Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Holohoax Survivors who Tell the Truth

Video found via Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust:

If you haven't sat down and watched Eric Hunt's documentary The Last Days of the Big Lie, please do so immediately.  Hunt exposes a wide array of liars and fraudsters who have used emotionally gripping stories - almost all of which are completely fraudulent or distorted to serve an agenda - in order to advance the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII.


  1. Carolyn Yeager had a very interesting interview with French revisionist Vincent Reynouard the other day, check it out if you haven't:

    It's amazing what this guy goes through over in France just for being honest about the Holohoax and WWII history.

    1. Vincent Reynourd will go down in history as an idealist. He has paid a tremendous price in his decision to stand up for truth in the face of a repressive regime.

      Many people regard people like Reynourd as "stupid" for "taking on the system". Indeed, the system has done its best to deny Reynourd the ability to earn a living.

      We operate in a similar environment here in the US. Everyone with a brain is aware of the ever present threat of being "Rick Sanchezed" if you say anything "Anti-Semitic".

      We are living in the environment described by Hans Christian Andersen in the short tale called "The Emperor's New Clothes".

      That story was about two weavers who promise an Emperor a new suit of clothes that is invisible to those unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent.

      Our story is about the Jews who hide behind the cloak of cult that masquerades as a religion. That "religion" sanctifies the practice of massive theft from others in the form or usury and related practices. This is only visible to those unfit for their positions, stupid, incompetent, racist, White supremacist, nazi's or anti-semitic.

      So, of course, no one "sees it" or dares to speak out about it.

      Pretty good scam.

      Isn't it?

    2. Vincent Reynouard is a hero, he openly denies the Holohoax and openly says he's a National Socialist in France, where it is illegal to do those things. He is clearly a warrior.

      Although the US doesn't have laws against denying the Holohoax, or criticizing Jews, it is socially unacceptable to do either things, and it jeopardizes your career and well being. I guess that is the risk you take standing up for the truth.

    3. You know, Vincent Renouard is a really serious hero.

      I think the highest form of bravery is standing and fighting - even when you know you're going to lose.

      He is there in the ring with the beast - slugging it out.

      His efforts give hope to people he won't even ever get to meet.

      I think that ember he's got going there in the form of his struggle for truth is going to ignite a real holocaust and destroy this evil lie.

      People like him are the true leaders.

  2. LAST DAYS OF THE BIG LIE really is essential viewing. it's hard to do, but trudge through it everybody! you'll never eat diamonds the same again..


    john, thanks for giving the addresses back to the video links. this helps. for some reason the videos don't show up when i am on your page... it's been this way for several posts now.

    1. Hmmmm.. That's weird. It's working fine for me.

  3. And I was disappointed to read Ted Pike in his report, report, "Torture in Israeli Prisons", comparing Israel's torture of Palestinians, fueled by Talmudic teachings that Gentiles are inferior to the Jews, to what he referred to as Hitler's SS in Nazi Germany torturing people 'inferior' to the 'master race'. It is posted today at the pragmatic witness website.

    1. It looks like that lady who's behind the Pragmatic Witness site is just mainly posting other peoples stuff.

      She has made ridiculous statements in the past concerning the exact issue you just brought to light by saying things like "don't throw the baby out with the bath water."

      Her meaning, that you're just supposed to ignore the totally false assertions about "Nazi's" that appear in a posted article as long as it contains some truthful info.

      Apparently she is not able to compose her own material.

      She have previously mentioned that she is unemployed - so it's not like she doesn't have time to write her own stuff.

      Maybe she's just intellectually lazy.

      As you know - anyone can have a blog. Even if they can't think too well.

    2. Question for Ted Pike and Pragmatic Witness....

      How many drops of diarrhea do you need to add to a glass of milk - before it's not milk anymore?

  4. Actually, I personally know that lady behind "Pragmatic Witness" and she is absolutely NOT lazy as this "anonymous" commentator claims...

    Oh, and she has composed many articles if you ever take the time to read her archives...

    I am truly shocked by your language and claiming that we do not "think too well"... Why not come out from the so called "anonymous" name, and show us your own work for comparison???

    I would suggest that you take your criticisms of others, and take a look at yourself first and foremost....It is easy to criticize the works of others without showing your own credibility!

    1. My apology for appearing to be critical.

      Yes, you are right. She has composed many good articles.

      My only point was in reference to the Ted Pike article referenced above.

      It slimes "Nazi's".

      I would throw that bathwater out along with the rest of it.

      Sorry to have offended you. I have read your writings also - and am a fan.

      Sorry for my choice of words.

    2. I have long sought true allies in this fight against the criminal elite Jews, and like I have said, I know Whitewraithe personally. I can vouch for her work, and I know that she is a person of integrity...

      I therefore accept your apology, and you may ignore the comments that follow.. They were done at the time as a response to what I had thought to be an attack on someone who I know is again a person of integrity.

    3. I really am sorry.

      And I will be more careful in the future and will take steps not to post any commentary before I really think it over carefully.

      The above was just a stream of consciousness reply.

      I wish I could retract some of it.

      Yeah - you're right.

  5. And I do suggest that you go back to your JIDF controller, and come out with something better than insults.. We can easily spot a shill, and you are showing your true self with flying colors!

    1. I see that you post over at Incogman.

      Some of the commenters there have been saying that John here is a Jew shill.

      Is everyone a Jew shill?

      You are upset about a comment posted above that had malicious things to say about those evil "nazi's" that was posted on Pragmatic Witness.

      Does that make you a Jew shill?

      I don't think so.

      That comment didn't seem to be an overt attack on anyone.

      But it's hard to tell from just reading it.

      Maybe it was.

      I don't know.

    2. Some commentators at Incogman speak without thinking first..

      John Friend is not a Jew, and I did notice the comments myself over at Incogman... I dismiss them as just people making the wrong assumptions... People are human, and it is hard to figure out who is what in this fight....

      As I stated before, that previous comment was done at the moment due to the attack on a person of integrity. I had given a follow up, accepting your apology... Let us go on, and focus on this article at hand!

    3. I am quite certain that John Friend is not only not a Jew - but he is of high integrity.

      You as well.

      And if you know Pragmatic Witness..........that is good enough for me.

      Man - I wish I had a delete button here.


    4. Again, Anonymous... No further need to apologize.. We all have made bad assumptions in the past, including myself... I can say that I have made many mistakes.. It is part of being human....

      It sometimes takes a lot of courage to do this kind of blogging, and there are many out there that assume the worst of all of us... John, myself, Whitewraithe, and others included...

      I thank you for your candor, and I hope that clears the air.

  6. John, I do suggest that you be careful of these type of commentators.. They will definitely be attacking your site more now that you have been put under the JDL's radar!

  7. About this article.. Great find, John...

    As I do live in Canada, I cannot give credence to the whole Holocaust history or revisionism.. I run the risk of having the Canadian thought police at my door coming to arrest me on the bogus crime of "Holocaust Denial"..

    I always leave it up to those who study and research to check out the facts, and come to their own conclusions!

    1. I never really knew anything about any of this until I decided to do my own independent research into what happened at the Nuremberg Kangaroo Court. Initially, I thought it was a Trial that was carried out in accordance with established legal principles and was legitimate.

      Reading the transcripts reveals what can only be described as a continuation of the war of violence on the enemy against men who were disarmed, tortured and detained.

      That proceeding will go down in history as a black stain on the reputation of the "Allies".

      From there, I simply started following the trail of breadcrumbs of what I could deduce as factual information and not merely accusation, supposition, or fabrication.

      It didn't take long for the volume of evidence not only questioning holy hoax - but refuting it and actually scientifically disproving claims.

      The story is a lie.

      This is something that anyone can discover for themselves by performing their own research into the subject.

      People that have actually done that research know the story is a lie.

      People that haven't - and have an opinion of the subject are basing that opinion on the viewpoint of someone else.

      Simple as that.

  8. There are a few basic concepts that I, personally, would like to see people understand.

    One is the fact that Jewry literally “created” the pseudo-stereotype of the “Ugly White Supremacist” and also the “Neo-Nazi”.

    Those are Jewish devised “characters” that were specifically designed to malign White people who want to preserve their culture and maintain a safe, productive environment for their families.

    The Jews created those characters and paid Jewish actors and corrupt whites to play those roles to the public.

    That is exactly the thing that Frank Colin, who’s real name is Frank Cohen – did. If he is still alive, he shouldn’t be. That’s for sure. He is an enemy agent who worked to smear all of us with lies while he masqueraded as a hollywood nazi.

    In reality, the people the Jews sought to smear were people like me. Normal, well educated, successful, accomplished White people with assets.

    We represent a massive threat to the Jewish Crime Ring. So Jewry worked hard to trick as many of us as possible into not even bothering to look into what the NSDAP was all about and what Hitler really said and how he structured his economy.

    They sought ways to associate the NSDAP with uneducated, drug abusing, unemployed, malcontent White people with few teeth. That is what those creations were all about.

    The are part of the “Big Lie”.

    Unfortunately, some White people may have fallen for some of that to one degree or another.

    There is even people with internet radio shows who say they support our views on the Jewish Question – yet invoke the Jewish psuedo-stereotypes of White Supremacists and Neo-Nazi’s as examples justifying their “other message” of embracing blacks and mexicans, etc.

    Let me ask you a question. Is the idea of embracing blacks and mexicans going to help to preserve your culture? OR – is it going to help the Jewish agenda?

    What do you think?

    Presently, we do not have "equal protection under the law". Certain racial groups get "special rights" and "free stuff" only because the are not White.

    I don't see them complaining about that.

    In fact, they love it.

    They are using us - and victimizing us at the same time.

    They also have a different culture and value system. One that I do not want to pay money to perpetuate. They need to be doing that all on their own - just like we do.

    The only way we could come together on these issue at all is if those with "special rights" and "special benefits" taken at the expense of Whites refute those things.

    If they did that, I would change my tune. But the chances of that happening are less than that of a snowball in hell.

    Know what? We have enemy agents who are pretending to be with us – just as they have always done.

  9. this is an old school assessment sir. the world is in our case totally divided here in this country. it is not about living together or not. it is about removing the jew. if you can't argue like that then you're a jew or just incompetent to get this straight.

    the most guys who are jew wise tend to be white. the coloreds are not so easy believers of this reality as the jew media is pounding them hard.
    but where everyone gets a beating is at the physical level.

    i see nearly no one who has a vital body. all eat the jew food (processed food) .

    the most people even if they're skinny are sick and have bad teeth or bad skin and allergies. they have constantly pain and feel insecure (neurosis).

    it is very hard to have an assessment made in a balanced manner if a person is constantly away from his logic in an emotional world (dreamers).

    even by becoming jew wise they're making assessments like you did about others on a emotional basis.

    giving information is great. giving an opinion isn't-as an opinion is flawed by emotions that the overweight american man sacrificed on his way to procrastination land.

    an opinion nearly never gives a solution to a problem. it is simply not expressed to do that-rather to vent emotionally.

    the wrong choice of a man who became jew wise but is physical sick and weak as he is all the time in pain or sleepy or otherwise-just means logic was used by IDENTIFYING the jew. but this is not enough. all believe in something but have no guts to execute even a diet and do sports properly.

    HITLER had school kids physical train 2 hrs. every day 5 days a week.
    he knew that being jew wise only is a no go.
    the physical ability to push hard and endure made a people healthy. not only knowing about jews.
    knowing is for the gurus who meditate about peace.
    a jew wise man knows there will be only war in the future-as the little war is in full play already.
    by knowing-you prepare. by preparing you strengthen your faith. by stenghtening your faith you have amazing discipline-by discipline you're developing consistency.

    this is why jews destroy not only information but push mass media which paralyzes physical. the kids in the public schools in this country have up to 50% cuts due to money shortages. what do you think they cut? they cut sports. no sports (physical education) so, these little shitters will look like churchill in the future-emotional critters who never get the jew thing right. and even if they become jew wise they're sick and complain only-never to move against the jew.

    1. You Race-Behavior-Deniers are a real pain in the ass.

      What is Race-Behavior-Denial and Distortion? Where are Race Behavior denial and distortion prevalent.

      How do I recognize Race Behavior denial and distortion.
      Race Behavior denial is an attempt to negate the established facts that Race and Behavior are linked to varying degrees.

      Key denial assertions are: that all people are “equal”, that certain behaviors are not more prevalent among those of African descent, and that White people are responsible for the bad behavior of those of other races.

      OK, so lets take the Mark Glen approach.

      Mark Glen asserts that somehow all White people have to do is go forth and explain to the blacks and mestizos the nature of the Jewish problem – and that they will miraculously understand and be on our side.

      So all you have to do is go down to the hood and ‘splain it to dem.

      Then, they will cast off the chains of Affirmative Action and government cash, free housing, etc. – due to their inherent integrity, of course.

      Let’s role-play that.

      You walk down the hood. Oh, look, there’s Morgan Freeman. “Hey Morgan”, you call out. “Hi there”, Morgan says. “So Morgan, we’ve got this Jew problem - and they are using you guys as biological weapons to destroy our culture and White people - can you join us and help fight the Jews?” you ask.

      Morgan stops and rubs his chin in a thoughtful way - then answers. “Your’re right -I’ll go get all the brothers and sisters on this right away”, says Morgan. Then Morgan leaves the scene.

      I sure don’t know what we’d do without Mark Glen.

      Thanks Mark.

      And you too anon Race Behavior denier.

    2. Race behavior denial is an ugly disease tearing at the core of our society.

      Race behavior deniers are full of hate. They go around calling people white supremacists, nazis, racists, haters and anti-semites…all in furtherance of their denial tactics.

      Denial is wrong.

      Race behavior denial is wrong.

      Race behavior deniers should be confronted when ever possible.

      We need to erect a Race Behavior Museum.

    3. You could not get 98 percent of any ethnic group to do anything if there was no such thing as Race Behavior.

      98 percent of black voted for Obama because of Race Behavior – and these trolls are going to deny that?

    4. Remember, next time you go out into the city environment – when you see a black male…..assume it’s Morgan Freeman. Ok?

      You’re safe. Morgan Freeman even played GOD…… a Jewish movie……didn’t he?

    5. Brown people are going to have go give up their special protected status, free stuff and fake guilt trip.

      If they want to be a part of our society, they are going to have to live with "equal protection under the law".

      Today, they have "special rights".

      This is fundamentally wrong.

      Where is the "million man march" against it?


      Yeah. Shut up and sit down.

  10. Personally, I know more black and brown people who believe in and are willing to speak out against the Jewish menace, than I do whites. I am a very white independent populist who did not vote for Bush, any of the Clintons, or Obama, and hate Romney.

    1. I think the major reason why you aren’t seeing well educated, well spoken Whites “standing up” in public is because they know that they will be “Rick Sanchezed” pretty much immediately.

      I know this from my own interactions with people.

      Whites who understand are lurking underground for that reason.

      The blacks you mention may not have felt that they would have been singled out as being a “racist”, “hater”, “anti-semite” due to their officially sanctioned “victim statues” and legal protections.

      But they found out different – didn’t they?

    2. We are living in the environment described by Hans Christian Andersen in the short tale called "The Emperor's New Clothes".

      That story was about two weavers who promise an Emperor a new suit of clothes that is invisible to those unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent.

      Our story is about the Jews who hide behind an invisible cloak of cult that masquerades as a religion. That "religion" sanctifies the practice of massive theft from others in the form or usury and related practices.

      This is only visible to those unfit for their positions, stupid, incompetent, racist, White supremacist, nazi's or anti-semitic.

      So, of course, no one "sees it" or dares to speak out about it.

      Pretty good scam.

  11. And just now Richard Belzer, who terms himself a liberal Jew, in the process of pushing the book he wrote, proclaimed that all the wars we fought since and including WWI were unnecessary, EXCEPT for WWII, because of those awful Nazis.

  12. @John Friend : Good article ! But I already saw your doc on iamthewitness 6 months ago.

    By the way, non, not 'by the way' , but by the way, WHAT happenend to 'zioncrimefactory' ???

    Crushed under the Khazar Hammer, or WHAT ,,,

    could anyone informe me please, even if this is already 'old' news for you guys ?

    1. guy gave an update yesterday, 20 min podcast:

      short version is prothink thinks sites should be back online by the end of this weekend.

  13. @ AnonymousAugust 24, 2012 3:42 PM,

    As for ZionCrimeFactory, JohnFriend and I have talked to him. He is still around. His website is down because the jews complained so much that his web hosting company kicked him out.

    He (ZCF) is currently in the process of obtaining a new host. He will be back up as soon as this goes through.

    JohnFriend will most likely give us some sort of update as soon as Zioncrimefactory is back online. If not on the front page, then he or I will post it in the comments section. So you won't have to go far to find out when it happens. Just keep coming back and reading John's great blog!


    1. I've got an update.
      He's already acquired a host.
      The reason why it's taking so long is this:

      The way webhosting on the internet is set up, is that the ICANN entity sets the rules and stipulations for domain name registration and transfer. And one of the ICANN rules stipulate that a domain can only be transferred between hosts once every 60 days. ZCF's website was kicked off his old host, he got a new one, and the new host kicked ZCF out as well, sometime just after the 2 week mark. Meaning the 60 day wait period was invoked.

      He is now about half way through the wait time. So he has approximately 1 month of wait time left and then his domain will automatically be transferred over.

    2. Thanx for the info.intell, Mikhail V. ; Just tell our friend I'll be waiting with impatience ; for me he's Nr 1 on analyzing 'shit'. Give him a statue on my behalf even though he's alive !

      This guy will be BIG !!!

      ( if the Khazarian Mafia doesn't succeed in stopping him )

    3. Update, the host agreed to transfer the domain anyway! ZCF's site, and the rest of the Prothink network, are all back up now!

  14. And once Mike'll be back with his site I'm going to print all his major articles ; you don't know how I felt 'naked' being without them.

    You know, I have about 1 meter of french (forbidden) history books over here, and I tell you this guy is on the Right Track.

    Only, I don't like his admiration for Hitler and nazism, but I can live with that ; it doesn't 'contaminate' his analyses for that reason. On the contrary ; he's been filling me in on a LOT of 'details' on the 'basics' I already read in my french books.

    And I tell you Mike is good, REALLY good !

  15. And it would appear from Whitewraith's angry statements this weekend at www.pragmaticWitness griping about some commenters here righteously griping about her posting Ted Pike's comparison of alleged actions Hitler's SS to presently Israhell's Jewish powers, that SHE agrees with Pike. NOT ME!!!

  16. In other words, Whitewraith seemingly agrees with the outrageous complaints Pike made about what he calls Hitler's SS, in her posted report discussed here.


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