Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Real Aryans

A friend of mine sent me the video below, which I found quite interesting.


  1. Lately, I've come to view the Jewish conspiracy for world domination and subjugation as directed primarily against the white, Christian world, especially during the past 300 years or so. In WWII, they essentially destroyed the last savior of the white Western world, which was Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. The Jews and their Masonic puppets infiltrated and largely controlled the UK, France, and the United States prior to WWI and WWII. The Bolshevik Revolution was directed against the nationalistic and anti-Jewish central bank czar of Russia, which paved the way for Jewish Communist rule in Russia. The Jews and their puppet Allies destroyed Germany and her allies in WWII. Then, the cultural Marxist revolution in the United States - the "women's lib" movement, promotion of abortion, homosexuality, "alternative lifestyles", drugs, alcohol, general dumbing down through propaganda and pharmacological methods, "multiculturalism" and immigration, etc. - completed the Jewish conspiracy against the West.

    Now, after the false flag PSYOP on 9/11, they are using their brainwashed slaves and puppets in the West to destroy the Islamic world, which was never totally on board with the Jew World Order agenda, in particular from a cultural, religious, and social perspective. I'll have more to say about this in future posts.

    1. Oh pleae you white supremacist piece of trash. We are ALL victims of extremist jewish terror and zionist domination. Of course a SHILL like you would turn it into a racial issue thogh.

    2. Savior? Oh my god you are so beyond redemption. Either a total shill or the biggest moron on the planet.

    3. "The real Aryans". Yes all beautiful European faces, eventhough they are found in Afghanistan and N.India. It is worth remembering that these are probably descendants of Alexander's Greeks, in 300 BC. Also, that Alexander married an Afghan Princess by the name of Roxanne.

    4. Of course the anonymous trolls from kenny's show up instantly as soon as anything is mentioned about race, typical. "White supremacist"? Are you joking man? You are such an ignorant clown.

  2. When you have time to read Mullins...

    The Curse of Canaan

    The Biological Jew

    90% of so-called "Jews" are Khazar "Proselytes"...

    100% of Proselytes are mind controlled robots for the anti-truth / anti-mankind / anti-Aryan / ...

    That would include "Jewdeo-Christians"...Freemasons & Mormons...among other stool sculpture deity cult members...

    ...what then is a race specific bioweapon...specifically ?

  3. Indo-European languages that's the Aryan connection.
    So now we know that Aryan means a Nobel human being.
    Amongst the Indo-European tribes, culture flourished. The Khazars were another central Asian tribe also of Indo-European stock, but in 900 AD there King forced them into the religion of Judaism.
    The Khazars make up at least 90% of all Jews on the planet. They adopted the Jewish practice of circumcision a grotesque procedure of cutting off the loose skin of the penis on the infant male child with out any pain killers. This trauma to the whole sexual being of Jewish men has caused them to be an insane tribe of people. Its not Zionism which is the problem, its the religion itself! The Jews are not a race (even though it seems that way)they are a mind-fucked group of people, who think they are fulfilling Gods plan on Earth. They believe they are the chosen ones. It is this mind-fuck that drives them on, with all the atrocity's they have inflicted on humanity. Think Palestinians. Israel was created by terror. The Jews (not Zionists)have fucked up this planet royally. Now the JEWS are going to start world War Three, for what? For what? To protect Isri-hell? Look at the kind of country they have made. This is what they are doing to our world. The natural world is disappearing, all is buildings and business and commerce. No respect for nature and the world the real God gave us. Jews worship Yahweh a brutal mean vindictive bastard, that tells them to do all sorts of horrible things. Is it any wonder that these people would be waiting forever for these messiah, and too dumb to realize him when he arrived 2000 years ago. Because the Jewish Rothschild's have amassed all the money in the world, Jews now rule Earth. 911 was a Jew job, but none of them will ever be caught and tryed, becouse they control our government, our media, and society. In Germany you can go to jail just for a thought crime, questing the Holocaust! I could go on and on. Wake up America. Wake up world, before the Jews thrust us into the most dreadfull war ever to be on Earth. All life may die!

  4. "Having laid out the ascension to power of ancient demonic forces that are intent upon degrading and destroying the entirety of the human race, it is reasonable if the reader would ask what I believe can or should be done about it.  But then, to ask that question is to ignore all that I and the Aryan prophecy I have quoted from have said can and should be done about it -- the sum of which is, essentially, nothing.  Time is the Great Destroyer and it is going to destroy the world; the Aryan can resist it, and, in that resistance, he can find eternal life in the next world."
    ^ William White, "The Centuries of Revolution: Democracy, Communism, Zionism", in the Afterword

  5. Hey John, check this out it's hilarious :


    "Hitler’s Cross" a cafe in Mumbai, India, complete with swastika logo was the brainchild of Puneet Sabhlok, a novice restaurateur, who said he wanted a catchy cafĂ© name to sell his $3 to $4 plates of crostini tonno, pear & ricotta salad and pannacotta. So he went with Hitler’s Cross. “Hitler is a catchy name. Everyone knows Hitler,” he explained in an interview. After intense pressure from the ADL, German & Israeli diplomats, and India’s Jewish community, the cafe’s name was changed to “The Cross”.

    Hey, that's nothing, check out the rest:


    By the way, you spelled Chris Holmes's name 'Holes' in your 9-11 Research links section, I don't don't think he'll appreciate being called 'Chris Holes' lol



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