Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trayvon Martin Real Racism and the ZioMedia


  1. Let me tell you how shocked I am that John Friend is taking the Fox News line on this.

  2. Let me tell you how shocked I am at commentors who still act like they believe in the Dem-Repub, Fox-PBS, puppet warfare model.

    You will find truth, not much, sprinkled around, even in the tabloids.

    Hope you recall Fox's Carl Cameron's report on Israeli spying and 9/11 (

  3. I meant race baiting Fox style. I understand that the fake "left" and fake "right" are essentially the same as are both parties. John is engaging in "fake right" tactics here though. Hes been talking a lot about race lately. But he'll tell you hes not a "white supremacist" though. Only that hes "proud" of himself. Good one.

  4. We've been told race is not important by the Jews whose identity is entirely based on racial consciousness. I'm fine with questioning and discussion.

    Duke is right to provide facts about the No Limit Nigga, Trayvon. A quick glance at his twitter postings is enough to show the MSM version with its bullshit photos is a deliberate lie.

    The Stanford police forces initial reaction then makes much more sense.

  5. Zimmerman(any relation to Bob?) was looking for a fight, he was the real "thug". Check his record and how he liked to play cowboy. But people see what they want to see.

  6. Anonymous said...
    Zimmerman(any relation to Bob?) was looking for a fight, he was the real "thug". Check his record and how he liked to play cowboy. But people see what they want to see.

    As you have just proven.

    How is protecting your neighborhood looking for a fight? Are we to succumb as they do in the hood to all crime and stay indoors? What do you think that will bring? The police can be there 20 or so minutes after a crime has been reported, what is wrong with looking at someone I have never seen before walking in the rain in my "gated community" wearing a hoodies and peering into homes. Is looking at someone justification to pound their head into the concrete and smash them in the face with your fists?

    Who committed the real crime? If not being politically correct and suicidal isn't a crime - just yet.

    I want my neighbor to question the kid walking in the rain with a hoody on looking into my window what he is doing. I thanked him for stopping a potential robbery.

  7. Anon, he was a kid walking down the street minding his own business, talking to his girl on the phone. You are seeing what you ewant. A "super scary" black kid simply walking down the street is a "threat" to you. How sad.

    Oh, and "peering into homes". Where do you get that from exactly? And are you seriously still falling for the hoodie thing? I'm white, I'm wearing a hoodie right now. Guess I'm a "thug". Conditioned much?

  8. Anon @4:52. That's what I got from the MSM, too. His text messages show someone, the No Limit Nigga, who very likely initiated the confrontation. In the ghetto looking at someone is reason for confrontation, maybe he thought he was still in the ghetto.

    Anyhow, the police didn't see it the way the MSM says it was. The injuries support Zimmerman's claims. Save it.

  9. Martin attack Zimmerman, broke his nose and slammed his head into the concrete and got blown away for it. What did he expect would happen if he attacked another man who happened to have a gun? That is what is suppose to happen to you if you do such a thing.

    Of course, the cowardly anonymous troll promoting the Jewish version of this fiasco has no idea what he is talking about, and didn't even watch Duke's video. Can't say I'm shocked.

  10. You handle trolls so well, John. I only wish that David Duke had found enough support to enable him to run for president, independent. His platform is pure America First. Great, great video and message!

  11. Thanks, I appreciate the comment. I agree re Duke, maybe in the future? Time is sure running out though...

  12. Again, I don't have time for you anonymous clowns anymore, you're dumbass, ignorant comments will not be tolerated anymore.


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