Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Conversation About Race

Very interesting documentary, be sure to watch it all the way through.  Also, check out the official website at A Conversation About Race.


  1. It's a great film, John. funny as hell in parts.

    PS - The verification codes for comments are really hard to read suddenly.

    1. Isn't it amazing how ignorant and brainwashed people are. I think the attractive white lady and the queer dude with pierced ear rings were the funniest, lol. It's really amazing when you sit back and realize how completely subverted our entire culture has become. All Jewish, Marxist, communist perversion, all of it. From Hollywood to gay rights to abortion, etc. all a cultural Marxist agenda.

  2. Why so obsessed with race now? Its very jewish of you. The supremacist mindset you exemplify is not exclusive to jews but they have of course perfected it.

    1. LOL, you are such a clown. Obsessed with race? Do you even read my blog or follow the work I've been doing here? The only thing "Jewish" here is your mindset.

    2. No John, you're very much like a supremacist zionist jew. Same tactics. Same fear of others. Same false "pride". You're obvious John.

    3. OK, you have absolutely nothing intelligent to say, no facts to bring to light, no unique perspective, you're like a parrot that only repeats the same BS over and over again. I have no fear of others, I am not "supremacist" in any way, and I never have been. The only thing that is obvious is that you are a troll with nothing original to say who spends all day long monitoring and trolling blogs because you have no life.

    4. "Obsessed with Race?"

      Tell me - whoever you are - please explain to me what happened as a result of the "Trayvon Martin Shooting"?

      Do you know how many White people were murdered by blacks as a direct result of that incident?

      Can you please explain to us all why there are so many incidents of Violent Black Flash Mobs targeting White people?

      When White people are attacked by Black Flash Mobs and the Blacks yelling things like "This is for Trayvon" - and "The is reparations for slavery" as they assault innocent White people......what does that tell us?

      Have you ever been to Detroit? How about Haiti? What do those places have in common?

      Why is it that I, as a White person, have to sit idly by while Black job applicants are hired ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK?

      Why is it that I, as a White person, have to tolerate the FACT that blacks routinely score too low to merit hiring or promotion in public sector jobs - yet they are both hired and promoted OVER BETTER QUALIFIED WHITE PEOPLE?

      Tell me - whoever you are - WTF is going on here?

      If anyone is a JEW. Or acting is you.

      You are the one using Jew Tactics. You are the one avoiding the questions. You are the one engaging in name calling with no basis for it.

      There are basically three types of individuals, who fight against honest studies of racial characteristics and intelligence. The most obvious opponents are non-Whites, who don't want their races identified as being less intelligent than the White race.

      The next opponents are bleeding heart liberals, who don't think it's "fair" that the races are different. So, based on this "feeling," they decide that all scientific data that proves the races are different "must be wrong."

      The most organized and virulent opponents of anyone scientifically proving that the races are unequal are the Jews. The Jews deep down know that they are an alien race with a large number of liberal academics, lawyers, and other parasites among their population.

      The Jews secretly despise Christianity and favor homosexuality and racial diversity, beliefs strongly at odds with the beliefs of most White people. The Jews know that the best intellectuals of the White race are 100 percent opposed to their views.

      The Jews push the racial equality theory, knowing it is false, as a cover for their more insidious efforts to corrupt our government and change the racial make up of America.

      Here are some facts for you that may indicate why there is a problem with “race” here in the US and around the world.

      A study that involved a large number of White and Black children proved the brain-size/IQ correlation and is predictive from birth.

      The National Collaborative Perinatal Study analyzed data from 17,000 White babies and 19,000 Black babies followed from birth to 7 years (Broman et al., 1987). Head perimeters were measured at birth for all children.

      At age 7, head perimeters were remeasured and IQ assessed. For both the Black and the White children, head perimeter measured at birth significantly predicted head perimeter at 7 years, and head perimeter at both ages predicted IQ!

      This studied showed that White children have larger brains and higher IQs than the Black children.The most remarkable thing about this study is that WE WERE NEVER TOLD ABOUT IT! This is a truly, impressive landmark study with a very large sample size, but the Jewish mass media made sure that us peasants never heard about it because it contradicts their liberal propaganda that "all the races are equal."

      What say you - Jew?


      I thought so.

    5. Very good, excellent points. I doubt that troll will be back.

  3. I think this is where the jews have it right - and are implementing Nationalist policies that are designed to maintain and protect their own nation.

    History has shown us that once a nation becomes more than about 10 % ethnically polluted with “other races” - the security, social structure and overall health of the nation becomes adversely affected in tangible ways.

    There is no such thing as “Multi-Culturalism”. What is being referred to is “Counter-Culturalism”.

    Here is the US, we are learning fast that ethnic pollution is not our strength. It is division. It is crime. It is ignorance.

    We actually have laws here that specifically favor certain underachieving races - that simultaneously disable Whites.

    The jews have literally nurtured a “culture” among certain ethnic groups that believe that they should get “Special Treatment”, “Special Rights”, “Priority Hiring”, and other special concessions just for them at the expense of White people.

    That means that our government has implemented racist policies against White people here in the US.

    This is an unbridgeable cultural divide. The fact clearly show that, for example, blacks as a group cannot compete with Whites in academics, science, math, business, or anything that does not involve running down the street carrying someone else’s TV.

    The jewish agenda is very, very clear. They seek to maintain their control here by keeping the US divided. They know that there is no better way to do that than to introduce other races here in great numbers.

    Another tactic they are using is to introduce large numbers of muslims here - so that we will be busy fighting against them and their way of life. This way, US citizens who have not had close contacts with “Palestinians” or “Arabs” will come to recognize them as a problem - and will further support israels policies against the arab people.

    As a White person, it is not my problem is blacks collectively can't get their act together.

    We need separation.

    Physical separation form their crime, from their lack of respect, from that lack of what we consider to be common decency, from their demand for special rights and free stuff at our expense.

    Already, you will see that those who can afford to - move AWAY from blacks. Gee...why do you think that is?

    And what do blacks do? After they get done destroying the area they currently inhabit - they attempt to move into formerly White areas.

    And the process continues.

    It is a process of destruction. Destruction of our culture - and in far too many cases - it even spells DEATH for good White people.

    1. You made my point for me. John is acting like a racist jew. And so are you. I'm not surprised you agree with their actions.

    2. If you can explain why the commenter above or I am "acting like a racist jew" I will publish your comment. If not, please do not read or comment on my blog ever again.

    3. Is that a Jew calling someone a "racist"?


      Hey Jew....I am a "racist". I dislike bad behavior. I am a "racist". I have a problem with bad behavior when it is over-represented among certain ethnic groups. I am a "racist".

      Know what? I am also an "anti-semite". I dislike bad Jewish behavior. That makes me an "anti-semite". I dislike the fact that far too many Jews conspire to use my country as Israels ATM and Proxy War Machine. That means I am an "anti-semite".

      What are you Jew?

      I bet that Jew-like "person" doesn't even have the guts to answer me.

      Prove how gutless you are - and how empty your arguments are by not replying.

      The Jew can't stand the truth.

    4. @Anonymous

      You call it racism. I call it an uncomfortable truth.

      You ignore uncomfortable truths at your own peril.

      The fact that general racial characteristics do not apply to certain individuals of that race does not nullify the validity of the general information, it merely shows individual rights are important.

      The obvious fact that races exist and they have different characteristics and aptitudes is only an uncomfortable truth nowadays because Jews have made it so through mass-media saturation since the 1950s. They're for anything but a meritocracy, they're for privileges for non-whites because that benefits the Jew while in Israel they're for privileges for Jews.

      They do this mainly by guilt-tripping whites (90% of U.S. population in the 1950s, 73% now) that all their achievements were not due to anything more than their exploitation of other races and their genetic make-up developed over many generations had nothing to do with it & can be reversed in one generation by positive environmental factors. Never mind that those very positive environmental factors were also created by whites & their science & technology, that's irrelevant too. lol

      In fact, Jew-led-media don't even admit to any positive environments whatsoever, they call it 'rot of capitalism' or 'western decadence,' while doing their best to help spread the rot & decadence, and romanticize false environmentalism and a 'return to nature.'

      In other words, white goys need cry a river of tears because they were better warriors in the past, won battles & conquered lands, while other goy races need to feel proud for anything & everything. lol Whatever genetic code whites had passed on through generations to invent the weapons and techniques that gave them the ability to conquer lands of other races who obviously did not have the same abilities, is irrelevant. Then whatever positive environments they created after basic conquest where individuals can manage to prosper and think as individuals & develop more science and technologies without getting squashed by the tribe, that is also just a historical accident and irrelevant.

      But when it comes to Jews having 'superior intelligence' and abilities to get to the dominant position they are in, now that's very relevant ! They got to where they are because they're more intelligent so don't blame them and envy them for being smarter than you, go that you white goys ?

      The many historical facts that show it's mainly highly developed criminal characteristics & tribal cohesiveness that allow Jews to lie and cheat their way to the top, and it's the majority of Jews that collude in this criminal network, not just Zionists, that position, taken by Hitler and 109 countries in history, that is to be vilified because that is 'racist.'

      And even if you're an ex-anti-Zionist who has now graduated to realizing that it's more accurate to just be an anti-Jew since the religion itself is a big part of the problem but you still realize that individual ethnic Jews who do not follow their religion are exempt, you are still to call whites 'racist' if they point to South Africa, Detroit & the black-on-white (never mind black-on-black) crime, murder & rape statistics and say 'hey, wait a second, a majority of blacks are acting this way and it's despicable and I don't care who programmed them over how many years to act this way, I don't want my family anywhere near areas where large numbers of blacks or Hispanics live, " you are to assume that they're bigots and they don't realize that individual blacks such as Dr. Nancy Banks, Lennon Honor, Dr. Tony Martin, etc. are exempt.


    5. Interesting podcast on Voice of Reason a while back about black on white crime:

    6. But don't talk about it, that's "racist", right? LOL, it's such a joke.

    7. My experience has indicated that Jews don't have superior intelligence over European Whites.

      The key to their "success" is their coordinated unity and their application of the principle of Usury.

      They act as a coordinated criminal network with branch offices strewn throughout our lands - called Synagogues.

      They have field officers called Rabbis that disseminate policy.

      Their mission is to literally subjugate other populations. That is why they don't all live in Israel.

      Usury is ILLEGAL in Israel. LOL

  4. Amazing! Must share at my place.

  5. yes, amazing. laying open the disconnect in the washed brains of us all!

    it struck me so clearly while watching this that reality itself is the psy-op.

    i think nietzsche knew this when he said, 'there is only what is apparent. the story of reality has been lyingly added.'

    what is apparent after having watched this video is that racism does indeed exist and provides the only clear demarcation in social construct - all else is jew inspired communistic folly. as the late great EDGAR J. STEELE says, 'race is genetics gone to seed.' this simple truth/method was used successfully by the jews when they swallowed up an entire country of khazars and slowly folded them back into the bread dough of the jewish race. a race that masquerades as a religion while operating as a crime family.

    1. i botched that EDGAR J. STEELE quote. sorry. it should read -

      RACE is CULTURE gone to seed.

  6. Would the poster who thinks that anyone who doesn't like the idea of being murdered - just because they are exhibiting a "supremacist mindset" ---- would you please move to Haiti?

    I think you would be a lot happier there.

    What's this "cr*p" about "false pride"? False pride about what?

    Someone here has been hopelessly brainwashed.

    If anyone is a "White Supremacist" that would be all of the blacks and member of other races who want to come live in White areas - because they know it's "BETTER".

    Why is it better? HUH?

    Answer that question.

  7. "Having laid out the ascension to power of ancient demonic forces that are intent upon degrading and destroying the entirety of the human race, it is reasonable if the reader would ask what I believe can or should be done about it.  But then, to ask that question is to ignore all that I and the Aryan prophecy I have quoted from have said can and should be done about it -- the sum of which is, essentially, nothing.  Time is the Great Destroyer and it is going to destroy the world; the Aryan can resist it, and, in that resistance, he can find eternal life in the next world."
    ^ William White, "The Centuries of Revolution: Democracy, Communism, Zionism", in the Afterword

  8. To Anonymous#2, I guess you're a member of the upper middle-class (what's left) or even the wealthy class that is incapable or refuses to comprehend the reality of life for those whites being crushed under the reverse-racist system which is exclusively orchestrated and operated by Jews with Blacks as their chief henchmen?

    Although, I've lived and worked my entire life assisting, caring and helping my fellow Americans regardless of color; I am hopelessly trapped in a bureaucratic nightmare of draconian rules and regulations based on age and race that are discriminatory in there practice and purposely constructed to deny me the right to employment thereby threatening my very existence.

    But you ludicrously ask "why" so obsessed with race? Personally, your statement is not just unfair it's false.

    Many now are concerned with race for the specific reason that it's being used against us for reasons, such as slavery, that 99% of the white majority cannot even be linked to. Not to mention, that whites have taken the blame for an institution that they never were responsible for. The Jew was.

    My dear mom is always one to simplify things. Years ago she said that if God had wanted the races to mingle he never would have placed them in different parts of the world. Looking back I think she was right.

  9. The most qualified should be the one hired. The citizens/customers/consumers deserve that the employees BE the best available.


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