Tuesday, August 28, 2012

John Friend on Spingola Speaks

Last night I spoke with Deanna Spingola for a little over an hour about the letter I received from Danny Levi of the Jewish Defense League (allegedly), cultural Marxism/cultural Bolshevism, and a number of other subjects.  You can download the audio file here.

Tomorrow morning I will be on Charlie Giuliani's Truth Hertz Radio program on Oracle Broadcasting.

Also, be sure to watch the videos below.  Absolutely great stuff.

The first video is an epic rant by Lee Rogers, who also hosts a program on Oracle Broadcasting called Live Free or Die Radio.  We need more people saying the things Lee does in this clip.

The second video is an obviously sarcastic rant by an "evil anti-Semitic" man, which contains many profound truths and statements people need to hear.  


  1. Thanks John, we are glad to look and listen. I hope that you'll call into Michael Collins Piper's show on RBN Sun. evenings, to talk about the threats made on you, and any other subject about which he has written, that rightfully also concerns you.


      RBN is run by “certain people” who have “certain viewpoints” about “history”.
      The below is from an RBN article taken directly from the RBN website.
      Although 26 year-old Brandon Raub was forcefully detained against his will for his political views he was not charged with any criminal misconduct a hallmark of the NAZI gestapo which used the tactic of indefinite psychiatric detention to crush political dissent.
      NOTE: Please note the slanderous reference to the “NAZI Gestapo”. What RBN “meant” was the “JEWISH NKVD”.

      It was the JEWISH NKVD that forcefully detained people for their political views - who were not charged with any criminal misconduct and in very many cases were murdered.



    2. BothPiper and Spingola are superior hosts on RBN. All can address any criticisms of that network and website to John Stadtmiller, who calls himself its owner.

    3. John Stadtmiller - yes......definite problem there.

    4. Thanks Marycatherine, I appreciate it. I used to tune into Piper's program every Sunday, I need to start making that a habit again.

  2. crap! the youshouldknow.ucoz.com site is blocked

  3. Hello John,
    "Lee Rogers goes off on Romney and Obama about kissing Israeli ass"
    Now that is funny, but true.
    Bob in CA...

  4. Wanted to comment on the "depraved art" topic- there is a UK patriot who's doing a stellar job, vid search "Brian Gerrish". His sites: cpexposed.com

    One of the topics he's picked up in his speeches this year is the disturbing, dystopian "public art" which has been appearing around UK. Here's a 3 min clip taken from one of Gerrish's speeches,

    "Strange, disturbing and depressing public art is appearing all over the UK. This video features a short segment of a talk in Bournemouth by Brian Gerrish. What is the true purpose of this art?"

    Another topic BG spends time exposing, in part because it's more compelling than UK's "Common Purpose" NWO-front org:
    "Brian Gerrish - Child Stealing by the State ( 1 hour Talk )"

  5. Hello John,

    Pay special attention to the message of Anonymous Aug 28, 2012 6:42pm


    Yes, the anti-Zionism and the 9-11 truth movement have been very much infiltrated by the Jewish Criminal Network. There is a website even the alternative 9-11 truth movement community try to ignore: www.erichufschmid.net. It is worth paying a visit.

    Quotes from Eric Hufschmid "learn from my experience ......so that you can learn their (Jewish Crime Network) tricks and avoid to become a victim."

    John, take good care of yourself. Don't fall into their traps. The truth movement needs a real truth seeker like you.

  6. Your interview with Deanna was great, Man! The Lee Rogers thing, altho somewhat reminiscent of a B'Man rant, is too over-the-top in its cursing for me to point the rednecks I know to (altho much of what said is spot on).

    The anti-Semite video is awesome!!! Will have to use.

    Apparently, many like-minded people have all fallen for the same Antisemitism brain-washing and are all wrong... every instance in history of identifying the "Chosen Ones" so erroneously, is mistaken... every time we have been treated like inferior cattle is imagined... the Kol Nidre is but a meaningless prayer where "all" doesn't mean ALL... where we should praise and worship our government for allowing dual citizens to control them and us and our every move... just lies and distortion.

    I, too, am very sorry for misunderstanding these magnanimous, superior creatures and offer my total indentured allegiance to their supreme counsel and direction.


    Its time for any "decent Jews" to stop the lies. But I hold no hope that they will... most of them benefit too much by allowing it.

    1. Not only that, but they are brainwashed just like most of the non-Jews...

      Thanks B'Man, I appreciate the comment.

  7. Lee Rogers really Rocks in that piece !!!

    1. I loved Lee's rant, although it was vulgar and many would say offensive. I don't care though, stuff like that needs to be said out loud every once in a while.

  8. The Jew Lie Mantra is being pushed all over the so-called “Patriot” and so-called “Freedom” sites on the internet . Over at Alexander Higgins blogspot I posted this in a NAZI GUN LAW TYRANNY Bullshit thread . It has been waiting for Moderator approval for almost Thirty hours now . Probably won’t get approved by the Mods . there so I will post it here to show what the “Freedom Movement” does not want the readers to see ;

    US administrations have been dominated by Jews for decades now .

    All proposed Gun restricting legislation has been put forth by Jew Congressmen and Senators .

    I doubt that any of them were believers in the National Socialist Idea or members of the NSDAP .

    There are more lies printed in this article than there are pictures in a Playboy magazine .

    Jews are behind the push for a Globalist Police State emerging over the entire planet .

    Jews are behind the push for an end to the National Sovereignty of all Nations .

    Jews are behind the push for Chaos , Destruction and Wars in the Mideast .

    Jews are the ones consolidating power on a world wide scale .

    Jew Shills are the ones spreading Lies to disorient all who would oppose them .

    Jew Shills don’t need to be very clever when they are speaking to absolute Fools .

  9. What an excellent audio of Ryan Dawson, and I long for other Amerikan men and, of course, women and youth, to join him and broadcast the truths and sentiments he does here! Other times I have heard him slander Adolf Hitler and his political party, and I hope he reads the material you have presented here, John.

    1. Actually, Lee Rogers's righteous poignant speech I more preferred.

  10. NOTE: Please note the slanderous reference to the “NAZI Gestapo”. What RBN “meant” was the “JEWISH NKVD”.



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