Friday, August 24, 2012

The Eternal Jew


  1. What do you know about Joseph Kowalski's testimony regarding the Gusen camp? Any links?

  2. Also, I watched part of a documentary on History Channel about how much money Hitler made and gave away to certain political/military officials (of course, this Doc was pro-Jew). I am wondering about any other potential negatives against Hitler, since I view ALL politicians at national levels as corrupt.

    1. I can't recommend buying a copy of Mein Kampf and reading it, it will give you a clear picture as to what Hitler was all about, what he stood for, etc. I can't find too many negatives against the man, to be perfectly honest with you. He was the real deal.

    Here is a wake-up call for your.
    Within the boundaries of the Jewish Ethnostate in the Middle East - (you know, the one populated by follower of the Debt Slavery Cult - that one) there has been a significant rise in the number of foreign passport requests so that those people can leave the Middle East and re-settle in places like
    So, here we see a very, very, very dangerous and ominous development. Consider for a moment how much subversive, destructive, anti-white poison and Soviet style tyranny has already been hatched from the evil brains of the jews we already have here in America and then try to imagine a doubling of their population.
    Can you imagine 9 jews on the Supreme Court? How about 100 jew Senators? How about jews sitting as governors in all 50 states? As mayors in every city?
    Oh, in such a scenario – please realize that YOU will immediately become the new Palestinians and it will be us who these hard core racial supremacist jews will be torturing, terrorizing, and launching drone missile attacks against – right here inside what was once our native homelands.
    So, let’s avoid the subject of what we both know would be the proper and most effective remedy, with regards to solving The Problem. Let’s keep our dialog as civilized and as rational as we can – and based on that set of conditions, the following points become pretty clear and I think we both can agree on them:
    1. These alien creatures are toxic and totally incompatible with White Western European people and, due to their intense, seething hatred for our race – pose an existential threat to both our racial survival and to the preservation of what’s left of White, Western European civilization. They lust for our genocide, plain and simple – and therefore any long term strategy to secure our survival has to include expelling these dangerous termites from all historic White nations and then enacting laws which permanently prevent them from ever returning.
    2. Expulsion, by its very definition – requires a new destination for those who are expelled. If not Israel, where would you suggest?
    It is entirely possible that we could see a majority of these hate filled aliens from Israel wind up here, inside the USA and then the size of our problem will have effectively been doubled. To make matters sound even more dire, I will guarantee to the entire White community that this flood of Israeli jews is a precursor to the Israeli IDF, Israeli Mossad being immediately be folded into the existing DHS and FBI/CIA – and the jews will have effectively resurrected their beloved USSR right here on American soil. Complete with a brand new Cheka, NKVD and KGB – all rolled into one.
    And, shortly thereafter, the jews will begin the round ups and mass exterminations of White European men. White European females might be kept around for a while, to be used as sexual trinkets to help satisfy the carnal lusts of Satan’s children – but, eventually, they will murdered as well.
    It is pretty clear that the USA is heading for a breakup into ethnostates, under that futuristic scenario – any notion of establishing a new jewish ethnostate here in North America, on the same continent with our White Ethnostate – that is also totally unacceptable.
    Here’s why: Just as the jews have done in Israel since they stole that piece of sand in 1947, they will continually try to expand the borders of their new ethnostate and steal more and more land from their non-jewish neighbors.

    These people are pathologically programmed to be thieves and control freaks and it is dangerous to have them anywhere near our homeland.

    1. Very interesting, thanks a lot. I can't say I disagree with anything you wrote...

  4. John Friend I'm 62 & it's only been the last two years I've started awakening.
    Thank you for the great quotes, inspirational, & much to study.


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