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Adolf Hitler's Struggle for Peace

Video description provided by americaisbacktrump:
One thing German leader Adolf Hitler was determined to achieve second to the rebuilding of a Germany destroyed by the first world war and the post-war infiltration of Jews and Marxist internationalists into the social-democratic treasonous regime he overthrew, was the prevention of another world war.

But Hitler was unaware that Britain was not ruled by its parliament and prime minister as it appeared to be on the surface and still appears today but by the House of Rothschild; the heads of International Jewry and the current Leaders of the Learned Elders of Zion. He was unaware until far too late that Winston Churchill, a lifelong Zionist about to lose his seat in Parliament and his vast country estate, had become a bought and paid for agent of the Rothschilds and was being run on their behalf by Jew Bernard Barouche; Victor Rothschild being the unseen handler and puppeteer behind the scenes.

And so the many attempts by Hitler to keep peace with Britain went unrewarded and even a dangerous act of courage and selflessness by Rudolf Hess in landing in Britain to try to stop the war was missjudged faith in a nation simply not then or now reflective or representative of its own people but of the transnational Jewish elites who own and control it.

Adolf Hitler had no idea that the British governments then and now are in no way nationalist or patriotic and that was how Germany would also become as a result of an ongoing programme of national brainwashing (through education, media and entertainment) from birth by the Jews, which began immediatly following the end of the second world war. When too late Hitler discovered the truth about the Rothschilds and their family and puppets on Wall Street he described London as the true nest of vipers.


  1. Must read: "The New Germany desires Work and Peace" 1933, English translations of speeches by Adolf Hitler, soon after being appointed Chancellor

    My German People,

    When the German people, trusting to the assurances given in President Wilson's Fourteen Points, laid down their arms in November 1918, that marks the end of a fateful warfare for which perhaps individual statesmen, but certainly not the peoples themselves can be held responsible. The German nation fought so heroically because it was fighting in the sacred conviction that it had been wrongfully attacked, and that therefore right was on its side. Of the magnitude of the sacrifices which the German people - having to rely almost entirely on its own resources - made during those years, other nations can scarcely have any conception. If, in the days following the armistice, the world had stretched out a hand to its vanquished opponent in the spirit of fairness, mankind would have been spared endless sorrow and countless disappointments.

    It was the German people who suffered the deepest disappointment. Never has a conquered nation so earnestly striven to help heal the wounds o its former enemies, as did the German nation in the long years in which it fulfilled the conditions which had been imposed upon it. If all these sacrifices have not led to real, lasting peace between the nations, the cause of this is to be found in the very nature of a treaty which, by its attempt to perpetuate the discrimination between victors and vanquished, could not but perpetuate hatred and enmity. The nations could rightly have expected that out of this greatest war of all times, the lesson might have been learned that, especially for European nations, no possible gain could compare with the immensity of the sacrifice. As, therefore, in this treaty the German nation was charged to destroy its armaments in order to make world-disarmament possible, countless millions believed that this demand was the sign of growing enlightenment.

    The German people destroyed their arms.

    Believing that their former enemies would fulfil their part of the treaty obligations, the German people honoured their side of the bargain with almost fanatical sincerity. Land, naval and air material was destroyed in countless numbers. In place of an army which had once nambered a million, a small professional army, with utterly inadequate arms, was established in accordance with the demands of the victor powers. The political destinies of the nation were at this time in. the hands of men whose outlook had its roots in the world of the victor states. The German nation had every right to expect that, if for this reason alone, the rest of the world would keep its word in the same way that the German people, by the sweat of their brows, in deep distress, and under terrible deprivations, were fulfilling their part of the agreement.

    No war can freeze the stream of time, no peace can be the perpetuation of war. A time must come when victor and vanquished must find the way once more to common understanding and mutual trust.

    One and a half decades the German nation has waited in the hope that the end of the war would at length lead to the end of hatred and enmity. The object of the Treaty of Versailles did not seem, however, to give mankind a lasting peace, but rather to perpetuate hatred forever.

    1. This is a very interesting article, thank you for posting this.

    2. The victors write the history! Example: Look at what happened to Gaddafi! No Central Bank! No interest!

  2. great post, john!

    of course you'll have to purchase a SPECTOGRAPH to analyze you can't trust your own two eyes!!


    all knowledge is self-knowledge



    1. Brian,

      Can you tell if a water sample is safe to drink just by looking at it?

      Can you "trust your own two eyes" about whether or not it contains chemicals, bacteria, viruses or other contaminants?

      If so, you're awesome.

      You see, I come from a different universe where we are not able to discern everything just by looking at them.

      In my world, we have wasted a lot of time and effort on useless things like methods of analysis and dumb scientific equipment.

      One of the totally useless processes that we use is this totally idiotic thing called the The Scientific Method.

      It kind of goes like this:

      1. Formulate a question

      2. Perform research and Make Observations

      3. Construct Hypotheses and Make Predictions

      4. Test with Experiments

      5. Analyze Results and Draw Conclusions

      6. If the Hypothesis is Corroborated - go to step 7. If not, start over at step 2 or 3.

      7. Report Results

      I know how boring all of this must seem to anyone that you can just use their own two eyes to render accurate analytical results.

      I understand how utterly worthless that time wasters investigations are.

  3. I’d like to take just a moment to caution people on the absolute necessity to critically evaluate any and all materials concerning WW2, Hitler, the NSDAP, etc.

    As you are probably aware, there is a LOT of disinfo and outright fabrications being circulated - even among non-Jews.

    Below is an example of what someone said on another blog that just illustrates how disinfo seems to maintain its miserable existence.

    A certain poster made a comment on this entry: “ZCF on What’s Ailing America w/ Dr Rebecca Carley (July 7 2012)” - which is here:

    On July 9, 2012 at 10:47 am - someone going by the name of “high plains drifter” made some statements that indicate they have trouble evaluating source material, and may have more serious cognitive difficulties than just that.

    After making unfounded criticisms of Hitler - the commenter included this ridiculous statement:
    “…i have read two books about the war from the german perspective, one by general blaskowitz , one of his best generals. this man was in charge of the army in poland. …”

    First of all, General Blaskowitz didn’t write any books.


    General Blaskowitz surrendered to the British. He “died” on February 5, 1948, in Nuremberg prison, shortly before his trial as a minor war criminal was due to begin.

    Then, the commenter goes on to say this:

    “… [General Blaskowitz] wrote letters to hitler complaining about the way the SS was treating jews and poles there. He was a soldier and a gentlemen, obviously and felt it was not the job of soldiers to treat civilians badly etc. instead of dealing with the problem, hitler fired him and sent him home. so there he sat at home. one of hitler’s best generals, all because of a personality conflict. while germany was at war, one of their best generals was puttering around in his garden at home. one time, blaskowitz was asked, what he thought about the invasion of russia. he didn’t say anything but with his hand he pointed first at germany and then at russia. the point being , germany was much smaller than russia and it was complete lunacy for them to be invading a much larger country. hitler for some reason, thought the war in russia would be over fast (how he came to that conclusion escapes me…”

    That comment is literally FULL of bulls*it.


    Nobody seems to be able to cite an original source.
    But there it is in this book:


    The Enigma of General Blaskowitz was written by some stooge named Richard Giziowski. Is Giziowshi a JEW? I suspect so - but have not verified this - yet.

    THE ENIGMA OF GENERAL BLASKOWITZ was published by Hippocrene Books.

    What else has Hippocrene Books published?

    Here are some titles:

    2d ed., 2007. (David C. Gross).


  4. (Comment cont'd from above)

    More from Hippocrene Books....

    by Richard C. Lukas, Norman Davies
    Paperback – 358 pages 2nd Rev edition
    Hippocrene Books; ISBN: 0781809010

    by Stefan Korbonski
    A well documented book by a Polish Army lieutenant who helped organise the Polish Underground. The author played a major role in the Warsaw Uprising, for which activities he was awarded the Polish Medal of Honour. He was also honoured by the Isrealis for his fight against the Nazi oppressors on behalf of the Jews and Poles.
    Hardcover – 136 pages (July 1989)
    Hippocrene Books; ISBN: 0870525913

    By Fritz Nova
    Hippocrene Books, 1986 – History – 264 pages

    compiled by Eleanor Mlotek and Malke Gottlieb ; foreword by Elie Wiesel ; singable translations by Roslyn Bresnick-Perry ; illustrated by Tsirl Waletzky = Mir zaynen do : lider fun de getos un lagern / tsugegreyt fun Hena Mlotek un Malkhe Gotlib ; forvort fun Eliezer Vizel ; englishe iverzetsungen fun Rozlin Breznik-Pery ; ilustrirt fun Tsirl Valetsky
    New York : Educational Dept. of the Workmen’s Circle ; Hippocrene Books, c1983.
    104 p. : ill., music ; 31 cm.

    by Kagan, Joram. (New York: Hippocrene Books, Inc., 1992).

    All unbiased sources, no doubt. Right?


    Here, someone asks where the alleged “complaint memo’s” to Hitler can be found:

    “I’m looking for the text of the memorandum written by Generaloberst Johannes Blaskowitz complaining about the atrocities of the SS TotenkopfverbÀnde in Poland 1939, is it available online?”

    The hard-to-believe answer:

    “I don’t have a copy of Generaloberst Blaskowitz’s first (Nov 1939) memorandum, and I’ve never seen the whole text anywhere. Here’s what I have of his second (Feb 1940) memorandum, from ed. J. Noakes and G. Pridham, Nazism 1919-1945, vol. 3, Foreign Policy, War and Racial Extermination, University of Exeter Press, Exeter [UK]: 1995, pp. 938-941:”

    So I guess we’re going to have to “believe” the “unbiased and truthful” Exeter University Press on this one…..huh?


    So UNIVERSITY of EXETER PRESSis the source for the alleged General Blaskowitz complaint memo’s to Hitler decrying the “horrible persecution” being inflicted by the “terrible S.S” in Poland.


    Perhaps to learn a bit more about how terrible the Germans are/were – you might want to actually go to UNIVERSITY of EXETER in the UK and take a course on it – like this one:

    The Holocaust, Genocide and Society (SOC3046A)

    Or, you might just want to read more on the subject from the unbiased Exeter University Press. Here’s a good one:

    Holocaust Theology
    A Reader

    Yeah – I really believe all that unbiased material coming from the UNIVERSITY of EXETER PRESS.

    They wouldn’t lie. Would they?

    Obviously they would lie. And they are lying.

    Bottom line: It IS possible to discern fact from fiction. But you have to be vigilant.

  5. Best Nazi Doc I've ever seen. Thanks!

    1. Not-See ?

      Not-See ??

      Not-See !!

      Hope you don't take too long before you Not-See another Not-See for anything more than a National Socialist German & supporter or member of the NSDAP & not something Jewish propaganda forced you to see since birth.

      By using their frame of reference you give them much kosher comfort & laughter as an unpaid propaganda messenger along with millions of others spoon-fed their tail-mud-vision.


    2. I hate the word "Nazi" - I always try to use NSDAP or National Socialist.

    3. The Evil Satanic Jews use word games to try to deflect attention away from “National Socialism” - and especially their monetary policy which was specifically designed to free Germany from Jewish Interest Slavery.

      When referring to World War 2 - call it “World War Jew”.

      World War Jew was where the Kikes tricked the Patriotards to fight against National Socialist Germany to protect Jewish Interest Slavery so the Heebs could continue their quest for a “One World Government” controlled by the Yids with its capital in Jeruselem.

      The Kikes tricked Patriotards to fight World War Jew for them and are doing exactly the same thing in the current wars in the Middle East and for the same reasons.

      Word games can work both ways. We need to be much more aggressive in terms of using the word game to our advantage.

    4. You're a Nazi sympathizer John. Just own it.

    5. Does that mean you are a Kike-A-Like?

      Or are you an Apple-Polisher for the Heebs?

      Are you a Patriotard ready to defend the JewSA?

    6. LOL, "a Nazi sympathizer"? You are such a pathetic, ignorant POS man, you've got a lot of homework to do to overcome all the Jewish propaganda you still cling to.

      I sympathize with the NSDAP, yes. I proudly proclaim that. Serious students of history recognize that the Germans were fighting the good fight in WWII - they were against the forces of the Jew World Order, namely Bolshevik Marxist communism and plutocratic, Jewish international capitalism.

    7. Oh No !!!! A Not-See sympathizer !

      Oh the horror, the horror !

      Don't dare sympathize with the only nation that stood up to Stalin's allies John, how dare you ?

      National Socialism, in just 6 years of peace, gave the world the jet engine, the helicopter, the first programmable computer, first binary calculator, night vision technology, the autobahn, the basic prototype of the freeways built everywhere else, stealth bomber, guided missiles, nuclear fission, etc. 300,000 German patents & copyrights were stolen without compesation at the end of the war, etc. How can you be such a barbarian to have the audacity to respect and sympathize with all that ?! lol

      Sympathize with the poor, victimized chosen foreskins instead ! Sympathize with their trillionaire bankers, 70% of the world's billionaires and their plight of being kicked out of every country they uplift with their magnificient leadership !

      When you're done with that sympathize all the black and Mexican criminals and gangsters you can find who are only waiting to fight on YOUR side against the powers-that-be, that's why they're busy raping 37,000 plus white women a year, because they're on YOUR side. Besides, the poor things were programmed to be that way, don't you see? Don't you see you NOT-SEE sympathizer !!

      How dare you be pro-white, pro your own extended family and wish every other race the best for themselves? Don't you you see that by liking your own extended family better than the one down the street or across the border based on genetic characteristics or ethical behavior as revealed in general statistics, you're advocating these other peoples' elimination and annnihilation ?

      How dare you tell them to fend for themselves, take responsiblity and do the best they can ?

      Oh, the horror, the horror !!



    8. Hey, be careful of all these guys using racial slurs all over the place. Not that they don't have a right to their anger but what that does is turn your site into just another 'racist' 'skinhead' 'kkk' 'white supremacist' site in the mind of many people and make it that much more easy to straight out dismiss without a second look.

      In fact, some of these guys, might be hasbara trolls trying to accomplish just that.

      It's not a free speech issue, it's a class and temperance and etiquette issue just like you wouldn't want someone here posting who screamed motherfucker & got into toilet & sexual humor 5 times a paragraph.


  6. Yes. Hitler was so mean and nasty to Jewry that over 150,000 German Jews served in Germany's armed forces during WWII.

    Wonder why the ADL never runs any stories about that TRUTH?

  7. And even today Alex Jones tried to convince his audience that Stasi Germany was run by the Nazis (national socialists} and also differentiated between Communists and Globalists (as if there is a difference). He just never gives up, even though he as much as acknowledged that he knows he is being criticized, by saying that he is not obsessed with Nazis.

    1. Alex JoneStein is playing very evil game.

      He is spreading intentional disinformation.

      He intentionally deflects away from Jewish involvement in essentially everything he "covers".

      This means that he is your enemy.

      It really IS that simple.

    2. JoneStein is a kosher clown, isn't even worth bashing him anymore, it's a waste of time.

  8. P.S. Yes, Stasi Germany was run by the Communists, the policing mainly headed by Jews.

  9. Note the similarities between the situation that Hitler faced and the present day situation that Iran faces.

    They both faced the same enemy.

    They enemy Kikes have directed their Patriotard servants to engage in a strategy of "encirclement". Look at a map and check out how many military bases the Patriotards have set up surrounding Iran.

    Hitler did what could be done - considering the circumstances.

    I don't have enough reliable information on the extent of Jew control in Russian and in China. For the sake of argument, let's say that the Jews essentially control both Russia and China. That does not mean that the Jews will not instigate a World War designed specifically to defeat the US for the express purpose of destroying the US Constitution and what is left of our rights.

    As we saw during World War Jew - the Kikes did control several of the countries, including Russia. They then fabricated the "cold war" so that they could profit from the tremendous defense spending that the cold war necessitated.

    Was it a scam? Yes. It was a scam.

    When Russian imploded due to the inherent structural flaws of communism, what did the Jews do? They mere jumped off that host - and onto another, exactly like the disease carrying fleas that they are.

    But they didn't all jump off....did they? Russia has plenty of Billionaire Jews who got rich the Jewish way. They swindled the non-Jewish Russian people.

    There is significant evidence that the traditional conflicting nations of the world, such as the US, Russia and China are all under Jewish control.

    If this is true, they are essentially playing parts on the world stage to confuse us and align us against each other so that we will fight each other to the death......while the Jew sits back to collect the spoils after the great conflict plays out.

    1. Thanks, that is a very good, concise analysis.

      I have a feeling Putin is in their pocket, and the Chinese just go along to get along. No one is really standing up to the Jews, except for Iran. I suppose Iceland is in a way, but to my knowledge no one other than the Iranians are speaking the truth and challenging the Big Jewish lies of history and exposing their criminality, the false flag attacks in particular.

    I am satisfied that Putin is a crypto-Jew. His grandfather was a cook for Lenin. . His mother’s maiden name is Shalomovitch In Putin’s book, entitled: First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia's President - it says his mothers maiden name was Shalomovitch - which is a Jewish name.

    In the second edition of same book they changed the surname from Shalomovitch to Shelomova. They changed the name to a non-Jewish sounding name.
    This means there is a concerted attempt to hide Putin’s identity.

    My read on Putin is that his role is to “appear” to be against the Jewish World Takeover in order to divert Russian attention away from domestic misery and dupe the Russian people that their enemy is Americans - and not the Jewish Proxy Leadership world wide.

    This appears to be a prelude to war with the US.


    Mitt Romney recently had most of us laughing and rolling around on the floor, when he claimed that he considered Russia to be a top threat to the USA. Now you know the reason why he said this.


    Now, lets take a brief look at Putin’s staff. Almost all his staff is Jewish. Kudrin, Chubais, Primakov, Sechin (Sachs), all Jews.

    Some people say that Putin “fought the oligarchs”. An oligarchy is a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few. Just like here in the JewSA.

    Technically speaking, Putin didn’t single out (select) oligarchs due to their kosher background. Rather, he pursued them for a host of political/inside Kremlin reasons where Judaic persuasion played peripheral to no role.
    A number of kosher oligarchs who rose up during the presidency of Baruch Eltzin are, in fact, alive and kicking. Such as Abramovich, Deripaska (Rothschild-financed), Vekselberg (Kremlin insider), Friedman, Smolensky, Aven and Malkin(who since cashed out and moved on to bigger, better things).

    Putin did not actually fight Jewish oligarchs. He allowed them to emigrate with all their wealth. Gusinsky, Berezovsky, they all emigrated.

    Khodorkovsky was jailed because there was a personal problem between him and Putin. If Putin was really fighting the oligarchs, he would have confiscated all their wealth and executed them.
    Putin did not clear all debts - which is commonly said by Jewish disinfo agents. Instead he gave control of Russian monetary system to the Jews so they kept printing money and now Annual inflation runs 20-30%.

    Let me translate that for you. It means Putin is fully behind the Jewish Debt Slavery scam and is totally against any future assault on that system.

    1. This is of course most disappointing. If both sides (Russia and America) serve the same master, then our goose is cooked and our servitude is just around the corner.


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