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9/11: trauma-based mind control on a societal scale

I don’t think many would argue with the proposition that trauma, whether psychological or physical in nature, facilitates the manipulation of an individual. You don’t have to hold a PhD in psychology to recognize this fact. An individual subjected to trauma such as physical torture and/or psychological stress (sleep deprivation, constant playing of loud music, manipulative or disturbing images, etc.) is easily manipulated, I think that goes without saying. Take a look at what happened to Khalid Sheik Mohammed or Rudolf Höss for example. If you torture someone and subject them to psychological pressure, you are going to be able to manipulate them sooner rather than later.

Trauma-based mind control has been studied by the CIA and other military and intelligence agencies for decades now. In fact, the study of trauma-based mind control has essentially been systematized to the point where it is now a science that can be methodically applied to individuals and societies in order to induce thought and even behavioral control. An individual or group of people subjected to trauma – physical or, more likely in the case of a society, psychological – are easily controlled, that should go without saying. When trauma is induced in an individual, their mental cognition breaks down, allowing the person inducing the trauma to implant ideas, thoughts, or behaviors at their digression. The same is true of a society or group of people. And this is exactly what happened on 9/11.

There is no doubt that 9/11 was a trauma-based mind control operation on a societal scale. Think about it: (fake) images of “hijacked” airliners full of innocent Americans smashing into the iconic World Trade Center towers in New York City were shown repeatedly on television, over and over again, to a traumatized public. Media personalities, politicians, and others provided emotional (scripted) commentary of the day’s events, immediately identifying the culprits patsies: Osama bin Laden, Muslim extremists, and that evil boogey-man,"al-Qaeda". World Trade Center "victims" were shown jumping out of the buildings due to the fires, all shown on television to a terrified and vulnerable audience. "Victim" family members stepped forward to explain the alleged phone calls made by various "victims" on the hijacked airliners. 9/11 was a day full of trauma, both physical and psychological. We know individuals and societies are more easily controlled and manipulated when they are in a traumatized state.

Believe it or not, the events of 9/11 appear to have been a completely scripted and staged psychological operation, involving fake videos, manufactured "victims", projected images, fabricated evidence, and scripted witnesses, media personalities, and “actors”. Consider what The Washington Post reported in 1999, a full two years before 9/11, in an article titled, "When Seeing and Hearing Isn't Believing":
"Gentlemen! We have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the United States government." So begins a statement being delivered by Gen. Carl W. Steiner, former Commander-in-chief, U.S. Special Operations Command.

At least the voice sounds amazingly like him.

But it is not Steiner. It is the result of voice "morphing" technology developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

By taking just a 10-minute digital recording of Steiner's voice, scientist George Papcun is able, in near real time, to clone speech patterns and develop an accurate facsimile. Steiner was so impressed, he asked for a copy of the tape.

Steiner was hardly the first or last victim to be spoofed by Papcun's team members. To refine their method, they took various high quality recordings of generals and experimented with creating fake statements. One of the most memorable is Colin Powell stating "I am being treated well by my captors."

"They chose to have him say something he would never otherwise have said," chuckled one of Papcun's colleagues.

Most Americans were introduced to the tricks of the digital age in the movie Forrest Gump, when the character played by Tom Hanks appeared to shake hands with President Kennedy. 
For Hollywood, it is special effects. For covert operators in the U.S. military and intelligence agencies, it is a weapon of the future.

"Once you can take any kind of information and reduce it into ones and zeros, you can do some pretty interesting things," says Daniel T. Kuehl, chairman of the Information Operations department of the National Defense University in Washington, the military's school for information warfare.

Digital morphing — voice, video, and photo — has come of age, available for use in psychological operations. PSYOPS, as the military calls it, seek to exploit human vulnerabilities in enemy governments, militaries and populations to pursue national and battlefield objectives.

To some, PSYOPS is a backwater military discipline of leaflet dropping and radio propaganda. To a growing group of information war technologists, it is the nexus of fantasy and reality. Being able to manufacture convincing audio or video, they say, might be the difference in a successful military operation or coup.

Pentagon planners started to discuss digital morphing after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Covert operators kicked around the idea of creating a computer-faked videotape of Saddam Hussein crying or showing other such manly weaknesses, or in some sexually compromising situation. The nascent plan was for the tapes to be flooded into Iraq and the Arab world. 
The tape war never proceeded, killed, participants say, by bureaucratic fights over jurisdiction, skepticism over the technology, and concerns raised by Arab coalition partners.

What if the U.S. projected a holographic image of Allah floating over Baghdad?
But the "strategic" PSYOPS scheming didn't die. What if the U.S. projected a holographic image of Allah floating over Baghdad urging the Iraqi people and Army to rise up against Saddam, a senior Air Force officer asked in 1990?

According to a military physicist given the task of looking into the hologram idea, the feasibility had been established of projecting large, three-dimensional objects that appeared to float in the air.

But doing so over the skies of Iraq? To project such a hologram over Baghdad on the order of several hundred feet, they calculated, would take a mirror more than a mile square in space, as well as huge projectors and power sources.

And besides, investigators came back, what does Allah look like?

The Gulf War hologram story might be dismissed were it not the case that washingtonpost.com has learned that a super secret program was established in 1994 to pursue the very technology for PSYOPS application. The "Holographic Projector" is described in a classified Air Force document as a system to "project information power from space ... for special operations deception missions."

Voice-morphing? Fake video? Holographic projection? They sound more like Mission Impossible and Star Trek gimmicks than weapons. Yet for each, there are corresponding and growing research efforts as the technologies improve and offensive information warfare expands
Whereas early voice morphing required cutting and pasting speech to put letters or words together to make a composite, Papcun's software developed at Los Alamos can far more accurately replicate the way one actually speaks. Eliminated are the robotic intonations.

The irony is that after Papcun finished his speech cloning research, there were no takers in the military. Luckily for him, Hollywood is interested: The promise of creating a virtual Clark Gable is mightier than the sword.

Video and photo manipulation has already raised profound questions of authenticity for the journalistic world. With audio joining the mix, it is not only journalists but also privacy advocates and the conspiracy-minded who will no doubt ponder the worrisome mischief that lurks in the not too distant future.

"We already know that seeing isn't necessarily believing," says Dan Kuehl, "now I guess hearing isn't either."
Or consider Professor George J. Stein's 1995 essay, "Information Warfare":
Information warfare, in its largest sense, is simply the use of information to achieve our national objectives. Like diplomacy, economic competition, or the use of military force, information in itself is a key aspect of national power and, more importantly, is becoming an increasingly vital national resource that supports diplomacy, economic competition, and the effective employment of military forces. Information warfare in this sense can be seen as societal-level or nation-to-nation conflict waged, in part, through the worldwide internetted and interconnected means of information and communication. [...]

Information warfare, in its essence, is about ideas and epistemology- big words meaning that information warfare is about the way humans think and, more important, the way humans make decisions. And although information warfare would be waged largely, but not entirely, through the communication nets of a society or its military, it is fundamentally not about satellites, wires, and computers. It is about influencing human beings and the decisions they make. [...]

A major new factor in information war is the worldwide infosphere of television and broadcast news. Information warfare at the strategic level is the "battle off the battlefield" to shape the political context of the conflict. It will define the new "battlespace." We face an "integrated battlefield," not in the usual sense of having a global positioning system (GPS) receiver in every tank or cockpit but in the Clausewitzian sense that war is being integrated into the political almost simultaneously with the battle. Many people suspect that the national command authorities (NCA) are in danger of becoming increasingly "reactive" to a "fictive" universe created by CNN, its various international competitors, or even a terrorist with a video camera. This media-created universe we live in is fictive rather than "fictional" because although what we see on CNN is "true," it is just not the whole, relevant, or contextual truth. Nevertheless, this fictive universe becomes the politically relevant universe in which the government or the armed forces are supposed to "do something." [...]

Fictive or fictional operational environments, then, whether mass-targeted or niche-targeted, can be generated, transmitted, distributed, or broadcast by governments or all sorts of players through increasingly diversified networks. [...]

Let us take just one example of how current technologies could be used for strategic-level information warfare. If, say, the capabilities of already well-known Hollywood technologies to simulate reality were added to our arsenal, a genuinely revolutionary new form of warfare would become possible. Today, the techniques of combining live actors with computer-generated video graphics can easily create a "virtual" news conference, summit meeting, or perhaps even a battle that would exist in "effect" though not in physical fact. Stored video images can be recombined or "morphed" endlessly to produce any effect chosen. This moves well beyond traditional military deception, and now, perhaps, "pictures" will be worth a thousand tanks. [...]
And consider these details from the famed Operation Northwoods document, which covertly planned a false flag psychological operation against the United States which was to be blamed on Cuba as a means of invading that island nation:
The suggested course of action appended to Enclosure A are based on the premise that the US military intervention will result from a period of heightened US-Cuban tensions which place the United States in the position of suffering justifiable grievances. World opinion, and the United Nations forum should be favorably affected by developing the international image of the Cuban government as rash and irresponsible, and as an alarming and unpredictable threat to the peace of the Western hemisphere. [...]

Such a plan would enable a logical build-up of incidents to be combined with other seemingly unrelated events to camouflage the ultimate objective and
create the necessary impression of Cuban rashness and irresponsibility on a large scale, directed at other countries as well as the United States. [...]
We could blow up a drone (unmanned) vessel anywhere in the Cuban waters. We could arrange to cause such incident in the vicinity of Havana or Santiago as a spectacular result of Cuban attack from the air or sea, or both. The presence of Cuban planes or ships merely investigating the intent of the vessel could be fairly compelling evidence that the ship was taken under attack. The nearness to Havana or Santiago would add credibility especially to those people that might have heard the blast or have seen the fire. The US could follow up with an air/sea rescue operation covered by US fighters to "evacuate" remaining members of the non-existent crew. Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.
It seems rather obvious to me that the techniques and details described above were utilized on 9/11 in order to impact the way humans think and make decisions, as well as to "shape the political context of the conflict."

9/11 was a PSYOP not only on the American public, but the entire world.  Israel and international Jewry, along with their goyim puppets in the Jew-run United States government, perpetrated this massive fraud against the world 11 years ago today in order to demonize Islam, launch the fraudulent "Global War on Terror" against Israel's Muslim enemies in the Middle East, and initiate their Zionist-run police state tyranny in the United States and other Western countries.  It is past time for the American public to wake up from this trauma-based mind control operation and recognize that Israel was behind 9/11, not Osama bin Laden and "Muslim extremists".  Anyone saying anything to the contrary is working for the enemy, knowingly or unknowingly. All politicians and media personalities covering up this massive fraud, which has led to the murder and destruction of millions around the world, is a traitor. Those refusing to recognize 9/11 for what is really was and remains are as guilty as the Jews who planned, executed, and benefitted from it, period.  








    Trauma based mind control...right from the Kabala


    For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the Almighty, to serve Him with one consent.....and furthermore there will not be any confusion concerning the yiddish speaking "JEWISH" truth hating "PROSELYTES" to Talmudic Judaism who are the Synagogue of Satan ...
    a wholly owned subsidiary of global control inc...


    spot on Friend

  2. The 1999 Washington Post article that referenced fake Saddam Hussein video was in error when it said "The tape war never proceeded, killed, participants say, by bureaucratic fights over jurisdiction, skepticism over the technology, and concerns raised by Arab coalition partners."

    Various disgusting video of Saddam Husein was both produced and broadcast in Iraq on Iraqi TV.

    The Washington Post lies again.

  3. 9/11 - The Great American Psy-Opera by Ace Baker

    In eight parts - over FOUR HOURS LONG!!


    1. Thanks Sophia, I have seen almost the entire film. Great stuff! I have it linked on the left hand side of this blog under, "9/11 Research". You may be interested in checking out some of those links if you haven't already.

  4. This John Friend great post is referenced in this nice article about 9-11


    And the above link was in an article by dc Dave on rense.com today.

  5. "“Freedom” in America means you have the obligation to believe everything the Jewish-owned and CIA infiltrated mass media and educational establishment tells you about all subjects, historical and contemporary. Questioning anything in America is fundamentally un-American, “conspiracy theory” nonsense, after all. "

    Not sure anyone will see this as this thread may be dead now, but I consider the book I am reading, Guilt by Association by Jeff Gates, and the videos by the author about this book to be a good way for us to understand what we tend to call "Zionism."

    I am always looking for keys to understanding big confusing subjects. When you get into religious worldviews and the Jews and world geopolitics, you are getting in to big confusing subjectects.

    I believe Jeff Gates has done us a fine service. I also believe Dr. E. Michael Jones has similarly done us a great service by giving us a key to understanding "Jews" and "Zionism" and world events by his book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.

    Here are the links to Jeff Gates talking about his book along with some of my brief notes.



    website of Jeff Gates

    The "Criminal State" is the state of mind

    Pursue financial values to the exclusion of all other values.

    consensus - a shared mindset

    Consensus is where this type of "Organized Crime" operates, operates at scale.

    Consensue resides in a shared field of consciousness.

    This is how you get a critical mass of our members of congress and and critical mass of the public at large to base their decisions, not on FACTS, but on what is fed to them via the members of this criminal syndicate operating in "in between" places in our society, such as the mainstream media TV networks.

    Jeff Gates says he has never been comfortable with the terms "Zionist" or "Zionism". This "criminal state" operation he describes in his three books, the first of which is Guilt by Association, operates BEHIND this term "Zionism", a term these operators have installed upon us.

    He prefers to not call this syndicate "Zionism". He says it is far more sinister than that. It is a "criminal syndicate."

    Jeff Gates says the "moderate and secular broader Jewish community" says thank you to him for his distinguishing between them and this elite and extremist Jewish community.

    Jeff Gates says his book just overwhelms the reader with fact after fact and let them draw their own conclusion. He does not address motivations. He just shows facts and how this operates.

    The goal is to move us to "consensus" without our even realizing or knowing what has been done to us.

    Not about Who and Why.

    It is about showing the readers HOW facts can be displaced with fiction in plain sight.



    Association Part 1 of 2 (September 20, 2012)


    Guilt by Association Part 2 of 2 (September 20, 2012)



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