Saturday, August 4, 2012

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology


  1. I saw this last year, it's terrific. If a blue piller were to ask me where to begin in graduating to red piller, I might just point them to Sofia's "Rabbit Hole" series of articles, and then just persue whichever rabbit hole most interested them. Enough exploration, & they ultimately see it's all connected..

    She also has a good chemtrails section,

    She was the first I saw to suggest a parallel between chemtrails, morgellons syndrome, and the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", a mediocre movie as far as I was concerned, but for some reason Hollywood remade 3 versions of it over 41 years!

    1. You really hit it on the head!

      There are definite parallels between the Jewish Chemtrail Lie, Morgellons Syndrome, and the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

      They are all fodder for "White N*ggers" who "believe" things that are factually unsupportable.

      Anyway, can go back to your bagel and lox now.

    2. ^^ anon from the top comment here again. I've noticed in other comment/threads here recently too, there is this new flavor of troll (we see above^), or new MO, where any informed sincere comment incl links & all, is immediately slammed and the commenter called names incl 'joo/shill/shlomo/yada/yada'. Seems their goal is to prevent productive dialog via flinging a bunch of poo around...

      Which one of these are you, troll ^ ??
      "The Gentleman's Guide To Forum Spies (spooks, feds, etc.)"
      ^ suck it, troll. ;)

    3. Anon Aug 5, This one appears to be a khazar troll. They believe in dividing people through their limbic brain using fear, racism and name calling. The good news is, it doesn't work anymore. SPLC AND ADL USE THE TACTIC ALL THE TIME HERE AND THEIR DONATIONS ARE WAY DOWN. Even the wonderful Jewish people are catching on as well. I believe that is why they used the "Sampson Option" threat the other day. If they don't get control of the globe they said they would simply blow up the planet. Oh, well, that means they go with us, so have fun. Rids the universe of haters and chaos generators and since they planned on us dying anyway, well, then we go as planned but then so do they and that makes it all worth it to me..

  2. Ray Kurzweil - The Transendant Man - merging human with machine, is ... a Jew ! Supremacist Jews see themselves as God so this is nothing more than the creation of a 'new man' - the perfect slave.

    How does the Jewish International Crime Network cover their tracks? How many alternative explanations have been floated about 9/11? How many alternative theories have been floated about the JFK assassination? Who is responsible for floating unscientifically derived theories? Who benefits from such a smokescreen?

    I think you probably already know.

    What does the Chemtrail controversy and the holy-hoax have in common? Neither of them are supportable by scientific scrutiny.

    I will repeat that again: neither of them are supportable by scientific scrutiny.

    The condensation trail left behind jet aircraft are called contrails. Contrails form when hot humid air from jet exhaust mixes with environmental air of low vapor pressure and low temperature. The mixing is a result of turbulence generated by the engine exhaust.

    Contrails are formed due to the way modern jet engines work. It is not a “conspiracy”.

    There are, in fact, conspiracies. This one is not worth your time.

    If you are attentive to contrail formation and duration, you will notice that they can rapidly dissipate or spread horizontally into an extensive thin cirrus layer.

    How long a contrail remains intact, depends on the humidity structure and winds of the upper troposphere. If the atmosphere is near saturation, the contrail may exist for sometime. On the other hand, if the atmosphere is dry then as the contrail mixes with the environment it dissipates.

    Contrails are a concern in climate studies as increased jet aircraft traffic may result in an increase in cloud cover. It has been estimated that in certain heavy air-traffic corridors, cloud cover has increased by as much as 20%. An increase in cloud amount changes the region’s radiation balance.
    For example, solar energy reaching the surface may be reduced, resulting in surface cooling. They also reduce the terrestrial energy losses of the planet, resulting in a warming. Jet exhaust also plays a role in modifying the chemistry of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere.

    Regarding the “Chemtrail vs. Contrail” issue:
    “Contrails” are a result of operating modern day jet engines at high altitudes under certain atmospheric conditions. They can, in fact, persist depending upon upper air conditions.

    1. Well, gee, that is definitely good news..... oh, forgot to ask, explain why there is a patent for a chemtrail disbursal system for planes???? I am going to love listening to the disinfo explanation on that one.... go google it.

    “Chemtrails” – certainly could possible exist. It IS possible that “someone” could be ejecting things such as aluminum powder from aircraft at high altitudes. It “could be” in the form of a “slurry” (mixed with a liquid) to make it easier to “spray” from an aircraft into the atmosphere.

    This is certainly possible.

    It would also be easy to identify. If an aircraft equipped with an air sampler collected samples from suspected “chemtrails” – you’d have your answer. Lacking an aircraft – such as a high altitude research jet aircraft – I suppose some enterprising White guys could integrate an air sampler into a gondola suspended from a surplus weather balloon and get their air samples that way. Getting samples and analyzing the samples would go a long way towards settling this issue.

    Is the military spraying powdered metals in the upper atmosphere? I don’t know – but what I can tell you is that I do not believe that powdered metal particles would be effective in use as “chaff”. “Chaff” has to be engineered towards the wavelength(s) of the radar energy you desire to reflect. I believe that powdered metals are simply too small to perform the action of radar reflection.
    Are “chemtrails” possible. Yes, of course they are “possible”. Do they exist? We need some real data. Merely looking outside and saying “gee – that persistent contrail doesn’t look normal to me” is not sufficient to prove or disprove anything.

    As I mentioned earlier, it is possible for “regular people” with a very, very small budget to field a balloon based air sampler – with recovery via parachute.

    To settle this controversy – my suggestion is to get some upper air data.

    It is senseless to argue over the existence of purposeful metallic or chemical contamination of the upper atmosphere without proof in the form of data.

    Data acquisition of this type is within the capabilities of normal privately funded White guys.
    To date – I have not seen any hard data revealing proof of purposeful metallic or chemical contamination of the upper atmosphere beyond what we’ve been getting through the daily operation of high altitude aircraft – and the effects of terrestrial based air pollution.

    I have not seen proof.


  5. For all of you "Chemtrail" "BELIEVERS"......and I use the term "believer" appropriately - because there is NO PROOF of "Chemtrails" in the sense that the Jewish Disinfo agents are spouting...

    I propose a fairly simply way of settling the issue.

    Someone with a telescope can simply perform some observations of contrails and apply the well-proven and repeatable SCIENCE of SPECTROSCOPY to the issue.

    Spectrometry and spectrography are terms used to refer to the measurement of radiation intensity as a function of wavelength and are often used to describe experimental spectroscopic methods. Spectral measurement devices are referred to as spectrometers, spectrophotometers, spectrographs or spectral analyzers.

    Long story short: a study of the absorption vs. emission characteristics of the plume of a so-called "Chemtrail" will reveal its elemental makeup.

    Interestingly, NOBODY who promotes the Chemtrail LIE has done this.

    One of the reasons we are in the present overall predicament is due to the over population of what I refer to as “White N*iggers”.

    White N*ggers are “stoo-pid” people who “Believe” things that are factually unsupportable.

    If you are White and you are a “Patriotard”…you are also a “White N*gger”.

    If you are White and you “believe” in the Jewish Chemtrail Lie - you are a “White N*gger.

    The Jewish Chemtrail Lie can EASILY be investigated by simply writing up a scientific experiment that investigates the chemical/elemental composition of what is ejected behind aircraft in flight.

    I propose the use of ground based spectroscopy to discern the truth.

    Stop “believing” Jewish Lies.

    Get some data.

    And then we’ll know.

    1. LOL, so now I'm a "WHITE N*GGER", huh? To some, I'm a white supremacist, Hitler lover, to others I'm an ignorant, gullible "WHITE N*GGER", and still others consider me a disinfo agent. Jeez people, grow the fuck up.

      I see chemtrails on a weekly basis where I live. I'm not an expert in the subject, but I think there is definitely something to this.

    2. John,

      Visual observations of atmospheric phenomena are not "proof" of anything.

      Only air sampling data or spectral analysis of the light coming from a so-called "Chemtrail" would provide evidence or data.

      I am not saying that there "isn't anything to this" but the burden of proof is on the accuser - so to speak.

      Where is the data to support that something nefarious is going on?

      I have not seen any.

      Have you?

      Other that what you have visually observed from your ground based vantage point - what evidence have you seen?

      Please share.

      BTW, I know what I'm talking about on this subject.

    3. John, I'm guessing this is the same disinfo troll who pooped on the first comment. "Clever" approach from this "clever-tribesman"; posture himself as "anti-joo/wigger" in hopes of some (fruadulent) cred, then spend that counterfeit cred-capital on trying to bedunk conspiracies we know to be true. I notice they mix in some "appeal to authority" lingo with their diarrhea spoutings... to no avail though, they're still transparent disinfo trolls.

      Murphy/G.E.Griffin's "What in the World Are They Spraying?" nails the chemtrail conspiracy "bedunkers" coffin shut tight. See it free on gootube. Also, Monsanto's patents for ALUMINUM-RESISTANT GMO seeds, !? Also watch for the new, "WHY in the world..."

      Given that half the comments here at this writing appear to be from the same troll, who's been pooping up other blog comments as well; you may have to revert to mod'ing comments, and/or allow registered handles only. Recall MGlenn's TUT podcasts recently had to stop taking calls from unrevealed numbers, coz their show was targeted for orchestrated assault by potty-mouth joo callers, similar this fake "joo/wigger-hater" who's infested the comments here. It seems to be their latest cointelpro/agitprop approach- dilute, divide, antagonize etc.

      Keep up the good work John (but again, drop the video-fakery promotion, ref: ).

    4. US Air Force: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

      Monsanto Patents and Chemtrails | Farm Wars

      Chemtrails and Monsanto's New Aluminum Resistance Gene - Coincidence? | Farm Wars

      Bill Gates Pours Millions Into Geoengineering

      ^ suck it, troll. ;)

      Again John, shouldn't let comments be baited by trolls (like Mr.Wigger) into wasting oxygen reinventing the wheel of ~5 years ago, devolving into the "are they contrails or chemtrails?" script. That "debate" is LONG SINCE RESOLVED... I'd just nook all Mr. Wiggers' troll posts if I were you, ;)

    5. re "" - scratch that, wrong URL!

      it's whyangels.INFO, which directs to:

      ^ info URL for the new Mike Murphy/Ed Griffin docu to be released this month, at this 3 day conference in LA CA:

      You may wanna go, John! ;) 8 min trailer:

      Also, the full "What In The World Are They Spraying" came out Fall '11, best docu in the field IMHO, full length 98 mins:

    6. Hey there, thanks for the insightful comments, I appreciate it.

      I had to laugh out loud when I read this though:

      "Keep up the good work John (but again, drop the video-fakery promotion, ref: )."

      Haha, sorry, after really looking into the "planes/no planes" and video fakery debate, I'm convinced that there were no planes involved on 9/11 (at least none of the official planes) and that video fakery was used extensively. I read your comment on Kevin Barrett's blog, and I understand where you are coming from. But, I've looked at all the evidence, and all the evidence is on my side of this debate.

      I was on with Dr. Fetzer and we discussed this at length, you can listen here:

    7. Hi John, fine & good you're convinced of vid fakery. Allow me to make this PRAGMATIC case to you. Note I commented in your San Diego 911T thread too:

      Re my comment in KB's blog-
      note that it's that post and the next as well, a follow up from me the one & only Anon! :)

      Find in that following post @ KB's, this snip:
      Incidentally, I "allow for the possibility" that any or all of the "exotic 911 theories" could be spot on, or BS, and all points in between. I take the same attitude towards organized religions, and ET-beings walking among us!

      Point is, these questions are de facto unknowable (short of credible new disclosures), and thus as a "political decision", I assert that devoting energy towards discussing exotic 911 theories is a dead-end alley politically; they give MSN-etc fodder for ridicule/dismissal; they deter noobs from further research; & they suck oxygen from the movement which would be better directed towards the cause of a real investigation & justice for the perps. I'm convinced that Fetzer/handlers agree, ;)

      and from my post in your SD 911T thread,

      John F: PLEASE consider taking ZanO's & your own advice here: "Zan Overall, The Wise Old Man, attends a premiere"

      ^ and focus on the WHO, not the HOW-- as you're doing with your expenditure of energy on Fetzer/Wood & others exotic HOW theories of 9/11, and even laboring to steer activists towards this HOW biz. Which is it, John- ZanO's & your own advice, or FetzerCo's dead end alley?

      Mark Glenn & Jonathan Azaziah both agreed when they had you on their TUT podcast last Fall- enough focus on the GUN already, let's focus on the CRIMINALS! :)

      [back to the PRESENT here!] John: Your blog is hitting the right notes on many fronts. As I said above, I allow for the possibility that "video fakery" (VF) was employed on 911.

      Here's the thing: VF is over the head of ~99% of those we need to reach & wake up (counting myself in that 99% !!).

      And "avg Joe-6-pack" will recoil and run if confronted with VF as part of an opening pitch. I'm not accusing you of hitting every J6P you meet over the head with VF, but fact is, you're DOCUMENTING your heart-felt advocacy of that theory, repeatedly, on this blog. And our adversaries who wish to discredit you "by association" among the blue-pill J6P masses, only need link to one of your VF blog entries, and viola, everything you've said about everything else is discredited coz, you're one of those VF/no-planers (read: 911 exotic theorists proposing theories which few if any J6Ps understand)!

      How is your/our time best spent John? Nurturing an "Exotic 911 theory debating society"; or J6P-Outreach via the BASICS (#7, etc) ??

      I wanna keep linking to & promoting your blog across the forum/blogo-spere John. But if this counter-productive VF noise persists, I'll need to delete a bunch of posts; and bump those threads with msg's disclaiming you... seriously...

      ZanO: pls talk to JF?!? ;)

    8. Well, I certainly agree with you on many of the points you are making. And I do focus on the "Who did 9/11" aspect more than anything else, that is evidence if you've been following my blog for the past couple years. As I've said, we need to be focusing on the "Who" rather than the "How", especially when we're talking to people that may be new to this info.

      BUT - I am a truth seeker, and I do think the planes and video fakery aspects are important to understand in order to properly understand how completely bamboozled we were on 9/11. Also, this sort of deception, using planted or scripted witnesses, the manipulation of images and videos, etc. is a KEY WEAPON in the arsenal of the PTB, that's the main reason why I present info on "no planes" and video fakery here. You have to understand this stuff if you really want to understand what is going on in this crazy world!

      Think about all the fake bin Laden videos, which many people believe are legit. Or his alleged "death" last year in Pakistan. Or all the "massacres" in Syria and Libya that we were shown on TeeVee - yet they were all completely staged. I'm sorry, I do understand your point, but this aspect of 9/11 is too important for me NOT to post about it.

    9. BTW - I talk to Zan all the time.

    10. Yeah, yeah, yeah

      drop the video-fakery John or we won't link to you anymore, I'll go tell my mommie ! Where have I heard that stuff before ?

      Tell you what plane-huggers, we'll drop the 'video fakery' when you can prove that ridiculous theory of 'remote controlled global hawk' without a single matched plane-part at your disposal and not until then.


      As for who did it? Who owns the 5 networks ?

      And who got rid of the buldings?

      And by the way, by 'did it' that still only means 249 confirmed death certificates. So where are the rest, CNN lovers ?


  7. I am sure you will all agree that mere words cannot express the feelings invoked by the undeniable successes achieved by Jewish people here in the United States.

    I write to congratulate each and every Jewish person for the part they played in positioning Jewish people in key positions. As we all know, it would not be possible for the Jewish people to attain monopoly positions in such a vast and diverse set of industries and in government - if it were not for the complicity and supporting role played by the overall Jewish community.

    Somehow, the magnitude of your achievements have gone unnoticed by the majority of Americans. In fact, many Americans actually deny the fact that you have performed the very feats that you have.
    We hope to remedy that situation by expressing our heartfelt congratulations to the Jewish people of the world for their spirited no-matter-what-it-takes cohesiveness.

    Let me just take a moment now to list a few of the impressive achievements that the Jewish people have made.

    Jewish people hold vast monopolies in key industries.

    Jewish people monopolize the banking industry,

    Jewish people monopolize the insurance industry,

    Jewish people monopolize the in so-called “precious” metals industries, jewelry (gold, silver, diamonds),

    Jewish people monopolize the newspapers across the country,

    Jewish people monopolize the TV networks and stations across the country,

    Jewish people monopolize the movie companies,

    Jewish people monopolize the movie distribution,

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    Jewish people monopolize the the music industry,

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    Jewish people monopolize the big book and textbook publishers and many others.

    But Jewish people do not merely monopolize key industries. The also monopolize several key professions, such as the legal profession and our political system itself.

    Sadly, many Americans seem to think that the Jewish people had something to do with Jesus. That Jewish people are merely a tiny powerless, persecuted minority - or even that Jewish people were not the aggressors of World War 2 against Germany.

    It is travesty that Americans don’t seem to know the truth about the Jewish people.

    Isn’t it?

    1. It certainly is a travesty...

      James Laffrey of The Equal Party just did a nice post titled, "Jew Achievements", be sure to check it out.


      For new visitors to this website, I will keep this post short and light.
      My headline above is rather generous, as longtime visitors to this site know.
      The headline came from my realization that our generation probably is the most ignorant American generation in history in regard to jews, who jews are, and what jews do.
      By “our generation,” let me stretch it a little. I’d like to include the Baby Boomer generation (a bit older than I am) and the new generation on the heels of the Boomers. (Yes, I include myself up until three years ago.)
      The ignorance of who jews are and what jews do is near total.
      And that is a huge jew achievement.
      People think they know that
      jews had something to do with Jesus,
      jews have been “persecuted” in history, and
      jews were innocent “victims” by the millions in World War 2.
      That’s all so negative. But that’s what jews focus on. Why would jews not want people to know about their achievements?
      Jews have achieved monopolies in banking, in insurance, in the so-called “precious” metals industries, jewelry (gold, silver, diamonds), newspapers across the country, tv networks and stations across the country, movie companies, movie distribution, and movie theater chains across the country, the music industry, the big book and textbook publishers, and more.
      These are all facts and are easily confirmed by looking at the owners of companies, the leaders of the trade shows and conventions of the various industries, and even by reading jew publications who admit it.
      Keeping that knowledge from students, and keeping that knowledge from readers of newspapers, and keeping that knowledge from readers who buy books from the bookstore chains, and keeping that knowledge from serious watchers of tv and movies — that is quite an achievement.
      When we read what many famous Americans long ago said about jews, we can see that knowledge about jews was more widespread and available back then. Now, there are no famous Americans saying anything significant about jews. In fact, it’s a taboo to say the word “jew” nowadays unless it is accompanied by praise or pity.
      Nearly everybody else and everything else can be debated every which way, but jews are the untouchables.
      Quite an achievement. People who didn’t create this country, who didn’t build this country, who didn’t ever suffer in this country, are the untouchables in this country.
      By the way, is it legal to have monopolies in industries and nationwide businesses in the USA? Just asking. When homes and businesses are foreclosed on by banks (a jew monopoly), into whose possession do they go? Just asking.
      Only one more question: The Great Founding Fathers of our country, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and others, were they jews? No, they were not jews. They shared the same Germanic blood as most of us.
      And yet, jews have monopolized our country.
      Quite an achievement.

    2. Yes, in fact Laffry's article inspired that piece above. Perhaps I should have attributed it to him. He seems to be the real deal.

    3. He is. I've followed his blog ever since I started this one. In fact, he was a big inspiration for me to start this blog.

  8. Anonymous, thanks for your posts. Finally I read some common sense. All these conspiracies about Illuminati, Chem trails, UFO, etc, are only distractions taking the attention away from the real problem. Jews feed this garbage daily to the idiots that just repeat this nonsense. And who is profiting from this selling books, videos and other goodies? David Ickie is a typical sample of this non sense about lizards and the Illuminati.

    1. The real problem is the Jews and their conspiracy for world domination (which was accomplished after WWII, now it's being openly solidified), I am totally on board with that. I do think there is something to this chemtrail stuff, did you watch the video above?

    2. "Suspicion" does not equal "proof".

      "Suspicion" can lead to this thing called "Investigation" - which can lead to this other thing called "Proof".

      "Cloud Seeding" DOES exist. Go here:

      But, I assume that Cloud Seeding is not what is being referred to when people talk about "Chemtrails".

      Am I correct?

    3. "Chemtrails"?

    4. Methods of generating "Chemtrails"?

  9. "Chemtrail" Q & A?


    So you want to know if “Chemtrails” are real - or if they are merely “Jewish Hype” generated by Jews who enjoy laughing at Goyim who are easily confounded and leds astray?


    You are going to need a CCD camera and a telescope.

    Basically what you would be doing is photographing the visible plume of what you think is a “Contrail” and then analyzing the photo using Spectroscopy.

    I could lay it all out for you so that you could do this - or I could do this.

    But - you know what? I have this sneaking suspicion that if I didn’t “find something” - some of you people would still say….”that just means what you looked at wasn’t a “Chemtrail”…..the ones I SAY were “Chemtrails”… just didn’t see them”.


    This issue is something that CAN be investigated.

    Please do us all a favor and STOP posting stuff on this issue that is not “PROOF”.

    The Jews are laughing at you.


    Go here:


      A TELESCOPE, and



      Here is how a spectrograph works:



      This company also sells CCD cameras of the type you're going to need when you STOP POSTING SUPPOSITION AND THEORY ABOUT CHEMTRAILS......and start collecting DATA.....which will lead you to PROOF.

      I do understand that it kinda boring to actually do an investigation. It's probably more fun just to circulate wild RUMORS that are based on NON-SCIENTIFIC "observations" by UN-TRAINED people.

      Apparently, doing that kind of thing actually pays some people's bills. LOL

    4. I'm curious to know how you are so sure chemtrails DO NOT exist without having done your own investigation?

      If you had, you could have come here and shared your findings.

      Or - you could have come here and... ? Well, I guess you could have come here and told us that yes, chemtrails do actually exist.

      Maybe you haven't been around much, but our govt has already admitted to it, so really, you're wasting your time with these posts. Now, getting the truth about *why* they're doing it is another story. Hey - I just gave you an idea for some new investigations!



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