Friday, August 17, 2012

Hitler declares war on USA


    World War Jew was fought for various reasons as described in the above speech. A key reason mentioned by Adolf Hitler referenced the Jewish Organized Debt Slavery scam:

    …”Ours is a world of Work and not one of Deceit and Racketeering.”
    --- Adolf Hitler

    Commerce is the lifeblood of civilizations. It is driven by productive work.

    Commerce is destroyed by Usury - and civilizations are destroyed along with it.


    1. You're exactly right, thanks. I thought that quote was the most profound thing he said in that entire speech. Hitler was an honest, decent man who care about his country and people, and cared about such outdated concepts as truth, justice, and honor.

      He was clearly against plutocratic Jewish capitalism represented in the USA, UK, and France, and he was clearly against Jewish Bolshevik communism, as represented by the Soviet Union. And to think the WWII era as "the Greatest Generation"... what a joke. We destroyed he one man standing up to the Jews and their Jew World Order. Now, we're doing the Jews' bidding to destroy their enemies in the Middle East. We've been on the wrong side of virtually every single war in the past 100 years at least.

    2. John,

      We need to do everything we can to stop the practice of taking interest on the use of money.

      That is the engine of the Jew.

      Everything else is a symptom.

    3. I agree with you totally... I do what I can with my personal finances to avoid interest at all costs, and I've been able to for the most part. I don't have a mortgage or a car loan though, so that helps.

    4. John,

      I have been receiving attacks for discussing this issue and exposing it:


      "The practice of charging interest for the use of money".

      "They" know that if "we" collectively "figure it out" - "they" are done.

      "They" use tools like ethnic conflict to divide and conquer the population while the keep that Debt Slavery scam going.

      "They" want to talk about anything EXCEPT the mechanics of charging interest for the use of money - who it empowers and where that leads.

      Most people simply do not understand the issue. Even many professionals working in the financial industry. Many lawyers working in that area also do not understand the enormity of the scam.


      Because they work on component issues that are a part of the Debt Slavery scam. It's not their fault. Many of them simply have not "asked the question" yet.

      But, as the economy fails - more and more smart people with be "asking the question".

      The Jews don't have much time left.

    5. This must be a central pillar of our political/economic plan for a real new world order: no usury, period. Maybe a small fee for loans, but THAT'S IT! No compound interest, no interest period! As Hitler said, we want an economy based on WORK, not DECEIT and RACKETEERING! You work for what you earn, not sit around in Manhattan or London collecting interest and fees on all the fraudulent loans you've pushed on the dumb goyim and their puppet governments.

  2. Good article posted by Northerntruthseeker: More Real History Revealed: The Hitler Files

    "Forget everything you read in the history books. Politicians habitually lie so swine flu, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Kennedy’s assassination, the moon landings, Iran, the banking crisis, the Holocaust – none of it is the way it is portrayed in the media.

    Late in 1941 the German Luftwaffe dropped pamphlets over the Liverpool area, we had one of these in the files and in it Hitler tried to warn the British people about the coming New World Order. He asked them to stop attacking Germany, and realise that Jewish bankers controlled the Soviet menace and Russia and its Jews were the common enemy. The pamphlet went on that Britain should keep its empire, while the US was demanding we give it up. Hitler wanted a strong Britain against Russia and the Jewish bankers, and he warned of Winston Churchill’s desire to turn the Germany versus Russia conflict into another world war for international Jewry.

    America was planned to come into the war from day one and Roosevelt knew it.

    Because Hitler was the only man in the world to stand up to Russia and its Jewish controllers, many in the USA and Britain initially supported him, until it was made a crime.

    Lets look from these files and some fallacies about who Hitler was.

    1. He was not a Rothschild: recently the Hitler family grave and the headstone was moved, part of this was to do DNA tests, resulting in no sign of any blood links to the Rothschilds.

    2. Hitler wanted to rule the world: more nonsense, he wanted to re-unite the German speaking peoples. Britain had spies right through the Third Reich and officially our intelligence said Hitler was a threat to Russia not Britain.

    3. Hitler was a cruel psychopath: he was very tough yes, but Hitler loved animals and children and all animal experimentation was outlawed during his premiership. However, he did bring in a euthanasia law that ruled that the severely handicapped should be given euthanasia. Churchill also agreed with this policy.

    4. He was sexually malformed and a homosexual: Hitler’s doctor Theodor Morell claimed Hitler had wounds from WWI but was not malformed, and definitely not homosexual. In fact any sexual perversion could land you into the work camps. There is a book which purports to be by Doctor Theodor Morells but don’t bother reading this.

    5. Natzi is abbreviated from zionazi: not true this really comes from Nationalsozialismus, or National Socialism, which meant the money in that country for the benefit of the people in that country, not international Jewish money-brokers, Natzi is also short for Nazerite or follower of Jesus of Nazareth.

    1. 6. Hitler was a British agent: more nonsense. Hitler loved the British people and its cultural way of life and saw all Anglo-Saxons as brothers, but was totally committed to the German resistance to the Jewish takeover that held Russia, Britain and America.

      7. The camps were death camps where people were gassed to death: not true, the camps were for criminals and those who did not support Germany, these people were made to work allowing German nationals to concentrate on the war effort. It should be said that Rothschilds who funded the war effort refused to help the Jews in the camps, despite Hitler asking several times to discuss this. So when you see emotive hate films about WWII and the Holocaust see it in the context of the propaganda it really is.

      8. Angela Merkel is not Hitler’s daughter as claimed, this is so childish as to be laughable.

      9 Why did Hitler hate Jews? Hitler’s chauffer and one of his chefs were Jews, two of the most trusted job in Germany during the war. Moreover, 150,000 Jews served in the German armed forces during WWII.

      So Hitler did not hate Jews, just those who hated Germany. Incidentally as well as 150,000 non-Zionist Jews, many Indian volunteers also served in the German Wehrmacht.

      10 Rothschild persuaded Churchill not to bomb German factories, as he wanted to seize them as war reparations. So the war was taken to the wives and families of German soldiers, in an effort to break Germany utterly and completely."

  3. Sometimes it seems as if Ahmadinejad is channeling Hitler, no wonder the Jews want to destroy the man's country so badly...

    From PressTV:

    "Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the International Quds Day is the day of unity among all human beings to remove the Zionist “black stain” from the human society.

    “Today, countering the entity of Zionism and the fabricated Zionist regime safeguards rights of all human beings, defends human dignity and paves the way to save humankind from arrogance, poverty and misery,” Ahmadinejad said in an address at the International Quds Day on Friday.

    The world should know that most Western hegemonic and colonial powers maintain a joint commitment to protect the entity of the Israeli regime, he added.

    The Iranian chief executive stated that the Israeli regime is a tool to control the Middle East region and the entire world, stressing the regime’s existence is an insult to the mankind.

    He added that Western powers are justifying the Israeli regime’s homicide “because they are dependent on them (Zionists).”

    Ahmadinejad said that the Zionists masterminded the Word War I and II to dominate nations and prepare the ground for the US power.

    He added that all the world’s main centers of power, media and banks are controlled by the Zionists. However, they “use all of them for destruction of values and nations.”

    He said that even the US presidential hopefuls have to bow to the Zionists if they want to have the chance to run."

    1. More from Ahmadeinejad...

      Ahmadinejad: Israel is 'an insult to humanity'

      Israel's existence is an "insult to all humanity", Iran's President said yesterday in one of his sharpest attacks yet against the Jewish state, as Israel openly debates whether to attack Iran over its nuclear programme.

      Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said confronting Israel is an effort to "protect the dignity of all human beings", adding: "The existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to all humanity". He was addressing worshippers at Tehran University after nationwide pro-Palestinian rallies, an annual event marking Quds Day on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.

      Mr Ahmadinejad also called Israel "a corrupt, anti-human organised minority group standing up to all divine values".

  4. Did Hitler really say all that? I feel so sorry for all the Europeans killed by the three empires, American, British, and Soviet.

    1. Yeah, as far as I know this is authentic material from Hitler himself. He understood what he was up against, and explained it all quite well, no one listened though. Well, actually the Jewish propaganda in the West did not allow his words to be heard by their populations, or completely distorted his words and defamed the man. WWI and WWII were just fratricides basically - white Europeans killing each other at the behest of the international Jew. We should have been on Hitler's side against the Jewish communist monsters that took over Russia.

    2. That swastika in the middle of the star of david in the 'arrest these criminals now' picture visible everytime people get on this website.


      I think it's time you photoshopped just a plain old six-pointed star over it. We don't need the anti-zio clowns' seal of approval in the form of a 'swastika' in the middle of a star of David in order to show the 'evil parallels' of the 'Not-See' state of Isra-hell to those big bad goose-stepping synonyms for all evil and totalitarian dictatorhip represented by the evil swastika from you know where ! You see these Israelis are only 'bad' because they're acting like those evil 'Not-Sees,' you see, otherwise they would be just fine upstanding Jerry Seinfelds the lot of them. It's got nothing to do with acting like Jews, it's because they're acting like Ze Germans. ya ya ! Jagermeister ! Schwarzenegger ! Kurt Waldheim ! ya ya



    …”Ours is a world of Work and not one of Deceit and Racketeering.”
    --- Adolf Hitler

    Commerce is the lifeblood of civilizations. It is driven by productive work.
    Commerce is destroyed by Usury - and civilizations are destroyed along with it.

    If someone asked me what World War Jew was about - I would say that the war was fought between two ideologies. Work vs. Deceit and Racketeering.

    Those were the two conflicting forces. Apparently, there were more deceitful racketeers than there are honest workers.

    I want a re-match.

    The Jewish Question is really a question of money.

    Money is a means to facilitate trade - right? Wrong Not the KIND of money we are forced to use.

    We are forced to use Debt Money. Debt Money is tainted by the basic fact that its creation entails immediate debt - to the Jews. Debt money means automatic free income to Jews. No work required.

    Usury used to be defined as the charging of interest for the use of money. Then the Jews changed the definition to the charging of “excessive interest”.

    Isn’t that funny that they did that?

    Ok - two can play that game. So instead of calling what the Jews are doing to us “usury” - let’s just call it “Debt Slavery”. Because that is what it is.

    What is Debt Slavery? It’s the thing that has allowed the Jews to take over.

    Think of Debt as an out of control fire consuming everything in its path.

    There are little evil societal pyro’s called Jews that run around setting alight everything in sight. They use Debt as a torch ready to set entire economies alight.

    They evil Jews target economies where there are plenty of things to steal - whether they be natural resources or industrial products. They set the Debt Slavery conflagration going in productive environments initially through the money creation scam where interest is charged and paid to them.

    Then more little evil Jews scurry forth expanding the Debt scam throughout the banking industry spreading the flames of Debt further throughout the economy.

    The Jews use the free income gained with Debt Money and “invest” it with other Jews in key areas throughout banking, industry and government in order to pave the way for more carnage.

    The evil Jews work together to encourage the growth of that initial Debt fire into a massive conflagration engulfing entire nations.

    Eventually, this Jewish Debt Holocaust destroys nations and turns men into debt slaves.

    The Jews love that.

    The infiltration of the government was done for a variety of reasons. Jews make sure that there is no stoppage of Debt Slavery through government intervention. They even get to direct military action at who ever they want. And all the Jews have to do is promote “hope” for “change” about once every 4 years - that’s all they have to do to shut the people up.

    As the Debt fire spreads through industry, it drives the cost of operating capital up. Simultaneously, other Jews purchase stock in various promising industries - and “off-shore” them where labor is cheaper so the company pays higher dividends to the Jews.

    Inevitably the Debt fire starts to burn itself out a bit as the targeted economy is systematically destroyed. If it burns down too much the little Jew-elves simply relocate to yet another victim area and start all over again.

    If Jewish debt-money is a like a burning torch ready to set entire economies alight is there such a thing as “Jew-Proof Money”? Yes there is.

    “Jew-Proof Money” is not based on debt. It is also not based on a commodity such as Gold. Jew-Proof money is based on the value of the productive work of a Nation.

    Most importantly, the practice of charging interest for the use of money must be stopped.

    This is the most important issue of our time. In fact, this issue was known long, long ago as one of the greatest evils known to man.

    The Jews are so evil - they embraced the practice and actually codified it into their religion. Judiasm is quite literally EVIL. Judiasm preaches evil deeds - and one of the most evil things that can be done in society is to charge interest for the use of money.

    1. "The trick is simple. Whenever the Rothschild and other gents in the gold business have gold to sell, they raise the price. The public is fooled by propagandizing the devaluation of the dollar, or other monetary unit according to the country chosen to be victimized. The argument is that the high price of the monetary unit is injurious to the nation's commerce.

      But when the nation, that is, the people of that nation own the gold and the financiers own the dollars or other monetary units, the gold standard is restored. This raises the value of the dollar and the citizens of “rich” nations, as well as citizens of other nations, are diddled." ~ Ezra Pound

      “The definition of an idea, as observed by someone who understands the events of the day, may shed more light on the historical process than many volumes.” ~ Ezra Pound

      “History, as seen by a Monetary Economist, is a continuous struggle between producers and non-producers, and those who try to make a living by inserting a false system of book-keeping between the producers and their just recompense.” ~ Ezra Pound

      “The usurers act through fraud, falsification, superstitions, habits and, when these methods do not function, they let loose a war. Everything hinges on monopoly, and the particular monopolies hinge around the great illusionistic monetary monopoly.” ~ Ezra Pound

      "And so that you don't continually misunderstand--usury and interest are not the same thing. Usury is a charge made for the use of money regardless of production and often regardless of even the possibilities of production" -- Ezra Pound Reading, vol. 2, Caedmon Records 1962

      Interest and usury are not the same thing. Just because a government uses the threat of force to give you a 0% interest loan doesn't mean that the simple economic law of the preference of having wealth & certificates of work done immediately at your disposal rather than having the same amount a month or year from now can be circumvented. People will always pay a premium to have money at their disposal immediately or when they need it to the people that have these certificates of wealth or work done and want to invest it and get a return of more wealth produced without doing any more work themselves except speculate. If the government bans speculation, it will just go underground. So the person that does not do any work but lends a portion of his wealth from previous work, gets paid a fee for the time preference of wealth at hand but may lose the wealth (money) lent if the venture fails and he has not secured collateral.

      ~Return of the cryogenically preserved doppelganger of Negentropic

    2. Interest free loans should be a function of government.

      But, if as you assert - if speculation would occur no matter what - here is how the Israelis do it:

      The Torah states that it is forbidden for Jews to charge interest from fellow Jews (Leviticus 25:37).

      Maimonides comments on this passage that the highest form of charity is to prevent a person from becoming poor, by offering a no-interest loan or employment, investing in his business, or any other form of assistance that will avoid poverty.

      “Interest” is any time a person gets back more than they loaned, whether it was pre-arranged or not. Not only is it forbidden for the Borrower to give the Lender back more money than what was loaned, but he must not give anything extra as a result of the loan.

      What about business loans?

      There is a certain kind of a loan in which Mr. A gives, let’s say, 100 dollars to Mr. B, of which 50 are a loan and 50 are an investment, in order that Mr. B take all of the money (all 100) and do business with it.

      The profits will then be split 50-50. This is permitted under certain conditions, even though the only reason why Mr. B is doing business for Mr. A is because he loaned him the money (which apparently, is forbidden because it is interest).

      Two possibilities in which it is permitted are:
      If Mr. A pays Mr. B a set amount for doing business for him.

      Or: They agree that Mr. B has a choice to either pay Mr. A a set amount for whatever profit is made and Mr. B can keep the rest — or just give Mr. A half of the total profit.

      This latter condition is mostly used today. It is proper to write up this agreement in what is called a “Shtar Iska” (Permission For A Business Venture). A copy of this text can be found in the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, chapter 66.

      A Shtar Iska is displayed on the wall in most banks in Israel.

      In any case it is permitted to borrow and/or lend from a non-Jew with interest, so many observant Jews prefer using banks that are owned by non-Jews for this matter.
      Now, those were the rules concerning Jews taking interest from other Jews. So, what are the rules concerning non-Jews?

      The rules are: It’s perfectly fine to screw over a non-Jew.

      To be clear: It is OK to charge interest to non-Jews because non-Jews are viewed as slaves. It is forbidden to charge interest to Jews because it is a fundamentally damaging practice.

    3. Negentropic,

      The Jews will certainly seek to obscure the underlying issues with discussions of whether "interest" is "usury" or whatever.

      The mechanics of the fraud are clearly understood.

      This is Science. Not "Political Science".

      Laws could be enacted that would allow for certain types of loans to be made among the population - as you see has been done in Israel.

      But the charging of interest for the use of money is a problem that opens up the entire society to a hostile takeover.

      This is a known fact.

    4. Interest is Usury.

    5. The Israelis think that charging interest is Usury.

      Are they wrong?



    Some really evil beings – we’ll just call them “Jews” started a private corporation that has monopoly rights to “create” your money out of thin air.

    Then, they loan it to you for interest that compounds over time.




    GOT IT?

    That’s the problem.

  8. If any of you happen to know where a critically thinking old fart can purchase a DVD of the complete "Greatest....never told", please post it here? I do believe I've found a "home".


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