Monday, August 20, 2012

Greetings From The JDL

I received the following email today from Danny Levi of The Jewish Defense League. I believe this is the same guy who contacted Mark Glenn a while back.

From: Jewish Defense League
Date: August 20, 2012 11:51:23 AM PDT
Subject: Greetings From The JDL

Mr Friend,

In the middle of the last century, Jews had no right or means of response when they were demonised, persecuted and attacked by your ideological soulmates. Today, the world is a very different place. When we are attacked by nazi filth like you, we respond with all the resources at our disposal, and with extreme prejudice. You have been waging a campaign of anti-semitic terror for a long time, but the time has come for you to pay for your crimes against the Jewish people.

There are three things that you should remember: the code that we live by is 'never again'; our hatred of nazi scum like you is stronger than your hatred of us; we didn't choose you as an enemy, you chose us.

Danny Levi

The Jewish Defense League


  1. Authorities will be contacted tomorrow.

    Hey JDL guys, keep this in mind:

    "Electronic communications, in particular e-mails, have become a valuable working and social tool in the XXI century. Unfortunately, given its immediate delivery and disguised anonymity, some conflicted souls are increasingly using e-mails to transmit hateful messages. Transmitting threatening messages via e-mail is a federal crime in the United States and carries a penalty of imprisonment of up to five years or a fine, or both. Following, there is information on the federal statute that criminalizes threatening e-mails and a recent case of a man accused of sending racially hateful e-mails."

    1. I had almost exactly the same threats in December 2012. I know several people were also threatened similarly at the Green Arrow website.

      The emails I received and my responses to them can be found here:

      The matter that prompted the "JDL" response is linked to this essay.

      I also got a pseudo-threatening phone call from a guy with a remarkably unthreatening voice. He didn't stay on the line for long.

  2. I received the following email today from a man allegedly named Danny Levi of The Jewish Defense League, a known terrorist organization. The email was threatening in nature, and I would like to know what I would need to do if I wanted to press charges. My understanding of federal law is that emails of a threatening or terroristic nature are considered federal crimes. Please give me a call as soon as possible to discuss this matter. Thank you for your time and help.

    From: Jewish Defense League
    Date: August 20, 2012 11:51:23 AM PDT
    Subject: Greetings From The JDL

    Mr Friend,

    In the middle of the last century, Jews had no right or means of response when they were demonised, persecuted and attacked by your ideological soulmates. Today, the world is a very different place. When we are attacked by nazi filth like you, we respond with all the resources at our disposal, and with extreme prejudice. You have been waging a campaign of anti-semitic terror for a long time, but the time has come for you to pay for your crimes against the Jewish people.

    There are three things that you should remember: the code that we live by is 'never again'; our hatred of nazi scum like you is stronger than your hatred of us; we didn't choose you as an enemy, you chose us.

    Danny Levi

    The Jewish Defense League

    1. That was just submitted to the FBI office in San Diego. I will be calling them tomorrow to follow up.

    2. Don't the Jews control the FBI also, like so many institutions in the US? What use is it then to ask Jews for protection against Jews?

    3. Ryckaert, let's give them the opportunity. There are plenty of good people inside our corrupted institutions. The problem the Jews face is that things are converging and the truth will out.

    4. Give us the email address he used or it didn't happen.

    5. The email address is not enough.

      You would need the entire header of the message.

      That will give you the routing.

    6. Frank Ryckaert,

      The FBI "investigates" crimes and possible crimes.

      The FBI does not "prosecute" crimes.

      Prosecution is the job of the Department of Justice, typically through an Assistant Unites States Attorney.

      The AUSA makes the determination if information developed by the FBI will be prosecuted in a court.

      This is the system we have.

      This is what we must abide by.

      This may come as a shock to you, but most FBI agents are normal people. Normal people doing a difficult, sometimes ugly job.

      Let's see what happens.

    7. Oh - one message to the troll who "denies" that any such threat was transmitted:

      Troll, if John were to report an incident such as described above to the FBI - and it was not factual - John would be open to arrest and prosecution for filing a false police report.

      This is not a game, Troll.

      Go that, Troll?

  3. Good thing the Branch Davidians weren't Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi scum, white supremacits, eh ?

    The ADL/FBI work for the people who pay them, just like all the people in the kosher brothel called all goes back to fealty to the "Jewish" narrative...eckspeshuly the Holocaustianity..

  4. You can tell a lot about a man by his enemies'. Congratulations for the fine work.

  5. Truth is like turning the light on in a filthy, rat-infested kitchen. They scurry and hiss and may try to bite.

    John, you have provided truths that folks like the JDL want never to see the light. It breaks down the mountain of lies.

    The rats are apparently freaked out...

    I have never seen you say you "hate" these people, but he had no problem saying that to you.

    Quite telling and certainly the threat of a hate crime is eluded to. Hopefully they will be dealt with accordingly by authorities.

    1. We "hate" the behavior.

      I don't think anyone "hates" the Jews for anything but a set of "behaviors".

      Usury, theft, swindles, threats, murder.... Organized crime.

      That's what we hate.

  6. WWE pro wrestling match. In this corner, the deplorable JDL. IN the other corner, controlled opposition white supremacist shill John Friend.

    This is whats called "cred building". Its sort of like when the ADL or SPLC mentions Alex Jones like hes some sort of threat and not a total shill himself. JDL is giving Johnny boy a little assist here.

    1. You're gonna go blind. Give that right hand a rest. John, would you please delete Dr. Monkey Spankenstein. He needs a quiet place all by hisself to do his thing. Thanks.

    2. If you are the one who pressed "send" on that email...I sure wouldn't want to be you.

      You've got something coming.

    3. Anonymous 4:42am, you are not welcome to visit, read, or comment on this blog. Thanks.

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  7. Alright.

    Jewish Defense League?

    Time to start finding out who you are and where you live.

    That's right.

    2 can play.

  8. How do you say:

    "I'm going to track you down" in Heeb?

    How do you say:

    "Private Investigator"? In Yid?

  9. ....the code that we live by is 'never again';

    Never again what?

    Because something that never happened can't happen "again".

    1. It's a slogan designed to protect the Jewish Usury Scam.

      When you look at the overall picture, you will see that Judiasm has codified the used of Usury as a weapon against all others. It also codified the notion that the Jews are supreme. Literally "Gods Chosen". That is literally a Supremacist mindset.

      Their Cult masquerading as a "religion" has been cultivated to do the job that it is doing today. That job is to rob you of your valuables and enslave you. Perhaps kill you.

      The "big Jews" are literally using the "little Jews" as human shields for their financial scammery.

      Think it through. It's very clear.

    2. I think they mean:

      "Never again will our usury scam be stopped - like Hitler did to us".

      "Never again"


    3. "Never Again" refers to the "ne" or "neither nor" Frankenstein undeadness of "arbeit macht frei," the jewish false hope practice of coprophagia in "East Hope," "West Despair" Aushwitzes of Westworld, e.g. Gitmo, Crawford Ranch (a.k.a. the "Western White House") Abu Ghraib, etc. Basically, the jews do atrocities on the surface to make, via the two-way inverted mirrors of their sorcery, abominable Westworld Hades "events," i.e. the Mosh Pit, cannibalism, coprophagia "ravelstein" orgies, etc. They are "90210" and "90215" "double" themselves and each other, i.e. "superimposed" on themselves and each other. The "Shoah" did happen, it's just that the jews did it to themselves, their "burnt offering" to themselves -- or, the "burnt offering" of those who were killed to the rabbis, with "Schicklegruber" and the Lutherans, i.e. the "Luciferians." This made way for Holocaust "guilt" and pity to make way for the "state" of Israel.


    4. He means never again will they be kicked out of their stolen country like they were in Khazaria. That is what the 1917 Russian revolution, funded, organized, and staffed, by these guys was all about; a thousand year old revenge, an eye for an eye. They took over Russia in 1917 and killed 63 million Russians in revenge for losing Khazaria. The Russians, who got tired of the Khazar Mongolians murdering defenseless villagers and stealing their assets, decided to route them out of the region and they did. The Khazars ended up in eastern Europe and called themselves "ashken'nazi'Jews, when in fact they are pagan satanists.

  10. The JDL are very dangerous Jews. Please keep us closely informed about how the FBI (Federal Bureau of Israel) handles your complaint about the Jew who calls himself Daniel Levi terrorist threat against you, John.

    Phil Tourney, a survivor of the Jews' attack on USS Liberty and author of the book, WHAT I SAW THAT DAY, reports that when he and his wife complained to the FBI about personal threats on their life made to them by an agent of Israhell, the FBI refused to investigate or help in any way. You can reach him on line.

    1. Ernst Zundel said that the Toronto Police used a telephone tree to identify members of a group calling themselves "The Jewish Defense League".

      Today, email trees and other methods are used to identify these people.

      Those who think they are safe while making threats on behalf of this JDL joke are living in a dream land.

      You are not safe.

      You can be found.

      You can be identified.

      Do you have a family?

      Think that over before you decide to make your next threat.

    2. To the person who made that threat:

      I don't believe that you are acting in isolation.

      I think you have friends who are aware of the fact that you pressed "send" on that email.

      I also know that if placed under the right circumstances your "friends" will rat you out.

      You are playing a very, very dangerous game here.

  11. Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and
    Internal Strife—Part V

    Tuesday, August 20,1940

    "... the time has come for you to pay for your crimes against the Jewish people."

    In the fifteenth century, the Marranos or Secret Jews dominated Spanish life, occupying high positions not only in the administration, the universities, the forces, and the Judiciary, but also in t h e church itself. Their outward conformity to the Catholic church, together with their accumulation of wealth, enabled them to penetrate by marriage to such an extent into the most exalted families in the land that it became difficult to find an aristocratic family in Aragon or in Castile which was not contaminated with the foul stream of Jewish blood.

    The worm turned at last, and not only were all professing Jews expelled from Spain, or forcibly converted and later expelled from Portugal, but the inquisition attacked the Marrano community, the position of which was ever afterward insecure and hopeless.

    The greatest period of Spanish history followed the expulsion; and Portugal built up her great colonial Empire subsequent to the riddance of the professing Jew. But in both cases, the curse descended upon the colonial possessions of these two nations; in Peru, the Jew held the commerce of the country in his hands,


    and it was impossible for a Castilian to succeed in business without a Jewish partner; the Jews purchased the cargoes of great fleets with fictitious credits which they divided amongst themselves, rendering large capital unnecessary. When the struggle between Portugal and Holland for the possession of Brazil took place, the Marranos worked for the Dutch enemy.
    At home, the Spanish and Portuguese had, however, made the supreme mistake of imagining that any Marrano could be a substitute for a European. Absolute discrimination between white European Christians and the "new Christians" as the Marranos were called, was only insisted on by the best informed of the aristocracy, who kept a record of the new Christians so that intermarriage with them might cease. The racial quality of the people degenerated rapidly as the Jewish contagion spread by


    Christendom and Muslims are to be blamed for letting the Satanic Jews destroy Christianity and the Muslim nations, and what they are still doing to the entire world.

    But, is there a LAW that will let them get away for ever with so much blood on their hands? I do not think so. Like the parasites that they are, they live on the host and suck as much blood and wealth but only as long as WE ALLOW THEM TO!

    People of religion, mainly Christians and Muslims, are people of hope, but they need to rise up in UNITY and STOP those bastards!

    I know little about man-made laws and I stand under God given laws, or what is termed COMMON LAW and not Maritime Mercantile Admiralty Law where there is no Justice. The best weapon we have against those Bolsheviks is, in my view, not the LAW, but TOTAL ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL BOYCOTT! As soon as we take away their monopolies, Jewish Supremacy will start crumbling down and the Jews will weep not 6 million but 60 million tears!

    We have the Jewish Death League (JDL) in France too, and they are crazy, arrogant, vicious, and COWARDS! SO, Brother, BE VERY CAREFUL! Like real COWARDS, they always strike when we have our backs turned!


    1. Hey Basheer,

      You and I are on the same side. :)

      It is great to know that you are aware of the nature of the problem.

      I suggest efforts towards identifying people associated with the terrorist group.

      People know people who know people - if you understand what I'm getting at.

      Human intelligence can be used to find these people. We don't have to confine all of our efforts to electronic methods.

      Let's find these people.

      Find out where they live.


  12. This type of attack shows that you are on the right track, my friend...

    Do not be deterred by this clownish behavior on the part of the so called "JDL".... It shows their desperation in trying to suppress the truth from reaching everyone!

    1. It does the exact opposite. The JDL(if the above email is even real and not a creation of Johns to build his own cred) is giving free promotion to John Friend. The ADL just mentioned Alex Jones the other day. Does this mean he is "on the right track"? Obviously not. This stuff is obvious.

    2. Northerntruthseeker,

      Good to see you!

      John is definitely discussing factual patterns here.

      And that is perceived as a real problem for a certain group.

      I think it is a good idea to take steps toward identifying members of the terrorist organization known as the JDL.

      We need to map that organization. We need to find out the names of people who are in contact with members of that group.

      I am not advocating any further action than identifying who they are.

      Let's identify them. Find out what their home addresses are. Where they live, where they work, where their kids go to school.


      Well, let's just say it's because I'm curious. :)

  13. John,
    I'm not sure if you know this or not, but this seems to be the same scum (Danny Levi) that threatened MG at The Ugly Truth a month or so ago. MG had a little running exchange with this scum, and actually made IT look like the fool IT really is!

    Not to downplay this "threat", but if this scum were for real about doing something IT would not announce it, IT would just do it! Then again we all know how COWARDLY these "jews" really are! They think we GOYIM are afraid of them, which we ARE NOT!

    Unless the numbers are 3 or 4 to one for them they will run EVERY TIME! Ask Ken O'Keefe how tuff their IDF really are! One unarmed former US Marine took out four armed IDF "soldiers"!

    Scum like this Danny Levi are NOTHING but blowheart, wanna-be's! They don't like the fact that you, and others are informing other "GOYIM" about this sick cult called "judaism"!

    But just in-case take proper precaustions! You never know they may be STUPID enough to really try something! I think we all know this JDL JOKE is on the FBI's terrorist watchlist! You don't get on that by killing ARMED men! You usuually get on that by killing innocent men, women, and CHILDREN like they do in Palestine!

    Maybe it's time we do the FBI's job for them! I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of my fellow US Military Veterans/GOYIMS that would be eager to help!

    To "Danny Levi",
    If you and your JDL JOKE feel froggy, JUMP! I'll even leave my name and location to make it easy for you! Let's see if you and your cult can handle a 5'5", 125 lb US Army Veteran!

    Remember one thing FOOL, I have already made peace with my God, and I am NOT afraid to die for my country/cause! Are you, and your sick cult?

    US Army Veteran
    Marc C. Daniele
    Herculaneum, Mo.

  14. Dear Marc,

    It is true that the JDL is comprised of cowards. However, they conspired to firebomb the property of Ernst Zundel. In addition, they conspired to mail an explosive device to Ernst Zundel that, thankfully, was disarmed.

    Cowards or not - the people associated with the JDL are terrorists.

    Terrorists must be placed in a situation where they do not feel safe.

    This is an imperative.

    I won't wait for them come to me. I want to know who these people are specifically.

    I want to know their names. I want to know their addresses. I want to know where they work. I want to know the name of their boss. I want to know if they have children. I want to know what their children look like. I want to know if they have a pet.

    I want those bastards to KNOW - just who the fuck they're messing with.

    1. "Anonymous"
      I hear what your saying, but at the same time please understand that I AM NOT afraid of these scum! I DO NOT fear death! If it is my time to go, it is my time, and there is nothing I can do about that!
      In the meantime I will do everything in my power to continue to uphold my sworn Oath to the US Democratic Republic, and US Constitution/Bill of Rights, NOT the occupied government! Which also means exposing these JDL scum to "We, The People"!
      Rest assured these scum ARE NOT going about life unnoticed!

      Ever Vigilant!

      US Army Veteran
      Marc C. Daniele
      Herculaneum, Mo.

    2. Marc,

      I can tell what you're about.

      Just one thing, the killingest (is that a word?)warrior I ever say was a US ARMY RANGER who was about your size.

      This guy could climb better run easier than most anybody.

      Not only that - he was a ruthless, fearless warrior.

      "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." -- Mark Twain

      Truer words never spoken.

  15. Congratulations John,

    You've matured from the "ignore" phase to...

    Please don't give up, there are many for whom you are a spark of hope.

    I've been puzzled by calling one a "nazi". Does it mean something other than a card carrying member of National Socialist German Workers' Party?

    1. The mis-use of the term "Nazi" as a pejorative synonymous with wanton oppression and termination of individual rights is simply yet another example of Jewish psychological projection.

      As you know, projection is a form of mental illness - something unusually prevalent among Jews.

      When anyone uses that term in a disparaging way - they carry water for the Jewish oppressor.

      I have observed that tactic being used on web radio shows such as "Revolt of the Plebs". They badmouth "nazis". They also make a habit of specifically badmouthing what they call "neo nazis" decrying their apparent dislike of the systematic deconstruction of White, western society. Certain hosts on that show equate that viewpoint as "hate" and "racist".

      Isn't that interesting?

    2. Thanks Anonymous.

      You are absolutely right about the usage and agenda behind "nazi" spin. There are tens of millions of people who were affected by German WWII aggression, but never heard the term "nazi" as used by Jewish propaganda machine. To them a "nazi" was just a German party member with a desk job. A Republican or a Democrat for that matter. It is time to call Jewish misrepresentations and oppose the highjacking of a language. Any language, for the purpose of brainwash.

  16. Michael Collins Piper has also gathered a lot of information about the JDL, which decades ago was termed by the FBI, as terrorists. I know that he would be glad to hear from you about this outrageous email message sent you, John,

  17. Mahmoud El-YoussephAugust 21, 2012 at 3:49 PM

    @ John Friend, thank you for the post and good to hear you on Keith Johnson Show.

    By now, readers should know that I was one of four people this terrorist, Danny Levi have threatened. All four are United States citizens, and two of whom are retired US military veterns. There are possibley other people who may have been threatened by this scumbag that I am not aware of. Nevertheless, DHS, FBI, and local police departmen have notified with the info below as well as a copy of 15 minutes telephone call from Levi to my resident that I recorded. The local FBI office assigned an agent to my case. I have not been contacted by him as of this writing. I do feel, we are some howing doing the work of the law endorcement agencies responsible for tracking down and arresting Danny Levi. It is very clear from his email messages to John Friend and Mark Glenn that he lives in Seatle. The is no reason whatsoever for the FBI not to arrest him immediately as he is in violation of Federal law and that he could be perscuted under the Paltriot act. I will make efforts in the upcomming days to contact local news media to break the story. Thank you John for exposing the identity of this home grown terrorist. Just remember the terrorist who comitted the massacre at Sikh Wurdara in Wisconson has defaced another Wurdara in a neigboring state of Michigan. I know these bastards are feeling the heat and lashing out. Therefor it is critical at this time that he should be arrested. Those who expressed their concern can help immensely by demanding from the FBI offices in Columbus, Ohio, Seatle, Santiago to do their job and protedt the public. The homework in this case has been done and all the dots has been connected. There is no reason to beat around the bushes and wasting time. People in the truth movement will not be intimidated and bullied into silence.
    Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    Retired USAF Veteran
    Columbus, Ohio

  18. Mahmoud El-YoussephAugust 21, 2012 at 3:52 PM

    Name: Danny Levi

    Location: Seatle, WA. [no address]

    Organization: JDL

    Living in US: Since 17 years

    Education: Attend the University of Seatle

    Military service: IDF

    Country of origin: Israel- hold US citizenship

    Distinct feature: Spoke with British axcent

    E-mail adress:

    How many he threatened: 4 people [ that I know of]

    Was this info made available to local police dep. & FBI and DHS : YES!

  19. Mahmoud El-Yousseph,

    I understand you position. When contacting the FBI, please be professional and courteous.

    They are professionals. Treat them as such. That will ensure that you are perceived properly by them.

    Also, please understand that the function of the FBI is "investigation". They will arrest people when they are directed to do so by an AUSA (Assistant United States Attorney).

    You might want to ask courteously who the AUSA is that is looking at this case. Give that person a call. Again, be professional and ask what position of the AUSA's offic is on this matter.

    If you are a party to the case as a victim, they will probably talk to you.

    Hope this helps.

    Don't burn any bridges.

  20. Mahmoud El-YoussephAugust 21, 2012 at 4:02 PM

    Here is a Message I did send to MG on Aug.13, 2012

    Following the radio talk show with you over the death threat I recieved, I did
    contact the Columbus, Ohio FBI office, and lerted them about the case. I did urge
    the office to assist the local police department in my city with the investigation.
    The FBI was very coopertative after I gave them a summery of what happened.

    They did call me the next day to tell me that an agent have been assigned to the
    case, and wanted to know specifically if I felt the threat was because of the article or
    because of my ethinicity. I did tell them, it was both.The agent will contact me when the need arise.

    As of now, I do not know his name.
    However, as of this point my contact person at the fbi office was an agent with the
    name, Michelle. She told me that she was the only agent with that name.
    Her phone # is: 614.332.8081

    I should add that I did inform the fbi that the suspect is more than likely is the one who
    threatened you and Phil Courtney during the last 6 months. I did not provide them with any other information about you two other than that you are the moderator of TUT, that you have notified the local law enforcement in your city and that Phil was threatened at a hotel lobby on the West coast, adding that he is one of the USS-Liberty survivor.
    I think these cowards are lashing out, because they start feeling the heat.
    Will keep you posted my friend

    1. Mahmoud El-Yousseph,

      Ok, the reason why the Agent asked you if you felt the threat was because of the article or because of your ethnicity was because they were trying to decide if this was a bias crime.

      Tell you what, give Michelle a call. Be very courteous and professional. Ask Michelle if this case has been referred to the AUSA. If so, ask if you can get that AUSA's contact info.

      If the case has not been referred to the AUSA, ask politely why not.

      The underlying issue here is whether or not a threat of some kind was transmitted.

      Did the transmission constitute a "threat" under the law. If so, what specific law?

      These are the things you should be discussing with Michelle.

      The FBI deals with facts and laws. They don't deal with "in between" stuff.

      Find out if what was done was a prohibited act. Find out specifically if a law was violated and if so, which one.

      Let us know.

      And above all, be professional and courteous.

  21. Mahmoud El-YoussephAugust 21, 2012 at 4:14 PM

    @AnonymousAugust 21, 2012 3:56 PM

    Yes, and thank you for your advice and word of wisdom. As you can see from John message and those I post here, we are acting as eyes and ears for the law enforcement agencies. Yes, we are very police, but also firm. This is a matter of urgency. It is taking place during a time where places of worship is being burnt to the ground and worshiper are being massacred during prayers.

    It is quite conceivable that agents will hindered from persuing the subject. Few month ago, the editor of Atlanta Jewish Times advocated the assassination of the United States president. As a concern citizen, I did call the Department of Justice and asked for the reason that man was not arrested. The answer was, it takes time. This man should not be impuned because he is Jewish. No one is above the law in America!

    As a wise Chinese man once said, " as long as the dog makes a drop in the backyar, it makes no difference what color the dog is."

    1. To simplify your conversation with Michelle, ask her to tell you what the process is and at which stage of the process is this particular case.

      That will give you what you're looking for.

  22. Mahmoud El-Yousseph,

    Here is a little insight into how thing work.

    When they say that "things take time" - what they mean is that a thorough investigation does, indeed, take time.

    The FBI tries to be very thorough. When they perform an investigation, they write up an associated report.

    That report is forwarded to the AUSA. The AUSA reviews it and decides on how it will be handled.

    This is the process.

    It doesn't happen in a day.

    Keep you temper in check. Don't get upset.

    Frankly, there's nobody better than the FBI when it comes to investigation. No matter what bs people who hate law enforcement say. They are damn good.

    But they can't do anything if a specific law has not been violated.

    The AUSA can't just say "well let's prosecute this guy for something made up".

    Which specific law was violated?

    What is the citation?

    The indictment MUST indicate what law was violated.

    Has there been an indictment issued yet?

    These are things you can ask.

  23. Good move to inform the FBI because

    1. Exactly w, that's why this guy needs to be arrested immediately.

    2. John,

      You may be too young to remember Irv Rubin's and Earl Krugel's case. Jewish masters are paranoid of terrorist accusations. Even hints of it. Jewish terrorism is what nullifies the entire Israel v. terrorist Palestinians narrative. Danny Levy does not realize yet that it will be Jewish prosecutors that will arrange his suicide. But of course FBI has to do it's part to boot the case.

      Great job John.

    3. Thanks Epicurious, I am somewhat familiar with Rubin and Krugel's case. I will keep everyone posted when I hear something from the FBI. I would think they would have to at least investigate and question this Danny Levi guy.

  24. Don't underestimate the FBI.

    They have mapped that terrorist org. They have names. They have drivers license pics, passport pics...

    They know a LOT more than they will reveal.

    Sometimes investigations take a while. Another factor is that it's better to bust them for something that will get them some serious downtime - rather than something relatively minor.

    The decision on when to strike and who to strike involves a big picture strategy.

    If you're trying to take down an entire organization sometimes you wait a bit until the time is right and then do it all simultaneously.

    This is how it's done in big drug cases.

    They may seemingly let something go for a while...but keeping an eye on the statute of limitations for each criminal act. Then, say 15 months later they decide to shut the organization down. Arrest the gang - and charge them with crimes going back typically 5 years. In the case of murder - there is no statute of limitations.

    It is just a matter of time.

    1. Well said, let's hope you're right! I am going to be very professional with the FBI, this guy must be arrested for these terroristic threats! Could you imagine if the situation were reversed and a non-Jew (especially a Muslim or a "white supremacist) had sent that email to a Poor, Little Jewish guy? It'd be all over the Jewish mainstream media in no time and the FBI and other law enforcement would be forced to act, and with a quickness.

    2. You really have to take that stuff seriously. You are doing the right thing.

  25. I am willing to die to expose these supremacist delusional destroyers of mankind and will continue to expose them for their crimes at every opportunity. Keep up the good work for something rather than die for nothing.

    Scott Davis in Colorado

    aka, rockclimber at tiu/cybersage/

    1. Just refuse to live in fear. Keep your focus.

      I don't think it will be possible to get through to everyone due to the extensive long term brainwashing.

      Younger people are more open to hearing the truth about things. Also, they control the future.

      So many people live in denial.

      I'm not sure how this is going to end up. In many places around the world the army rules by force and puts a lid on what they call "dissent".

      It looks like we are heading there quick.

      Remember those protestors at Tiananmen Square in 1989? A lot of them were disappeared.

      That is not uncommon around the world.

      We've been pretty fortunate so far. Our Constitution has protected us. But now we've got that NDAA and other things.

      I hope we can avoid what most other people around the world are subjected to.

    2. Hey Scott, I totally agree with you man, thanks for the support.

  26. Remember the ex-marine Brandon Raub who was recently "detained"?

    Here is a phone interview with him:

    I do not know what Brandon Raub's personal history is or if he has any history of "mental illness" or not.

    If he does not have a history of mental illness - this detention seems awfully odd to say the least.

    We need more information to be able make a determination on what is really going on here. Does anybody know if there is anything in Raub's jacket that might indicate he's unstable or has been unstable?

    I am not saying he is. I am just asking a question.

    If not, this may simply be a demonstration of power by the Jewish Banksters through their proxy police.

    This could be the equivalent of the proverbial warning shot across the bow. The question is this: do we have a Constitution that protects our individual rights - or not?

    If the Constitution has been rendered essentially invalid - now what?

    If that should be the case, the citizen/government relationship is then merely one of power and force. The government has more force than you do - so....guess what? You're screwed and you have to do whatever you are told.

    I certainly hope that's not the case here.

    Last I checked, we don't live as serfs under the rule of a king. But it seems that the Jewish Banksters may have placed themselves on a throne expecting to be worshipped by us.

    Where is our military on this? Law enforcement? What is the position of all of those who have taken an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC?

    We live in interesting times.

    Don't we?

    1. "Anonymous"
      From what I have learned about Brandon, from his mothers interview and others, he has NO history of any mental problems!
      I believe this is nothing but a case of another veteran that has awakened to what is/has been going on in the US, and the "government" trying to shut him up for speaking out about it!
      Rest assured, there are MANY of us that took that Oath who are awake, and when the time comes justice will be served! United We Stand, Divided We Fall!
      In the mean time, for ALL of you out there DO NOT fall for any of this Disgruntled Veterans being "lone wolf terrorist", etc. BS!
      Basic 101 crap, destroy the person's reputation, and you destroy His/Her message! Don't fall for it!

      US Army Veteran
      Marc C. Daniele
      Herculaneum, Mo.

    2. Marc,

      OK. Got it.

      This detention is a definite wakeup call.

      I understand.

    3. Marc,

      Can you answer these questions:

      Is Brandon Raub a real person?

      Does Brandon Raub exist?

      That is the first premise they gave us.

      Can we verify that?

      How do we know this story is not a PSYOP?

      So far, only a JEW named Adam Kokesh has "interviewed" Raub.

      Here is a phone interview with him by the Jew Kokesh:

      Kokes is a Jew and admits it here at 4:10 in this vid.

      Do we have any "reliable" verification on the veracity of any of this story at all?

      Here we have a guy, who in my initial estimation, appears to be an All-American-type of U.S. White Marine and who claims to be waking up to the corruption, criminality, and complicity of our US Government in a whole host of different areas, from the criminal bloodsucking outfit known as the Federal Reserve, to waging illegal wars based lies and pure bullshit excuses, from being complicit in one way or another with 9-11-01. And, he gets kidnapped by jackbooted thugs and hauled off to a mental hospital where he is confined against his will and then he has a swarm of probably jewish psychiatrists unleashed upon him in order for them to try to find out why his mind isn’t ‘right’? Pure jewish Bolshevik Communist Soviet tyranny, right?

      So, a thinking white man might decide to ask himself a few questions. Like why is this guy being allowed to place phone calls while he is under ZOG’s detention?

      It's not passing the smell test.

      In fact, it smells like rotting gifilte fish.


    4. Anonymous
      I have to admit you bring up some very valid/interesting points here!
      I do not claim to know a whole lot about this situation other than what most here have probably already read/seen.

      As I'm sure you know there are ways to see if Brandon is real, served in the military, but if it is a PSYOP the basics will be covered, or at least they will think they are, ie; 9/11, irregularities will appear.

      Looks like we will all have to follow this very closely!

      Personally I believe there is some sort of "campain" going on to destroy Military Veterans in this country, and I think this is for the most part due to the fact that we are the ones that can put up a bonafide resistance when the time comes, as well as train others on how to do this! Would you agree?

      Gordon Duff of Veterans Today Network did a story about Brandon today, but as I'm sure you know he is also "jewish" and is suspect too!

      As for Adam K., I do not know enough about him, his stance on issues like 9/11, etc. to say one way or the other, but you are right to a certain extent about being able to talk with Brandon, in this situation. In a "normal" mental incarceration you are able to speak with people at almost any time throughout the day.

      I had already heard the interview that Adam did with Brandon, but thank you.

      One thing I do want to say though, and this is hard for me, we can not just write off a person because he is a "jew". The reason I say this is because of the likes of Dr. Sabrosky, Gilad Altzmon, M. Vanunu, etc. BUT by the same token how can us "GOYIM" know which ones are for real in helping humanity, and which are just being typical "jews"?

      The million dollar question!

      Take care!

      US Army Veteran
      Marc C. Daniele
      Herculaneum, Mo.

    5. John,
      Can you please tell me what happened to my reply to the above comment from "Anonymous August 22, 2012 11:58 AM"?
      It was there one minute, then the next time I looked it was gone!


      US Army Veteran
      Marc C. Daniele
      Herculaneum, Mo.

    6. I think it went into the spam folder, and I just published it. Check it out and let me know if that's the one you were referring to. Sometimes the comments get published then un-published and sent to the spam folder, I don't know why...

      And I'm away from my computer for long periods of the day, so sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what happened and get things straightened out.

    7. @ anon 11:58 AM

      I think you may be right... I have thought for a long time now that the whole Bradley Manning thing was a PSYOP. But I don't know, just a gut feeling. A lot of this stuff is staged in order to scare us and get us to freak out about something that isn't even real. But who knows?

      And this Danny Levi loser may be the same thing - another fraud trying to scare and intimidate us that speak the truth about the Jews and their criminality, lies, and tyranny. Ain't happenin' though.

    8. I considered joining the military in high school and even in college, but ended up deciding against it. I think you are right though Marc, the government doesn't give a shit about the vets or the troops for that matter. They are just "pawns in the game" as Kissinger once said. We need this segment of the population on our side for sure, hopefully they are waking up. I think more and more are.

    9. John,
      First, I agree that vets are waking up overall! Think about the suicide rate among veterans. I believe that has something to do with these numbers.

      Second, that is the comment I was talking about. Thanks.

      If you like, feel free to erase this one, and the one with me asking about the other one. Confused yet?

      But seriously, I joind the Army when I was 17, my mom signed for me to go in, and I planned on making a carreer out of it (since about 14), but got injured, and poof they threw me away! No hard feelings here!!!!! But I still do take my Oath seriously!
      I can't say I would recommend anyone going into the military now though! Can you say Cannon Fodder for israel/"jewish" agenda!

      Take care!

      US Army Veteran
      Marc C. Daniele
      Herculaneum, Mo.

    10. "Can you say Cannon Fodder for israel/"jewish" agenda!"

      EXACTLY! These guys and gals have to wake up to this! It's so obvious at this point, isn't it?

    11. Brandon Raub?

      No one here with fluent knowledge of German? This is hoax, just by the name. Kids study foreign languages.

      m , -(e)s no pl
      a (=das Rauben) robbery
      (=Diebstahl) theft
      auf Raub ausgehen [Tiere] to go out hunting or on the prowl
      [Räuber] to go out pillaging
      schwerer Raub aggravated robbery
      b (=Entführung) abduction
      der Raub der Sabinerinnen the rape of the Sabine women
      c (=Beute) booty, loot, spoils pl
      ein Raub der Flammen werden liter to fall victim to the flames

  27. Not-See 'fi-li-th' ? lol

    Do you thinnk he really means National Socialist ? lol

    And they always bring up their 'resources' don't they ? Our 'resources' ! They have so many 'resources' that a few blogs scattered around the world are literally cleaning their clock.

    Whoever this weasel is he used the same chosen foreskins name as the guy that e-mailed and threatened Mark Glenn :

    "You really are your own worst enemies and don’t know when to quit, and my prediction is that you are going to prove me correct yet again my emailing me back with even more threats that can (and will )be used against you in a court of law.

    don’t disappoint me now


    ~Negentropic MK V

    1. Mark Glen is on the right track with respect to the Jewish Interest Slavery issue.

      The only place he derails is in his assertion that somehow all White people have to do is go forth and explain to the blacks and mestizos the nature of the Jewish problem - and that they will miraculously understand and be on our side.

      What Glen does not seem to understand is that both blacks and mestizos benefit from the current system. The like the unfair advantages. They like the free stuff. They like the “special rights”. They like the EBT cards. The leadership in both the black community and in the mestizo community are in the pocket of the Jews.

      Glen needs to come to terms with the fact that those groups are not full of “noble people of color” as depicted in Hollywood films. Their reality is quite different than that - and they tend to hate White people.

      I am not sure exactly why Glen insists on his patently unworkable strategy. Perhaps it has something to do with Canada and their crazy tolerance laws. Perhaps Glen just doesn’t have enough life experience and has live in areas that are simply too White.

      The other big issue that Glen & Co. bring to the table is an overt hostility towards what he calls “Neo-Nazis” who are “Racists” and “want to isolate themselves from the rest of the world”. That stance seems awfully Jewish to me. Very, very Jewish. Glen misrepresents people who want to preserve their way of life and cultural environment. Why he does this is not clear.

      Maybe Mark Glen is romantically involved with a black person or something. I don’t know. But what I do know is that he is a poor strategist and is embracing an ideal that does not exist.

      We need separation from the various communities that seek to harm us. It just so happens that those communities are not White.

    2. When I think of Mark Glen - the work "Smarmy" comes to mind.

      His Canadian friend likes to promote himself as a superior intellect.


      Their show needs to go.

    3. White people want economic freedom to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor and exercise self determination. White people create, invent, innovate.

      Not every "culture" does that.

      In fact, certain "cultures" intentionally latch on to White society so they can act as a parasite. It's provides a better existence than what they can provide on their own.

      As their numbers increase, the weight of their impact increases and bogs the system down.

      Maybe Mark Glen should move to Africa or Haiti and help his brethren there. No need to listen to his spew downing white people who simply want to live in a prosperous environment and maintain their culture.

      Mark Glen also lied about Hitler. He falsely stated that Hitler "reached out" to "other races" asserting that Hitler wanted to create a "Multi-Cultural" "Rainbow" Germany.

      That is a complete lie.

      Hitler was fine with trading with other cultures, other nations - but they needed to stay in their own lands.

      Mark Glen somehow got confused on that MAJOR point.

      Not too sure about MG's show. Who's funding that again?

    4. You have every right to your preferences & opinions as long as you don't try to force it on any other individual. Civil rights itself was a violation of individual rights and needs to go but at the same time all you assorted white nationalists and supremacists or separatists or Christian Identity types or 'wotanists' or 'odinists' or whatever-you-call-yourselves need to calm down.

      In my book, it's better to be a brain-supremacist and anti-criminal.

      Try to avoid dumb people & criminals of any race and you won't go far wrong. Dumb people will sooner or later make you suffer through some idiocy whether they become criminals or not, & criminals, the smarter & more clever they are, the more iniquities & initiated force and misery they will bring down on your head.

      No, you certainly can't count on low-IQ people (including low-IQ whites) who have been further brainwashed all their lives with victimhood to trust 'the white man' or 'the establishment" in any way & certainly not any white who doesn't give out any leftist-liberal vibes of wanting to listen to Bob Marley, save the environment & look up to the 'coolness of blacks' the way the media has programmed millions. But you don't need to worry about them too much unless you're trapped in some inner city without guns and ammunition & a concealed carry holster.

      Even if a swarm of Mestizos suddenly come up and started a Night of the Living Dead zombie apocalypse, without a high-IQ strategist among them, how effective will they be ?

      Whites are still 73% of the population in the U.S. What you need to worry about more is the other, more brainwashed whites, just dumb enough to take orders from a bunch of money-shitting Jews & just smart enough to be a major pain-in-your-ass.

      After all it was the other whites under Stalin & Churchill & Roosevelt (USA was almost 50% from German stock at the time)that led the 57 country pro-jew-usurocracy coalition that completely destroyed Germany, Italy and Hitler's honorary Aryans, the Japanese.

      It's better to have the Asian man on your side but whether blacks or mestizos are going to be on 'your side' or not will depend only on what they get out of it. You don't have to be a liberal or ignore their group behavior statistics or trust them, but if you act bigoted towards them and do not grant them their basic dignity as individual human beings, call them sub-human, etc., you're being ridiculously untactful & foolish, since you're basically fanning the flames of all the real oppression some of these people have suffered over many centuries, first from their own tribes, then from being conquered by whites plus 50 years of post Martin-Luther-Burger-King chosen-foreskins-mass-media anti-white conditioning, you're fanning all those flames against yourself!

      Be tactful & tactical instead. Temperance is not the same as compromise. A blustering idiot's 'pride' in his extended family's achievements, rubbing it in other people's faces, what's that really worth ? A gentleman takes pride in being tempered & tactful & therefore maximizing efficiency.

      The possibility of equal rights (before the law, this is NOT egalitarianism or saying people are in any way equal) to unequal results under a meritocracy as Thomas Jefferson intended, on the other hand, paints you in a much better light. You are firm, fair and calm, a cool voice of authority, respectable, someone to emulate rather than hate. Remember that Jefferson offered to free all his slaves but they liked him so much they preferred to stay slaves than face the insecurities and hardships and responsibilities of freedom.


    5. The ultimate goal of any legitimate revolutionary government should be to organize a police force in order to gradually restore a meritocracy. The best person wins in any field, but he or she wins fair-&-square, as a civilized individual and without initiating force. Why ? Because this is the route of civilization and science, the route of maximum efficiency. All thinking comes from the individual. No individual, no thinking, no civilization, plain and simple. The only collective governmental force in such a society is a collective of individuals coming together to defend the non-initiation of force & fraud. To forcefully reject a person of merit because of a different cultural or racial background is irrational unless that person's culture is also forcefully rejecting your merit. Then it's just equalization of initiated and defensive forces. There is no reason for any genetically distinct culture of individuals comprising a race that has merit to be afraid of disappearing in a fair field of a meritocracy anymore than there was in the fields of merit at tribal warfare of centuries ago.

      Fascism was not racialist, National Socialism was. Both can be used as successful models for self-defense force against the massive many decades only initiated force, fraud, robbery and rape of the usurocracy.

      Since 95% of Germans were already white, it just made sense for Hitler to make first class German citizenship racial. After all, they were only discriminating against 5% of the population and even against these people not particularly harshly if they were not criminals and they could either choose to be second-class citizens with basic rights protected but unequal opportunity to enter into certain professions or organizations that were German only or they could emigrate. Many preferred second-class citizenship in a first world economic success than first class citizen-ship in some third-world cesspool. Compare that to theocracies, for example, which usually discriminate against women or a full 50 plus percent of their population at all times.

      Hitler was racialist only because he was pro-German, wanted Germans to be the best they could be and Germany to be the strongest it could be, not because he was anti-other races out of some bigoted irrationality the way so many other white nationalists seem to be. They discouraged race-mixing with disincentives and encouraged Germans to have as many children as they could to increase their numbers further. They used a firm, fair and calm hand, a cool voice of authority, they became people to emulate rather than hate. Even the blacks like Hans Massaquoi and half-Jews like Heinz Weichardt wanted to emulate them and were severely disappointed when they were not given the opportunity, but still retained respect for National Socialism and what it had accomplished.

      Germany did not have segregation against the 20,000 or so blacks that lived there at the time. In peacetime Blacks could not enter the Hitler youth or the SS but they went to school alongside whites and could drink at any pub, dance at any dancehall and eat at any restaurant with the majority whites, unlike the USA at that time.

      Read the book "Destined to Witness," growing up black in Not-See Germany for a first hand-account that a half-black / half-German guy named Hans Massaquoi wrote

      A brilliant review of this book that puts its propagandistic conformity in proper perspective to its revelations of truths used to be on Amazon but this guy's account got banned for the usual reasons. I was able to save it on this concen thread:

      it's Post: #107 towards the bottom of the page:


    6. "Maybe Mark Glen should move to Africa or Haiti and help his brethren there. No need to listen to his spew downing white people who simply want to live in a prosperous environment and maintain their culture."

      Hell, why not just move to Harlem, NY, Camden, NJ, Detroit, MI, or a whole host of other urban sewers throughout the USA filled to the brim with all sort of, I mean, "diversity", and find out firsthand what many lower income Whites and us so-called "racists" already know?


    7. Negentropic, extremely well said, as always. I couldn't agree more with everything you wrote.

  28. You must be hitting the big time John! I remember in the late 70's and early 80's when the JDL held weekly vigils down the street from me .... they would stand in the street, blocking streetcars and traffic and curse out Mr. Zundel. Then they bombed him.

    Here in Canada this group is still considered a terrorist org just like in the US. Our government is so far gone that our Minister of Immigration and Stephen Harper actually consulted with the Canadian leader and TOOK HIS ADVICE to bar George Galloway from Canada (whilst simultaneously allowing Bush in)

    The guy was a thug, looked like a thug, talked like a thug, and HE GOT AIR TIME! A lot of it to speak out against Galloway.

    Stand tall, John, you know you do nothing wrong!

    As Mark says, the more you scare them with truth, the louder they squeal.

    1. As "Mark" says?

      What else does "Mark" say?

      Why does "Mark" demean his straw man "Neo-Nazis"?

      Why does "Mark" say "all we have to do" is go and "explain" the Jewish problem to blacks and mexicans - and that due to their inherent nobility they will "understand" and come to our side?

      Just asking a few questions of you peeps up there in the land of hush-up, restriction and "tolerance".

      Something doesn't smell right here.

    2. Hey Noor, thanks for the support!

  29. John Friend, Mark Glenn, and Mahmoud, are in good company.. just heard that the POTUS got a death threat in an e-mail, the sender was banged up, don`t think his name was Levi though, however, the recipient of that particular e-mail, is married to a Michelle.. see, it all fits..

    1. Mark Glen... Mark.... Isn't there a certain group that likes to choose names that are verbs? Like "Rob"...?

      Well, anyway - not everyone is buying the MG version of utopia. It’s foolish to think we can turn the blacks and mestizos against the Jew.

      Very few blacks and mestizos that work for a living would understand the Jewish problem - or accept that it was factual.

      The majority of non-whites are lovin’ that free ride and if the isn’t giving them enough they’ll just take what they want from us.

      An alliance with non-whites against the jew is a pipe dream.

      Why does MG push that tripe?

      ALSO, what does MG misrepresent what he calls "Neo-Nazis"? is he talking about the "Frank Colin" type of "Neo-Nazi"? If he is - that's because Franks real name was "Cohen" and was a Jewish plant created to shame Whites by intentionally distorting the position of White people who want to live in a safe environment and maintain their culture.

      OH AND ONE MORE THING.....MG said on his show that Adolf Hilter "reached out" to "other races" - making a specific point to contrast MG's version of Hitler with MG's version of "Neo-Nazi's" who he says "want to isolate themselves from the rest of the world".

      Mark Glen, Adolf Hitler did not want an influx of other races polluting Germany.

      Mark Glen, Adolf Hitler had no problem with other races inhabiting their own lands.

      That was Adolf Hitler's position on that issue - and you chose to intentionally distort is just as you have distorted your straw man "Neo-Nazis".

      I'm looking at the overall situation here and I'm asking a question.

      Is MG another Frank Colin?

    2. Perhaps if you put a name your anonymous criticism of Mark Glenn it might be taken seriously.

    3. The questions about Mark Glen are clearly spelled out.

      I can see a problem here.

      Hm. And you support those positions?

      Are you aware of who Frank Colin is?

      Do you know what kinds of tactics he employed?

      These questions taking you out of your comfort zone?

    4. Hey "Tom Sullivan" - why don't you just delete those comments?

      You know, "disappear" them.


      Go ahead.

      That seems like something that - um - a certain group would do.

      Doesn't it?

    5. I am asking questions about what Mark Glen said.


      Too bad Mark Glen can't just hang up on me so the questions can't be heard.

      Well, where I live we have this thing called the 1st Amendment.

      I can ask questions. And I will.

      I see that you choose not to address the questions - you're avoiding that.

      Very poor tactic when other people can observe the interaction.

      The stink intensifies.

    6. Know what "Tom Sullivan" you best just go away.

      You are not equipped to defeat me in an argument.

      Facts crush bs.

    7. Perhaps if Tom Sullivan would post his home address, telephone number and place of employment your weak attempt of attacking the messenger rather than addressing the substance of questions might be taken seriously.

    8. "Very few blacks and mestizos that work for a living would understand the Jewish problem - or accept that it was factual."

      BINGO! That is exactly why ALL white countries are being flooded by non-white immigrants--both legal and illegal. And guess who placed the order?


  30. Thought you guys may like these: Swindling The Goyim parts 1 & 2

  31. Somebody above brought up some valid questions about Mark Glen.

    I hope you don't resort to censorship and delete them.

    That would be the "Canadian" thing to do.

  32. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments and support, I really appreciate it. I filed an electronic report with the FBI Monday night, and spoke with a representative yesterday morning. I will follow up with the FBI office this morning. I want this Danny Levi clown arrested.

    Mahmoud, thanks for the info, feel free to email me and we can stay in touch that way. You'll have to let me know if you hear anything from the FBI or local police in your area.

    Regarding Mark Glenn, people may disagree with him about his views on White Nationalism or what ever you want to call it, but he is clearly on the side of truth and justice. In my opinion, we should all be standing up to and resisting Jewish tyranny, Jewish supremacism, and Jewish criminality, regardless of our race or ethnicity. I have no problem with White Nationalism (again, what ever you want to call it) or any other nationalism. In fact, I think everyone should be proud of and want to preserve their unique cultural, ethnic, and/or racial background. But that doesn't mean we can't work with or ally with others outside our own cultural, ethnic, or racial background.

    And to my knowledge, Mark is not funded by anyone other than the meager donations readers and listeners send in.

    1. Ok.

      Good enough.

    2. I don't think anyone is trying to stop Mark Glen from expressing his views on anything.

      The basic concept of freedom of expression is designed to allow for open discussion on topics that might not be comfortable for all.

      Mark Glen can express his views on strategy and his personal interpretation of what Hitler "meant". Glen can also malign whoever he wants. If he wants to use "Neo-Nazi's" as a straw man to support his viewpoint - that is just fine.

      Nobody is calling for censorship of Mark Glen.

    3. Mahmoud El-YoussephAugust 22, 2012 at 12:05 PM

      John, it is funny, that I did run across your blog by accident. Only then I was able to identify that home grown terrorist who was behind all these threats. What a relief!

      Anyway, could you please email me your phone contact in the event lame $stream media shows an interest in the story. After all, I wanted also to talk you privately. Thanx.

  33. BTW - I was on The Revolt of the Plebs radio show with Keith Johnson and Mahmoud yesterday discussing this:

    I also called into Charlie Giuliani's show yesterday morning, he had on a pro-Israel, pro-Zionist half German half Israeli guy. It was quite interesting, check it out:

    1. John,

      Thanks for clearing that up.

      I can see that there are various ideas on strategy but we are all facing the Jewish problem.

      Maybe we should all be focusing there instead of injecting personal social engineering schemes into the mix.

      The problem is Jewish Crime.

  34. Jews aren't the problem? It's just Zionists?


    Jews are taught that non-Jews (like you) are animals and beasts of burden only.

    This kind of information is not fed to you via their wholly controlled media apparatus because of the obvious fallout that would occur if these things became generally known.

    I have had a few personal interactions with Jews that revealed this clearly.

    If you want to get a dose of it – figure out how to pass yourself off as a Jew and interact with some Jews. Tell them that your mother is Jewish and you were considering making Aliyah back to Israel and you want to know what it’s like to live there.

    Do a little homework on how your Bar Mitzvah and Confirmation went down so you can pass the initial smell test.

    When you interact with them - mention that you think it's great that you guys inflict Usury on the goyim and how that advantages all Jews.

    Mention how funny you think it is that you guys are able to send non-Jews into battle fighting your enemies while Jews sit back with a bag of Kosher popcorn and watch.

    You will then get a very clear picture of what you are dealing with.

    1. "Jews are taught that non-Jews (like you) are animals and beasts of burden only.

      This kind of information is not fed to you via their wholly controlled media apparatus because of the obvious fallout that would occur if these things became generally known."

      Yep. And the Jewish-owned and controlled mass media makes sure such information is never disclosed to the public via its networks.

      "Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”
      -- Menachem Begin (1977 – 1983), Knesset speech, Jerusalem.

      Show me where, anywhere, in his speeches or writings, where Adolph Hitler or any other White Nationalist leader of any note, said anything so delusional, arrogant, vulgar, insulting and condescending about Jews? Anywhere!

      Posting damning information like the above quote from a Jewish supremacist AND terrorist pig in an effort to inform, educate and forewarn our non-Jew-wise brethren, in the arrogant, delusional mind of JDL thugs like Danny Levi, is 'unjustly' demonizing and attacking Jews and 'choosing' them as the "enemy" and not the other way around (the way it really is).

      Yeah, right.


  35. Question:

    Whites who are intelligent tend to be accomplished. They tend to have jobs.

    Those same Whites fully understand the threat of being “Sanchezed” due to “Anti-Semitism”.

    Does that mean that they are “cowards”?

    When your go into battle – you know that flying lead hitting your body will kill you. Does avoiding it make the warrior a “coward”?

    Jewish Financial Power has tentacles reaching directly into companies and company policy.

    How can an individual, whose paycheck depends on their employment under such conditions speak out openly and state that the emperor has no clothes?

    If they do that, they will be terminated.

    In that short tale The Emperor’s New Clothes ” by Hans Christian Andersen it took a kid to speak out about the obvious – because everyone else was too afraid.

    This is the exact same situation we have here.

    In fact, in my research I have found that many of those teachable tales of the past were really teachings about the Jewish Problem in disguise.

    Evil elfs were really Jews. Lots of things.

    So what’s the answer?

    1. I think the major reason why you aren’t seeing well educated, well spoken Whites “standing up” in public is because they know that they will be “Rick Sanchezed” pretty much immediately.

      I know this from my own interactions with people.

      Whites who understand are lurking underground for that reason.

      A few blacks such as Cynthia McKinney have said things about"Zionist Jews" perhaps because the felt that they had protection from being called a “racist”, “hater”, “anti-semite” due to their officially sanctioned “victim status” and legal protections.

      But they found out different – didn’t they?

    2. "Whites who are intelligent tend to be accomplished. They tend to have jobs.

      Those same Whites fully understand the threat of being “Sanchezed” due to “Anti-Semitism”."

      True. But the longer you DON'T stand up to a bully, the more arrogant, beligerant, demanding and mean he becomes. What is needed is a collective effort on the part of non-Jews to stand up to Jewish supremacist bully! Individually he can beat us into the ground but en masse we can not be "Sanchezed”.


  36. Did Adolf Hitler mention anything about useful tactics to employ when a citizen finds himself in an employment precarious employment situation dependent on his not being perceived as being “Anti-Semitic”?

    In my reading of Mein Kampf, I didn’t pick up any references on how to address the issue of “The Emperor Has No Clothes”.

    What is a person supposed to do who has a job, a mortgage and children to feed?

    If he “speaks out” he knows he’s instantly out of a job.


    1. "Did Adolf Hitler mention anything about useful tactics to employ when a citizen finds himself in an employment precarious employment situation dependent on his not being perceived as being “Anti-Semitic”?"

      By default anyone who dare stand up to, justifiably critique or resist a Jew or organized Jewry in any way, shape, manner or form is an "anti-semite." Ditto neo-nazi.

      Just be tactful and do and say the right thing.


    2. Anyone who opposes, resists, defies, criticizes, etc. a Jew or Jewry in any way, shape, manner or form, is by default, an "anti-semite." Ditto a "neo-Nazi."

      All I can say is: stand by your principles and truth and never back down. Avoid contentious issues like Jews, race, etc. at work, especially if could jeopardize your employment in this land of the First Amendment so overflowing with freedoms and liberties out the wazoo. (Blah...puke!)


    3. Agreed Wallace, thanks for commenting.

  37. The FBI operate terrorist activities against American patriots. Look up COINTELPRO for examples.

    1. "The FBI" is a large organization with fields offices situated in many areas. Those field offices are staffed with professionals.

      If there have been some instances of misconduct, that does not reflect on "The FBI" as a whole, or its mission.

      The truth of the matter is this: The FBI recruits and retains high quality people. They are engaged in investigating crime. Unfortunately, this is a necessity in a societal environment.

      Let's get real here.

  38. "Gang Stalking is Cointelpro" posted by PeaceFrog on line 6/18, talks about FBI and other law 'enforcement' (haha) involvement.

  39. "we didn't choose you as an enemy, you chose us."

    In the JDL's warped minds, everybody is their enemy.

    1. Got that right. The truth is "hateful" and "anti-Semitic" blah blah blah, I'm so sick and tired of these Jewish supremacists and their organizations.

  40. Mahmoud El-YoussephAugust 22, 2012 at 7:12 PM

    @ AnonymousAugust 22, 2012 6:29 AM
    I am not so sure how many Anonymous poter here, I did not count.

    But for this one, I am disturbed by frequent attacks on Mark Glenn. After all, that is off topic. Why not send him a guest colum for publication. I have seen him posting people who attacked and threatened him. May be that would make you feel better. Especially if does not read your post here. After all that is what a civil debate suppose to be. He will be able to respond to your allegations. Then readers will be able to make up their mind, instead of listening to on side only.

    My second point for writing is: Tom Sullivan does not need to post his adress , place of emloyment to have a discussion. That is irrelevant.

    Finally, I am glad you concluded by saying we should focus on the real enemy. You seem to be well infomed. Find a common ground and set differences aside. Please don't waste your talent and energy. As the saying goes: "united we stand, divided we fall."

    1. Mahmoud El-Yousseph,

      I am the person you are referring to. Thank you for your well-reasoned and sensible comment.

      My comments about what Mark Glen said were not intended as ad hominem attacks. They referenced the things he actually said.

      As you may know, our common enemy has intentionally demonized White people by creating crazy pseudo "White Supremacists" and hollywood style "Neo-Nazi's". Those ugly creations were personified in part, by people like Frank Colin - who turned out to be Frank Cohen...a Jewish agent provacateur.

      Mark Glen uses both of those terms.

      As for Tom Sullivan asking for my real name - that is not necessary to have a discussion. As you said, "that is irrelevant."

      I am interested in the dismantling of the Jewish Interest Slavery infrastructure that is literally destroying us.

      The issue of whether or not Mark Glen said what he said is settled. He did. He perpetuates the Jewish hollywood false stereotypes of the "White Supremacist" and the "Neo-Nazi".

      Some people don't appreciate that as I am sure you would not appreciate a false ethnic slur aimed at you.

      In my view, this makes me wonder about his motives.

      I am not interested in debating Mark Glen. Frankly, I do not care what he thinks. There are better thinkers out there who have internet radio programs.

      Again, thank you for your reasoned comment. I can tell you are a nice guy.

    2. I heard Mark Glen saying those things. He's not jewish is he? I wouldn't be surprised.

    3. "The issue of whether or not Mark Glen said what he said is settled. He did. He perpetuates the Jewish hollywood false stereotypes of the "White Supremacist" and the "Neo-Nazi"."

      I must have missed this one... does anyone know what radio program he said this on?

    4. LOL, Mark Glenn is not Jewish guys! Come on now...

    5. Mark Glen has made numerous comments disparaging what he calls "White Supremacists" and "Neo-Nazi's".

      As I understand the term, racial supremacism in general, is rooted in ethnocentrism and a desire for hegemony and power over other races.

      I simply don’t see that among White people. I see it among Jews - but not Whites.

      I am aware of many White people who are want to preserve their culture and who, for example, view the ever advancing conveyor belt of violent crimes committed against White people by non-white people because they are White - as a problem.

      I am aware of many White people who think that affirmative action laws which falsely enable the underachiever and specifically disable White people only because they are White - is a problem.

      I am aware of many White people who do not appreciate rap music. For example, I am aware of many White people who have a problem with lyrics like these:

      "Kill the white people; we gonna make them hurt; kill the white people; but buy my record first; ha, ha, ha";
      "Kill d'White People," Apache, Apache Ain't Shit Tommy Boy Music, Time Warner USA.

      "Niggas in the church say: kill whitey all night long. . . . the white man is the devil. . . . the CRIPS and Bloods are soldiers I'm recruiting with no dispute; drive-by shooting on this white genetic mutant. . . . let's go and kill some rednecks. . . . Menace Clan ain't afraid. . . . I got the .380; the homies think I'm crazy because I shot a white baby; I said; I said; I said: kill whitey all night long. . . . a nigga dumping on your white ass; fuck this rap shit, nigga, I'm gonna blast. . . . I beat a white boy to the motherfucking ground";
      "Kill Whitey"; --Menace Clan, Da Hood, Rap-A-Lot Records, Noo Trybe Records, subsidiaries of what was called Thorn EMI and now is called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

      "Like my niggas from South Central Los Angeles they found that they couldn't handle us; Bloods, CRIPS, on the same squad, with the Essays up, and nigga, it's time to rob and mob and break the white man off something lovely";
      --"The Day the Niggaz Took Over"; Dr Dre, The Chronic, Interscope Records, under Time Warner.

      "Deal with the devil with my motherfucking steel. . . . white man is something I tried to study, but I got my hands bloody, yeah. . . . I met Farrakhan and had dinner";
      --"When Will They Shoot"; Ice Cube, The Predator, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

      Well, you get the idea. Right?

      BTW, Time Warner and EMI are not labels coming out of somebodys basement.

      I don't care what Mark Glen says. He can continue to misrepresent White people who want to preserve their culture and recognize the physical danger presented to them by non-Whites.

      His saying something does not make what he says true.

    6. I'm amazed by how dense some people are. You are the same kind of supremacists that you rail against. The jewish supremacists have an ally in you people in that with the exception of hating each other, you all have the same "enemies". Everybody else. Same victim mentality too. You pathetic little boys need to grow up already. You are what you hate.

    7. Go back to Kennys site you troll. You are intellectually weak. You can't refute any facts. You lie. You flip the scrip on who is being victimized. You suck. Slither away you slug.

    8. I'm amazed at how dense some people are. You deniers are using the same tactics as the Jews you rail against. The Jewish Supremacists have an ally in you in your support for affirmative action and the destruction of Western culture through the flooding of our lands with 3rd worlders. You deny the crime. You deny the "flash mobs". You use the exact same victim mentality as your Jewish friends. The Jews taught you all about how to run around claiming that your own actions aren't your fault. You are a victim of White people. Yeah. That's it.

      Look troll, we fully recognize who you are. Your tactics are Jewish.

      You are a liar.

      You project your own deceit on Whites. Very Jewish.

      Jews taught blacks all about how to use victimization politics - it was Jews who founded the NAACP for that purpose.

      Go ahead an crawl back into your Jew-Hole.

    9. Is that Mark Glen posting anon here trying to slime that guy who is telling it like it is?

      ha ha ha

      If it is, he should just quit now. He's getting his ass kicked in.

    10. Hey Mark Glen:

      Move away from that overwhelmingly White area you live in to an overwhelmingly black area.

      Then tell us all about how noble, fair minded and decent black society is.

      Send us postcards gushing about their superior intellect and industriousness and lack of criminal tendencies.

      Take you white ass and your kids there you bast*rd.

    11. If Mark Glenn was commenting here, he would leave his name for sure. He is a real man, unlike this anonymous troll that just screams and cries about "white supremacy" and "racism" all day long.

      I think Mark is doing great work, but clearly his main focus is not on the racial issue in this struggle against the Jew World Order. I know he has addressed it on a couple radio shows, and I know a lot of people disagree with him. I think it would be good if someone here who does disagree with him writes up a response to his views on this subject, and emails him with it. I think it's counterproductive to bash people like MG just because we don't see eye to eye with him on the racial issue. If you want to write up a response and email it to me, I can send it to Mark.

      Negentropic had some excellent comments about all this in a previous comment, I totally agree with that approach.

  41. Jewish supremacist terrorist wrote:

    "In the middle of the last century, Jews had no right or means of response when they were demonised, persecuted and attacked by your ideological soulmates."

    Don't give me that crap! Most of your tribe's alleged 'suffering' and 'persecution' is exaggerated and fictional. If one of your Jewish brothers or that criminal haven in Palestine is being "demonized" and "attacked", i.e., justifiably criticized, it's because it is warranted!

    Jews have a long history of nation-wrecking and subversive activities, and acting hostile to a host nation's people. Time and time again when given those "rights", Jews have proceeded to abuse those rights, and in turn they were punished for it. That is FACT.

    "Today, the world is a very different place. When we are attacked by nazi filth like you, we respond with all the resources at our disposal, and with extreme prejudice.

    Compared to real filth like YOU, we are honorable people. Be careful what you wish for, Jewish filth, one day terrorists like YOU will be on the receiving end of our righteous indignation.

    "You have been waging a campaign of anti-semitic terror for a long time, but the time has come for you to pay for your crimes against the Jewish people."

    More Jewish fables. FYI, there is no anti-semitism without semitism; one always presupposes the other. What "crimes", Danny boy? The only crimes are those committed by 'upstanding' members of your 'respectable' organization.(1)

    "There are three things that you should remember: the code that we live by is 'never again'"

    Yeah, Jew scum, once one is awakened, i.e., becomes Jew-wise, you can believe "never again" is their motto.

    "our hatred of nazi scum like you is stronger than your hatred of us"

    Don't bet on it, Jewish scum.

    "we didn't choose you as an enemy, you chose us."

    Bullshit. Look in the mirror you sanctimonius, myopic bastard; our actions are totally lawful and justified--unlike yours--you punk Jew. We simply speak the truth and respond to your tribe's domineering, nation-wrecking, culture-destroying behavior in a peaceful way unlike your terrorist organization!


    (1)In 2004 congressional testimony, John S. Pistole, Executive Assistant Director for Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) described the JDL as "a known violent extremist Jewish organization." FBI statistics show that, from 1980 through 1985, there were 18 terrorist attacks in the U.S. committed by Jews; 15 of those by members of the JDL. According to the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,

    In a 1986 study of domestic terrorism, the Department of Energy concluded: "For more than a decade, the Jewish Defense League (JDL) has been one of the most active terrorist groups in the United States.... Since 1968, JDL operations have killed 7 persons and wounded at least 22. Thirty-nine percent of the targets were connected with the Soviet Union; 9 percent were Palestinian; 8 percent were Lebanese; 6 percent, Egyptian; 4 percent, French, Iranian, and Iraqi; 1 percent, Polish and German; and 23 percent were not connected with any states. Sixty-two percent of all JDL actions are directed against property; 30 percent against businesses; 4 percent against academics and academic institutions; and 2 percent against religious targets."

  42. On July 31, Kurt Nimmo posted an expose, "FBI Nazi Bikers Bust FBI Nazi Group" re its involvement in counterintelligence activities against white people. Robert Swan Mueller III has been the director of the FBI since 9/4/01 and his term is set to expire on 9/4/12. It is he that has reorganized the Bureau to focus on counterterrorism rather than domestic crimes, and I have read that he is Jewish, but don't know for sure.

  43. Btw, In THE JUDAS GOATS: THE ENEMY WITHIN, Michael Collins Piper details the corruption of the FBI (and the CIA} by Zionist elements.

    1. I really need to get that book Marycatherine, thanks for reminding me.

  44. John
    May I make a suggestion? If it's not too much trouble maybe you could set up your comments section so people have to give at least a screen name, instead of using "Anonymous" all the time?
    The reason I say this is because I see so many of these, and it's hard to tell who is saying what at times. You might even be able to weed out some SHILLS that way!
    Yes I use this term myself, but I also sign my name at the bottom of all my comments because I personally do not worry about any possible reprecussions. I also understand many can not do this, but they can at least give a screen name.
    Just a suggestion.

    US Army Veteran
    Marc C. Daniele
    Hercy, Mo.

    1. I will look into that Marc, I think it's a good suggestion. It's hard figuring out who all these anonymous commenters are, especially if they don't leave a name like you do. Most of the anonymous commenters have valuable and important things to say, but there are a couple trolls who come here from kenny's blog and just cry and carry on about "white supremacism", "racism", etc. etc. I'll check out blogger and see what I can do.

    2. John
      This is a little off subject, again, but I was watching TV early yesterday morning (about 3 or 4 am CST), and happened across this kind of infomercial on BET (I think) about "Isaac 58" (I believe it's called). It's a "program" set up to feed (food boxes, hot meals) poor "jews" in the Ukraine who "survived" the holohoax, etc.
      Anyway I watched about fifteen minutes of this, for the most part because they tried to give a version of history to explain the reason these poor "jews" had so much trouble.
      They had the nerve to say that when the Bolshevik/Communists came to power these "jews" were "persecuted" by them, besides the usual Nazi "persecution" they always mention. They even had "Patsor" Hagge on with this speal about israel, and about those who abandon the "jews', God will abandon them, or something like that!
      I bring this up because I could not help but laugh at how they were talking about the Communist's without mentioning that "jews" made up about 95% of the Bolshevik/Communist's!
      I also had this strong feeling that this is a flat out money scam to begin with! Something about it, not just the false history, etc.!
      Anyway, if you ever get a chance check this out. You'll probably get a good laugh also!
      I also happen to think we, meaning people exposing "jewish" lies, crimes, etc. need to also focus on informing people about who was behind Communism, the actual tens of millions of deliberate deaths it caused, and how it has morphed into the neocon's of today, etc.
      One good resource would be "Behind Communism". I forget who wrote it (think I got it free from Barnes Review), and have not unzipped my back-up from when I upgraded to W7 a couple days ago, so I can't help with that yet. If interested I will work on getting it, if you don't already have it.
      Let me know what you think! Thanks.

      US Army Veteran
      Marc . Daniele
      Hercy, Mo.

  45. "I really need to get that book Marycatherine, thanks for reminding me."

    Here you go, John:

  46. JDL Dan mumbled:

    "In the middle of the last century, Jews had no right or means of response when they were demonised, persecuted and attacked by your ideological soulmates."

    The eternal victims...yawnnnn.

    "Cecil Roth, a prominent Jewish historian in the first half of this century, argues that the Jewish persecution by Christianity throughout the ages – a staple of popular Jewish folklore – has been greatly exaggerated:

    “Jewish historiography towards Christianity, and especially Catholicism, is typical of the errors which a too slavish following of the German
    tradition has inspired … The same lack of understanding and the same violence of contrast have been carried into other aspects of Jewish history. No attempt whatsoever has been made to understand the psychology of persecution. Any Jew-baiter is necessarily represented as a
    bloodthirsty desperado … Any [Jewish] apostate as a mere self- seeking humbug. All persons who have favored the Jews inevitably figure as saints and heroes, while whoever opposes or oppressed them automatically become ruffians and hypocrites … Almost every Jew is made to figure
    as a peaceful, unoffending saint, with no blemish whatsoever to mar his character or to explain his mistreatment … [But] blood ran as quickly in the ghetto as outside … [Jewish] violence was not unknown in the synagogue itself. [Jewish] sordidness was present in plenty to enhance by contrast the glories of martyrdom.”--When Victims Rule *

    "There are three things that you should remember: the code that we live by is 'never again'; our hatred of nazi scum like you is stronger than your hatred of us; we didn't choose you as an enemy, you chose us."

    Ah, shut the hell up, you Jewish supremacist scumbag. You're nothing but a two-bit thug and terrorist like the founders of your "hate" organization. You have no argument nor truth on your side so you resort to mobster tactics to silence your critics. Real 'tough' guys you are. Btw, are there any Aryan Brotherhood members out there reading this? If so, can you do us a "favor"--if you catch my drift--and put this rat back in his cage? Thank you.

    * WHEN VICTIMS RULE (2040 pages)

    "This book aims to methodically present a virtual encyclopedic collection of facts towards deconstructing the many myths about Jewish history and identity, and to investigate the ways in which these myths are used towards enormous economic, cultural and political advantage, extremely detrimental to non-Jews. The book also deconstructs the artifice behind incessant Jewish accusations of the generic “anti-Semite,” accusations that are ceaselessly wielded as a political tool towards further Jewish empowerment."

    "All critics of Jews should not be tagged as anti-Semites. We are not a nation of Christs,
    Spinozas, and Einsteins...”--William Zuckerman, Jewish author

  47. Anonymous...Condeez

    Cute ain't they?


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