Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who is standing up to the Jew World Order?

From PressTV : Quds Day will remove Zionist black stain: Ahmadinejad

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the International Quds Day is the day of unity among all human beings to remove the Zionist “black stain” from the human society.

“Today, countering the entity of Zionism and the fabricated Zionist regime safeguards rights of all human beings, defends human dignity and paves the way to save humankind from arrogance, poverty and misery,” Ahmadinejad said in an address at the International Quds Day on Friday.

The world should know that most Western hegemonic and colonial powers maintain a joint commitment to protect the entity of the Israeli regime, he added.

The Iranian chief executive stated that the Israeli regime is a tool to control the Middle East region and the entire world, stressing the regime’s existence is an insult to the mankind.

He added that Western powers are justifying the Israeli regime’s homicide “because they are dependent on them (Zionists).”

Ahmadinejad said that the Zionists masterminded the Word War I and II to dominate nations and prepare the ground for the US power.

He added that all the world’s main centers of power, media and banks are controlled by the Zionists. However, they “use all of them for destruction of values and nations.”

He said that even the US presidential hopefuls have to bow to the Zionists if they want to have the chance to run.

From The Independent : Ahmadinejad: Israel is 'an insult to humanity'

Israel's existence is an "insult to all humanity", Iran's President said yesterday in one of his sharpest attacks yet against the Jewish state, as Israel openly debates whether to attack Iran over its nuclear programme.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said confronting Israel is an effort to "protect the dignity of all human beings", adding: "The existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to all humanity". He was addressing worshippers at Tehran University after nationwide pro-Palestinian rallies, an annual event marking Quds Day on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.

Mr Ahmadinejad also called Israel "a corrupt, anti-human organised minority group standing up to all divine values".


  1. Compare the words of Ahmadinejad and the Golden Dawn with the clowns running the USA, UK, France, Germany, etc. - who are the true patriots? Who are the real honest, decent men and women? Hmmmm....

    1. The video of that Greek guy was great. Interesting that "someone" captioned the beginning of the video with a lie about the guy.

      Yes the Greek Nationalists who don't like being debt slaves are "evil" "Nazi's". Right. I get it.

      And anyone who doesn't like the massive crime and ethnic conflict that is a consequence of importing a bunch of brown 3rd worlders is a "hater", "racist", "supremacist".'re an Israeli.

      Then, it's just find to round up all the negroes and deport them back to Africa to "preserve the Jewish character of Israel". Yeah I get that.

      I also "get" that blacks don't like any non-blacks in their lands in Africa - but that seems to be just fine with the blacks in the U.S. Nothing wrong with that - right?

      Listen, we get it.

      Get ready for what's coming.

    2. John,

      You're such a supremacist. You hate brown people. You're a hater. Face it John. You hate Jews. You love Hitler. You're a Nazi, John.

      Why can't you just go along with the will of International Finance, John? Why? Why are you resisting what they are doing?

      Don't you know that "Nationalism" is racist? You should be welcoming everyone from everywhere to come and live with you so that they can have a better life.

      Can't you see that your ideas about "keeping what you earn" are just stupid and racist?

      You need to give everything you have to brown people.

      Then you won't be a racist.

      Oh, and one more need to stop saying anything about what the Jews are doing. They are the "chosen" people John.

      "Chosen". Got that?

    3. White people of course. Its not possible for blacks,mexicans,jews,gays or any other "undesirables" to be actual patriots. Not possible. Only whites. Whites only. Get out brown people, you scare the shit out of us.

    4. Whites of course. Only whites can be actual patriots. Blacks,jews,gays,mexicans etc. CANNOT be true patriots. Brown people get out, you scare the shit out of us. Only whites can be patriots. Whites only.

    5. Hey, how about you go down to Meh-hee-ko and start talking about how Meh-hee-ko is toooooo Mee-heee-kan. Try that.

      I'm looking forward to seeing a photo of your decapitated body hanging from a bridge.

    6. Jews are complicit in the debt slavery scam. So they can indeed GTFO. You as well. We note you had absolutely nothing to say about the evil debt scam that your Jewish friends have gone to the extreme of actually folding into their religion as a means of attacking others.

      The things you say are very Jewish.

      Nobody is buying that sh*t. Take it back to Tel Aviv. Go before it's turned into a green glass parking lot. We don't want you to miss that.

    7. You brown people need to ask yourselves why you want to live around White people.

      What is so wrong with your own people? Huh?

      Oh - it sucks too much to live around your own people? You think Whites create better societies?

      You are the White supremacists. You certainly act that way.

      How about taking your brown a** back to your brown lands and making it better instead of spreading your "way of life" here and destroying what my people built.

      You are creating an environment where you will be facing a reaction you're not going to like.

      Take the hint.

  2. One ahmadinejad can expose the entire jewish criminal network...and the entire jewish criminal network is not enough to even silence one man. In the end truth always wins. A new dawn is coming... Greece and iran is the wake up call we have been waiting for!

    Keep up the good work and thanks for your consultations friend.

    I am very glad to see that there are at least two groups out there standing up to the Hook Nosed Elfs.
    People seem to be catching on to the their tricks.

    One of their major trucks is this thing called Debt Slavery. What is Debt Slavery? It’s the thing that has allowed the a group of elfs to take over.

    Think of Debt as an out of control fire consuming everything in its path.

    There are little evil societal pyro elfs that run around setting alight everything in sight. They use Debt as a torch ready to set entire economies alight.

    They evil elfs target economies where there are plenty of things to steal - whether they be natural resources or industrial products. They set the Debt Slavery conflagration going in productive environments initially through the money creation scam where interest is charged and paid to them.

    Then more little evil elfs scurry forth expanding the Debt scam throughout the banking industry spreading the flames of Debt further throughout the economy.

    The elfs use the free income gained with Debt Money and “invest” it with other elves in key areas throughout banking, industry and government in order to pave the way for more carnage.

    The evil elfs work together to encourage the growth of that initial Debt fire into a massive conflagration engulfing entire nations.

    Eventually, this Debt Holocaust destroys nations and turns men into debt slaves.

    The elfs love that.


  4. (Hook Nosed Elfs, cont'd)

    The infiltration of the government was done for a variety of reasons. Elfs make sure that there is no stoppage of Debt Slavery through government intervention. They even get to direct military action at who ever they want. And all the elfs have to do is promote “hope” for “change” about once every 4 years - that’s all they have to do to shut the people up - that’s how they do it in the U.S. anyway.

    As the Debt fire spreads through industry, it drives the cost of operating capital up.
    One of the things the elfs in the government did was ensure that there was no restriction on who could own stock in companies. For example, people with absolutely no ties to the area where a company is located could own stock in that company. With no restrictions - simultaneously other elfs purchase stock in various promising industries - and “off-shore” them where labor is cheaper so the company pays higher dividends.

    Inevitably the Debt fire starts to burn itself out a bit as the targeted economy is systematically destroyed. If it burns down too much the little elfs simply relocate to yet another victim area and start all over again.

    Or maybe they just start another war.

    Right, a war. This is great especially if you can “lend” Debt money to both sides of a conflict.

    That is truly a WIN - WIN situation for the lender. Isn’t it? That is why war is called the “Elfs Harvest”.

    If debt-money is a like a burning torch ready to set entire economies alight is there such a thing as “Elf-Proof Money”? Yes there is.

    “Elf-Proof Money” is not based on debt. It is also not based on a commodity such as Gold. Elf-Proof money is based on the value of the productive work of a Nation.

    The Germans knew what was going on. They created Elf-Proof Money and dismantled the other supporting components of the Debt Slavery scam. Things like the stock market and the practice of trading of shares in company ownership were re-structured.

    Most importantly, the practice of charging interest for the use of money must be stopped.
    This is the most important issue of our time. In fact, this issue was known long, long ago as one of the greatest evils known to man.

    The Elfs are so evil - they embraced the practice and actually codified it into their religion - called Elfiasm. Elfiasm is quite literally EVIL. Elfiasm preaches evil deeds - and one of the most evil things that can be done in society is to charge interest for the use of money.

    Private “corporations” must be STOPPED from being able to “create” money, and
    The practice of charging interest for the use of money must be stopped.
    The rest is just a sideshow.

    As you know, the Hook Nosed Elfs have gone as far as to codify the practice of charging interest and thereby inflicting Debt Slavery on all non-Elfs.

    The Torah states that it is forbidden for Elfs to charge interest from fellow Elfs (Leviticus 25:37). The Elfs have made this evil part of their religion. That is how evil they are.
    It is very important to the Elfs that they be able to continue to inflict this evil. So, they promote things like ethnic conflict among their victim nations.

    The Elf promoted ethnic conflict creates a divide-and-conquer atmosphere making it easier for the Elfs to dodge any criticism for their evil deeds.

    Unfortunately, the ethnic conflict is very real and often results in the murder of innocent White people. The Elfs hate White people though - so they actually promote more of that kind of thing.

    More and more people are catching on to the Elfs now. And the Elfs days are numbered. I wouldn’t want to be an Elf when the people come with their pitchforks.

    And they will be coming.


    As you know, inflicting Usury is a vitally important tool to the Elfs. That is their primary weapon used against you.

    But it's different in their own country, Elfsrael.

    Here is an example of what I mean:



    Unless the cardholder explicitly requests otherwise, all charges are debited to the cardholder’s bank account once a month, exactly as in the case of deferred debit cards.

    Many merchants allow cardholders to pay for specific transactions through interest-free installments (typically three installments). The credit in this case is provided by the merchant. It is estimated that out of 50-60 thousand Israeli merchants who accepted credit cards in 2001, about 20-25 thousands offered this payment scheme to their customers. The value of these installment payments in 2000 was estimated at 20-25 billion NIS, out of total credit card transactions of 80-85 billion NIS (Business Data Israel, 2001).

    Cardholders can ask merchants to register specific transactions as “credit transactions” in which case the cardholder pays for the transaction through installment payments (between 3 and 36 installments according to the cardholder’s choice); the unpaid portion of the charge carries in this case an interest which is roughly similar to the interest rate charged by banks for bank overdraft. Unlike in the case of interest-free installments, here the credit is provided by the issuing bank rather than by the merchant.
    Do YOU have those options?


    NO. That's because you're not an Elf!!

  7. OMG, I just realized who the evil "elfs" in those children's stories are.

  8. I want to change the subject away from anything about banking or anything like that.

    I think it's a lot more important to talk about whether there were planes on 9/11. Or maybe we can debate the Holocaust.

    If you don't like doing that - how about if we complain about how messed up black people are in general?

    I really don't think it's a good idea to talk about anything having to do with usury or how that is part of anybodys religion. Listen, everybody is entitled to their religious beliefs. If somebody's religious beliefs command them to swindle you - you need to be "tolerant" of that.

    1. Yes, making fun of blacks makes me feel better about myself and my pathetic life. I suggest we keep doing that.

    2. Black are a lot like Special Olympians. They both have their limitations.

      Most White people are disgusted by most blacks chosen way of life and behaviors.

      The skin color issue is a Jewish topic. The real issue is BEHAVIOR. BEHAVIOR.

      Got that Jew?

      All you do is spread your Yiddish boooolsheeeet.

      You yids are behind the debt scam that has destroyed many brown peoples countries. Not that there was much to destroy in the first place...but you steal the natural resources.

      You also spread ethnic conflict.

      Except in Israel. LOL

      Listen, brownie - go live in your own Nation. If not - prepare for what you have created.

    3. Oh please you troll anon@6:12, the jews dont need to sow ethnic conflict as long as tools like you willingly do it for them. Which of of course leads one to believe you are in fact one yourself. Which would be fine if you were not lying about it and intentionally "sowing enthinc conflict" under the guise of being something you're not.

  9. Just wondering, but do we consider whites superior to Persians here, or are we only superior to blacks,jews and mexicans? Awwww, who am I kidding, we racist little boys know that we are BETTER than ALL of them! White pride worldwide! It makes me feel better about myself to hate "the others"(of course its not "hate", its just stating facts how we are literally better than everyone else. Sound familiar?). Aint that right little boys?

    1. Only a Jew would accuse Whites of those things. Interesting that in addition to adopting the know evil practice of usury as a weapon and making it part of their religion - they also preach that they are "Gods Chosen".

      That is literally a JEWISH SUPREMACIST mindset.

      They also go around calling everyone else "racists".

      You Jews really s*ck.

      Keep it up here. You only dig the hole deeper for your comrades.

  10. Me? I'm just so frickin' happy that the black and brown peoples are so full of love for everybody. If only the white folks could get on board that Love Train, all the issues would disappear.

    Let's make sure the elementary schoolers know about safe fisting while we're at it.

    1. I agree. All those ugly crimes involving black and brown folks are "isolated incidents".

      There is no "pattern" indicating a "problem" with anything.

      We're "imagining" it.

      Face it, you're a "racist". LOL

    2. Fear fear fear. If you're not actual racist jews in not so good disguises you all act just like them with your phony "victim" mindset mixed with your overtly supremacist attitudes.

    3. Fact is, most White people are disgusted by most blacks chosen way of life and behaviors.

      This is a simple fact.

      The skin color issue is a Jewish topic. The real issue is BEHAVIOR. BEHAVIOR.

      This issue is behavior. Not appearance.

      You gullible White people need to get with the program and start acquiring the necessary skills to recognize a basic scam. This one isn’t even sophisticated.

      The Jews try to confuse “Appearance” with “Behavior”. Why does that work? Because many times appearance correlates directly with behavior.

      If you’re hiking through the woods and you see a Grizzly Bear - what is the sensible reaction? Are you going to go over and try to pet it? You might if you’re an idiot.

      Grizzly Bears are known for certain types of behaviors. Sure, maybe not EVERY SINGLE ONE displays those behaviors. But, most do.

      Now if you recognize this fact - does that make you a "SUPREMACIST"? LOL

      Get a clue.

    4. Jews literally embody the PHONY VICTIM MINDSET. Vis The Holy-Hoax.

      Blacks wallow in it as well. Perpetual victims of "Slavery".


      Listen, I'm laughing about it. OK?

  11. I agree with him but wouldn't say we are dependent on them - more like the other way around - they just have occupied our institutions and control our media. It's a very fickle existence.

  12. We have a troll here who only wants to lie about race issues.

    Very Jewish tactic.

    Jews use mud people as tools in support of their Worldwide Usury Scam.

    Observe this Jew Tool continue to spew on the Jewish Smokescreen Race Issue and AVOID at all costs talking about the Jewish Usury Scam.

    You know - the Jewish Usury Scam that the evil Jews adopted directly into their "religion" which is really nothing but a "CULT".

    That same evil Jew Cult called "Judiasm" preaches that Jews are "Superior" to all else.

    This Jew on here suffers from the typical Jewish mental illness projecting "Supremacism" on those they perceive to be their only rivals....White people.

    There is a very high incidence of mental illness among Jews.

    Proven fact borne out here.

    You unlock this door with the key of understanding. Beyond it is another dimension, A dimension of Lies. A dimension of Swindle. A dimension of Subversion. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance – methods and madness. You just crossed over into The Twilight Zone.
    In this episode, we are embarking on a journey into the near future. This is a future where fact meets fiction in a titanic battle. A battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way.
    Computer programmer Thomas Anderson is secretly a hacker known as "Neo". He is restless, eager and driven to learn the meaning of cryptic references to the "Fed" appearing on his computer.
    A female hacker named Trinity confirms that a man named Morpheus can help him; however, three sinister Agents, led by Agent Smith, arrest Neo and attempt to prevent him from collaborating with Morpheus.
    Undeterred, Neo meets with Morpheus and agrees to take a look at some damning evidence that Morpheus has collected about something he refers to as The Jewish Matrix. Neo accepts an offered red flash drive.
    Neo views a video on the flash drive that clearly depicts a scene in a control room at CNN where he observes CIA officials literally “creating” and “manipulating” news feeds on 9/11. The video makes it clear that the aircraft that “hit the towers” were computer generated. The control room also interfaced directly with designated “actors” and embedded agents working together to create the “illusion” of the events of 9/11. He is then goes with Morpheus aboard a private bus called the Nebuchadnezzar.

    (end Pt 1)

  14. (The Exit Counselors Pt 2)

    Morpheus tells Neo that humans are fighting against The Jews who through the use of Usury have taken control of much of the Earth. The Jews harvest the value of labor produced by humans, who are kept docile within the "Jewish Matrix" – a synthetic reality created by the Jewish Media Complex to provide an illusion of freedom and self determination.
    Neo has lived in this synthetic reality since birth. Jewish synthetic reality encompasses a campaign of lies that stops at nothing. It is single-minded and unappeasable. Their lies are unrelenting, unyielding and grimly vindictive. Neo had been exposed to thousands of hours of lies broadcast to him on his Tel-Aviv-Vision. Countless hours of lies had been screened to him in the form of jewish written, produced and directed movies. He had read page after page of lies printed in books published by Jewish publishing houses. He had listened to hundreds of hours of lies spoken to him by his bought-and-paid-for politicians who are servile apple-polishers for “Israeli” interests.
    Morpheus and his crew belong to a group of free humans who "unplug" others from the Jewish Matrix and recruit them to their rebellion against The Jews, and who are able to gain strength within the Jewish Matrix by using their understanding of its true nature to manipulate it.
    The method the group of free humans use to “unplug” others is called “Exit Counseling”. Exit counseling is distinguished from deprogramming by the fact that it is a voluntary procedure, that the follower is treated with respect, can leave any time, and that the decision to stay with the group or leave it is wholly up to the follower and will be accepted by the exit counselor.
    Generally, the person is presented with information about the group in question or other groups, including especially information which is usually not available to Jew-followers, testimonies from former members of the Jew-Cult, along with information on the nature of mind control theory.
    Morpheus is an ex-Marine who loves his country. Morpheus’s life experience has taught him quite a few things - not the least of which is that political reality as perceived by most people is actually synthetic reality created by employees of The Jewish Matrix to pacify and subdue the human population. Thought the Jewish Matrix does instigate wars among certain groups - the Matrix works to ensure that the population is pacified when dealing with Jews. Jews and only Jews.
    Aboard the bus, Morpheus and “the new guy” - Neo sit discussing their plans over a cup of coffee. “So how did you get into this,” asked Neo.
    Morpheus used to be a real “Patriot”. He still is. But not in the same sense he used to be. Morpheus used to be what he derisively calls a “Patriotard”. Today, Morpheus is an Exit Counselor helping people to exit the Matrix. The Matrix of confusion and lies that the Jew operates behind.
    “Yeah, I used to be a real Patriotard,” Morpheus says to Neo. “I had been fully indoctrinated by the Cult that is currently in charge here. My work is to help other people understand what is really going on - and to enable them to free themselves from a Cult that is designed specifically to enrich and empower themselves, while at the same time - destroy you”.

    (End Pt 2)

  15. (The Exit Counselors Pt 3)

    Patriotards are people who have essentially been coercively influenced/brainwashed by Jewish propaganda. The BITE model describes the primary controls over human behavior. Behavior - Information - Thought - Emotion.
    The Jewish-Controlled-Government and Media apparatus recruits and retains its followers by using, among other things, systematic deception, behavior modification, the withholding of information, and emotionally intense persuasion techniques (such as a staged atrocity like the Jewish perpetrated 9/11 event, politically charged movies or even false flag theater shootings). Collectively, these described as "Mind Control".
    “I used to think mud people were the problem, rather than just a symptom. I even used to listen to Rush Limbaugh. That fat bastard had me thinking it was Patriotic to want to protect Israel and the Jews. After a certain point, I was so far gone that I really started thinking that White guys were the real problem - my own people, people just like me,” said Morpheus.
    “Essentially, a Cult has taken over here. And we need to stop it,” said Morpheus.
    Is it really a “Cult”? asked Neo. “Let’s see here,” Morpheus said, as he reached into the lower left hand pocket of his dark blue BDU pants and pulled out a dictionary. “It says here that the definition of the word “Cult” is:
    1: formal religious veneration : worship
    2: a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also : its body of adherents
    3: a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also : its body of adherents

    “Well then - what’s a Religion,” asked Mike. “Religion” - here it is” said Morpheus as he paged through the dictionary.

    “A religion is:
    1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
    2. a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects: the Christian religion; the Buddhist religion.
    3. the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices: a world council of religions.”

    “I don’t really see much of a difference in those definitions,” said Neo. “So basically we’re going out to try to f*ck with peoples religious beliefs” asked Neo.

    “Judiasm is a cult that codified the usury and the idea of Jewish Supremacism into what they call their religion. It’s an evil cult”, said Morpehus.
    “Our objective is to help people make informed choices and decisions based on tangible evidence and truthful analysis. I don’t inject opinion. We work with objective tools that are designed to separate fact from fiction. Lots of times, that’s the same thing as separating good from evil. That all,” Morpheus said.
    “Hey, it’s time for us to go”, said Morpheus. So, both Neo and Morpheus headed out to work. They were going to spend the next three to four days “Exit Counseling” another person - and freeing their mind.

  16. Listen, Sand N**ger...your peeps are getting blown away daily by Jew controlled American Troops.

    Your stupid race spew isn't going to help your Towel Head brethren.

    In fact, it's only going to hurt them more.

    If you want to stop being part of the problem - drop the race talk and focus on the real problem.

    Got that, Hadji?

    If not - sit tight and watch your people die.

  17. If I were Greek, I would help the Golden Dawn Movement, and vote for that party. As for Iran, I pray that it is not true that already many of those Persians are staving to death because of the sanctions imposed on them. One of the Iranian children asked a relative of mine visting there, whether it was true that the Amerikans want to kill him. Certainly, most of the Republikans do.

    1. Anyone who still buys into the whole fake "Republican vs Democrat" dichotomy is not very intelligent and are ignoring blatant facts.

      I would not point a special finger at "Republicans". If you notice, Obama is a "Democrat" and has extended the murderous wars.

      Your statement about "Republicans" is not backed up by facts.

      Interestingly, you mention nothing about those who pull the strings of both parties.

      Why is that?

      Are you unable to spell the word "Jew"?

    2. Your post smells of Jew-Stink.

      Why falsely blame "Republicans"?


      We know why. Because that's code for "White people".


      You have a persistent troll here.

      A Jew troll.

      First is the race issue. Now its a "political" issue targeting Whites. This troll is so transparent it's boring.

      Gotta do better than that.

    3. I think it's the Democrats under Obama that are killing the people in the Middle East.

      Or am I wrong?

    4. 98 % of blacks voted for Obama.

      Obama is killing brown people.


      What does that tell you?

    5. They watch too much JewTV....

  18. 98 % of blacks voted for Obama.

    That means that blacks are RACISTS.

    Black people = Racists

  19. The former shah of iran exposing the jewish lobby-

    Ahmadenijad ans the islamic republic are nothing but jew puppets. Ive always heard ahmadenijad say "its the zionists, not all jews". He and his backward 7th century mentality is what runs iran. In iran, women are forced to wear the headscarf and are stalked by "morality police", stoning is the punishment for adultery, and transgender operations are encouraged by the government. Irans birthrate has fallen below replacemnt level under the islamic republic, while under the shah, it was above, due to jew inspired sex education being promoted by the ayatollahs

    If your a white nationalist, support the shah, he even accused the jew media in america of smearing him and criticized the jew henry kissinger. His father was an ally to nazi germany, and.he was overthrown by the allies at the instigation of the jews

    The shah also us the title "aryamehr" which means light of the aryans in persian, and emphasizes irans aryan persian heritage and past, he celebrated irans 2,500th anniversery at the tomb of the great white king cyrus the great who ruled over the persian empire.

    This was all undone by the islamic republic, some extremist ayatollahs even wanted to bulldoze cyrus's tomb, and they are destroying iran's aryan heritage, any white nationalist who supports these primitives just because every few years they threaten to bomb israel and never actually do it, is plain stupid.

    1. Khomeini issued a fatwa allowing transexual operations to take place-

      Jew inspired sex education enforced by iranian islamic republic-

      Google "iran fertility rate"- its 1.67, below the 2.1 needed for replacement. It wasn't like that under the shah, it was because the ayatollahs introduced sex education

      Khomeini told saddam to commit suicide like hitler- these were his own words-

      Look up the shah muhammad reza pahlavi on wikiquote, he said many things exposing america and the jews like kissinger, and thir control over american media

      I already posted the youtube video in my above comment of him exposing the jew media. Here, its revealed that the CIA plotted against the shah-

      Ahmadenijad is nothing more than a jew puppet. Long live the shah, and long live iran's aryan heritage, which the islamic republic is destroying. may israel and the islamic republic collapse, wish nothing but death to them.

    2. The Shah was installed by the CIA.

      Case closed.

    3. for the past 30 years, iran has said they could destroy israel. Why haven't they done it? As recwntly as 2008, irans friend in syria, Bashar al assad, was willing to negotiate a peace treaty with israel, with israel exchaning the golan heights for peace, he participated in turkish mediated negotiations with israel, it only ended because of the gaza war and netanyahu's election.

      Hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah himself has said hezbollah only fights israel in lebanese territory. That hezbollah will disarm when israel leavea the shebaa farms, and hezbollah and israel have negotiated ceasefires and agreements to to attack civilians before. nasrallah never said that hezbollah would liberate palestine or continue fighting israel once it leaves lebanon. Go look at what nasrallah told julian assange on his russiatoday show, and at hezbollahs position on shebaa farms. Hezbollah knew that syria was interested in signing a peace treaty

      Hamas has now turned against the syrian government, openly denouncing it. Gazan based jihadists like Nael Misran have also attacked the syrian government, calling bashar al assad " obamas dog", since obama has done virtually nothing against syria.

      If you think iran and Co. are standing up to the jew k1ke world order, you are very mistaken. Iran opposed the taliban and america set up a pro iranian regime in iraq.

    4. The Shah was installed by the CIA.

      That fact is in the public record.

      Your post is gibberish.

      Direct from Tel-Aviv no doubt.

    5. the shah was not installed by the CIA. the first shah of the pahlavi dynasty was Reza Pahlavi, and he was allied to hitler during world war 2. He was deposed by the Anglo Soviet invasion of Iran in 1941, they feared as hitler was getting deeper into the soviet union, that the Shah would join him in the attack on the caucasus oilfields.

      Britain wanted to restore the heir to the qajar dynasty, who were supporters of the zionist project in palestine, but the heir was born in england and did not speak farsi, his parents were exiled ther by reza pahlavi,

      So britain and the soviets continued to occupy iran and nominally put in reza pahlavi's son, muhammad reza pahlavi as the new shah. They thoughtthat he would bend to their will since iran was under occupation, mossadegh became prime minister in 1953 and started to renationalize british oil interests in iran, the shah did not do anything because he has no power, ans mossadegh decided to remove the shah so he could take over iran himself. This led to the infamous CIA coup in 1953 against mossadegh. The shah had no power, and was put back in place, if you were the shah, would you have refused to be restored?

      Mossadegh was also a leftists and a friend of the pro soviet tudeh communist party in iran. The CIA only supported the shah because he was not communist.

      The CiA thought hed be compliant with being a puppet. They were dead wrong. Withiin a couple of years he took back the iiranian oil fields from the british, and in private he said he would " fuck" the british "rigid" If they had the audacity to advise him., go type in " fuck british rigid shah" on google, the second result will link to a book

      I already posted youtube links above to videos of the shah exposing the jewish lobby, and of the CIA profile of the shah which was highly critical of him. Go look up everything i posted.

    6. U B smokin' crack :)

    7. Why don't you explain to us how the Jews have nothing to do with the Usury Based International Banking Scam and how it's really the Iranians who are behind it?

      That would a good one.

      Go ahead.

      Don't be shy Moshe.

    8. I posted links directly to videos of the shah attacking the jewish lobby, and a video of the cia profile of the shah, and videos exposing the islamic republics perverted jew inspired sex education and transsexual surgery, and you claimed my post is gibberish without offering any evidence in return.

      I also posted above information regarding the CIA coup in 1953. the CIA toppled mossadegh because he was pro soviet and a friend of the communist tudeh party. They only restored the shah because he was not communist. The Shah's father, reza pahlavi, was an ally of nazi germany and was depoes by the anglo soviet invasion of 1941.

      The fact is on public record. Go look up the anglo soviet invasion of iran yourself. I also posted the video of khomeini telling saddam to commit suicide like hitler.

      Before accusing me of being a k1ke, why not offer any evidence countering the points i made in my posts? What has the islamic republic accomplished against israel? They threated to destroy israel every year during quds day, and never do it.

    9. ROFLMAO.

      I defend the pahlavi dynasty, who were true irainian patriots, and allied to nazi germany, and the shah who accused the jews of being in control of the banks and the media, and criticize the islamic republic who not only allow transsex operations, but also lowered irans birthrate to below replacement level, and i get accused of claiming that iranians are behind the international banking scandal.

      Thats a good one. If you are so much of a friend of the ayatollahs, why dont you supoort stoning to death(found in the torah too), circumcision(something they share in common with the kikes), and transsexual surgery here in america?

    10. Your posts are bullshit.

      We need to be talking about how we are going to destroy the Usury System and what we are going to replace it with.

      You are resorting to every Jewey tactic you can as you lamely grasp for straws.

      Let me redirect you Moshe. The issue is Jewish Debt Slavery.

      That is the problem facing the world today.

      No need to discuss the price of rice in China.

      Debt Slavery is the weapon of International Jewry.

      You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it.

      And we can all see that you don't want to talk about it.

      Why is that? LOL

    11. Moshe,

      Spell out the word "KIKE".

      There is an "I" in it. Not a numeral "1".

      You are acting like a kike. Yes, you.

      Also, spell out the word "GOD". Don't use the kikey "G-d" spelling.

      Type "God hates fu*king Kikes".

      Do it Moshe.


    12. God hates fucking kikes.

      By the way, i posted the complete "kike" two posts above before you pointed it out.

    13. Right on!

      Now I'll actually read what you posted. :)

    14. The first item on this blog post was about ahmadenijads annual announcement in quds day about destryoing israel, which has been said every single quds day every year, and which iran is never working toward accomplishing.

      If you are talking about banking and usury- syria has a central bank, and ignores all religious prohibitons regarding trade and banking. Syria borrowed shitloads of money from the soviet union during the cold war. Assad invited obama to syria in 2009, and wanted increased trade and rappaproachment to the west, like china did in the 80s, and hes been switching the syrian economy from soviet style to western neoliberal economics.

      Iran doesnt do usury just because of religious prohibitions, not because ithey dont want to copy kikes. Iran and syria's policies are worlds apart domestically, iran has to call everything islamic, while the syrian government is anti islamist, iran also supported the communist sandinistas in nicauragua even while khomeini was promising to make iran islamic and destroy iranian nationalism. If you think the islamic republic has principles, go take a crap.

    15. Ok,

      I read your posts.

      Please explain to me how any of the geo-political issues surrounding Iran, Syria, Lebanon, etc. are relevant to the Kike Usury Scheme?

      I am not following how any of that really matters with respect to the very evident fact that Jewish Power has seized control of entire governments directly through their control of the issuance and valuation of currency.

      I certainly hate to see people killed for nothing. Especially when they are just pawns being toyed with by Jews.

      We need a monetary system that does not allow private corporations to "create" money and manipulate markets.

      Adolf Hitler took appropriate steps to counter that evil.

      That is why the Jews vilify him to this day.

      Personally, I don't "hate" any ethnicity. We are all suffering under this evil Usury system.

      That is what we need to face in a unified manner.

    16. I am aware that your statement about "principles" is most probably true.

    17. Richard nixon was anti kike, he supported israel out of strategic reasons, so did pat buchanan. The shah of iran was the same, he exposed the jew media, nixon said the same things as him on his leaked tapes about jewish influence and control.

    18. You need to promote awareness about jewish influence, without making bombastic statements like ahmadenijad does

      The shah of iran spoke perfect english, acted like a westerner and had style. Ahmadenijad speaks farsi and he appears like a clown to most westerners. This is why ahmadenijad is easily modked by the jewish media, he threatens to destroy israel, and he doesnt have the power to back his statement up

      While the shah of iran had the ability to influence millions about the extent of jewish inflitration, khomeini and ahmadenijad appear like blustering clowns. The shah was forced to go to egypt after his overthrow because jimmy carter didnt want him in america. He never made dumb statements which allowed him to be mocked.

    19. As you know, Politics is like "show-biz".

      The thing that really matters is the control of money, natural resources, industry, and people.

      All of that traces right back to ...... the Usury scam.

      Private corporations "creating" "money" out of thin air and "loaning" it for repayment plus interest.

      Even to a child - such a system is simply crazy and unjust. Even a child looking at such a system will realize who it empowers.

      That is what we are facing on a global scale.

      There may, in fact, be different factions struggling against eachother within that usury system. There seems to be some evidence of that.

      However, if we want to be free people - we must institute a method of exchange that does not allow for a hostile takeover of entire nations - through the control of currency.

      The present monetary system is broken. It was designed that way intentionally.

      Time to fix it.

    20. This is why white nationalists should never say they support ahmadenijad if they want to appear respectable. Just alert people to the jew media moghuls and banking heads, once you support a clown people think you are the clown. Tell people not to do business with jew banks and boycott them. Concrete steps need to be taken by people, ahmadenijad isn't going to help any of us with it.

    21. Can you please explain the real story behind the Iran/Iraq war?

      Is it true that Saddam was operating on behalf of kikery?

    22. Ok. You are talking sense.

    23. The solution is to reimpliment the gold standard and disconnect the international finance system, make each country's banks as isolated from each other as possible.

    24. The gold standard would be ok if it were not open to manipulation to valuation influence by speculators.

      Gold is a commodity and can be manipulated.

      Hitler based his currency valuation on domestic production. That worked and was insulated the currency from outside speculators.

      I like that idea better because it also encourages domestic industrialization - which means jobs.

    25. Another major needed reform is stopping the wanton trading in company stocks.

      People who have no ties or stake in the place where a company is located should not be able to own that company.

      Allowing that practice encourages off-shoring to cheaper labor markets.

      That is what is going on now.

      It's killing us.

    26. It seems that you and I are on the same side.

      Please accept my apologies for being rude.

      We get a lot of kikery around here.

    27. Saddam as a crazy melagomaniac, while iran was te rational side in the war( not talking agout wrong or right, i mean khomeini, despite being unprincipled and buffoonish, was not crazy). Saddam gave out orders based on dreams he had during the war, he was basically working for himself and had dreams of empire.

      He didn't operate intentionnally on behald of the kikes, but he didn't care about them either much, until israel bombed his osirak reactor. One of saddams former aids said that he felt backstabbed by the move, saying that he was protecting the whole middle east from iran and israel stabbed him in the back.

      Most of the war crimes were committed by saddam ( mustard gas) because of his personal racism to iranian people. He was just a crazy nutjob who managed to take power.

      Iran received some f 16 fighters from israel during the war, america and the soviet union both aided mostly iraq, with some exceptions like the iran contra scandal and a few soviet weapons sales to iran.

      Bascially whoever paid the most money got the weapons. The kikes did not actually care which side won or lost, most countries cared more about the soviet war in afghanistan

    28. Ok. Understood.

      I also understand what you are saying with respect to Ahmadenijad.

      Makes sense.

      Again, I'm sorry about my rudeness.

    29. I accept your apologies, i know alot of people think that the only critifs of the islamic republic are jewish, but there are alot of iranians who don't like the kikes and they don't support the islamic republic, like the pan iranist party.

    30. I assume you are concerned about your people and their freedom - right?

      How about if we all get our act together and educate people on the fact that they are debt slaves and how that system operates.

      Then, the people should be able to see who is doing it to them.

      I would like to see people free to the extent that they are not in the bondage of debt slavery. That is truly evil.

      Everyone wins if we can have a fair system of economic exchange.

    31. Frankly, you make perfect sense.

      We exist here in an environment of "managed news".

      It is all manipulated.

      To see through it you have to look at other things in the environment to discern what is actually going on.

      I know we understand what the source of the problem is.

    32. I just re-read what you wrote on the situation in Iran.

      It is very interesting.

      May I ask how you are aware of these facts? I get the feeling you don't simply rely on "what you read".

      Interesting about the Shah as well.

      I am sorry I treated you the way I did.

    33. John,

      It looks like I treated the above person badly - and they didn't deserve it at all.

      That person seems to be the real deal.

    34. It looks like Ahmadenijad is not who some people think he is.

      The above poster is credible.

    35. There are also some iranian groups like SUMKA (iranian national socialist workers party), and the Aryan League which oppose zionism and the jew controlled international banking, some of them have links to pro nazi parties from the days of the first pahlavi shah when he was allied to germany, those parties had connections with germany back then, israel would be scared shitless if they actually came to power in Iran instead of the current islamic republic. You just have to know the right people to get correct information, there are alot of Iranians who are sympathetic to national socialist movements, and they want the current regime in iran out.

    36. Dude, I've said it here before and I'll say it again, all you guys have to do is look beyond the rhetoric to the economic situation in the country itself.

      A real Anti-JWO leader almost always BENEFITS his people IN ADDITION to being Anti-JWO in action, such as rejecting usury and a central bank. You can't just reject usury and a central bank & then have your own central bank issue your own fiat money and fuck up your whole country with 30 years of double digit inflation, mass unemployment, mass drug-addiction, medieval laws that make women only half the worth of a man, etc. That's what these Khomeini disciples have done and it's not an accident, you know why?

      Here's why:

      "They [the clergy] believe that any portion of power confided to me, will be exerted in opposition to their schemes. And they believe rightly; for I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. But this is all they have to fear from me: and enough, too, in their opinion." ~ Thomas Jefferson to Dr. Benjamin Rush, Sept. 23, 1800

      Why is Thomas Jefferson against the tyranny of the clergy ?

      Because economic prosperity can only happens in country where people can REASON and think and peole can ONLY THINK and reason where individualism is protected to a considerable extent from group intimidation and force. There has be a tradition of individual rights in the country, the first step to which is that country has to be secular.

      It is ABSOLUTELY FALSE that Hitler's Germany or Mussolini's Italy crushed individualism and somehow succeeded in some 'collectivist,' group economic miracle. No, they used collective police action in self-defense to just put a leash on out-of-control degeneracy and criminality and the root of it all, central banking usury. Mussolini was the only guy to ever successfuly crush the friggin Mafia, I mean he just completely destroyed the Mafia. The crime rate and corruption in Italy went WAY DOWN, and yet Mussolini is considered the biggest, baddest criminal in Italian history nowadays by Jew propaganda. Mussolini's success was the model for Hitler who then went way beyond him. Friggin Ezra Pound, one of the most individualist guys who has ever lived and a total American patriot, lived in Italy under Mussolini by choice and defended the Mussolini regime. Why would he do this if Mussolini choked individualism and creativity to death ?

      Similarly, it wasn't a hundred National Socialists that 'collectively' designed the Volkswagen, it was Ferdinand Porsche, in collabaoration with Hitler. It wasn't a hundred people that made "Triumph of the Will," it was Leni Riefenstahl. Same thing with Hitler's own design of the Autobahn FREE-ways and all the other inventions and copyrights, over 300,000 stolen by Stalin's allies after the war. What country can possibly produce THAT many patents and copyrights without individual thinking ? Absolutely impossible.

      Where the hell are all of Islamic Iran's patents and copyrights ? Have you ever even heard of an Iranian product sold in the USA or Europe that wasn't some kind of food ?

      No religious theocracy has ever produced a scientifically progressive, industrial society. Christianity did not produce the renaissance, it produced the middle ages. The renaissance was a total revolt against Christian theocratic rule.

      Most of Iran's infrastructure, including the nuclear reactors were built under the Shah. This Iranian guy is right, the Shah's father was pro-Hitler and anti-clerical. The Shah was installed by the CIA but he falsely believed that they would play fair and let him bring his country into the industrial age if he just did what they told him to do.


    37. Remember that the west fought many wars against communists who were all anti-imperialist, 'freedom fighters for the proletariat' in their own minds and yet OWNED all the communists, ALL OF THEM, through a long leash of controlled opposition funded by banks from the very beginning. They blow twice and Cuba will disappear anytime they want. They blow three times and so will that ridiculous paper-tiger of North Korea.

      Iran is just the Islamic-Zealot version of the commies in psychological-operation terms. Instread of anti-imperialist rhetoric, they have anti-American and Anti-Jew rhetoric and just like the commies never benefited their own people one iota but took them backwards, neither do these theocracies whether born of a popular 'grass-roots' revolutoin or not. It was Ex-KGB guy Yuri Bezmenov who in this legendary interview with G. Edward Grffin said:

      "There is no such thing as a 'grass roots' revolution"

      All this doesn't mean that Ahmedinejad's rhetoric isn't true, but it's just exactly that TALK with no real action to back it up except a readiness to physically fight and how in the hell are you going to have a chance at a successful military defense when you can't even fix your own economy and mass unemployment and drug addiction problems ?

      Recognizing the obvious fact that Islamic Iran is a backwards-ass religious theocracy does not mean you all of a sudden agree that YES the Jews have the right to go in and conquer the country for themselves by sticking their USA attack dogs on them to bomb some 'freedom' and 'individualism' down their thorats. It just means that the Iranian people should reject the JEWS first and foremost AT ALL TIMES, but overthrow their own tyrannincal government and install a legitimate non-theocratic ANTI-JEW one, based on the model of National Socialism or Italian Fascism, which Golden Dawn has adopted in Greece, that benefits themselves while providing a direct line of leadership into the country's legitimate self-defense through military and police force to avoid letting the Jew bankers and their collaborators in.

      The sad fact is that IF they overthrew their own government and set one up like Assad's or Quaddafi's on the model of Fascism or National Socialism that DID NOT allow the banksters in, they are EVEN MORE LIKELY to be attacked than now.

      ~ Negentropic MK II

    38. He is a video of the shah criticizing the economic policy of the west ( britain) towards iran -

      I noted already that the shah in private vowed to "fuck" the british for giving him advice while they nationalized irans oil and stole it

      The Shah of Iran also told the new york times during the OPEC oil embargo that the west needed to pay more for oil because they were ripping him off by selling him back the same oil refined as petrochemicals at a far greater price, and overcharging iran for wheat and sugar, this was right after the yom kippur war when opec embargoed the west for its support of israel. The title fo the article was "Price Quadruples for Iranian Crude Oil at Auction" by William D. Smith on December 12, 1973 in the new york times

      The shah knew how to project a refined image in public, and clearly articulate his opposition in the english language the jewish controlled economic policies towards iran. Ahmadenijad knows nothing about economics nor how to speak publicly

    39. Iran is rotting badly now under the current regime, the birthrate has gone down, the practice of temporary marriage is abused to have cheap one night stands, transexualism was encouraged by khomeini and there is also massive drug use, the regime took these tactics out of the books of the jews, they openly denounce homosexuals but allow transsexuals. There is no basis for that in iranian culture or islam which the ayatollahs claim to be upholding.

      This is exactly what the kikes do to western countries.

    40. Thank you for the clear picture of what is happening in Iran. This discussion has been way better than what is available in the Jewish media.

      I appreciate your time.

      Excellent. Thanks.

    41. I've seen that video before.

      The Shah started to really bite the hand that fed in the 1970s, that Mossad / CIA hand that had been up his royal Iranian ass since the 1953 overthrow of Mossadeq by Kermit Roosevelt, so they stuck an Ayatollah Khomeini Islamic fundamentalist chainsaw up there instead. lol, A literal swarm of crazy violent religious fanaticism came out of NOWHERE to jump on the Shah's head. He never saw it coming and neither did all the midle class Iranians who left the country (unless they were freemasons, then they were warned early).

      And then just like that as soon as he ran away from Iran, the Shah is reported to have cancer and immediately croaks within a year. How convenient !

      And for icing on the bullshit cake, as soon as Reagan got in for Carter, literally HOURS after he was inaugurated, Khomeini releases after exactly 444 days(kabbalistic number ?? It is a weird number that's for damn sure; I'll have to ask Dennis Fetcho of Illuminatus Observer) ALL 52 (another weird number, same as the weeks in a year) of the American hostages they had been using on all channels of Western Jew-owned media to get all Americans and Europeans lathered up into raging hatred of Iranians they had always been friendly with before during the Shah's time and start advocating the nuking of Iran and it's new unappetizing symbol of black evil : The Ayatollah Khomeini.

      They had a field day plastering Khomeini's face all over every outlet of media at their disposal and this was NOT so they could go in there and re-install the Shah. This was because they wanted to demonize ALL MULSIMS behind Khomeini's evil image for future anti-Muslim wars and invasions, starting with another one of their own hand-biters in Iraq: Saddam Hussein

      Whoever protected and then installed Khomeini from his safehouse in France (Eustace Mullins claimed it was the Mossad in an interview he did with Daryl Bradford Smith of a while back) they apparently had had this whole Islamic brotherhood controlled possiblity of igniting a mass zealot uprising trump-card up their sleeves all the time since the days of Lawrence of Arabia. No one saw it coming, least of all the Shah himself.

      The Shah was non-fanatic but still a religious Muslim believer and that's why he actually didn't hassle the Mullah-Clergy like his pro-Hitler, non-religious father had and this was one of his big mistakes since this allowed the treacherous Mullahs his fathered had stripped of power to plot & conspire against him and screw him real good later when they got the chance or let's say they got 'the go-ahead signal.'

      ~Negentropic MK III

    42. Ok.

      Knowing all of this - what's going on here?

      Is this media frenzy about attacking Iran just a broadway show intended to distract away from the massive impending disaster of a financial collapse?

      Or is it the precursor to an actual attack to begin yet another un-winable long term war for which untold amounts in loans will be borrowed from the Jewish banks?

      I haven't been able to deduce the answer to that one.

    43. Jewbullshit there. IDF? CIA? Sorry -the Shah was the ultimate Jewslave - that's not even close. The Shah saw out U.S/British imperialist designs on Iran - he was appointed after Iran's democratically elected leaders was deposed in a coup by the Shah - after he wanted to nationalize Iran's oil industry. His torture regime was well known as was his murders of hundreds of thousands of his own people....Current Iranians don't like the religious police, the over-the-top control of their social lives etc but if what you say is true - and it isn't - why is the Islamic Jewslave republic sponsering Syria and Hezbollah militarily? Those aren't the actions of Jewslaves. But you certainly sound like one...

    44. Beware foreign 'intelligence' agents who like to use their spare time to throw a load of BS out there. Listen to what these twits are saying- don't support the only resistance movement out there against the Zionist scum. No. Instead go on a website and write a bunch of BS about the Islamic regime in Iran being a bunch of Zionists! Yeah OK BUDDY...back to work now, manning those checkpoints in Palestine...

    45. Doesnt' it seem strange to you that the Global Zionist Lobby(Zio-Corp)is wasting so much time trying to portray Iran as ready to launch a nuclear strike at Israel - trying so hard to get Americans to sacrifice their lives and money - to destroy a regime that is in their back pocket?

      No - I didnt think so either...

    46. Fetcho's answer as to whether those 2 weird numbers I was wondering about had any kabbalistic significance, apparently not:

      "Regarding the 52 and 444 - perhaps there is a Kabballistic significance but not that pops out in my head. These numbers are not a part of Jewish Kabballah - 52 is Hermetic (EARTH). 444 is 10/10/10 and 10 cubed is 1000 which is M and hence "SUN" - so this could be viewed as an "EARTH/SUN" numerical sequence..."


    47. Negentropic, I'll be on Fetcho's show September 22nd.

      Would you please email me? You can find my email by clicking on my name.

  20. Ahmadenijad speaks the truth. So does Hugo Chavez. The only two in the world who spoke out against the one world order run by Jews. There was another. Remember Benazir Bhutto? But she got killed shortly after saying that 911 was an inside job. She probably would have fingered the real culprits had she been allowed to live.

    In order to attack this 'jewish' thing, we need to discredit the torah and the talmud. We'll need to keep up the fight against this fictitious pile of fables called the bible. There is no historical veracity to it and so there is no justification for Israel's existence outside of it. The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.

    Keep up the good work John.


    1. From a strategic standpoint, an all-out assault on an individuals belief system isn't really a great idea because they will resist through the psychological defense mechanism of denial.

      The problem we are facing is multi-pronged, but its root is Jewish Usury.

      We need to expose that system for what it is.

      Once that is done and people understand it - we can slowly work on reversing the damage that has been done through the subversion of religion.

      Many people have adopted religion as part of their lives. It is not realistic to think that it will be possible to simply rip that away from them in a single moment.

      They will resist.

      Religion itself is dependent upon "Faith". Faith is confidence in something that can not be proven in a tangible way.

      Best to leave that undisturbed except to show how the enemy has subverted their "faith". They will likely accept that if you show them the facts.

      This is a process. Not a simple cure.

    2. Someone posted this piece on Ahmadenijad and the Shah here:

      August 20, 2012 1:32 PM


      I have looked into what they said and it is credible.

      This raises questions about Ahmadenijad and what is really going on with respect to the "conflict" involving Iran.

      It is entirely possible that Ahmadenijad is controlled opposition.

      The fact pattern regarding international finance and the Shah's stance raises some ugly questions about how our perceptions of the Iranian situation is being fed to us by the Jewish media.

      "Houston - we have a problem".

    3. "Faith is a state of openness or trust. To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don't grab hold of the water because if you do you will sink and drown; instead you relax and float. And the attitude of faith is the very opposite of clinging to belief, of holding on. In other words, a person who is fanatic in matters of religion and clings to certain ideas about the nature of god in the universe becomes a person who has no faith at all; instead they're holding tight. But the attitude of faith is to let go and become open to truth, whatever it might turn out to be." ~ Alan Watts

      No, not THAT Alan Watt who goes on AJ's show but the Zen master. Lark in Texas read this quote on his recent appearance on Deanna Spingola's show.


    4. Negentropic,

      I try not to challenge anybody's "faith" due to the inevitable resistance and mind closing results.

      That quote by Alan Watts is very interesting.


    5. Problem is not their faith or their superstitions or the fairy tales they choose believe in but when they try to shove those 'moral imperatives' with initiated 'moral' force, sanctioned by their 'holy fairy book' down the individiaul's throat in a theocracy.

      "Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law." -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814

      Islamic Iran is an extreme example of a theocracy. They're like the Islamic version of the Salem Witch Trials happening on a regular basis in the 21st century. Go read their own laws and watch some of the public whipping videos posted on you tube for protesting the fashion police if you don't believe me.

      Jews bash Islamic Iran all the time because they CAN bash them, they have all made the perfect targets to bash from Khomeini all the way down to Ahmedinejad, it's hard to believe they didn't manufacture these targets themselves. The closer the leaders of the Islamic republic can be tied to 'Hitler,' i.e. the most evil man who ever lived according to 60 years of propaganda, in Judaic eyes that's a good thing since in the brainwashed public's mind, the possiblity of a 'New Hitler' automatically triggers the official lies of the holycost which then justifies as 'self-defense' their stealing and occuption of Iran, using massive goy sucker force, to protect themselves from another holycost.

      ~Return of the Son of Negentropic

    6. Excellent response.

      Thank you.

      I feel like I should be paying you for a subscription. :)

      Very good insights.

    7. @Amerikagulag

      You've read all of Ahmedinejad's public rhetoric, now why don't you read some quotes from the Shah :

      Needless to say, he didn't consider himself a "puppet" but a true nationalist by the time the 1960s and 1970s rolled around. He thought he was a genuine 'anti-communist,' not realizing that being anti-communist only matters when you're not controlled by the same bankster-funded forces that control all Marxist / communist movements.

      Here are a few choice quotes :

      "You think that Mr Khomeini, [an] uneducated person ... could have planned all this? Masterminded all this, set up all the organization? I know that one man alone could not have done it ... I know that a tremendous amount of money was spent ... I know that top experts in propaganda were used to show us like tyrants and monsters, and the other side as democratic liberal revolutionaries who want to save the country."

      "Nixon has the audacity to tell me to do nothing in the interest of my country until he dictactes where that interest lies. At the same time he threatens me that failure to follow his so-called advice will be to jeopardize the special relations between our two countries. I say to hell with such special relations. " --As quoted in Asadollah Alam (1991), The Shah and I: The Confidential Diary of Iran's Royal Court, 1968-77, page 278

      "We were wrong to believe that the British are our friends. You are obsessed solely with yout own selfish interests and treat us as a people beyond the pale. But your attitude is a matter of profound disinterest. Your democratic system has already erupted into chaos. We shall soon overtake you and in a decade you will be struggling in our wake. Perhaps then you will remember how you treated us." ~ As quoted in Asadollah Alam (1991), The Shah and I: The Confidential Diary of Iran's Royal Court, 1968-77, page 236

      "Thank God we in Iran have neither the desire nor the need to suffer from democracy." ~As quoted in Asadollah Alam (1991), The Shah and I: The Confidential Diary of Iran's Royal Court, 1968-77, page 233

      "If [the British] have the fucking audacity to advise me ever again, I shall fuck them so rigid that they'll think twice before crossing my path in future." ~ As quoted in Asadollah Alam (1991), The Shah and I: The Confidential Diary of Iran's Royal Court, 1968-77, page 173-4

      "One of my chief "crimes" then, was to have wanted Iran to move from the oil age into the atomic age before it was too late. Must I blush for that? The peaceful use of nuclear energy did not create problems for radiation and contamination for us since we have vast stretches of desert...
      I was accused of having adopted the plans for nuclear power stations among others for reasons of "personal ambition". Was it not obvious that I would be dead before most of these plans had been carried out? Why speak of personal ambition then? It was rather a question of forseeing Iran's needs. My "personal" ambitions are known to all men of good faith - to preserve national unity, to make the Iranian people as happy as possible and to prepare a more peaceful future." ~ The Shah's Story (1980), Page 68

      ~Negentropic MK IV

    8. Take away religion and that's what you will have - and American gulag...

      It's not the 'Torah' that's the problem. Jews can have the Torah. They can believe anything the fuck they want. But they can't be allowed to destroy our homes and our people because they believe they should.

      Fuck them...

    9. sorry - that should read "Take away religon and that's what you will have - an American gulag".

      Think Communism - and you start to remember once more...think the Russian and remember and look at American today...don't let Jewish BS's not's not a closed secret - everything is staring you in the face...

  21. John,

    You might want to write something on specifically on Ahmadenijad.
    The poster who began here:
    August 20, 2012 1:32 PM]

    That poster has raised some very important issues that lead me to suspect that the portrayed Iranian conflict is Kosher.

  22. Timster does a nice job of putting John in his place:

  23. Hey,

    Iranian dude - thumbs up!

    You too Negentropic MK II - excellent contributions!

  24. Hey everyone, thanks for all the comments. I really hate moderating comments, especially because I am away from my computer for large parts of the day. So, some of these clown, ignorant, pathetic trolls from kenny's are going to continue to embarrass themselves here. It's annoying, but we'll have to live with it. If it gets out of control again, I may start moderating again.

    Also, I am all for free speech, but I do not support using racial slurs of any kind directed against any ethnic group. We can talk about Jews, blacks, whites, whatever without using racial slurs. Please keep that in mind going forward.

    I just received a rather threatening email from the JDL today, the same guy who emailed Mark Glenn a while back. I will be contacting the FBI tomorrow, and have already filed an electronic complaint. I will have to check out this entire thread tomorrow night, it's been a long day and I'm off to bed.

  25. I really hate it when cowardly persons cower behind the anonymous tag, it makes them soooooooooooo- anonymous.. no individual personality, no special opinions, just a bunch of anonymous people.. re. Ahmadi Nejad, he, courageously, speaks the truth, openly, and without fear, nothing anonymous about him, he has courage, and honour..

    1. Yes, because your fake name really proves who you are brave woman.

    2. Ingrid B, I completely agree with you.

      And anonymous, you are not welcome to read, comment, or even visit my blog. Please refrain from doing so in the future. Thanks.

  26. Jews are radicalized as children by their rabbis so they grow up as sociopaths.

    Then they can go out into the world and spread poison and be part of the criminal network without conscience.

    This is how it works.

  27. Hi!
    I ALWAYS like Sites whose admin/personnel have the guts to stand up v the Zionist animals.

    I am not alone on the Net. Welcome, take a peek pliz at my Page

    Additianally, u can Search yusuf bin jussac, joe jussac, jr., yusuf jussac to read my posts -- brief and/or long -- elsewhere.

    Enjoy! Shalom!/Salaam! means Peace to u all, derive from SAME three consonants of Hebrew and Arabic origin spoken by Prophet Ibraahiim/Abraham alaihi salaam/pbuh.


    Joe Jussac, Jr.

  28. All can verify for themselves whether it is true or not that the majority of Amerikans polled who call themselves Republikans still think that our United States 0f Israhell was , justifiedin attacking Iraq and should attack Iran, whereas the minority of Demokrats think that way. As for myself, I am an independent populist activist, very white, VERY anti-Jewish, who plans to vote for neither major party, but will help Kurt Haskell, who won the Demokrat primary for Congress in Michigan because he exposed the false flag attack on his plane that brought about the Jewish company being allowed to scan our bodies at the airports


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