Wednesday, August 1, 2012

News from the Jews

I follow the Jewish press far more closely than I follow the Jewish owned mainstream press, and I find it much more accurate and useful for figuring out the Jewish agenda and what's really going on in the world. The Jewish owned and manipulated mainstream press (NY Times, Fox News, Washington Post, etc.) is basically Jewish propaganda served up for the dumb goyim, while the Jewish press (Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, The Jewish Daily Forward, etc.) is written strictly for a Jewish audience. The Jewish press offers valuable insights into Jewish thinking, (often distorted) Jewish history, Jewish culture, and the Jewish agenda.

I’d like to highlight a few news items that I’ve read over the past couple days which I found particularly interesting and revealing. The first comes from The Jerusalem Post, and is titled, “Analysis: Who’s a better friend to Israel?” A brief excerpt:
Like a kid at the circus, Israel just can’t get enough of the different acts.

First it was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who came to Israel earlier this month and in some of the harshest rhetoric yet by a senior member of the Obama administration, declared that the US would use “all elements of American power” to stop Iran.

Next were Thomas Donilon and John Brennan – US President Barack Obama’s senior security and counter-terror advisers – who came to Israel to coordinate moves on Iran and Syria. Their visits were followed up with Obama’s signing into law the new United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act last Friday.

Then came Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney whose aides told reporters in Jerusalem on Sunday that as president, the former governor would support Israel’s decision to unilaterally attack Iran.

Wednesday will top off this round of “Who’s a better friend to Israel?” with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s visit, which will include a tour of an Iron Dome counter-rocket defense battery the US is helping to finance.
Could it be any more obvious how completely subservient the entire United States federal government is to the criminal, illegitimate, terrorist state of Israel and the Jewish lobby in this country, especially considering Panetta's war-mongering rhetoric and threats against Iran the other day?  The outright treason on display on a daily basis is sickening, and yet it all passes for Serious, Legitimate diplomacy and statecraft.

The second article also comes from The Jerusalem Post, and is titled, “MK: Netanyahu must ‘unmask’ US spying on Israel”. A brief excerpt:
If US President Barack Obama does not commute the life sentence of Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard by the November 6 US election, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should expose American efforts to spy on Israel, National Union MK Arieh Eldad said Tuesday at a Knesset State Control Committee meeting monitoring progress in efforts to bring about Pollard's release.

Eldad noted an Associated Press report over the weekend about a break-in at a CIA-owned apartment in Tel Aviv. While the report sought to prove that Israel was monitoring American intelligence operatives, Eldad said it should have raised the question of why the US was operating in Israel.

"If Obama realizes that he needs American Jewish votes or money, there is hope to bring about Pollard's release by November,” Eldad said. “But if not, Israel must remove the [US's] mask. They say one of the problems of the Pollard case is that countries do not spy on their friends. It's time to say out out loud what the CIA was doing in that apartment and what is happening on the roof of the US embassy in Tel Aviv. They are spying on a friendly country.”

Eldad blasted President Shimon Peres for receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama at a June 13 ceremony in Washington, calling it shameful for him to accept the prize while Obama was preventing Pollard's freedom.
The chutzpah demonstrated here is simply incredible, yet unsurprising. Maybe it's time for America to "remove the Israeli mask" and "say out loud" what the Mossad and Jewish spies and sayanim have done over the years to the United States, ranging from stealing nuclear technologies, conducting blackmail operations, pilfering industrial and military technologies to sell to China and other third parties, carrying out false flag attacks (like 9/11), passing false "intelligence" to promote illegal wars of aggression against Israel's enemies, and a whole host of other crimes and subversions. I wouldn't count on it considering that the United States government is completely controlled by Jews and their puppets, but it's worth saying here.

The third article comes from The Jerusalem Post as well, and is titled, "30 suspected pedophiles arrested  in massive sting". A brief excerpt:
Some 30 suspected pedophiles were arrested in early-morning raids across the country on Tuesday, in the largest police operation against alleged sex offenders to date.

The arrests came after officers from the computer crimes unit of the Central Police District posed as a young girl and a young boy on popular chat forums, attracting the attention of suspects who lurked on the sites and preyed on minors.
Of course, you will not hear about this case in the Jewish owned mainstream press because the suspected pedophiles are not Catholic priests or dumb goyim. Go figure.

Finally, I’d like to highlight an article I read the other day from The Jewish Daily Forward titled, “Converts Who Changed the Church,” which openly documents and praises the Jewish infiltration and subversion of the Catholic Church, in particular during the Second Vatican Council. The Second Vatican Council produced the Declaration of the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions by Pope Paul VI, including a “Decree on the Jews”. The Jewish Daily Forward article offers the reader valuable insight into this subversion of the Catholic Church:
Fifty years ago this fall, Catholic bishops gathered in Rome for a council that would bring the church “up to date” by making it speak more directly to the modern world. After three years of deliberation, the bishops voted on and accepted statements that permitted the faithful to attend mass in their own languages, encouraged lay reading of scripture and entreated Catholics to think of other religions as sources of truth and grace. The council referred to the church as “people of God” and suggested a more democratic ordering of relations between bishops and the pope. It also passed a statement on non-Christian religions, known by its Latin title, Nostra Aetate (“In our times”). Part four of this declaration, a statement on the Jews, proved most controversial, several times almost failing because of the opposition of conservative bishops.

Nostra Aetate confirmed that Christ, his mother and the apostles were Jews, and that the church had its origin in the Old Testament. It denied that the Jews may be held collectively responsible for Jesus Christ’s death, and decried all forms of hatred, including anti-Semitism. Citing the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans, Nostra Aetate called the Jews “most beloved” by God. These words seem commonsensical today, but they staged a revolution in Catholic teaching.

Despite opposition from within their ranks, the bishops knew that they could not be silent on the Jews. When the document stalled in May 1965, one of them explained why they must push on: “The historical context: 6 million Jewish dead. If the council, taking place 20 years after these facts, remains silent about them, then it would inevitably evoke the reaction expressed by Hochhuth in ‘The Deputy.’” […]

The Catholics who helped bring the church to recognition of the continuing sanctity of the Jewish people were converts, many of them from Jewish families.

Most important was Johannes Oesterreicher, born in 1904 into the home of the Jewish veterinarian Nathan and his wife, Ida, in Stadt-Liebau, a German-language community in northern Moravia. As a boy, he took part in Zionist scouting and acted as elected representative of the Jews in his high school, but then, for reasons that remain inexplicable (he later said he ”fell in love with Christ”), Oesterreicher took an interest in Christian writings (Cardinal Newman, Kierkegaard and the Gospels themselves), and under the influence of a priest later martyred by the Nazis (Max Josef Metzger) he became a Catholic and then a priest. In the early 1930s he took over the initiative of the Diocese of Vienna for converting Jews, hoping to bring family and friends into the church. In this his success was limited. Where he had an impact was in gathering other Catholic thinkers to oppose Nazi racism. To his shock, Oesterreicher found this racism entering the work of leading Catholic thinkers, who taught that Jews were racially damaged and therefore could not receive the grace of baptism. His friends in this endeavor included fellow converts like philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand and the theologian Karl Thieme and political philosopher Waldemar Gurian. In 1937, Gurian, Oesterreicher and Thieme penned a Catholic statement on the Jews, arguing, against the racists, that Jews carried a special holiness. Though it constituted orthodox teaching, not a single bishop (let alone the Vatican) signed on.

Oesterreicher escaped Austria when the Nazis entered, in 1938, and continued work from Paris, broadcasting German-language sermons into the Reich, informing Catholics that Hitler was an “unclean spirit” and the “antipode in human form,” and describing Nazi crimes committed against Jews and Poles. In the spring of 1940 he barely eluded an advance team of Gestapo agents, and via Marseille and Lisbon he made his way to New York City and ultimately Seton Hall University, where he became the leading expert on relations with Jews in America’s Catholic Church.
The entire article is really worth reading, as is the Jewish press in general. Once you have a firm understand of the history of Jewish criminality, subversion, supremacism, and chicanery, reading the Jewish press will be much more illuminating than reading the Jewish owned and manipulated mainstream media, which is really just childish, mindless propaganda and "entertainment" for the goyim.

A couple others things worth mentioning...

Be sure to check out Charlie Giuliani's radio program today, which you can download here.  He had on Dallas Goldbug of, who does some very controversial work revolving around the use of actors in politics, in the "Truth movement", and high profile fiascos, such as the recent Colorado shooting, the Arizona shooting, and other events.  I think Dallas Goldbug has some interesting things to say for sure, but he is flat out wrong when it comes to Deanna Spingola, who is hands down the best alternative radio host and historian out there today.  I also think his contentions about the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the leading figures in the Nazi movement, Walt Disney and others are completely ridiculous and laughable.  But, his work relating to the Colorado shooting and the Arizona shooting seems legitimate.  The use of false or manipulated images, scripted "witness" and/or outright actors, and video fakery is an important subject that we should all be at least cognizant of if we really want to understand what is happening in this crazy world we live in.

Deanna Spingola called in to Charlie's program this morning at the very end of the show to confront Dallas Goldbug about his contentions about her.  All I can say is: priceless.  Make sure you check it out.

Finally, to see internet trolls in action, many of whom seem to hang around kenny's sideshow more than any other blog I've ever encountered, please check this comment thread starting here. These anonymous clowns are absolutely pathetic.


  1. Good article from the Occidental Observer about the Jewish subversion of the Catholic Church:

  2. Why would anyone waste their time with this Dallas Goldbug person?

    You are correct about the Jewish press. They will say out loud what is only hinted at here.

  3. John, good work. As for the Jew trolls and minions, delete them. If you smell one, trust your gut. No point in letting them waste your time/energy with endless inanities. More people are headed this way and will continue. No need to explain, justify, debate with the Jews and it will irritate them greatly if they are ignored.

  4. you are being taken in by charlie giuliani he is a shill

    1. Charlie Giuliani has not revealed himself to be a "shill". The fact that he has obvious fakes and frauds on his show does not make him a "shill". Giuliani does a show 5 days a week and he tries to keep his guest ledger full.

      Giuliani is providing two things: commentary and entertainment.

      Giuliani even does a public service once in a while. For example, he gave Golbug enough rope to hand himself with in a public manner.

      Giuliani allowed Goldbug to expose Golbug himself for the absolute fake and fraud that he is. This does not qualify Giuliani as a "shill".

    2. Giuliani a shill? You've got to be joking, right? You must not listen to his show. He is doing some of the best work out there.

    3. The premise of fake news & manufactured news is certainly not false as Giuliani correctly acknowledged.

      The fake moon-landings were the biggest manufactured news events of the past 50 years basically acted in by freemasonic astronauts.

      The proven 'Iraqis taking babies off incubators' public relations scam acted out by that diplomat's daughter that set off the first invasion of Iraq is another one.

      However the lunatic nonsense that Goldbug does with that premise destroys the premise itself.

      He puts the baby of a valid premise of manufactured news stories under a mountain of insane & flat-out ludicrous bathwater of 'lookalikes'absurdity until people in disgust just throw it all out & never look at even the premise itself again.

      What people in the half-truth movement are most afraid of, what they most supress, is No-Planes theory because the proofs of that theory basically make it inescapable that the most traumatic news event of the past ten years was also mostly manufactured by a fully controlled media. So it's not surprising that people want to spend so much time scapegoating this obvious lunatic, because they're desperate to kill the valid premise the insanity got extrapolated from.


  5. I heard the Giuliani Show with Dallas Goldbug. Goldbug’s “work” is not scientific.

    It is NOT POSSIBLE to perform Ear Biometrics by simply “comparing two pictures of different peoples ears”.

    Goldbug has not demonstrated that he has employed any recognized “system” of repeatable, reliable extraction of Ear Biometric data.

    An example of a repeatable, reliable extraction method is available here:

    Goldbug is merely an attention whore who is propagating wild paranoia - that he cannot back up with real data.

    I would not be surprised if Goldbug is receiving a check from Cass Sunstien.

    1. I'm glad you mentioned CASS SUNSTEIN in regards to DGB. for I believe that you have hit on something very real. Cognitive infiltration of conspiracy forums/blogs/websites is a stated goal of Obama's ''info czars'' Cass and van Jones. He is one of many who have been out out there by the likes of sunstien to discredit any legit alternative media in regards to the criminals who really run our govt.

  6. around a year ago I caught dallasGB's youtube about the AZ shooting, and it was intriguing.

    Then I watched several other vids in his channel, and his cred took a major nosedive-- making ridiculous claims about who in XYZ pic/vid is really what famous MK-Ultra person, etc.

    The last segment where Spingola called & confronted him was nails in his coffin... he withered under scrutiny.

    As to the spying bit,

    Seldom seen clips in this one, esp last couple mins-
    UK's Channel 4: Dancing Israelis claim that they weren't involved in 9/11 terror attacks (8 mins),

  7. Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.08.02

    Charles finally realizes that dallasgoldbug is full of it. He takes calls and the show ends up being all about Ed Chiarini (dallasgoldbug).

    Download (comm. free!)

  8. This to Charlie:


    Hi Charlie,

    I just wanted to give you some info on the Ear Biometric issue.

    I heard your show today and was disgusted by that apparently British bitch's lack of sophistication regarding the work of the fraud and shill otherwise known as "Dallas Goldbug".

    I just sent Deanna Spignola this email on that subject.


    Hi Deanna,

    I heard your appearance on the Charles Giuliani Show referencing a certain "Dallas Goldbug".

    Please understand that the so-called "work" of "Dallas Goldbug" is not scientific.

    It is NOT POSSIBLE to perform Ear Biometrics by simply “comparing two pictures of different peoples ears”.

    Goldbug has not demonstrated that he has employed any recognized “system” of repeatable, reliable extraction of Ear Biometric data.

    Examples of repeatable, reliable extraction methods are available here:

    And here:

    As you can plainly understand after reading those papers (and others), the science of Ear Biometrics is not something that can be accomplished without applying a rigorous, proven, repeatable procedure.

    I think you aren't doing yourself any favors by sending pictures of your ears to an obvious fake and fraud.

    How about having "Goldbug" explain in detail what metric he will apply to any images you would provide - before providing them.

    In the unfortunate case that you have already sent Mr. Fraud pictures of your ear(s) - I think you should probably take steps to educate your followers on this issue.


  9. I would like to have a permanent link to this excellent blog post, not this one...

    that relies on the story being on the front page of this site.

    I want to send the link to a couple of the "1 percenter" Catholic sites.

    Comment about Nostra Aetate.

    Technically this document says nothing that departs from centuries of Catholic magisterium teaching. But it is crafted in the craftiest of writing styles. The average person cannot figure out what it is saying or not saying. We get the distorted interpretations of what this document means from the 99 percent of Americanist Catholic media sites today. This is evidence of those infiltrators at Vatican II who are brilliant deceivers because their father is the father of lies.

    Here is a free downloadable audio of Dr. E. Michael Jones disgussing what Nostra Aetate really means.

    • Nostra Aetate - What It Really Says, an interview with E. Michael Jones (November 2005)

    1. Jeannon,

      While I feel sorry for you in your hopeless voluntary mental slavery to Jewish thinking - I question your apparent need to spread their lies.

      Lies, Jeannon.

      Made up fables, Jeannon.

      The Catholic religion is Jewish and promotes Jewish principles.

      We have a Jewish problem, Jeannon. And the Catholic Church is doing NOTHING to battle that problem. In fact, they are complicit with the Jews.

      Surely there are plenty of circle-jerk sites where you can post Jewish derived Catholic bullshit. Perhaps there you can rub elbows with other like-minded folks who believe that everyone is “equal” and that we should “turn the other cheek” in the face of Jewish aggression and negro crime.

      No - I’ve got a better idea. How about moving to Africa so you can “spread the gospel” and engage in your true desire, which is to appear to be a “messiah” and “show the way” to a vast group of “people” who you regard as inferior?

      That sounds like a better way of doing things. That way you get to satisfy your messianic complex - and the negros get another White person to rape and then kill.

      Win - win.

    2. Jeannon, you might want to take your "stuff" here:

      Christians United for Israel:

    3. Hey Jeannon,

      If you aren't really too excited about "spreading the gospel" in Africa - how about trying that in Israel?

      Yes, please go there and attempt to hand a Bible to someone in Israel - and see what happens to you.


  10. Headline in the inbox from the JPost this morning:

    Ahmadinejad: World forces must annihilate Israel

    In Ramadan speech to Islamic country ambassadors, Iranian president says liberation of Palestine will solve all world problems.

    In a speech published on his website Thursday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the ultimate goal of world forces must be the annihilation of Israel.

    Speaking to ambassadors from Islamic countries ahead of 'Qods Day' ('Jerusalem Day'), an annual Iranian anti-Zionist event established in 1979 by Ayatollah Khomeini and which falls this year on August 17, Ahmadinejad said that a "horrible Zionist current" had been managing world affairs for "about 400 years."

    Repeating traditional anti-Semitic slurs, the Iranian president accused "Zionists" of controlling the world's media and financial systems.

    It was Zionists, he said, who were “behind the scene of the world’s main powers, media, monetary and banking centers.”

    "They are the decision makers, to the extent that the presidential election hopefuls [of the USA] must go and kiss the feet of the Zionists to ensure their election victory,” he added.

    Ahmadinejad added that "liberating Palestine" would solve all the world's problems, although he did not elaborate on exactly how that might work.

    “Qods Day is not merely a strategic solution for the Palestinian problem, as it is to be viewed as a key for solving the world problems," he said.

    He added: "Anyone who loves freedom and justice must strive for the annihilation of the Zionist regime in order to pave the way for world justice and freedom.”

    The Iranian president said that Israel reinforced "the dominance of arrogant powers in the region and across the globe" and that Arab countries in particular - he cited Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Turkey - were affected by Israel's "plots."

    Ahmadinejad, who has called the Holocaust a myth, has previously called for Israel's annihilation, in a 2005 speech in which he used a Persian phrase that translates literally as "wiped off the page of time."

    1. Ahmadinejad speaks the truth! Regardless of what you think about Iran, Islam, or anything else, Ahmadinejad is the only head of state being honest about the Jewish crime network destroying the world.

    2. The JPost story doesn't say, but I'm guessing their "Farsi language translation source" to be MEMRI, that israeli front-agency which mal-translates Arabic, Farsi etc into english for western ZioStream Media audiences- MEMRI's the inventors of the "...wipe izzy off the map" blatant mal-translation, which the ZSM has repeated ad nauseum for years.

      Another similar story, "Iranian Leader states war within weeks" - cites as their source Debka, another izzy mossad front, posturing as independent.

      “We’ll be at war within weeks,” he told the gathering, debkafile’s exclusive Iranian and intelligence sources disclose.

      ^ These 2 stories are just the usual joo lying method of PROJECTION (of their own behavior/agenda/evil) onto their opponents du jour.

      If izzy does instigate a war "within weeks", it could be triggered by the much anticipated false flag event at the ZION olympics... with preemptive seeding of western minds re the intended "Naked Iranian aggression triggered this war!" false flag narrative, via "stories" like these, which "source" nothing more than Izzy's own malinformation/propaganda organs (debka, MEMRI).

    3. Speaking of "the usual joo lying method of PROJECTION (of their own behavior/agenda/evil) onto their opponents du jour", ZCF has an article buried at his site: "The Psychological Projections of Organized Jewry",

      I'd like to see it placed more prominently at his site, coz that "invert reality & project" gambit is one they're using CONSTANTLY!

    4. Ahmedinejad does speak some truth, but it just so happens to always be the truth needed to spin Iran into demon enough in the eyes of the brainwashed west in order for Israel to have every excuse to set their goyim attack dogs loose to invade as some sort of 'self-defense' pre-emption.

      What would happen if he didn't speak those 'truths' & basically acted like Basher al-Assad ? He'd be less 'demonized' in the eyes of the brainwashed west & be considered that much more a victim of unjustified aggression in the eyes of the same western drones but he would still get attacked if he tried to buck the usurocracy and especially if he benefited his people economically as a result like Assad & Quadaffi.

      Therefore saying what he does say, even if true, is not to his tactical advantage.

      Ahmedinejad's spiritual master the Ayatollah Khomeini (a despicable man who wrote despicable books that few less-than-fanatical Moslems will even try to defend) spoke similar truths as part of his rhetoric and millions of fanatical Muslims and plenty of Marxist Iranians ate it up, supported him as some sort of grass-roots freedom fighter against western imperialism & U.S. puppet, the Shah. Actually, at this point, people always conveniently ignore the fact that the Shah had started seriously defying the Western powers that had installed him when he got ousted by the Islamics. You can check for yourself on you tube videos from the late 70s on the Shah, etc. He'd been pulling the leash for a while & seriously begun biting the hand that fed when just out-of-the-friggin blue, a swarm of Islamic fundamentalism got him on the run. No one saw it coming.

      Of course, once Khomeini got in power, he purged and killed way more people than the Shah ever had and then deliberately prolonged the Iran / Iraq war by 6 years, costing hundreds of thousands of extra lives. Instead of using so-called Islamic banking to benefit the people, instead they got 30 years of double digit inflation, epidemic drug addition & mass unemployment and misery enough that people legally sell their organs to pay off debts.

      So speaking truths in rhetoric is cheap. Soviets spoke it, Castro spoke it, Mao, communists of all stripes spoke it in the past with regard to Western imperialism while in reality being part of & funded by that same imperialism in a deliberately manufactured dialectic.

      What matters is if you back it up with action. And that action has to begin with ECONOMIC prosperity for the population.

      If Quadaffi did it, if Assad, why can't Iran?


      Hitler had to deal with a world Jewish boycott & war declared on Germany in 1933. In 3 years he brought the nation back to life. If the Islamic republic is on the same track, what's taking them so long ?

      By the way, there are 20,000 Jews left in Iran who are apparently pro-Iran & anti-Israel. They must not be up to shenangians on behalf of brethren outside the country or else why would Iran tolerate even that small number when 109 countries didn't?

      There were 150,000 Jews in Iran in 1948 which got reduced to 80,000 by the time of the Shah's ousting due mainly to immigration to Israel. 60,000 left after the revolution. Actually, if you've ever been to Beverly Hills, CA, you'll notice there are Persians everywhere. That's because quite a few wealthy Persian Jews went there; they comprise a fifth of the population of Beverly Hills. You can bet that few of these Jews are likely to be Ahmedinejad supporters and yet their fellow tribe members are fully protected by the Iranian constitution:

      "Ayatollah Khomeini met with the Jewish community upon his return from exile in Paris & issued a fatwa decreeing that the Jews were to be protected"

      Did Jews issue a 'fatwa' protecting Christians in Russia or Muslims in Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya ? So why did Khomeini issue a fatwa on their behalf ?

      ~ Negentropic

    5. Thanks Negentropic, excellent points.

      In Southern California in general, there are TONS of Persians, Kurds, and Iraqis, numbering at least one million. They are all over in LA, and there are tons in San Diego, where I live. Maybe if the US military stopped bombing and destroying their countries, they wouldn't have to move here?

    6. Yup, plenty of old-timer Iranians have told me that if the Shah's regime magically came back tomorrow they would go back tomorrow, they wouldn't even wait one day. They don't really like living in the U.S. all that much, they live here because they hate the Islamic regime.

      So you see how it's illogical for Iranians who love their country to hate a regime that's supposedly 'good for Iranians' as the anti-Jew & the anti-war people who never lived under the Shah claim ?

      Of course, Muslims and pro-Ahmedinejads come back with, screw those Iranian expatriates, they don't represent the majority of Iranians who sided with Khomeini in 1979 against the Shah, ignoring the far worse human rights record of the Islamic regime.

      Basically it's like this: the enemy of my enemy is my friend even if the enemy of my enemy acts like my enemy in its own designated zone. They don't care what the frig goes on in Iran as long as they stand against the Jew in rhetoric & the Jews hate them or pretend they do like they did with the communists when they wanted to mobilize a war against their own commies in the past. Why would they be scared of a country with no nukes when they have 400 nukes and the whole of NATO at their command ? They're just using that as an excuse to go in and take over & Ahmedinejad is conveniently giving them all the excuses they need. He's like Khruschev in that fake Cuban missile crisis charade with Kennedy fooling everyone into thinking that Cuba was anything more than a controlled opposition excuse 90 miles off-shore to point to anytime they wanted to invade a country for not towing their line as being a 'communist threat.' 'Terrorist threat,' 'communist threat,' same game different terms.

      Then you also have this disgusting dichotomy between Americans who believe in individual rights & justice & their criminal ZOG which has brainwashed them and uses their own goodness and desire for justice-in-the-world against them by pointing to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, etc. and saying: see, they oppress women over there, etc., go get 'em yankee.

      Did Germans run away from Hitler's Germany in the hundreds of thousands & vow never to return unless the Weimar Republic or the Kaiser came back? Hell no. 99% of Austrians voted to re-unify with Germany in 1936.

      So it's all back to the same point I made before that genuine opposition, dictatorial leadership or not, first & foremost benefits its own people economically.

      If the people are happy with economic condition then it's nobody else's business if they had to whack a few people to get there anymore than it's anybody else's business Americans whacked who knows how many Indians before they got where they were even before they whacked millions of people all over the world with bombs in wars they had no business whatsoever being in.

      Tragic, because it wasn't plunder that built America, it's never plunder that builds anything of lasting value, it's the productivity of people freed to use their individual talents.


  11. On the jooodaic subversion of Catholicism esp at the Vatican 2 Conference:

    Please be aware of the book, "The Plot Against The Church" by a pseudonym name "Maurice Pinay"- which was actually, allegedly, a collection of Catholic scholars who were hip the the jooz' subversive plans re Vatican 2, and these scholars wrote this book and released it within just weeks of the beginning of the conference, warning the participants & the world of what the jooz were up to. Find full text at:

  12. Here are Michael Hoffman's comments in regard to
    article I read the other day from The Jewish Daily Forward titled, “Converts Who Changed the Church,”

    Afterword by Michael Hoffman

    This essay by Mr. Connelly is based on a flagrant misrepresentation of the doctrine of St. Paul. Clearly Catholics will only be absolved of the charge of “anti-semitism” when they have completely abandoned the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and adhere to a false Christ and a false Gospel in the name of Christ.


    Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism’s Strange Gods and the editor of Revisionist History newsletter.

    1. Jeannon,

      Michael Hoffman is an agent acting on behalf of his Jewish masters.

      Please tell us why you feel it necessary to cite such an obvious shill?

      Among other things, Hoffman openly says that he believes that the "holocaust" happened.

      We KNOW that the "holocaust" story is a complete fraud. It is a cynical, aggressive lie and scam that is completely unsupportable under close scrutiny.

      You have also posted some other Christ crap.

      Are you a Jew, Jeannon?

  13. Thanks for all this illuminating info, from John and his commenters, about the takeover of the church of my ancestors, which once upon a time stood up to the Jews to protect the Christians. Not today!

    In his book JUDISH GOATS, Michael Piper writes very interestingly about one of our last Pope's connection with the Masons, about which he gives much evidence. (I am now reading a book, THE MASONS AND THE VATICAN). And the way he acts, it is no wonder that many people think that Pope Benedict is Jewish.

    And Ahmadinejad is my hero. No wonder organized Jewish Supremacists want him dead.

  14. More news from the Jews:

    Jewish refugees bill being considered by U.S. House of Representatives

    Bill recognizes 850,000 Jews displaced from Arab countries since 1948, along with Christians expelled from countries in Middle East, North Africa and the Persian Gulf.

    A bipartisan group of six U.S. Congress members is sponsoring a bill that would ensure recognition of the plight of 850,000 Jewish refugees displaced from Arab countries since Israel's War of Independence in 1948.

    Their bill in the U.S. House of Representatives also would recognize other displaced populations, including Christians from countries in the Middle East, North Africa and the Persian Gulf.

    The legislation specifically calls on the Obama administration to pair any explicit reference to Palestinian refugees with a similar reference to Jewish or other refugee populations.

    “The suffering and terrible injustices visited upon Jewish refugees in the Middle East needs to be acknowledged,” said U.S. Rep. Jerrod Nadler (D-N.Y.), the lead sponsor of the measure. “It is simply wrong to recognize the rights of Palestinian refugees without recognizing the rights of nearly 1 million Jewish refugees who suffered terrible outrages at the hands of their former compatriots.”

    Joining Nadler as cosponsors are Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), Howard Berman (D-Cal.), Ted Poe (R-Texas), Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) and Bob Turner (R-N.Y.).

    “Jewish refugees who were forced to flee Arab countries and Iran endured unimaginable hardships,” Ros-Lehtinen said in a news release sent to JTA. “Their plight has been ignored by the United Nations, other international bodies and many responsible nations. Any comprehensive Middle East peace agreement can only be credible and enduring if it resolves all issues related to the rights of all refugees in the Arab world and Iran, including Jews, Christians and others.”

    Both B’nai B’rith International and the World Jewish Congress were among those who applauded the proposed legislation.

    “We want to ensure that the United States makes the rights of Jewish refugees from Arab nations a priority in multilateral discussions about the Middle East conflict," said Eric Fusfield, B’nai B’rith’s international director of legislative affairs. "Any time refugee issues are discussed in the context of the peace negotiations, the rights of Jewish refugees need to be given their proper place.”

    Justice for Jews from Arab Countries has been pushing the issue for many years and was instrumental in obtaining a House resolution on the matter in 2008. The resolution noted that for any “comprehensive Middle East peace agreement to be credible and enduring, the agreement must address and resolve all outstanding issues relating to the legitimate rights of all refugees, including Jews, Christians and other populations displaced from countries in the Middle East.”

    A similar resolution is being considered by the U.S. Senate.

    1. The United States is a Jewish colony run by Jewish supremacists and their puppets/assets.


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