Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Persecution of Revisionists: The Holocaust Unveiled


  1. Thanks, John.. For putting this great video forward...

    As you know, living in Canada muzzles my own efforts in getting that part of history revealed for everyone to see....

    Keep up your great efforts, my friend!


  2. Thanks for the Pro-Truth, anti-yid vid...

    100% of so-called "Jews" are NOT Judahites.

    Truth is NOT a Religion.... need to self immolate...

    Know Truth before it's too late... about 6 million comments ?

  3. John, I bought this film from a site called which seems to have disappeared. Amazon has a list of the films they used to have. All worth a look:

  4. I wonder when this documentary will be shown on television, or discussed on the Alex Jones Show. Thank you for posting it, John Friend.

    1. Haha, that will never happen, at least not until people like us control the government and media! Someday soon though, someday soon.

  5. GOOD GRIEF... What a pack of liars

  6. Wonderful. Read a comment of yours on aangirfan, you had a link to Jim Fetzer's podcasts, now I'm listening to you ON the podcast and your blog's mentioned. Your name is fitting, I consider you a "friend" as anyone who stands for truth is a friend, indeed. Remember, Christ IS truth, and Satan is the father of lies. We were warned about this giant lie and the Beast system that controls the world over 2 thousand years ago from the mouth of Christ himself. You may or may not know it, but you are doing more to help Christ's work than you know.

    1. Well thank you very much for that comment, I really appreciate it. I think you are right, and it's good to know which side of this struggle I am on. Feel free to drop by anytime, thanks for reading.

    2. christ is an invention by your controllers. think of it as an ancient, long-running psy-op.

      TRUTH is truth. lies and truth supercede the christ and satan characters by... oh ... eons. forever. it was around long before 'christ'. and it resides in you independent of what some jew at the first or second council of nicea would have you believe. n'est pas?

      you may or may not know it but you are perpetuating the slave status of humanity with your children's fairy tales. you can be a man, a good man without the psy-op of christ, freetoairphoenix! start by using your name!

      it strikes me that JRF is doing man's work for mankind. the christ story is just a point of leverage for the jew middle man to practice his trade. indeed it was created for this purpose.

    3. Brian,

      Your statement is a bitter pill to swallow for "believers". For "belief" is a form of "brainwashing".

      Brainwashing is mind control. Someone who has been brainwashed has been "conditioned" to think a certain way.

      Asking that person to be objective in a scientific sense is simply asking too much.

      If you don't want to simply invoke a "defensive avoidance" response when addressing someone who is a self-professed "Christian" - you might try pointing out the fact that the Jews have subverted their faith and are using them as a pawn.

      That might get them to start thinking for themselves.

      Then again, it might not.

    4. I was raised Catholic, but never really felt a connection to Christianity. I recognize the cultural role that Catholicism has played in my life and family, but the religious aspect of it has always been phony to me really. I like hearing all perspectives on Christianity ranging from Charlie Giuliani's critiques of the Christian religion to Christian Identity to guys like Mark Glenn and Richard Edmondson.


  7. I see that you self-identify as a “Christian”.

    Have you ever heard of the term “Ebionitism”? The “Theopedia” (an Encyclopedia of Christianity) says that the Ebionites were a first century Jewish-Christian sect. They emphasized Jewish law and rejected the teachings of the Apostle Paul. Most considered Jesus to be a man, not God.

    Well, they “forgot” to mention that the Ebionites were sent out by the Jerusalem authorities to specifically inject subversive doctrine into Christianity. It was their job to make Judiasm (which Christ was totally against) the foundation of Christianity.

    One of their tactics was to tell the lie that Christ came “to fulfill the law of Moses”.
    This is just as ridiculous as the Jews saying that Hitler came “to fulfill the law of Karl Marx”.

    There are many, many, many more examples of Jewish subversion of Christianity. It is so completely subverted that the Jews even got the Christians to allow the Jewish crime of Usury, LOL!

    Do you think that the Ebionites are only a relic of the past? No. They are not. There are modern day Ebionites. They have even written bastardized distortions of the Bible - the Scofield Bible is one. And they have even founded religious groups that purport to be “Christian” - but preach the gospel of the enemy. “Christian-Zionism” is an Ebionite creation.

    I do not know what specific religious group you belong to. But you need to be aware of the vast extent of Jewish infiltration into what many people think is “Christianity”.

    1. No response from the "Christians" I see.

      Denial is a wonderful thing. Is it not?

  8. few have the time to unravel the "Jew" poo spaghetti mess "Religion" of anti-truth emanating from the same cesspit that manufactured what is called Talmudic Judaism....

    think of it this way....ever see a polaroid of a dallas cowboy at the Alamo ?


    1. "Churches" have always been used to promote and propagate a certain world view.

      Churches tend to engage in brainwashing of their "followers". Followers don't think for themselves too much - that's why they are called "followers".

      A rational person will apply logic, critical thinking, inductive and deductive reasoning and other cognitive truth-finding skills to determine what is true and what is not true - what is real and what is not real.

      Unfortunately, the above mentioned cognitive skills are actively discouraged by "Church" authorities. They tell their "followers" that they have to "believe". LOL!

      It's kind of funny - but not really. Especially when you consider all of the damage that those "followers" have inflicted on innocent people over time.

      If you are a "religious" person, I hope you don't talk offense to my statements.

      But if you do - you might want to take a closer look at yourself and why you think the way you do.

  9. the girl at 21:29 looks remarkably like Anne Frank.

    1. There is evidence that pictorial representations of the "Anne Frank" character reference in the fictional and slanderous "Diary of Anne Frank" is none other than Audrey Hepburn.

      Hepburn, whose real name was Kathleen Ruston was born in 1929.

      That would have made her 11 years old in 1940.

      Close analysis of her ears, eyes, nose and teeth have indicated that "Anne Frank" is "Audrey Hepburn".


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