Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zionist Jew admits Jews did 9/11... kind of

I was reading Veterans Today earlier today and noticed this article by Dr. Kevin Barrett, which discusses a book review Zionist Jew Barry Chamish wrote for  Chamish reviewed Chris Bollyn's excellent book, Solving 9/11: The Deception that Changed the World, and basically agreed with his general conclusions: that Israel, through her Mossad, and a network of Zionist Jews in the United States did 9/11 and blamed it on Muslims using their assets in the media, government, and think tank network (who are often consulted as "experts" by the mainstream, Jewish owned mass media).

Chamish, however, did have some reservations: it wasn't all Jews, or all Zionists behind 9/11, only "Labor Zionists".  He begins by explaining:
Bollyn is a writer for deeply anti-semitic journals like Spotlight and The American Free Press. The opinions of his book, that Zionists were the force behind the 9-11 disaster, are becoming near gospel in the extreme Right community. You'd better not ignore them or risk facing a horrible future for Jews, because he is not completely wrong.

Yes, you heard me.

But he does the classic deadly spin, blaming all Zionists for the questionable behavior of one group, Labor Zionism.
In typical Jewish fashion, Barry Chamish wants us all to believe that it's not all Jews or Zionists that are bad, it's simply the Labor Zionists.  He has written about Labor Zionism quite a bit, but in my honest opinion, it's all a bunch of spin and subterfuge (something the Jews are quite good at incidentally), more cover for the Jewish global crime network and their obvious criminality (yes, the Jews, not the Zionists.  Zionism is merely one of many ideological branches of Jewish thinking.  Bolshevik communism and plutocratic capitalism are two other destructive Jewish ideologies I could name).

Chamish goes on to excerpt some important passages of Bollyn's must read book, and says:
Now, I am in Bollyn's camp but for reasons beyond his bigoted research. I say this as objectively as possible. [...]

I know 9-11 was an inside job. The most blatant clues are sheer giveaways. WTC leasee Larry Silverstein signed his takeover of the property in July 2001 with a double indemnity clause that gave him seven billion dollars if the buildings were felled by terrorism. Lucky Larry. And when UA 93 was felled in Pennsylvania instead of crashing into Building Seven, and with fire marshals threatening to discover the explosives within, at 5:20 PM, in the smoldering shadows of Buildings 1 and 2, Larry "pulled" the 47 storey Building Seven in a perfect controlled demolition. So how did he engineer that in an afternoon?

I could imagine tracing all the Protestants involved in the attack beginning with the President. But Bollyn is determined to blame only and all Zionists. He almost goes down an honest evidentiary path but back he comes accusing all Jews and Israelis for 9-11. "The strategy was first articulated by the extreme right-wing politician Binyamin Netanyahu of the Likud Party in 1980." Bollyn's ignorance reigns supreme. In 1980, Netanyahu was selling furniture at the RIM company and not formulating plans for 9-11. Within two years, his political career would be thoroughly controlled by the American, Council On Foreign Relations (CFR).
First off, what "Protestants" is Chamish talking about?  I think anyone who has really investigated 9/11, like Bollyn clearly has, understands that President Bush and others in the limelight so to speak were simply figureheads, the front men for the real perps behind 9/11, all of whom are Zionists, and most of whom are in fact Jewish.  The only top 9/11 perp I can think of that isn't Jewish is Dick Cheney, but he may as well be with all the Israeli and Jewish ass kissing he does.  The fact of the matter is that virtually all of the key operatives that planned, carried out, covered up, and benefited from 9/11 were Jews (again, not merely Zionists).

Secondly, to my knowledge, Bollyn does not "blame only and all Zionists" or accuse "all Jews and Israelis for 9/11" - he simply lays out the facts, names the names, and reaches the only conclusion that can possibly be drawn after an honest assessment of the situation: that Israel and an international network of Zionist Jews did 9/11 for the benefit of Israel and the Jewish plot for world domination.  9/11 was the "catastrophic and catalyzing event" needed to launch the fraudulent "Global War on Terror" (read: Jewish War of Terror) against the last remaining enemies of international Jewry: the Islamic nations of the Middle East.

Finally, Chamish's contention that Netanyahu was some low-life furniture salesman in the 1980s and had nothing to do with planning 9/11 is absurd.  Benjamin Netanyahu and other Jewish Zionist supremacists literally invented the Orwellian concept of a "Global War on Terror" as a ruse to advance their agenda, staging a "new Pearl Harbor" on 9/11 to kick start their Endless War against a completely manufactured enemy: al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist networks (all of which are either directly funded and controlled by the real axis of evil, CIA-Mossad-MI6 and their affiliates, or are useful idiots being manipulated by the forces of the Jew World Order).

In his book, The War on Truth: 9/11, Disinformation, and the Anatomy of Terrorism, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed discusses in great detail the ideological foundations for the "Global War on Terrorism", beginning in the summer of 1979 at the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism, which was organized largely by Netanyahu, working on behalf of The Jonathan Institute. The Jonathan Institute eventually published International Terrorism: Challenge and Response in 1981, which was edited by Netanyahu and consisted of the written or transcribed speeches of all the participants of the conference.

In the Forward of this book, we learn (bold and italics mine):
The Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism was conveyed by The Jonathan Institute on July 2-5, 1979 to focus public attention on the grave threat that international terrorism poses to all democratic societies, to study the real nature of today's terrorism, and to propose measures for combating and defeating the international terror movements. [...] 
It was the intolerable spectacle of legitimatization of terror groups and the frequent capitulation to their demands that made the Jerusalem Conference so necessary. The United Nations has proven itself to be hopelessly incapable of dealing with the problem. The Western governments themselves have too often tried to make their separate deals, fearing that a full-fledge battle against terrorists and their supporters could have negative economic or political consequences.

In the face of such paralysis, pusillanimity and impotence, the Jerusalem Conference was convened to begin the formulation of an anti-terror alliance in which all the democracies of the West must join.
The "Western democracies", which have been completely subverted and have long been controlled by Jewish interests, needed an excuse or provocation, a "new Pearl Harbor" as they say, to join this "anti-terror alliance" with their Israeli masters in order to avoid all the "negative economic or political consequences" which would result in a "full-fledge battle against terrorists and their supporters." And on 9/11, that's exactly what they got.

Chamish concludes his review with the following:
Bollyn's whole book, beginning with its incredibly uninformed forward, to the quotes from Jewish turncoats like Avraham Burg, Chomsky, Ostrovsky, and Shahak, to the phoney sympathy for the "oppressed" Arabs, to the constant references to his German identity, reads like it was written for the Nazis. He doesn't get it: the "peacemakers" of Labor Zionism bring mass deaths to innocents, but to no one as much as we "other" Jews. We want them out of our lives just as much as you do.
How typically Jewish of Chamish: invoke the "Nazis" and conclude that the Big, Bad Labor Zionists are really persecuting him and his fellow "other" Jews.  Forget about the millions of innocents killed in the name of Zionism and the fraudulent "Global War on Terrorism".  To Chamish and other Jewish supremacists, these people don't matter.  


  1. “We shirk our patriotic duty in wartime because we are pacifists by nature and tradition, and we are the arch-plotters of universal wars and the chief beneficiaries of those wars (see the late "Dearborn Independent," passim, and "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"). We are at once the founders and leading adherents of capitalism and the chief perpetrators of the rebellion against capitalism. [...]

    You make much noise and fury about the undue Jewish influence in your theaters and movie palaces. Very good; granted your complaint is well-founded. But what is that compared to our staggering influence in your churches, your schools, your laws and your governments, and the very thoughts you think every day? [...]

    You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it.”
    - Marcus Eli Ravage, a Jewish author, quote from January 1928 issue of Century Magazine

    1. MAybe someone should let Chamish know what his cousin, Marcus Eli Ravage, said back in 1928? He'd still dodge it I bet... just like a Jew.

    2. cant think for yourself and need quotes of others huh?

    3. LOL, hey kay, I just saw this. I most certainly can think for myself. I just like using quotes from Jews themselves to prove my point. Did you have anything intelligent to say?

  2. ....of course what goes unsaid is that in fact NO ONE ON EARTH HAS TO BE A "JEWISH"....

    Notwithstanding the historical evidence provided by researchers like Mullins...Yockey, Pelley, Nakhleh, Martin, Luther, ...

    for those who missed it Larry auctioned his books last weekend...

    - {this is an obscure dot} -
    ...back in 2000 when the hanging Chads were snowed in Archer City...a good day to look at books...interestingly some of the thousands of books in the six warehouses were from Scotland....Edinburg.

    The so-called "Jews" {GAG & MAGAG} are not Israelites...Not Hebrews....NOT SEMITIC.

    LIARS &'s a genetic thingy, Fraud artists...


    Chamish is difficult to listen to, as are most all so-called ....."Jews",...
    ...maybe it's the extra special chosen-ness they ooze......

    He did write a book about the ASSN of Shamir....

    ...still looking for a polaroid of cocaine snorting DALLAS COWBOYS at the Alamo...

    Khazars....hurry and make EXODUS TO KHAZARIA, HURRY HURRY like speedy Gonzales....even

    Adolph Hitler, Boo

    Inside Job...Means MOTIVE & Opportunity...Cui Bono ?


    Blaming “Zionists” is a deception. Wait a second - isn’t there an entire Agency in some little troublesome country who’s motto is something about deception?

    Yes, I think there is….. lol.

    Judiasm preaches the use of the weapon of USURY against non-jews.

    And what is “Zionism”? It’s Jewish Nationalism. There are even “Christian Zionists” who follow a Jewish subverted form of Christianity lending support to a country that endorses Usury against those same Christian Zionists.

    Usury leads directly to "Interest Slavery". Usury is "the destroyer or Nations and the enslaver of men" - just look around at your surroundings.

    That is why the charging of interest to a jew is ILLEGAL in Israel. But it is legal to charge interest to a non-jew in Israel.

    Usury is the reason why your country is messed up.

    Usury supports "The Thralldom of Interest". That system allows jews to literally create the money in circulation and loan it at interest. They don't "earn" that money - they create it and loan it to your government and to business and individuals. Then they get "paid back" something they never had in the first interest.

    So, they have a money tree.

    The bought your media up. They bribed away your government.

    That same system allows for the trading of stock in companies by anyone who has the cash to by the stock.

    What does that mean? That means that people with absolutely NO TIES to the community where that business is located can own that company.

    So what do they do? They look for ways to reduce costs and increase profits.

    Labor is a major cost of doing business.

    So what do they do? They offshore the business to another place where labor costs are lower so they can make more profit.

    What does that do to the town where the business was previously located? It mean there are way fewer jobs.

    Why is the government allowing all of these illegal immigrants in? Because they work cheaper. Using them reduces labor costs.

    What does that mean to you? It means you don't have a job and you have to deal with the crime brought in by the immigrants.

    What can you do?

    Learn about what "Interest Slavery" is and learn about how it can be defeated.

    Oh, and one more thing.......yes, it is the Jews doing it to you.

    Not just Zionists. Jews are inflicting Usury on you. Usury and Interest Slavery.

    Compared to Usury - 9/11 was a harmless event.


    By way of deception - thou shalt do War.



    The destroyer of Nations and the enslaver of men.



    A state of unrestrained political corruption, literally meaning "rule by thieves".



    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
    --- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



    Ended Usury.

    Ended Debt Slavery.

    Germany destroyed.



    Spoke against Usury.

    Imprisoned for 13 years.



    The debt slave.

  5. Beautiful! Glad you're back!
    The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.


  6. See the Mark Dankof interviews with Dr. Robert Sungenis on 9-11 and Israel for The Ugly Truth, based upon Sungenis' review of the Christopher Bollyn book for E. Michael Jones' Culture Wars.

    Chamish is playing the usual games. . . . and managing to divert attention from the racist and genocidal policies of the Zionist State historically and presently; their history of false flag terrorist operations leading up to 9-11; and their cooptation of the American government and military for use as their surrogate force in the Middle East. It won't wash. . . .




  8. I still say that Bollyn accepts as true a couple of things in his version of 9-11 "truth" that have been deliberately engineered in to the official 9-11 narrative. Bollyn (and Dr. Sungenis and Mr Dankoff) may not and probably does not realize that those "things", i.e., "explosive nanothermite", planes with passengers crashing at the designated four sites, and Islamic hijackers, are designed in to the official story by Phillip Zelikow who describes himself as an expert in the “creation and maintenance of public myths."

    Consider the possibility that the creator of the thermite story is Zelikow and company. Steven Jones and Richard Gage have been the main entities carrying the poisoned water for Zelikow and company. All of these guys absolutely love real planes and real plane crashes and Muslim hijackers. I mean the thermite and the real planes/crashes/hijackers ideas are all joined at the hip.

    Even Dr. Morgan Reynolds,( who strongly eschews saying "the Jews did it", and who is THE expert on what is referred to, and often inaccurately defined, as "no planes theory" gives us cutting truth about the thermite meme, way back in 2009...

    "From: "Morgan Reynolds"
    To: "jfetzer

    I am widely accused of discrediting the 9/11 truth movement but it is Gage/Jones/and the rest of their gang that does so. There is no substantive case for thermite or its variants playing a significant role in turning the WTC (mostly) to fine dust. Theirs is a distraction, a limited hangout, a fall back story for the perps who, once the 9/11official version I fairy tale lies in ruins, trot out version II: muslim terrorists used internally-placed explosives to bring down the WTC—ridiculous version II."

    Now here is an important quote from Dr. Fetzer to augment what I am saying here.

    "If there were no planes,
    Then there were no passengers.
    If there were no passengers,
    Then there were no hijackers.
    If there were no hijackers
    Then there were no Islamic fundamentalists.
    If there were no Islamic fundamentalists,
    Then the whole “war on terror” has been a complete charade."

    All of this brouhaha regarding Chamish posting and Barrett response and all these subsequent discussions need some serious unpacking, but even Dr. Fetzer, the master unpacker of fuzzy logic, probably won't help us here.

    Unless we get our definitions and thinking crystal clear, all of this is just more of the same old manipulations by those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit.

    I personally have had my posting rejected from Veterans Today, a posting that suggested the connections between Steven Jones / Richard Gage and the "Zionist" instigators and planners and perpetrators of 9-11. Dr. Barret, Dr. David Ray Griffin definitely, and possibly "truther" Craig McKee, and possibly Gordon Duff all accept or apparently accept the "explosive nanothermite" meme. Realize that it is quite easy for guys like Zelikow and company to control and manipulate the entire 9-11 truth dialog.

    All of this brouhaha regarding Chamish posting and Barrett response and all these subsequent discussions need some serious unpacking, but even Dr. Fetzer, the master unpacker of fuzzy logic, probably won't help us here.

    Unless we get our definitions and thinking crystal clear, all of this is just more of the same old manipulations by those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit.

    1. Frankly,

      None of that matters.


      The core problem is Usury.

      That is the weapon that enables everything else.


      Everything else is a mere branch problem.

      The root is Usury.


      Kill it.

    2. How much effort has the Dr. you mentioned expended on enlightening you on the Usury issue?

      > Hm.


      How you decide to waste your time is your business.

  9. Usury

    What is it? Here is a definition:
    noun, plural u•su•ries.
    1. the lending or practice of lending money at an exorbitant interest.
    2. an exorbitant amount or rate of interest, especially in excess of the legal rate.
    3. Obsolete . interest paid for the use of money.

    Note that the third definition is “obsolete”. “Obsolete” means “no longer in general use; fallen into disuse.”


    And who is responsible for re-defining the term “usury”?

    Usury is formalized system and process of exploitation, confiscation and enslavement. That system and process is being used against us. The Jews are behind it.

    The solution is to stop the system process. Dismantle the system.

    End Usury – Free Humanity.


    The system and process of exploitation, confiscation and enslavement is complex and has many symptomatic effects. They are branch problems.

    The root problem is the “obsolete” definition of “usury”: interest paid for the use of money.

    Ending this problem can only be done through a direct attack on the root problem.

    Focus there.

  10. I agree about usury but from my study charging any amount of interst is usury. A One time up front fee with a loan is permissable. That is not usury.

    I think that even if usury ended today, we would still have this economic collapse that is coming soon. Maybe having a fiat money system and fractional reserve banking are also huge problems. We have huge unpayable debt and we pay our debt with more debt. I think all those smart economist guys know what a joke and a scam it all is.

    Dr. E. Michael Jones is about to put out a new book on usury and capitalism. Should be interesting.

    1. Jeannon,

      The whole series of questions surrounding Usury have been asked and answered in the past.

      Most recently, and effectively by the NSDAP under Adolf Hitler.

      They fixed the mechanics of money. The role of money under the NSDAP was reassigned to be the servant of commerce - rather than the master or tyrant that it is today under the Jews.

      Zero interest loans should be a function of government. Private profiteers should not be allowed to lend money even for a one-time fee.

      Another needed major reform we need is to stop the wanton trading in stocks. The present system allows for the ownership of companies by people with absolutely no ties to the community where a given company is located.

      The combination of the cost of loan capital upon which companies rely for operations - and the impersonal remote ownership though stocks inevitably leads to the relocation of companies where labor costs are lower to maximize profits.

      That is a consequence of the present design of the Jewish Capitalist System.

      That is why our heavy industries are gone. That is why our Jewish controlled government has an open door policy to the 3rd world. The work cheaper. They also hate White people - so it's a win-win situation for the Jews.

      This is a problem that has been solved in the past by the NSDAP.

      Unfortunately, our misled soldiers destroyed that system in World War Jew.

      And look at the result.

      People need to understand that the economic problems as well as the ethnic conflict problems we face are a direct result of the practice of charging interest for the use of money - and the inevitable systemic outgrowth from that practice.

      Once they understand to the extent that they can explain it coherently, maybe we can fix it.

      But the Jews won't go quietly.

      That much I know.

    2. "And so that you don't continually misunderstand--usury and interest are not the same thing. Usury is a charge made for the use of money regardless of production and often regardless of even the possibilities of production" --
      Ezra Pound Reading, vol. 2, Caedmon Records 1962

      "Lest you forget the nature of money/i.e., that it is a ticket. For the govt. To issue it against any particular merchandise or metal, is merely to favour the owners of that metal and by just that much to betray the rest of the public. You can see that the bill here photod. has SERVED (I mean by the worn state of the note). Certificates of work done. That is what these notes were in fact / before the bank swine got the monopoly. Thus was the wilderness conquered for the sake of pork-barrelers who followed." -- Ezra Pound - postcard to Franklin D. Roosevelt

      You can obviously also have so-called Islamic banking with 'no interest' and fiat money issued by, apparently, a non-Rothschild controlled central bank, and still have your entire country be an economic disaster for 30 straight years of double-digit inflation, mass unemployement and heroin & opium addiction such as in the case of Iran under those Mullah geniuses these past 30 years.

      Getting off usury by itself will never solve a nation's problems in the absence of individual rights and a tradition of scienctific discovery that stems from the protection of these rights and nothing else. It is completely untrue that there was no individualism promoted in National Socialist Germany:

      "Every effort was made to strengthen our minds and bodies. Contrary to what is said today, we were encouraged to become free in spirit, and not to succumb to peer (or authority) pressure. In peacetime, NO military training was allowed by the Hitler Youth leadership; scouting yes. Incidentally, to “snitch on our parents” was frowned upon."~Hans Schmidt - Living in Hitler's Germany

      And being on usury will not necessarily prevent a nation from lots of prosperity for short periods of time of let's say a few decades as proven by the high standards of living enjoyed by Jewnited States citizens in the 1950s & 1960s.

      If you want to learn the proper attitude for resisting tyranny, the correct conduct and composure and temperance, the dignified way of being a martyr of anything else in a game of resistance, study Errol Flynn in the original "Adventures of Robin Hood" 1938 chosen-foreskins production. I believe the screenplay was written by two goys and it's a friggin fantastic film.

      "A slimy Jew is trying to cheat me ... I do wish we could bring Hitler over here to teach these Isaacs a thing or two. The bastards have absolutely no business probity or honour whatsoever."
      -- Errol Flynn, in a 1933 letter to German intelligence agent Hermann Erben

      ~Negentropic MK III

      P.S. Hey John, the links to your 10 Psy-Ops article that go to your old blog address are all dead and also all the links to ZCF's site since he got thrown off his server. You might want to update them by linking to wherever the same articles are here & also to copies of the ZCF articles hosted here until he puts his site back up on another server.


      ^that's the Top 10 post, ZCF should be up and running soon, hopefully...

      Thanks for those Ezra Pound and Flynn quotes, great stuff.

  11. John, you certainly are well aware of the terms of the Clean Break Document, also discussed at, and you write so well. I hope that all those at the SanDiego911 meeting who did not know about it, have looked it up by now. Also, thanks to all your commenters.

  12. USURY
    The taking of interest on money lent was condemned by all honest men. At certain points, the malevolent practice was introduced by Jews. Read along and see if you can discern when it started happening in earnest.

    Plato (Laws, v. 742) and Aristotle (Politics, I, x, xi) considered interest as contrary to the nature of things;

    Aristophanes expressed his disapproval of it, in the “Clouds” (1283 sqq.);

    Cato condemned it (see Cicero, “De officiis, II, xxv), comparing it to homicide, as also did Seneca (De beneficiis, VII, x) and Plutarch in his treatise against incurring debts.

    Aristotle disapproved of the money trader’s profit; and the ruinous rates at which money was lent.

    On the other hand, the Roman and Greek laws while considering the mutuum, or loan for consumption, as a contract gratuitous in principle, allowed a clause, stipulating for the payment of interest, to be added to the bond.

    Rome and Greece…hm.

    The Law of the Twelve Tables allowed only unciarium fenus, probably one-twelfth of the capital, or 8.33 per cent.

    A plebiscitum, lex Ganucia, 412 a.u.c. went so far as to forbid all interest whatever, but, at a later period, the Roman law allowed interest at 1 per cent monthly, or 12 per cent per annum.

    And what happened to the Roman Empire? What happened to Greece?

    Justinian laid down as a general rule that this maximum should be reduced by half (L. 26, I, c. De usuris, IV, 32).

    And where did the Byzantine Empire go?

    Chaldea allowed interest on loans (cf. Law of Hammurabi, 48 sqq.).

    And what happened to Babylon again?

    No absolute prohibition can be found in the Old Testament; at most, Exodus 22:25, and Deuteronomy 23:19-20, forbid the taking of interest by one Jew from another.

    In the Christian era, the New Testament is silent on the subject. Jewed?

    So, what can you glean from this? At what point did the Jews subvert the Church? Why does Deuteronomy 23:19-20 stand?

    If you’re a Jew, you will tell us that the term “usury” is merely the taking of “excessive interest” on loans. Only “excessive”. Leaving the practice of taking interest undisturbed.


    So when is theft “excessive”? What is “excessive” theft? Please tell me Mr. Jew.

    The taking of interest is “the destroyer of Nations and the enslaver of men”.

    Bottom line:

    End Usury – Free Humanity.

  13. Re USURY, those who haven't seen it need to watch the short, animated, lay-person-friendly "Money As Debt". Produced by former Canadian MP Paul Hellyer, 47 mins. Breaks down how our fractional reserve fiat money system works, a bit about how it evolved, and it sneaks in a bunch of historical quotes which paint a picture of the dark NWO road we're on, without saying so explicitly. It's like The Simpsons- different layers of humor (knowledge), for those with the maturity to pick them up. :)

    The follow-up is "Money As Debt II: Promises Unleashed"; much more sophisticated, you'll want to take notes and/or watch a few times!

    Oh, and neither finger "the jooz", so it's "safe" to share with blue-pill peeps, ;)

    1. This scam isn't even all that sophisticated. It's extremely obvious. Yet, many are still in denial about it.

      Are they really so stupid that they deserve it?

      I think that's how the Jews view the situation.

  14. Bad title John Friend. "kind of" is not true. He did admit it, irregardless of how he admitted it.

  15. In my opinion, the question which needs to be asked, by ALL Americans, but especially those directly affected by 9/11 is, why were Jews working in the towers, warned to stay home on that day, and why not one single Jew, either sounded the alarm, or thought to warn their co-workers. This, in my opinion, is tantamount to complicity to murder, mass murder..

    1. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.


      In medicine, it's easy to understand the difference between treating symptoms and curing a medical condition.

      Sure, when you're in pain because you've broken your wrist, you WANT to have your symptoms treated – now!

      However, taking painkillers won't heal your wrist, and true healing is needed before the symptoms can disappear for good.

      But when you have a problem at work, how do you approach it? Do you jump in and start treating the symptoms? Or do you stop to consider whether there's actually a deeper problem that needs your attention?

      If you only fix the symptoms – what you see on the surface – the problem will almost certainly happen again... which will lead you to fix it, again, and again, and again.

      9/11 is kind of like that. Why were the Jews warned to stay away? Were there planes? What hit the Pentagon? Yad yada yada....

      Some people are saying that a Coup D'Etat was performed on 9/11 - and that is why we need to solve it.

      Some people say that a Coup D'Etat is what the JFK Assassination was - and that is why we need to solve it.

      The evidence clearly shows that the Coup D'Etat was performed MUCH earlier than either of those two events.

      If look deeper to figure out why the problem is occurring, you can fix the underlying systems and processes that cause the problem.

      How? Believe it or not - there are cognitive tools available to you that enable you to ferret out the Jew.

      One of them is Root Cause Analysis.

      Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a popular and often-used technique that helps people answer the question of why the problem occurred in the first place.

      Root Cause Analysis seeks to identify the origin of a problem. It uses a specific set of steps, with associated tools, to find the primary cause of the problem, so that you can:

      1. Determine what happened.
      2. Determine why it happened.
      3. Figure out what to do to reduce the likelihood that it will happen again.

    ----Colorado Massacre linked to bank fraud - killer does not appear to be James Holmes... God bless--

  17. Usury: Read the KORAN/Al-Qur'an. The Almighty Allah SWT CONDEMNS it!

    Joe Jussac -

  18. "All of King Rothschild's horses, and all of King Rockefeller's men; won't put the Federal Reserve, back together again......once it's abolished"

    As posted at Veterans many moons ago, and now...
    re-"posted" by equalizer (rapunzel) Cheers! eq.

    p.s. and the reply from "the king's men"???...who cares.......

  19. Once the official version of 911 is rendered implausible by reason, how it was done is unimportant, only why the like was perpetrated. Beware the endless debaters on how. Focus only on why. How it wasn't is enough.

  20. 9-11 is in the past. Waiting for the truth by way of government is futile. The jews done it (as they have so many times before). We need to deal with it. And soon. We definitely do not need them or their cohorts telling us what's what. If indeed there are any jews who are on-side then let them tell the truth to their own in their synagogues.

  21. Wow! You guys sound like a bunch of Amalekites! Chill with the hate speech, already.

  22. Wow! You guys sound like a bunch of Amalekites! Chill with the hate speech, already.

  23. I can forgive(I guess)Chamish for thinking that there is a bias against Jews based on his understanding of 9/11 and the role of 'protestants' in the Zionist false-flag attack. As a Jew he's not likely to understand that Christians are indentified by what they do - not what they say.

    Participating in murder, treason and lies means that one is definitely not a Christian - no matter how hard you scream or go to church. It's that simple...


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