

      But making the no-plane story a litmus test, is a big mistake.

    3. Agreed, but the biggest problem is not people like me who promote this information. IT's people like Rivero, Ry Dawson, and many, many others who become hostile when this issue comes up, rejecting it as "disinfo" without even understanding the key points or facts. That is a big mistake. My litmus test is whether people are open to new ideas and honest. Anyone that is not at least open to this "no planes" and video fakery aspect of 9/11 is not honest.

    4. "My litmus test is whether people are open to new ideas and honest. Anyone that is not at least open to this "no planes" and video fakery aspect of 9/11 is not honest. "

      Agreed 100 percent.
      Being able to openly discuss all possibilities and searching out as much data and facts as is possible about all ideas and see where they lead is extremely important and telling to me. There are many reasons why some people cannot permite open and free discussion. Sometimes it is ego problems. Sometimes it is fear of where the open investigations may lead. Sometimes it is part of an outright suppression of truth coupled with a strong misinformation and disinformation and distractions campaign.
      We have to search for truth and reason to the best "evidence" we can find, taking into account that it was arranged for us to not really be able to establish what would be defined legally or scientifically as true "evidence" by their taking away and hiding or destroying the remaining steel beams and other important crime scene forensics.

      A couple of the posters over at TUT are chastising me because I won't do what they say. They think I just need to keep saying over and over again "The Zionists did it." I believe you have to start off relatively simple with people but you do have to appeal to reason and truth. Just yelling that mantra over and over does neither. The no planes issue is really the crux of the 9-11 mystery and we have to a large degree solved that mystery.

      So far Mark Gleen has posted my "rebuttals" and I have myself not been completely fair and balanced. I am weak and get angry and start writing things that I should not, should not if I want to try to be a Christian.

      All of this is about something that Jesus said is seriously wrong - "suppressing the truth in unrighteousness. St. Paul said we are to expose deeds of unrighteousness and shine the light of truth on those actions, and having done all to stand.

      The key element of 9-11 that connects the "Zionists" to 9-11 is no planes. The Zionists and their lackeys, whom I include to be Dr. Steven Jones and Mr. Richard Gage, have always had strong rules in their group of people that they are never to speak any words or be in any discussion whatsoever that approaches discussing planes and plane crashes. There are many others as well that adamantly refuse to look at any very apparent "evidence", and loads of it for all to see, and seem to throw their thinking ability and critical faclties out the window to keep their steadfast devotion to Dr. Steven Jones and Mr. Richard Gage and nonexplosive nanothermite, and that looks a great deal like suppressing the truth in unrighteousness to me.

      Here is the last comprehensive post I did at TUT this morning. IT contains some great links, including to a free download link of Christopher Bollyn's book about 9-11.

  7. Mr.Friend I am willing to accept the possibility of the "no planes" idea, but can you explain WHY the conspirators of 9/11 chose not to use planes?
    Isn't it so that the technology of "electronic hijacking" already existed at that time ( crucial connection : Dov Zakheim ) and that the hijacked planes could be precisely directed at their targets electronically? So why not use planes?

    Furthermore, I don't understand why prof. Steven Jones and his thermite idea would be "part of the plot". How else to explain the pulverization of the concrete buildings? Mr. Jones may not be mentioning the Israeli connection, but he simply limits himself to his own field of expertise, leaving the wider context to others. Why does that make him "suspect"?

    1. While it's clear Dov Zakheim is one of the top 9/11 War Criminals, I don't think his company's technology was involved simply because airplanes cannot crash and disappear into buildings as was depicted on TeeVee that day. Simply put, they didn't use planes because they couldn't; it's not possible, aerodynamically or physically, for airplanes to pass through buildings effortlessly and explode. The planes would have exploded on the outside of the building, and crash to the ground in flames. They would not have entered the building.

      Killtown explains this quite well:

    2. If people just go here:

      Introductory Tour Guide to the September Clues research by Simon Shack - (updated on July 18 2011)

      Shack explains in very clear terms what the Clues-Forums research has discovered, how to approach it, what hyptheses these discoveries have led to and where to find the actual researched evidence for each hypothesis on the site. At the bottom of the page there are links for most of the Frequently Asked Questions also.

      There are also these two audio overviews:

      Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues - Brian S Staveley, Justin Cooke - 04 / 08 / 2012

      [b] Single Most Comprehensive Audio on All Aspects of the Likely 'How' of the 9-11 False-Flag Psy-Op - 03 / 18 / 2012 - Brian S Staveley, Justin Cooke[/b]


    3. Dude, thanks so much for that. I like those dude who do the real news online! Do you have their contact info? I can't find it on the website...

    4. Also, what I found strange, is that they outline all the info Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams did on Jim Fetzer's program back in 2010 or 2011... what's up with that? Jayhan and McWilliams and those guys at Let's Roll had this stuff figured out back then, and Justin didn't even mention their names!

    5. Yes, that Brian guy went to broadcasting school & was planning to be a sportscaster when the 9-11 truth bug hit him over the head like a brick. So he's very articulate & very knowledgeable for a newbie but still a newbie (bashes Not-Sees sometimes like a programmed robot, doesn't call a Jew a Jew, the usual stuff). His pal Justin Cooke is not half as articulate but has much more knowledge since he's been at it since 2005. Cooke was even talking about how G Edward Griffin's Jeckyll Island book was plagiarized from Eustace Mullins which, right there, proves high level conspiracy street cred.

      Phil 'the shill' Jayhan banned Staveley from Let's Troll & demoted the other guy Cooke too for being associated with him over some bullshit internet fight that was going on between Jayhan & Simon Shack. Jayhan trying to tie Shack (Hytten is the birth name but he's been known by Shack for most of his life) to the Bin Laden family because his brother Mario Hytten had a race-car sponsored by the Bin Ladens at one time & some such other nonsense. Staveley was a moderator at Let's Troll already. I don't go to Let's Troll much and when I do go, I take almost everything I read there with a big grain of salt, since they don't even pass the holohoax litmus. Not one thread on the biggest hoax of the 20th century ? What gives ? That right there is a big red flag of shillery supreme with extra cheese for me.

      Let's Troll is a HUGE friggin forum too, there are always a ton of people logged in there, they even had 7500 people logged in at one time on September 11th, 2011. I've seen some good research there but who knows what other nonsense it's being attached to. Whenever I go there, it doesn't take too long before I get sick of the BS I have to read along with the nuggets of good stuff here & there that I just throw up & leave.

      Here's the only e-mail I found on Staveley's site:

      Fetcho has his e-mail too, maybe they'll do a show together soon if Fetcho is not too hardcore for these guys on other issues they might still be dipshitting their way through.


    6. Very interesting, thanks for the info buddy. I just emailed Staveley.

      Also, I don't know if I mentioned to you, I actually signed up for September Clues a few weeks ago. I just posted an intro, nothing else, and I don't know if I'll even post anything in the future.

      I was told by fbenario that I'm a fool right off the bat, lol

      I don't know how these forums work, so I'll probably just stick to this blog.

    7. I'm on there too, under a different name. I've been reading since 2010 but recently signed up to bitch-slap a couple of guys that were gatekeeping certain kosher trails. You'll recognize me when you see my posts, it'll be obvious to you, just don't blow my cover because once they find out the names you use on different forums, then some of these guys that for whatever reason might not like you & want you banned, they google everything they find you've posted over the years, maybe even from 3 years ago & take anything retarded or out-of-line you might have said & hold it against you. lol!

      There are some high-level infiltrators there &/or self-made shills. It should become obvious to you who they are. They're the ones who go on damage control when a guess-who's-the-Jew contest starts.

      It's a weird forum because they are more open to exposing the holohoax which they have done many times, rather than naming Jews as Jews. hoipolloi & Shack are the main honchos there. I've seen people insult Shack & he still won't ban them. They're mainly worried about the shill tactic of discrediting through association to fringe groups. They know that by having exposed the holohoax they're already in fringe groups but don't want to take it too far & end up associated with super-fringe skinhead, neo-not-see or ufo-abduction types.

      Shack's own opinion is close to yours and mine:

      "It just appears evident to me that the "Nutwork" (aka the "elite") responsible for all the ugly going-ons in this world is an eclectic lot. Of course "elite" Jews/Zionists are involved (seemingly in a major way), of course "elite" Brits and "elite" Yankees are involved. Of course "elite" Italians, Frenchmen, Irishmen, Dutch, Swedes, Norwegians, Estonians, Sicilians, Vaticanians, Swiss, Luxemburgians, Maltese, Spaniards, Germans, Turks, Russians, Serbs, Saudis, Egyptians, Nigerians, South Africans, Burmese, Japanese, Chinese (etc - you name it - don't blame me for skipping some ) are involved.

      IMHO, we (the normal, average folks) are just wasting our time pointing our fingers at any single, particular ethnicity of this global elite plague.

      Having said the above, I'm certainly not oblivious of the prominence/hegemony of the jew-factor in world politics/media & propaganda. As you may know, I'm half Norwegian (from a father with centuries of Norwegian ancestors) & half Swedish(from a mother with centuries of Swedish ancestors). A total Scandinavian entity, if you will - and to be sure, with zero jewish origins. See, a funny thought occured to me a few years back - as I realized that Norway and Sweden add up to a total of about 13 million of this planet's inhabitants. Apparently, the Jewish people also add up to a total of 13 million of this planet's inhabitants.

      Now, what if 90% of the American (and European) News Media Corporations were owned / controlled by Norwegians and Swedes?

      Wouldn't that make the rest of this planet's inhabitants raise an eyebrow?"

      That's basically his diplomatic way of saying: look I know it's these friggin Jews at the top but I have to be subtle so you can bring more hardcore info over here but be accurate & thoroughly researched about it & not heavy-handed & don't be pissed if some jerk-offs call you names & I don't discipline them because they have seniority. It's a seniority thing on most of these forums I've been on, the more posts you have, the more you get to insult newer posters without getting insulted back. lol! When people start banning newbies for insulting you, you know you have arrived. I haven't had that happen anywhere but I wear that as a badge of honor since I'm not here to be well-liked, I'm here to find out the truths lurking behind half-truths & add them all up so I can graduate to three-quarters truth & hopefully take a few others with me.


    8. Photo of Shack's house in Italy:

      He has a plane tail stuck in the wall lol!

      He also gave out all his personal information a while back, including his address so anyone that wants to can contact him & go to Rome & visit him at his house:

      Some of the forum members have visited him there


  8. Hi.Im about to buy Deans book,but can you tell me if the first and second editions are basically the same? or a different book completly? Im UK based,and have studied 9/11 for many years,and am another who thinks the truth is being with-held.

    1. The second edition is basically an update and expanded version of the first edition. Get the second one! LOL, hope that helps, and thanks for reading and supporting Dean!

    2. Don't know if anyone still responds in this forum but I've got a question. I'm a bit confused as to why some of you people who believe 9/11 was an inside job also claim there were no passengers on the planes. How do you know this? All of the arguments I've come across in my own research lately have made me do a 180. 9/11 is definitely an inside job. The corporate media doesn't ask any questions and gives no answers which means they've been complicit all along. No planes makes sense, no Islamic radicals makes sense. That no commercial airliner hit buildings makes sense. That many people aboard the planes weren't real or were connected to the plot is plausible. But there are people who disappeared that day. Real living people who had families. I believe a famous writer or producer from the show 'Frazier' perished that day. Former NHL hockey player Ace Bailey also disappeared after the plane he was on supposedly hit one of the two towers. And, yes, there were families who lost people on the planes. I know today in all these questionable events there are crisis actor families. But back then real people did disappear that day. So my question is what about them? How can some of you attack the work by Steven Jones or Richard Grange as 'distracting' (and calling them part of the psych op) yet believe there were no planes, passengers or terrorists?


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