Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Jewish Hoax - Michael Hoffman


  1. On the holohoax bit, the Irish first adopted that word ("Holocaust")during the late 1840s during their genocide at the hands of the brits- a deliberate genocide which official-history whitewashed as a "potato famine", as though it were all an unfortunate act of Mother Nature. Irish crops during the period were diverse & abundant, but the brits had a food crisis during the period, and half their armed forces were in Ireland taking the crops at gunpoint from the (unarmed) Irish.

    D.Spingola's had the leading truth-teller re the Irish Holocaust, Christopher Fogarty, on as guest 2x in recent months. His site is

    Comm-free MP3s: May 7, '12 show:

    May 28, '12 show:

    1. Thanks, I listened to that show and was stunned at the information provided by Fogarty. My family background is mostly Irish on my mother's side, and mostly German on my father's side. The Irish and the Germans have been getting screwed by the Jews and the British for a long time now...

    2. That's a great site of Fogarty. Thanks Anon. My grandfather would never stand up for the national anthem in the cinema, nor fight. I guess he knew. His family was from the far west of Ireland.
      However notice Fogarty says this in his website:
      "..neither the Irish nor Jewish communities had hand or part in the conceiving and planning of the genocides from London and Berlin"

    3. Hmmm.... interesting felix, thanks. I haven't really explored Fogarty's site to be honest with you. I have only heard him on Spingola's program.

  2. Let’s take a look at this video. First, the character on the left of the screen is YT 108morris108 - who is very obviously a Jew. Observe the giant beak-like structure sitting between his eyes.

    Michael Hoffman seeks to “spread the blame” and deflect responsibility away from “Jews. “I wouldn’t put the onus exclusively on the Israelis or the “Judaics”…”,he says. Then he goes on the blame the “Masonic Network”.

    That bastard goes on the make a direct comparison between “The Third Reich” and Israel. Specifically, he says : “Yet we have the Third Reich operating in the Israeli State…”

    Hoffman repeated attempts to deflect away from the “Jews”. He blames everyone except the Jews. During a brief discussion of how the Israelis are ejecting the negro immigrants from Israel, the liar says: “The main campaigners for open borders are quite often the Zionists so they do not practice what they preach..”

    The final nail in the coffin is this fact that Hoffman blatantly states that he believes that the “holocaust” did happen.

    This video is a disgusting, scripted Jewish smokescreen seeking to further delude the goyim.

    1. I was hoping someone who offer a critique of this, thanks for doing so. His main point regarding the "Masonic network" was that the Jews, or "Judaics" as he says, would not have the power or influence they do without the support and acquiescence of the Masons, which I think is a valid point. What he doesn't say, however, is that Masonry is essentially Judaism for Gentiles.

      His comparison between the Third Reich and the modern Israeli state was absurd also. And I was disappointed in his very brief discussion of "the holocaust" - instead of forcefully and openly rejecting that false Jewish narrative of history, he essentially accepted it. Unbelievable. I've been listening to Carolyn Yeager the past couple months, and I totally agree with her - revisionists need to be much more forceful and uncompromising when discussing the "Holocaust". Hoffman failed big time in that regard.

    2. The issue regarding the "Masonic Network" as a "Jewish-Enabling Organization" parallels other Jewish subversive strategies.

      It helps to realize that much of Jewish strategy is developed by Rabbis - who literally spend much of their time trying to figure out ways of subverting the goyim.

      For example, Rabbis have been responsible for the long term Jewish subversion of Christianity. So it would by just as valid to say that the Jews would not have the power or influence they do without the support and acquiescence of the Church.

      It would also be just as valid to say that the Jews would not have the power or influence they do without the support and acquiescence of the Government. Why is that? Because the Jews have subverted Government.

      The Jews overwhelmingly choose to employ ethnic puppets in the performance of many of their orchestrated terrorist attacks - such as they did with the supposed "Arab" hijackers of 9/11. This is a clear strategy to deflect blame away from Jews.

      The ploy of blaming "Government" or the "Church" or "Arabs" for Jewish crimes against humanity is merely a ploy designed to avoid direct responsibility.

      Did the "Masonic Network" pre-date Jewish subversion - or did the Jews actually create the "Masonic Network" as a Trojan Horse of sorts? That's the only real question here.

    3. For one thing, don't even ever capitalize the word or just write holohoax instead. If you have to use the word at all, you can also write holycost or holiest-of-all-costs instead to mock the symbol & drive home the message that you could care less about their spelling or imposed interpretation.

      Anyone brings it up or 'Not-Sees' linked to it in any way anywhere on the net forums or comments, just come back with:

      You mean the holohoax?

      Auschwitz had a cinema, pool, brothel, post office, dental facilities, library, huge kitchen, university (!), sauna, camp money, hospital, maternity ward (3000 recorded live births & not a single infant mortality while the camp was under German rule), orchestras, theatre, soccer fields, etc. Red Cross visited often & the entire records are online.

      Why would they provide all this?

      Watch on you tube:

      "Last Days of the Big Lie"

      "One Third of the holocaust"

      & "David Cole at Auschwitz"

      Then just let it sit there, don't even bother arguing the point in further posts because you'll never convince anyone with words better than those 3 videos if they're at all open minded & bother to watch them.

      So never let them define the narrative for you because all it takes is a few sympbols & words to bring the entire weight of their 60 year propaganda down against you when certain words trigger certain mass reactions from brainwashed people. That's why if you put a Swastika in your website banner you would get all the associations with that triggered in people's head & their defenses go right up. Whereas if you're just a regular guy like Charles Giuliani or a nice lady like Deanna Spingola examining history to the best of your ability, you become much more effective. How effective would Spingola or Giuliani be if they 'sieg heiled' at the beginning of every show ? How effective would David Irving or Ernst Zundel be if they 'sieg heiled' before every speech? Having tact & being tactical is not the same thing as compromise. Goebbels understood that truthful propaganda was the most effective propaganda but only if it was smart enough to be tactical & understand the power of mass-psychology & conditioning & use it to advantage just like the enemy did.

      Same thing with white nationalists. They have every right to their beliefs as individuals as long as they're not violating rights of others but if they get associated with the kkk & those ridiculous clowns that used to come on the Jewy Springer show & threaten to kill their grandkids if they came out half-non-white in front of 10 million people & make jackasses of themselves, they basically just get laughed out of existence. Look at David Duke. Even after 30 years of being tactful, he still can't get rid of people's programming against what he says, no matter how rational, due to his association with the kkk.

      Mockery & a gentlemanly logical approach & easy-to-repeat but 100% truthful memes always work better than absurd & unnecessary anger at people's conditioned lack of understanding & long drawn-out arguments or any more draining of your energy than needed to make a point well & move on.

      Let the work already done by 30 years of revisionist work concentrated in those videos, available in a matter of seconds on the web for anyone interested, do the job for you.


    4. Very well said, as always, thanks Negentropic. I agree.

      When I discuss the Holohoax, I either use "Holohoax or "the Holocaust" in quotations. I normally say something like, "the alleged Jewish 'Holocaust' of 6 million" or whatever. Political language is extremely important, I've come to understand that and I'm trying to be careful now days, or at least more careful than I was in the past. Sometimes, I just sit down and type and let the words flow. That usually results in curse words and bone-headed things being said though, lol. We're human, we make mistakes, and I'll be the first to admit to it. I'm trying though.

  3. I have heard that Michael Hoffman's family background is, Jewish. Might he be harboring some tribal loyalty that causes him not to forcefully and openly reject the Holocaust narrative? Hmmm.

    1. Hoffman exposed himself for exactly what he is in that video.

      Hoffman is shilling for the Jews.

      Plain and simple.

    2. Please do not underestimate the foresight and planning ability of your Jewish enemy.

      While "not all" Jews are intelligent and possess decent organizational and planning skills - most Rabbis do possess those skills.

      And Rabbis advise and direct the overall "Jewish Community" towards "what is good for the Jews".

      In many cases, "what is good for the Jews" is spreading disinformation through a network of agents and associates.

      Hoffman is definitely on board with them.

    3. Let's be clear here.

      Hoffman is NOT a "revisionist".

      Hoffman is a "disinformationist".

      Who said: "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves"?

      Hoffman has exposed his true nature and his underlying motives. He is not a genuine "revisionist". He is carrying water for the Jews, while at the same time attempting to poison the well of knowledge on behalf of the Jews.

      ANYONE who can state that they believe the Grand Jew-Lie of the Holy-Hoax...after the voluminous release of information PROVING its falsehood - is simply a liar.

      Are they a "paid liar"? Are they "merely deluded"? Are they "just stupid"?

      It hardly matters.


    Oh, say can you see what a damnable sight,

    What so proudly we hailed Is-ra-el has taken,

    Outright frauds and bold lies proved a perilous fight,

    Oh, our congress bowed too, with palms out – eyes gleaming,

    And the Patrio-tards too, mesmerized by the tube,

    Pur-chase their own chains from some far away Jew-ry,

    Oh, see how that six-point-ed star of Satan waves,

    O’er the land of the O-beeeeeee-se and the home of the Slave.

    1. Oh, see how that six-point-ed star of Satan waves,

      O’er the land of the O-beeeeeee-se and the home of the Slave.


    The Western Religion of Judiasm, Christianity and Catholicism use the same Propaganda Manual called the “Bible”. Even Islam is an “Abrahamic” religion and was a creation of the Jews.

    Although each of these religions cite much of the same story, each brand claims its version is the “best” one.

    As with any advertising, the Propagandist knows that there is no idea easier to sell than the idea that you “special”. So they tell their followers that they are unique in human history. That they are descended from the first man and the first woman. And that that were chose by their creator to convert or rule over all other cultures.

    To secure the deal they add the idea of an eternal soul. That way, death doesn’t seem so bad. And they won’t resist being sent to fight against competing brands.

    Religious is regarded by the common people as true.

    By the wise, as false.

    And by the rulers, as useful.

  6. And I read that the average IQ of the Jews is the same as that of Americans, 98 (and I doubt that the rabbis are the brightest bulbs of the Jews).

    1. You are probably right. But they key is that the Rabbis devote their energy towards studying their evil book and advising their followers in the various Synagogues of Satan.

      It does not take a brilliant mind to come up with the idea of a false flag op.

      At any rate, it is a good idea not to underestimate your enemy.

      If you overestimate him - you might end up allocating resources in your defense that proved unnecessary.

      If you underestimate him - the results can be catastrophic.

  7. Hoffman is not a shill. I think he is a refined genius and says and thinks differently. If you would go to his website, you might appreciate him a little bit more. Everybody's different. Lighten up.

    1. Sorry,

      Hoffman is definitely a shill.

      That video certainly exposed that FACT clearly.

      The yid with the big schnoz was feeding him totally scripted questions that Hoffman was reading the prepared answers to off his screen.

      The "discussion" was specifically designed to deflect and diffuse Jewish responsibility for their crimes against humanity.

      Listen, "junkergirl"...or who ever you really are....nobody - and I mean NOBODY is buying your baseless defense of HOFFMAN THE JEW SHILL.

      You're making a fool of yourself. LOL

    2. That's probably Hoffman the shill - posing as "junkergirl" telling us he's "a refined genius".


      You know what Hoffman - you'll get yours one day.

      You can't do the work of evil like you do - without paying a price for it.

    3. Questions for junkergirl:

      Would you agree that the government is controlled by Jews?

      Would you agree that the media is controlled by Jews?

      Would you agree that the financial system is controlled by Jews?

      Would you agree that Israel is controlled by Jews?

      Would you agree that the Catholic Church has been subverted by Jews?

      Would you agree that the “holocaust” is a Jewish Lie?

      Would you agree that Jews in the US government and Israelis were responsible for the events of 9/11?

      We’ll all wait patiently for your answer.

  8. Hoffman said IN THIS VIDEO that the Fraudulent Jewish Holy-Hoax happened.

    He gave a weak, scripted "excuse" for why none of the major leaders ever mentioned any "death camps" in their memoirs.

    Hoffman = Weak + Scripted + JewTool

    Frankly, no person of even average intelligence can possibly continue to believe the blatant Jewish lies that combine to form the Holy-Hoax.

    No person who has looked at the evidence believes it.

    Bottom line: Hoffman is the enemy.

  9. 108morris108 on youtube is Morris (or Maurice) Herman, and is definitely jewish by his speech, mannerisms, etc, and he himself has mentioned his jew-upbringing several times.

    I find him a poor interviewer, and there is something not right with the guy's agenda, but I can't put my finger on it. MH's quest for donations is very prominent on his youtube site, and even flashes across some of his vids -- pretty seedy.


    1. "By deception thou shalt do war"

      That's what his agenda is.

      He is spreading JewSpin. If the guy isn't a Rabbi himself (and I would not be surprised to find out he is) then he is most likely taking direction from how Rabbi.

      That's how the roll.....

  10. A few facts, in case they matter:

    1. I do not believe that anyone was gassed to death in the Auschwitz-Birkenau slave labor camp. As the author of the book “The Great Holocaust Trial,” I present an account of the best courtroom refutation of the claims of homicidal gassings in Auschwitz-Birkenau. This is not to say that Judaic persons were not shot by the thousands and worked to death by Nazis, as Christians in the gulag were by Communists. I do not employ the Newspeak term “Holocaust” which can mean anything. If mass shootings constitute a “holocaust,” then there was a holocaust committed by the Nazis, the Stalinists, the British in India, the Americans at Wounded Knee and the Israelis in Gaza and Lebanon and so forth. If it angers people to say this, so be it.

    2. Consider the extent to which the rabbis in their own clandestine texts encourage racial hatred of Judaics. Moreover, where there are no neo-Nazi parties extant, the cryptocracy funds and directs them covertly. A racial focus on Judaic perfidy exclusively, will always disarm any movement aimed at restoring the freedom and national destiny of a people because it absolves those masonic, occultic and other Judas-gentiles who are key enablers of Judaism and Zionism while rendering every person of Judaic descent, even when they are enemies of rabbis and Zionists, as irredeemably evil. In terms of counter-intelligence alone, this is incredibly obtuse.

    3. Tactics of racial brutality toward subject peoples were certainly a policy of Adolf Hitler with regard to Slavs and Judaics, and we see similar tactics on the part of the Israelis toward subject peoples under their dominion. Therefore, seeing a Nazi dimension to the Israeli extrusion and mass murder of Arabs is a historically valid insight.

    4. The extent to which neo-Nazi groups are controlled by western intelligence agencies is seldom addressed. For example, the late William Pierce of the neo-Nazi National Alliance traveled freely to Germany during times when revisionists such as Hans Schmidt were being seized, arrested and imprisoned while visiting Germany. Pierce is known to have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in robbery money from members of “The Order” yet was never prosecuted or indicted.

    Readers of this blog ought to permit a bit more heresy and independence of thought before castigating someone as a double agent because they dissent from the paradoxical “party line” of racial hatred of Judaic persons and self-worship of “Aryans.” This self-worship has the same occult root as rabbinic Judaism. If you think that’s “disinformation,” then I am sorry for you.

    1. Good points Michael, thanks for commenting. I do have to take issue with a few of your comments though.

      "This is not to say that Judaic persons were not shot by the thousands and worked to death by Nazis..."

      I just don't buy this. What Jews, or Judaics, were shot by the Germans? To my knowledge, the only Jews or Judaics that were shot by the Germans were Communist partisan terrorists operating on the Eastern front. And they were shot justifiably so, weren't they?

      As for Jews or Judaics being "worked to death" by the Germans, where is the proof of that? The Jews in the labor camps were actually treated quite well, and only suffered as a result of Allied bombing of German supply lines, factories, etc.

      "Tactics of racial brutality toward subject peoples were certainly a policy of Adolf Hitler with regard to Slavs and Judaics..."

      Again, this seems more like Jewish/Allied propaganda than actual historical fact. Do you have a good source for this assertion?

      I always try to emphasize that the Jewish religion, based on the Talmud, is supremacist and outright evil in nature. However, that does not mean all individual Jews are. I think we have to make that distinction and judge people on their deeds, actions, character, etc. But sadly, most Jews do embrace this supremacist Talmudic ideology, even if they do not understand the bigger picture.


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