Monday, July 23, 2012

SD 9/11 "truth" group cancels my presentation

First off, the link to download the radio interview I did with Dr. Jim Fetzer last Wednesday is available here. In the interview, Dr. Fetzer and I discuss a number of issues, including the use of false images, videos, and eye-witness testimony to distort reality and sell an agenda, as was done on 9/11 and in other important historical events (like the alleged “Holocaust”of European Jews in WWII). We also discussed Israeli involvement in 9/11 and the presentation I was scheduled to give on Sunday, August 12th for the San Diegans for 9/11 “truth” group. At the end of the interview, I laid out the eight key points I would be discussing and presenting for the group, and assumed the presentation was still scheduled. The following day, Thursday, July 19th, I received notification from the main organizer of the SD 9/11 “truth” group that after a group meeting and discussion earlier that day, the group had decided to cancel my presentation, and will instead show a film about the USS Liberty on August 12th in place of my scheduled presentation.

Before I post the official cancellation notification, I would like to provide a brief timeline of events that have transpired over the past 10 months or so. If anyone in the SD 9/11 “truth” group wishes to dispute this timeline or my description of the events, feel free to email me or leave a comment on this blog.
  • Sunday, October 9, 2011: I am booed and interrupted while explaining the sign I made for the Occupy San Diego movement, and why I was participating in the protest. A woman in the crowd, who called me an “anti-Semite” earlier in the day for daring to point out that Israel did 9/11, immediately started booing me as soon as I began explaining the “Israel behind 9/11” portion of my sign. Others in the crowd followed the woman’s lead and began booing as well. At least three members of the San Diegans for 9/11 “truth” group were present, and not one of them backed me up, justifying the behavior of the shills in the crowd because, to them, I took the wrong approach in trying to wake up the general public about Israel’s involvement in 9/11.
  • January-February 2012: I approach the San Diegans for 9/11 “truth” group to see if they are interested in allowing me to give a presentation regarding Israel’s role in 9/11. At this point in time, the group was not in favor of allowing me to give a presentation at their main monthly Meet Up event that takes place at the Joyce Beers Community Center. One of the organizers of SD 9/11 “truth” suggested that I contact a local café and organize my presentation there. I did, and the presentation, 9/11: the Mossad connection took place at Café Libertalia on Saturday, March 3rd. Roughly 30 people attended, including almost all of the main SD 9/11 “truth” organizers and members. The event went very well, however, it was more of a discussion rather than an official presentation.
  • On Wednesday, June 13th I attended a meeting at the home of one of the main SD 9/11 “truth” organizers, which was also attended by a number of the core group members. It was decided that I would be scheduled to give a presentation on Sunday, August 12th to discuss the Israeli angle to the 9/11 conspiracy. The group emphasized that this was an extremely sensitive topic, and that it was very important that I stick to the facts, and not get into my opinions or other topics not associated with 9/11. I agreed.
  • One of the main SD 9/11 “truth” organizers posted an announcement about my scheduled event, “Who really did 9/11?” along with the description I wrote on my blog on the Activist San Diego website.
  • On Sunday, July 8th, I made a brief announcement explaining my presentation in August before Dwain Deets’ presentation at the main SD 9/11 Truth Meet Up event for the month of July at the Joyce Beers Community Center. Almost all of the SD 9/11 “truth” core members were present.
  • The following week, I requested that the SD 9/11 “truth” group announce my scheduled presentation on their website and Meet Up page. The webmaster of the SD 9/11 “truth” group, who I do not know and have never met, was notified about my presentation, and immediately began raising concerns about my blog and the topic of the presentation. Numerous email exchanges took place, and I clarified that this presentation was not about my blog, and that the presentation would focus directly on who was actually responsible for carrying out, covering up, and benefiting from 9/11. I provided an outline of my presentation, and informed the group I would be on Dr. Jim Fetzer’s radio program on Wednesday, July 18th to discuss the event and other related issues.
  • On the morning of Wednesday, July 18th, before I went on Dr. Fetzer’s radio program, I emailed the group informing them that I was planning on emailing a number of different organizations and local media outlets to publicize the event. I was planning on contacting the local police union, veteran’s organizations, firefighter’s organizations, local media outlets, and other “activist” organizations, including Occupy San Diego and Women Occupy San Diego. I asked the group if anyone knew of any other organizations I could contact. I immediately received a phone call and email from one of the main organizers of the SD 9/11 “truth” group, requesting that I not contact anyone until after the group met the following day. At this point, I assumed my presentation was still scheduled, and mentioned it on Dr. Jim Fetzer’s radio program.
  • The following day, Thursday, July 19th, I received an email from the main organizer of SD 9/11 “truth”, requesting that I call her at my convenience. I called her shortly after I received the email, and she informed me the presentation was cancelled.
  • I requested an official explanation as to why the presentation was cancelled, and a summary of what was discussed at the meeting, which I was unable to attend.

Here is the official explanation as to why the SD 9/11 “truth” group cancelled my scheduled presentation:

After a great deal of thoughtful discussion both on line and at our meeting last Thursday, July 19, with eighteen of our core members present from San Diegans for 9/11 Truth, a unanimous decision was made to not host your presentation.

There was a consensus among the members at the meeting that the evidence pointing to Israeli culpability in the crimes of September 11, and it's possible role, working together with the highest levels in our military intelligence and government officials, does need to be discussed but would require greater sensitivity and a more objective approach.

We believe that overcoming the deep disinformation surrounding the topic, provided by the propaganda/media machine, requires sensitivity and should be handled thoughtfully. The ground work must be handled methodically. In light of that decision we are presenting the documentary "USS Liberty-Dead in the Water" in August, as a way to begin dialog on false-flag operations through out history ( in this case it did not succeed). It presents the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 by the Israel military and the immediate cover-up and censorship by President Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara , ordering all the ship's survivors to never speak about the incident.

You were asked not to do any promoting or interviews saying we were sponsoring your presentation until after a decision was made at our July 19 meeting. We thought you agreed to do that, yet you went on the Jim Fetzer show the day before. This got some of us to look more closely at your blog.
The moderated comment section in your blog includes at least one recent threat of violence against you, as well as your dare, that this anonymous person attempt such an act here in San Diego. The promotion of violence is contrary to our mission. We do not want to be responsible for this type of behavior.

This was a major factor in reaching our decision.

Joyce Beers Community room is open to the public. You can contact the management company at the shopping center to make your own reservation.

Ted and Nelisse Muga
San Diegans for 9/11 Truth

I will admit that publishing the anonymous comment and my reply was rather boneheaded and immature of me. I should have deleted it, but I didn't, and I let my emotions get in the way of a level-headed approach to this particular comment.  I will provide it here for everyone to judge for themselves if I was “promoting violence” in any way:
Anonymous said...
You're a fucking pussy. This is war. I'll be in S.D. You fucking bitch.
July 15, 2012 3:39 PM

John Friend said...
"You're a fucking pussy. This is war. I'll be in S.D. You fucking bitch."

Uh oh... I better stay home then, huh? LOL, you fucking loser, you're calling me a pussy when you're the one posting anonymously with NOTHING INTELLIGENT TO SAY WHATSOEVER. You know where to find me, I'll be waiting.
July 15, 2012 9:53 PM
Also, I want to point out that when I published this comment and replied, I was a bit frustrated and irritated. Ever since I published the blog posts about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, my blog has been getting spammed by anonymous trolls that hang out at kenny’s sideshow. I began moderating the comments, and thought that the “threat” offered by this anonymous commenter was pretty ridiculous, and wanted everyone to see that. But, I do have to admit, that was dumb of me to stoop to the level of the troll, and play his/her childish game. I regret that, and am admitting it here. I do not advocate violence, and I wasn’t advocating it in this instance. I will also not be intimidated by anonymous trolls either.

Having said that, if the SD 9/11 “truth” group had not seen that comment, they would have come up with some other excuse to cancel my presentation. As soon as their webmaster got involved, the entire presentation was basically sabotaged. And this does not surprise me at all. The SD 9/11 “truth” group is essentially a group of retired “activists” that organize meetings and outreach efforts, thinking they are actually getting something accomplished, when in reality they are obfuscating the truth and accomplishing nothing. I think it’s fair to say that almost all of the “activist” groups that I have ever had contact with in my entire life are there merely to placate the members of the group, allowing them to think they are actually doing something positive, making some sort of difference, when in reality they are doing nothing of any substance.

I don’t know if we will ever bring the criminals who carried out 9/11 to justice. I do know that we won’t bring them to justice if we don’t name their names and call them out, that’s for sure. And when I look around America today, I see very few people or organizations that are willing to do just that.

And it’s got me thinking: how many blatant, egregious crimes are the Jews going to commit against the world before we actually wake up and say, “Enough is enough!”? Will the Gentile world ever wake up? Will we ever be courageous enough to speak the truth, out loud, in public, in front of people? Will we ever stop playing these semantic games, abiding by all the kosher rules of political correctness? We will ever confront, expose, and reject the Big Jewish Lies of history, and organize to do something about their crimes and supremacist agenda of world domination?  


  1. John,

    It is very disappointing to learn of the cancellation of your presentation, especially when it appears to have been the result of an absence of understanding of the complicity of the Mossad on 9/11 and of the nature of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are frequently confused, where I am strongly anti-Zionist but simultaneously strongly opposed to anti-Semitism. They are not the same.

    Anti-Semitism entails discounting the value or worth of persons and their opinions on the basis of the religious beliefs or their ethnic origin. Although many do not appreciate the difference, criticism of the policies and actions of the government of Israel, including those taken by the Mossad, do not qualify as "anti-Semitism". Zionism is a political dogma
    combining belief in Jewish superiority with a presumption of Israel to the lands of Palestine.

    An article of mine, "Is 9/11 research 'anti-Semitic'?", discusses this distinction in some detail. The 9/11 Truth movement has to become more sophisticated about these differences, because they can block the path of inquiry, as occurred in this instance.

    The indications of Israeli complicity in 9/11 are abundant and compelling. The extend from a book by Christopher Bollyn to articles by Alan Sabrosky to web sites like and especially the study, "Israel did 9/11--all the proof in the world!" I recommend that the members of 9/11 Truth San Diego become familiar with the evidence, because the truth of 9/11 cannot be understood without it.

    Warm regards,


    1. Jim Fetzer,

      [My name is Pat Healey. I am not Anonymous]

      You said: "Anti-Semitism entails discounting the value or worth of persons and their opinions on the basis of the religious beliefs or their ethnic origin."

      No. That is not what the term means.

      Anti-Semitism entails the identification of a specific group that uses finance and excessive interest charges to subvert, control, loot, and enslave others.

      That is what “Anti-Semitism” is.

      Many people use the terms “Racism” for “Anti-Semitism” while at the same time ignoring individual behavior - and perhaps ignoring the existence of collective behavior. In fact, it doesn’t matter which term you use. They were both invented by the same group of people and serve the same purpose. That purpose is the intellectually dishonest deflection of legitimate criticism.

      Individual behavior can sometimes (but not always) become collective behavior. Certain behaviors can be disproportionately associated with certain racial/ethnic/religious groups.

      People generally don’t hate “skin color” - they hate certain behaviors.

      The Jewish-Communist created Michael King (whose fake name is Martin Luther King) “had a dream” that we “will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” At least that’s what his Jewish speech writers wrote.

      Have you ever noticed that not everyone has good character? Have you ever noticed that if you call a white guy lazy - it’s ok. But if you call a black guy lazy - it’s “Racism”. If you say an Irish guy is “cheap” - it’s ok. If you say a Jewish guy is “cheap” - it’s “Anti-Semitism”. Why is that? You are a smart person Jim and you know why that is. Yet you cited the Jewish definition of the term.

      I try to judge people by the content of their character, but if someone insists on behaving like the most negative stereotype - I will not correct for that. If one doesn’t want to be stereotyped - perhaps one should quit acting like the stereotype.

      When you call the observation of a behavior pattern “Anti-Semitism”- is that because you just don’t like the truth of the observation of the observed pattern? Or is there another reason you used the term?
      Society has disdain for the use of finance and excessive interest charges to subvert, control, loot, and enslave others. People hate the behavior.

      Society has disdain for rampant violent crime, drug use, drug sales, lack of personal responsibility, demanding “special treatment” in hiring practices and other deviancies.

      When the behavior becomes disproportionately associated with a particular racial/ethnic group, the hatred for the behavior is labeled “Racism” or “Anti-Semitism”.

      The intellectually dishonest use of the terms “Racism” and “Anti-Semitism” were merely designed as verbal shields used to deflect legitimate criticism.

      As an educated person, I have to assume that you know all of this. So the question remains “why did you choose to use a term that serves Jewish interests?”

      Do you recognize the fact that there is a specific group that uses finance and excessive interest charges to subvert, control, loot, and enslave others? Do you recognize the fact that group is overwhelmingly Jewish?

      If not, then I understand exactly where you are coming from.

  2. John,The San Diego 9/11 Truthers had their chance to do something real and they didn't come through. Now you're free to do what needs to be done. The situation is the same here in Los Angeles. The 9/11 "Truth" groups here are either obvious gatekeepers protecting Israel or they are too timid to speak the truth about Israel and 9/11.

    They have told me that if they did they would "lose their credibility." LOL

    Your SD group wants you to approach the subject of Israel's central role in 9/11 with "sensitivity."
    How do you call a group "murderers"
    with "sensitivity?" This is Alice in
    Wonderland time!

    I will say one good thing about the SD group. They replaced you with the truth about the USS Liberty. They seem to be fully on board with
    that. Bravo! Let's hope they manage to sneak up on the full truth.

    1. I totally agree Zan, we simply cannot afford to continue to be timid about this subject. We have to correctly identify the criminals behind 9/11 if we are ever going to do anything about it, that's the way I look at it. The 9/11 "truth" group is obviously not interested in that, at least not primarily. They always say they don't want to "alienate" people or "lose their credibility", etc etc. It's just a joke anymore, so I won't waste my time. I should never have even bothered with them after the Occupy fiasco.

      I am really glad they are screening a documentary about the Liberty, that is good news.

  3. Truthers? Some peoplle can't handle the truth. Move on John. You are casting pearls to the swine.

    1. Maybe we should call it the "Obfuscate Movement"? None of the 9/11 "truth" groups seem interested in the truth about 9/11, all they care about is pointing out all the flaws and inconsistencies in the official story and muddying the waters. We've been doing that for 10+ years now, shouldn't we be identifying the criminals behind 9/11 at this point? Especially considering all the evidence we have implicating Israel and her assets, puppets, and useful idiots in the US government, media, and private sector? I mean, the evidence is pretty overwhelming at this point, isn't it?

  4. Truthers? Some people can't handle the truth. Best move on JF. You are casting your pearls to the swine. God bless their little hearts.

  5. I don't know if you guys noticed, but Collin Alexander aka 'Ace' Baker did his first interview in a long time last week:

    Michael Herzog of American Awakening Interviews Collin Alexander aka Ace Baker 07 / 14 / 2012

    As far as I know, this is his first interview since he faked his own suicide on Fetzer's January 20, 2009 show 3 years ago:

    and then went on to make the 10 chapter 9-11 The Great American Psy-Opera movie

    First 8 chapters in separate parts is now on You Tube, he's still working on the last two

    The most important chapter to watch, however, if you have time to only watch one is this:

    The Key - Collin Alexander

    Ace did Not-See bash once in the Herzog audio which means his so-called libertarian/anarchist ass might not pass the holohoax litmus test. Well, he should know by now that he either passes that test or his career as an infiltrator or gatekeeper will be severely cut short.

    Shack called Collin a plagiarist and likely Mossad & banned him from September Clues Forums a long time ago. Collin says Shack is a shill, limited hang-out, blah blah. What else is new ?

    Shack does pass the holohoax litmus:

    Rick Adams and Deanna Spingola are the 2 main No-Planers on RBN as far as I know.

    Chris Holmes from Zero Point went on Rick Adams twice & Spingola once.

    Giuliani had Holmes on & agreed with everything he said about No-Planes, then went right back to plane-hugging the very next day like nothing happened ! I can't figure Giuliani out.

    Veronica Clark briefly mentioned the nose-out video on the most recent Spingola-Specials (non-RBN) Audio

    which is a strong hint she's a No-Planer by now. I knew she would be. Too intelligent not to be.

    Oracle now has at least seven WWII revisionist hosts, not all to the same extent: Giuliani, Dennis Fetcho, Celtic Rebel, Kyle Hunt, Lee Rogers (co-owner of the network), Mike Sledge & Melodee Hallett.

    Sledge, Hunt, Fetcho & Celtic did an excellent show on the Batman shootings yesterday:


    1. Good stuff Negentropic, I need to watch Ace Baker's vids. Be sure to listen to that interview I did with Fetzer, you'll appreciate it I think. I'll be on Giuliani's show Wednesday morning.

      Oracle is great, I think it's better than RBN. I really only listen to Deanna, Piper, and Maggie Rodney (sometimes) on RBN. All of Oracle's guests are good, at least the one's I've heard. You got me listening to the Fetch now, he's really good. He needs a daily show. The only show that I find lame is Bob Tuskin...

      I caught Veronica's mention of the nose-out shot the other day, I was glad to hear that! I think Deanna and Charlie are on board with the "no-planes" aspect of 9/11, they just don't focus on it.

      Thanks for all the links, I'll check 'em out.

    2. Yeah, Uncle Fetzer's a dyed-in-the-wool liberal from way back so it might take him a really long time to finally come to the realization that Hitler & Mussolini were the good guys in Bankster World Massacre II. He had Carolyn Yeager on once & had her point out some facts about the holohoax but that was it. It's one hell of a thick propaganda wall they have to cut through to finally realize that both Fascism & National Socialism were anti-usurocracy & anti-NWO & benefited their people FAR MORE than any Marxist or Mercantile Capitalist Usurocracy. The USA was similarly at its most successful when it kept the usurocracy most at bay for a few decades there in the post Jackson to Lincoln, Laissez Faire / Gilded Age years, or at least prior to 1913.

      Also Fetz saying that he's anti-Zionist vs. anti-Semitic or Anti-Jew shows that he hasn't studied Jewish history prior to the 19th century & Herzel. The religion itself is a problem when it promotes complete immorality against the goys & that's why it's not a friggin accident that those same goys have kicked them out of 109 territories & why Bobby Fischer wrote his famous letter to the Encyclopedia Judaica:

      Maggie Roddin is great. Tough & funny. A good gal. She has Rebecca Carley guest host when she takes days off.


    3. Great points Negentropic, but Jim is definitely waking up to the Jewish question. I have no doubt about that. The man is simply too smart and too honest not to start waking up to it. I think when you listen to that interview I did with him you'll recognize that. We actually discuss the supremacist nature of Judaism in the first segment, and he made a number of excellent points.

      "It's one hell of a thick propaganda wall they have to cut through to finally realize that both Fascism & National Socialism were anti-usurocracy & anti-NWO & benefited their people FAR MORE than any Marxist or Mercantile Capitalist Usurocracy."

      Man, you're so right, it's very tough for people to see through the bullshit. One thing I would clarify in this statement is that Jewish Marxist Communism and Jewish mercantile, plutocratic capitalism are Jewish ideologies devised to benefit Jewry and Jewry only, they are not even concerned with "the people", especially the non-Jews who adopt and accept these ideologies.

    4. Whoops, it's Maggie Roddin, I knew I didn't have that right.... but yeah, she's good, as is Dr. Carley. I've been listening to Dr. Carley more lately, too. She had ZCF on her show a few weeks ago, and it was excellent.

    5. John Friend wrote:

      "Communism and Jewish mercantile, plutocratic capitalism are Jewish ideologies devised to benefit Jewry and Jewry only, they are not even concerned with "the people", especially the non-Jews who adopt and accept these ideologies."

      That's what I meant when I used 'usurocracy.' It's pratically a synonym for criminal Jewry & not even a ephemism when you think about it.

      Usurocracies never benefit anyone other than the usurers in the final balance but not all usurocracies are equally destructive at any particular stage of their ongoing controlled rapes. They rape some more than others at different times or there wouldn't be any production there to rape. They have to give each society just enough incentives and bait to produce things first. They seem to be raping the usurocracy of China a lot less nowadays than they did in the halcyon days of Mao Tse Tung or during the Sassoon family Opium wars. Controlled opposition is basically a long leash funded through usury & fractional reserve counterfeiting & administered by secret societies. They don't give one rat's ass if the dog runs around or even raises a ruckus here & there & pretends to be tough, as long as it doesn't break that leash. They can always make it heel like a good doggie by pulling on the leash.

      I don't believe that you HAVE TO have a Fascist or National Socialist regime to kick the usurocracy out but it certainly makes the job easier since you have to have a single agency that can be delegated to ACT in self-defense without any confusion or ambiguity as to what is being defended and why. Once the criminals are out of the way, if the society is rational, it will seek its equilibrium in a civilized direction & that direction can never be the way of stale bureacracies where nothing gets done & such nonsense, neither of which were characteristics of either Fascism or National Socialism. Things got done, a SHITLOAD of things & in a very short period of time.


  6. John bummer about the cancellation, but no big suprise. I saw your video of the Occupy San Diego and how you were treated; to be honest I was suprised they were going to sponser your presentation to begin with. I was looking forward to attending and hearing the facts laid out. You've been doing a great job and I really admire your spirit. Rachel

    1. Thanks Rachel, maybe we should start another group? It's something I've been thinking about lately...

  7. Negentropic puzzles me. Not only have I written about Israeli complicity in 9/11 in several of my articles, "9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda", which was presented during the "Ron Paul Freedom Rally" on the grass in front of the Capitol on 15 April 2008 (where my presentation appeared on the front page of The Daily Paul and has been published several other places, including on americafirstbooks with political cartoon art), but my "Is 9/11 research 'anti-Semitic'?" is one of the only explicit discussions of the issue of which I am aware in the 9/11 literature--not of Israeli complicity, of course, where I have offered several sources, but of the nature of anti-Semitism and why 9/11 research on Israeli complicity is not anti-Semitic.

    Moreover, in case he hasn't noticed, I (with Joshua Blakeney) organized The Vancouver Hearings, which is the first 9/11 conference of which I am aware in which the complicity of Israel in 9/11 has been the subject of explicit discussion. I feature guests who address the topic, including, most recently, John Friend and, during the following program, Kevin Barrett and Nick Kollerstrom, who actually lost his position at University College London because of his scientific research on the Holocaust. I have published articles on Nick's case in Veterans Today, including "The War on Truth: Research on the Holocaust can End your Career", have published letters to the editor about the abuse to which he has been subjected in ISIS and have written to the entire board of directors of the History of Science Society in protest.

    I have no idea why Negentropic, who is not even using his/her real name, is keen to bash me when I have almost certainly done more to protest the false charge of anti-Semitism directed against 9/11 research and to enhance awareness of the complicity of the Mossad in 9/11 than those who attack me. I realize that we all make judgments based upon or own limited knowledge and understanding, but it would be appropriate, in a case like this, to do some homework before attacking a specific person, such as me, for not having done what I manifestly have done.

    Check out my publications, do a search on "Jim Fetzer, Israel", for example, and I am sure you will come up with quite a lot, including many interviews I have given with Press TV during which I point out the role of Israel in current affairs. Indeed, I have also interviewed several authors on the USS Liberty on "The Real Deal" and have published "False Flag Attacks in Argentina: 1992 and 1994" with Adrian Salbuchi in Voltairenet and elsewhere, which is a discussion of Israeli attacks on its own Embassy in 1992 and subsequently on the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires in 1994. I believe my contributions in making clear the role of Israel in terrorism are clear and compelling and that critics like Negentropic have no idea what they are talking about, which is the real curse of 9/11 research and was reflected in the decision of 9/11 Truth San Diego to not allow John Friend to speak.

    1. Jim,

      There you go again using that “Anti-Semitism” canard again.

      The deceptive insincerity of the term as used is becoming more than an little tiring and has begun to nauseate.

      Setting the record straight for the reader - a great man by the name of Gottfried Feder defined the term “Anti-Semitism” as (and I paraphrase) the identification of a specific group that uses finance and excessive interest charges to subvert, control, loot, and enslave others.

      I repeat: “Anti-Semitism” as the identification of a specific group that uses finance and excessive interest charges to subvert, control, loot, and enslave others.”

      As Feder said “The fight against international capital and finance has become the chief point of the German nations’s struggle for independence and liberry”. “All serious National Socialists share this share this conviction, for the solution of this question implies the solution of the Jewish question….”

      Similarly, we the people of the United States suffer under the tyranny of the exact same forces of international capital and finance.

      This tyranny is wielded by Jews.

      Do you dispute this fact?

      Even if the Jews were driven out, it would make no difference if the present economic and monetary system remain intact - especially the money creation scam that is in private hands.

      The problem is systemic. And the problem system is being exploited by Jews.

      Do you dispute this fact also?

      Ever heard of World War 2? That war was about destroying National Socialism because it sought to destroy Jewish Interest Slavery. In fact, the destruction of the thralldom of interest was the key pillar of the movements platform.

      Do you dispute that too?

      I do not write this response for you as much as I write for those among my people who want to understand “the problem”.

      Fortunately, people have a sense for the ring of truth when they hear it.

      Do us all a favor and stop serving Jewish interests and working against us by using the “Anti-Semitism” in ways that serve the interests of the enemy.


    2. Hey Fetz,

      I'm not 'bashing' you dude.

      I'm one of your biggest fans going WAY BACK to the GCN Dynamic Duo Days.

      Check out this No-Planes thread I started over at Conspiracy-Central that now has over 20,000 views with a TON of links posted from the great articles and shows you did in the past:

      100% Conclusive Proof of No-Planes & TV-Fakery on 9/11 in under 8 minutes:

      I spent a year over there defending No-Planes theory against attacks left and right, by using the ammunition provided by you, Simon Shack, Ace Baker, Killtown, Dennis Cimino and others.

      Just a little friendly criticism that's all.

      Sorry if I sounded a bit arrogant.

      I have a TON of respect for you. Don't ever forget that.

      Compared to guys like Christopher Bollyn who dangle undeniable Mossad involvement proof in front of people's noses in order to then SELL THEM the proven BS of non-existent planes, the little bit of unconscious 'gatekeeping' I criticized you for is very mild indeed, especially since you are moving in the right direction.

      all the best

      ~Return of the Son of Negentropic

  8. This is precisely why I won't bother joining one of the "truther" movement groups. Cass Sunstein and his boss know what they are doing and they can stop the real truth from gaining a stronghold (mostly due to the sycophantic asswipes like that SD 911 group of pansies.

    Should you have not posted that comment and your reply? Maybe not, but it is lame to use that as the excuse. Like you said, they would have found something else.

    The author of that note to you has zero credibility and it is obvious that what she writes is BS.

    1. Thanks B'Man, I appreciate your input. I do regret publishing the comment and my boneheaded reply, but they were determined to cancel the presentation regardless, especially once they heard my interview with Fetzer and after the webmaster lady got involved.

  9. John, too bad. Sabroksy has used the Liberty as a lead in to 9/11. Maybe you and some friend could give them the truth as they come out the door.

    1. Nah, I'm done with them. I may try starting a new group in the near future.

  10. This was an interesting perspective to peer into.

    I can at least say that our group in NC. Which has 25 members are open to look at all aspects of the 9/11 question.

    Although I also agree that we exist to placate ourselves. We have been around since 2006 and were very active the 1st couple years.

    I have surely reached more people through my youtube channel, 911truthncDotOrg vs doing public appearances.

    It is refreshing to see that many of us truffers are starting to wake up to that fact that much of the movement has been herded into a perspective.

    Sensitivity over the Jewish question I think is good advice. When I hear blame the Jews it just seems insane to cast large net over a group of people.

    Look at the way the US Gummit is acting. Is it fair for the world to say "look those damn Americans. They love killing brown people."

    I am outraged over our foreign policies.

    It would be wise to use statements like "elements within the Jewish community" or point out that it was Mossad not the Jews involved in 9/11.

    My 2 cents.

    Getting ready to listen to your Fetzer interview.


    1. I don't think we can afford to be sensitive on the Jewish problem anymore, to be quite frank with you. The Jews have been at war with us for over 100 years now, it's way past time we woke up to this obvious fact.

      And when I say "Jews", I'm not saying "all Jews". We have got to get over these ridiculous semantic games. If I said "blacks are good at sports", would you immediately say to me, "But you don't mean all blacks, do you?!" It is not incorrect to say "Jews did 9/11", because individuals that are Jewish did in fact plan, carry out, cover up, and benefit from 9/11. I'm done playing their BS "political correctness" game. We all should be. They can no longer control our political discourse. And if we continue to let them control our political discourse, we stand no change of doing anything about this mess we're in.

    2. John, re the new group you're thinking of starting- how about a "GDL 9/11 Truth" group?

      GDL refs new podcast from Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth, where he and guest Max French and callers discuss the idea of a Gentile Defense League. Guest & callers all have past "White Nationalist" leanings, but now are activists in the name of uniting against humanity's long enemy, "at war with us" whilst we remain blissfully unaware.

      1 hour commercial free, reader comments there too,

  11. So I did a search on "Jim Fetzer, Holocaust", and was surprised to find a blog by none other than Jonathan Kay, who is a prominent Canadian anti-9/11 Truther who has frequently attacked Joshua Blakeney, among others, where Joshua and I organized The Vancouver Hearings. For Kay's blog, which is entitled, "9/11 Truther James Fetzer’s adventures on a holocaust-denial discussion board", was of more than passing interest in this context, where I am being challenged for not speaking up about Israeli complicity in 9/11 or raising questions about the Holocaust. It includes a link to my visit to the revisionist CODAH site.

    I was there because Nick Kollerstrom had pointed out to me that CODAH is the leading entity for discussion and debate about the Holocaust, but they were not receptive to my presence unless I declared myself to be a denier! I though that was very odd, since I was there to promote open discussion and debate, but they did not tolerate my presence for long. In Seattle before we headed to Vancouver, I made a presentation on whether all four crash sites were faked, which included Nick talking about his latest work on 7/7, where her is one of the world's leading experts on that "false flag" attack in London:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    I wonder if 9/11 Truth San Diego would have been any more open to Nick on 7/7 or to me on the faking of the crash sites than they were to John Friend. Another item worth mention is that the ADL actually targeted Gordon Duff, Alan Sabrosky, Kevin Barrett, and me as "anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists", which is rather fascinating by itself. See "Decade of Deceit: Anti-Semitic 9/11 Conspiracy Theories 10 Years Later: Conspiracists behind the Theory", where the ADL actually quotes from my "Is 9/11 research 'anti-Semitic'?", where I offer reasons that refute their claims!

    1. Jim, it's, not CODAH as you repeatedly wrote.

      As to your partnership with Blakeney, ZCF had some interesting thoughts on him,

      As to your "frustration" over the movement's failure to focus on your exotic video fakery etc theories, I'm opposed to your laboring to steer the movement into said dead end alley. I posted why at some length in 2 comments on Barrett's blog for the 4/4/12 show where you were guest, which can be read here (so not to needlessly clog up this JF blog):

      ^ that and the following comment, both from "anonymous".

      John F: PLEASE consider taking ZanO's & your own advice here: "Zan Overall, The Wise Old Man, attends a premiere"

      ^ and focus on the WHO, not the HOW-- as you're doing with your expenditure of energy on Fetzer/Wood & others exotic HOW theories of 9/11, and even laboring to steer activists towards this HOW biz. Which is it, John- ZanO's & your own advice, or FetzerCo's dead end alley?

      Mark Glenn & Jonathan Azaziah both agreed when they had you on their TUT podcast last Fall- enough focus on the GUN already, let's focus on the CRIMINALS! :)

    2. I agree - at this point, we should be focusing on the WHO. However, I do think it's important to understand the PYSOP aspects of 9/11, which I discussed with Dr. Fetzer. He has done a ton of work on this subject, and I do think it's important, but overall, I tend to focus on the WHO did 9/11 aspect. That is evident if you take one look at my blog. LOL

    3. Unfortunately there is no WHO without the HOW, at least to the point of identifying the nature of the main fraud which is the PLANES HIT THE TOWERS FABLE. That fable has been demolished completely & conclusively.

      In other words, what the hell did they do on 9-11 ?

      Murders? Where are the death certificates?

      Planes ? Where are the surviving parts out of 3 million individually numbered on each plane, every single one of which can be matched to the plane it came from ? Where are the original serial numbers for the black boxes ?

      Remote Controlled Global Hawk ? Where are the matched parts ?

      Official fable fraud: Already proven by WTC 7 coming down, i.e. even if you're fool enough to believe in the absurdity of the buildings collapsing or pulverizing due to fire bullshit, this other thing here, this WTC 7 is not logically consistent with that bullshit.

      Media Scripted Fraud? Already proven by the BBC reporter announcing WTC 7 collapse before it collapses on video

      But, but, but . . . videos showed planes ! Maybe all 6 million plane parts from both planes burned up in that hellfire & miraculous passports survived ?

      Just two films are enough to end the absurdity of plane-hugging once-&-for-all:

      September Clues - Simon Shack

      The Key - Collin Alexander

      After which, there is not even a possibility of the official fable being true since there were No-Planes, plain and simple

      The murder weapon (if, in fact, 249 people died & 249 are the maximum number that could have died since there are only 249 confirmed death certificates, see below) in the case of proven No-Planes can only be the buildings coming down and/or pulverizing & killing the people inside, because in case any willfully ignorant plane-huggers didn't notice, Simon Shack's VIC-SIMS findings were all INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED by Salem News & anyone who wants to can go verify this information themselves by checking the SSDI & death certificates:

      "I did an exhaustive check of the list of victims provided on the CNN website. What I found is that out of 2,970 people listed, only 446 appear in the Social Security Death Index. Of those only 249 have a confirmed death certificate on file. Of those, not a single one has a valid 'last address of record' on file."

      Those are the facts. The majority of the people out there will LAUGH in your face when you present them with these easily verifiable facts. But they remain facts & they will continue to remain FACTS 20 years from now.

      So if all you plane-huggers want to be cowards and hypocrites and play the Alex Jones game of ignoring facts to serve an agenda (the way AJ does with WWII facts & any facts Jews don't like coming out about their long history of criminal enterprises), that of not being ostracized & ridiculed by your ignorant fellow goyim, go ahead and indulge your fantasies about 'remote controlled planes,' & how 'parts were found but stashed in a secret warehouse to be released some day to embarrass but don't try to pretend you're being 'honest,' because it's too greasy to be sad and too hilarious to be pathetic.

      Dennis Cimino of Pilots for 9/11 Truth on The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer Podcast - August 26, 2011

      Cimino: Of all major U.S. airline crashes within the U.S. investigated and published by the National Transportation Safety Board during the past 20 years, the 9/11 'black boxes' are virtually the only ones without listed serial numbers.


    4. Again, thanks Negentropic, I completely agree. This aspect of 9/11 is important to understand. And it may be one of the hardest for people to overcome.

      It's amazing, I don't think I've run into anyone as knowledgeable as you about all the subjects I'm interested in - Jewish power, 9/11, "no planes" and other PSYOP aspects of that event, Holohoax, Hitler, WWII, etc. I'm glad you started commenting here.

  12. Thanks for posting that informative timeline, John.

    The Liberty is safe because it happened 45 years ago and has already been exposed.

    It might be worthwile to attend the Liberty movie to see if they try to spin it as an "accident."

  13. According to Fetzer's definition here, Webster's Dictionary's, as well as wikipedia's, I am definitely a proud anti-semite. The Jews will be the death of us all.

    1. Webster’s Dictionary is an Encyclopedia Britannica company.

      Take a look at who is on the Editorial Boards. Very kosher, indeed.

      Wikipeda is commonly referred to as “jew-pedia” due to its obviously jewish editorial oversight.

      I would go with the National Socialist definition of “Anti-Semitism” which is that “Anti-Semitism” is the identification of a specific group that uses finance and excessive interest charges to subvert, control, loot, and enslave others.”

    2. I like the National Socialist definition of "Anti-Semitism". Thanks for that, I'll start using it.

  14. You obviously have more courage than the rest of the group put together. Just keep telling the truth, John, and let the chips fall where they may. Eventually the awakening comes.

  15. I truly wish there were some cohesiveness and well thought out strategies to those seeking 9-11 truth who want to explore the issue of who did 9-11 and the connections of "Israel", the "zionists" and the "Mossad" to the perpetration of that "deep state" event.

    It seems to me that it is not possible to prove who did 9-11. But if we say we are seeking truth, it is important to fully point out and document all the "evidence" that points to the people who most likely were involved in the planning and perpetration of 9-11.

    I just read the comments connected with Dr. Fetzer's article, Is 9/11 Research "Anti-Semitic"?, though I have only read parts of the article itself so far. I just learned of this article about a week ago even though it was written in 2009. Unfortunately Dr. Fetzer's massive number of articles about 9-11 are found on several different website and there is not anywhere where all of his articles can be found.

    I think that terms need to be defined and so far I see some problems with Dr. Fetzer's definitions.

    This subject of who did 9-11 and the "Zionist" part in that event should be approached in a consistent and well considered way. That has not happened yet. I think John Friend, James Fetzer, Mark Glenn, Daryl Bradford Smith, and many others do make a real effort to not be "anti-semitic", but again good clear definitions and communication has not happened yet so the same old criticisms keep popping up. I do not think it is productive to even respond to address criticisms where there is so much confusion mixed with animosity.

    For each and every argument made to support the Israeli Mossad connections, I would like there to be the same standards of proof and support and documentation as there are for the physical aspects of 9-11 building destruction. (It is amazing how many points of the Urban Moving Systems and white vans stories, when fully examined, cannot be documented. But even if they were solidly documented, the nature of their place, or should I say placement, in the 9-11 screenplay, is still another big subject that needs exploration.)

    Again, I think it is a giant step forward in our journey toward truth to fully expose all these connections and to document them and I think it is lying and untruthful to in any way suppress this information, as has been done by San Diego 9/11 Truth and all of the groups I have observed from the beginning who have "9-11 truth" in their names. Very sad.

    IT is amazing how the nanothermite story and and the anti-No PLanes stories are so closely joined and how they are a common thread in all of these "9-11 truth" named groups. Another common thread in all of these groups is that claim to be strictly adhering to science but they strictly forbid discussion and exploration of so many important aspects of 9-11.

    I really object to that "sensitive subject" argument. We have not been insensitive on any of our search for truth. We are not about "sensitivity" and the implied opposite, "insensitivity". Those terms are just political in nature and work against truth.

    1. "It seems to me that it is not possible to prove who did 9-11"

      Are you really that ignorant/stupid or just a plain liar?

  16. John Friend, all,
    I thought I would let you all know, that after reading about this I went to this "truth" movements website, and got the phone number to call them (619-222-2120).
    An older gentleman answered, so I politely explaind to the man that I was a 100% Disabled US Army Veteran that swore an Oath to the US Democratic Republic (NOT government), and the Constitution/Bill of Rights, and that I felt cancelling your presentation was doing nothing but hurting the 9/11 "truth" movement, and bowing down to kosher pressure, which I'm sure it is! No time for sensitivity either, 11 years now!
    I asked the man for an explaination of why they are doing this, but was told he had another call (a plummer), and he had to get it! I was then cut off, or should I say hung up on! I guess that sums up with this particular 9/11"truth" movement/group is about!
    Personally I think ANY 9/11 "truth" movement that WILL NOT speak up about israeli's clear involvement in 9/11 needs to be exposed for the fraud they really are! Not to mention that they are acting against US National interests!
    I hope my fellow "bloggers" will make sure this incident, and this "truth" group, and all other frauds are exposed everywhere!
    Then maybe we can show them that kosher influence is not the ONLY influence here in the USA!

    US Army Veteran
    Marc C. Daniele
    Hercy, Mo.
    REAL name, etc. used because I AM NOT afraid of "god's chosen people"!

    1. Thanks for the support Marc, I appreciate it. And I appreciate your courage and honesty.

  17. excellent work John. whether it be the holohoax, 9/11, the FED, or any of the crap that has been forced on us in the last several decades... the truth is like a weed, it keeps popping up! everywhere. in the yard, in the garden, around the stepping stones, even in the fishpond. no matter what you do to stop it, you just cant, although its.. hilarious sometimes, to watch the powers that be try.

    truth is on your side John. an irresistable, unstoppable force. you dont have to choose sides, accept any label or make a damned thing up. just continue speaking the truth.

    1. Thanks Scott, I appreciate it. It is a comforting fact knowing that the truth IS on our side.

  18. Wow! I wasn't aware of how far the 9/11 truth fringes have gone. At the point we are linked with holocaust-deniers, and the anti-Jewish banker conspiracy folks, we've lost.

    Is there a conspiracy of bankers? Yes, probably. Has there always been, Yes, probably. Are many of them Jewish, Yes. certainly. Are ALLof them Jewish, and working together BECAUSE they are Jewish, Hell no! Big money people work together to keep and get more money. They don't give a damn what religion each of them is.

    Was Mossad, or other elements of the Israeli government involved in 9/11? Likely. There certainly is evidence pointing to it. Are "Jews" as a whole ethnic group guilty. Most certainly not. It's sad to see a movement for truth turned into an ethnic smear.

    Roy H. Andes,
    Helena, Montana

    1. Wow Roy, you've got a lot of homework to do if you still believe in the Holohoax fable. You would be a perfect fit in any of the kosher activists groups in San Diego! Let me know if you're interested, I'll put you in touch with them!

    2. Roy,

      Wow! I wasn't aware of how "stoo-pid" some people in Helena, Montana are. At the point where we are linked with Jew-Sycophants - we've lost.

      You just smeared people who you call “holocaust-deniers” and “anti-Jewish banker conspiracy folks”.
      Here’s a brief response…

      Roy, you are a “denier”.
      You deny the fact that the Holocaust-Lie is a cynical expansion of wartime propaganda. Likely, you deny the fact that the shrunken head lie - is a lie. Likely you deny that the Jew-skin lampshade and Jew-skin glove stories are lies. But that is just the beginning.

      The Holocaust-Lie is a lie Roy. The “Jewish Banker Scam” is real Roy.

      Do you also “deny” that the Jews control the media and Hollywood, Roy?

      How about Israel? Do you deny that Jews control Israel, Roy?

      Guess what Roy? Jews also control the United States. They use it as their personal ATM and proxy war machine. Do you deny that too, Roy?

      Even a cursory examination of facts reveals these issues for what they are.

      Roy, let me enlighten you on a basic fact. You see, Roy - there is this thing called “Propaganda”.

      Propaganda is used to attempt to convince people of something. Roy, you just regurgitated two key points in the Jewish propaganda campaign. Propaganda of that type is disinformation. It’s doctrine, Roy. It is designed to implant a false idea and discourage this other thing called “Critical Thinking”.

      As difficult as it is to come to terms with - if you live in the US you have been relentlessly propagandized by your real enemies for pretty much your whole life.
      Long story short - you have been lied to……relentlessly. You have been subjected to determined, implacable, ruthless lies. You have been exposed to thousands of hours of lies broadcast to you on your Tel-Aviv-Vision. Lies screened to you in the form of jewish written, produced and directed movies. Lies printed in books published by jewish publishing houses. Lies from "confession" transcripts chronicling the utterance of a person after prolonged torture. Lies spoken to you by your bought-and-paid-for politicians who are servile apple-polishers for “Israeli” interests.
      Everything you have been “taught” about Hitler - is essentially a lie. It is the “jewish” version.

      Roy, you and people like you need to learn how to think independently. Do you know what critical thinking is? Ever heard of that? How about “independent investigation”?

      Give it a try.

      Unfortunately, the jews know that the vast majority of you won’t bother. That’s because you’re too lazy, too “stoo-pid” and too utterly obese to make the effort.

      All the jews have to do to shut you up is call you an “anti-semite” and you practically s*ht your pants.

      If that’s your reaction - face it…’re nothing but a gutless, invertebrate, obese jellyfish. You are a minion forever subservient to the jews.


  19. "Are "Jews" as a whole ethnic group guilty. Most certainly not. It's sad to see a movement for truth turned into an ethnic smear."

    Nobody has smeared any "ethnic group."

    It is truly "anti-semitic" to judge against any people because of their DNA. At least that is my undersanding as a Christian.

    But the weird thing we are dealing with here is a people who have zero like DNA traits.
    Read "The Invention of the Jewish People" by Jewish / Israeli scholar Schlomo Sand. None of those who self-identify as Jews are descended from Abraham, and Abraham himself was not a "Jew."

    That is why I like E. Michael Jones book "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: And its Impact on World History." HE speaks of "a revolutionary spirit." He has given us a way to understand this confusing issue of "the Jew." Thinking of this in a right and reasonable way makes impossible bigotry and racism.

    1. Jeannon,

      You just said this:

      “It is truly "anti-semitic" to judge against any people because of their DNA. At least that is my undersanding as a Christian.”

      You say that you are a Christian? Have you even heard of Ebionitism? The subversive instructors, sent out by the Jerusalem authorities to imbed false propaganda in the minds of early Christian converts, were called Ebionites. It was their job and commission to make the very Judaism against which Christ inveighed, the foundation and background of the new Christian theology. Christ must be made to say that He came "to fulfil the law of Moses." Thereby the law of Moses became quite as essential to the new religion as did Christ. And so on, throughout a hundred scriptural passages.

      This would be like the Jews spreading the idea that Hitler said: "I came to fulfil the law of Karl Marx!"

      Who knows, maybe the Jews will give that a try at some point in the future.

      Your definition of “Anti-Semisism” sounds like it can directly from a Jewish text.

      My understanding is that “Anti-Semitism is defined as:
      “The identification of a specific group that uses finance and excessive interest charges to subvert, control, loot, and enslave others.”

      At least that is my understanding as a Human.


    2. My understanding is that “Anti-Semitism is defined as:

      “The identification of a specific group that uses finance and excessive interest charges to subvert, control, loot, and enslave others.”

      Now, THAT'S what I call a useful meme, short & to the point, to be repeated a thousand times anywhere & everywhere the subject of those anti-seemites is broached by TV-baby lobotomies.


    3. Well, I won't get into about Christianity being a real or true religion. I would just say that if this site and all 9-11 truth seekers want to fully explore and expose the "Zionist" connections to 9-11, you had better have some input from a Christian. And the Christian should not be the standard Roman Catholic of today, but had better be Catholics of the traditional kind who are an extreme minority in that Church today. (E. Michael Jones, Robert Sungenis, David Wemhoff) You have to understand what Jews' philosophical beliefs, which are largely based on their relgious beliefs. Those need to be explained and defined within a true Christian perspective.

      Race and ethnicity have to do with inherent physical traits, traits in one's DNA. I believe it is wrong to judge against anyone because of the color of their skin, or any physical trait whatsoever, against their DNA.

      Here is a quote from E. Michael Jones that sheds some light on how the "anti-semitism" term has been used and craftily distorted by the like of the Souther Poverty Law Center et al. They use it as a weapon and a manipulation of the dialog tool. I do not like dialog at all with these folk.

      "Racism is the simplest way to deflect attention from the source of the problem. Hence, the Jewish delight in discovering racism even where none exists. “Anti-Semitism,” Shamir points out, “was a short-lived racial theory of late 19th century claiming that . . . Jews are what they are; that they possess some racial qualities making them an inherent enemy of the Nordic race, like a wolf is an enemy of a rabbit.” This was never the position of the Church, which always maintained that the problem between Jews and Gentiles was religious in nature and solved by conversion. If there were ever a time when “hatred of Jews for what they are” was an issue, Shamir claims “such a phenomenon vanished completely. There are people who object to policies of Jews, but none to Jews per se.” The fact that Jews insist on obscuring the issue means that only Christians can frame the issue properly, and yet this is precisely what the Church has refused to do for the past 40 some years. Making the proper distinctions would pave the way for the solution to the problem, but this is precisely what Jews want to avoid, because it would mean the end of their hegemony over discourse."

      I personally believe that the characteristics of those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit must be studied and exposed from a religious, psychological, socialogican and philosophical perspective, not from a DNA perspective because that is exactly how "they" destroy rational objective study of "them."

    4. Good points JEANNON, I like E. Michael Jones and think his work is excellent. From his perspective, which I think represents an authentic Christian perspective, a Jew is one who rejects Christ. But the problem with the Christians is that they think they can win the Jew over, to convert him to the "truth" and to accept Jesus Christ as the messiah. And that just ain't happenin', never did and never will. At least on a large scale.

      The Jews are the rejectors of Christ, they are the destroyers of all the is good, just and orderly in this world. They are behind pornography, homosexuality, abortion, transgender and "alternative" lifestyles, prostitution, drugs, alcohol, smut, Hollywood, and virtually every other degenerate activity one can imagine. They are the great instigators of war, using deception, blackmail, bribery, and their control of the mass media to deceive the dumb goyim. The Jewish revolutionary spirit must be studied and exposed from a religious, psychological, and sociological perspective, which is what I try to do here in my own small way.

      For more on the Jewish revolutionary spirit, I cannot recommend downloading and listening to all of these podcasts:

      Forget the Christian Identity stuff, just pay attention to the facts laid out in these audio files. The same Jews who destroyed Russia in the Bolshevik revolution, are the same Jews who subverted and undermined Germany in the Weimar Republic-era, are the same Jews who led the cultural revolution in America in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, and they are the same Jews behind all our problems today.

      This is the Jewish revolutionary spirit: the destruction, subversion, and corruption of Gentile societies for the benefit of international Jewry's satanic agenda of global domination.

  20. What am I missing here? The letter from the SD911 group says that the role Israel played DOES need to be discussed, but given the emotional nature of the subject they decided to break in their group by first showing a film of the brutal attack on the USS Liberty by Israel. We are faced with an uphill battle getting people to even look at this subject. Laying the groundwork in a thoughtful methodical manner seems like an effective way here to get people to understand the depth of this issue. Everyone here on this blog gets it. The folks that come to Joyce Beers don't. The leaders of this group recognize that. Their letter indicates that they have every intention of continuing to pursue this line of thinking. Just because they opted to go another route does not make them a bunch of cowards. We must work together to expose this evil. This type of finger pointing in our movement does not serve our efforts.

    9/11 remains a highly charged emotional issue for most Americans. It is this emotional component that makes even engineers blind to the most basic fact that fires did not bring down the towers. We face this same emotional block when speaking out about the atrocities perpetrated by Israel. That's where the sensitivity issue comes into play. We must find an effective way to break through that barrier. I say kudos to all who work at doing so. Who are we to criticize this group for following their own path to exposing the truth?

    1. In a perfect world, I would agree with you.

      Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect and the 9/11 truth movement is heavily infiltrated with jews who seek to deflect the investigation away from jews. No…it’s the Zionists…no it’s the Neo-cons….no it’s the Mossad…no…it’s the easter bunny…

      Listen, we have a jewish problem here. The evidence clearly shows that as a FACT.

      The 9/11 atrocity had many jewish aspects.

      When 2 nations are at war with eachother, usually it’s the soldiers who actually fight eachother. But that does not mean that the citizens of the respective nations are not involved. They are involved they provide support to their soldiers and that support is multi-faceted.

      The jews overwhelmingly support “the jews”. This is a fact. The jews overwhelmingly support Israel. This is a fact. We certainly cannot rely on the jews to investigate 9/11 due to where an honest investigation will lead.

      Any attempt to shield the jews - no matter how it is portrayed - is an attempt to shield the jews.

      If the SD group were sincere they would focus on enlightening their attendees about jewish life, jewish culture, jewish community cohesiveness, how jews are taught to hate and look down upon non-jews, and how jews work together against non-jews.

      There is a serious need for some general education on jews. That does not happen by itself and it won’t happen by avoiding the issue due to its “sensitivity”.

      Bottom line, the SD group is behaving like a jewish infiltrated group. I would say that if it walks like a duck……well, you get the idea.

    2. I don't necessarily disagree with you, I just think it's past time to stop playing semantic games and dancing around the Jewish problem. We have all the proof in the world that Israel and a criminal Jewish network that largely controls the US government, media, and private sector did 9/11, and we need to be saying that, out loud, in public. How do we even know we would alienate people? We've never tried doing something like this, have we?

      And in the presentation I was preparing, I was definitely going to present the info in a coherent manner, specifically using the adjective "Jewish" to describe the key criminals. I wasn't going to get up there and rant and rave about "the Jews" etc. etc. The group at first objected to even using the word "Jew" or "Jewish" at all, and when I told them I wouldn't be able to do this properly without using the adjective "Jewish" to describe the main players (as opposed to "Zionist" or "Israeli"), that's when the trouble started (along with the webmaster getting involved).

      I wish the 9/11 "truth" group luck, and I do hope they eventually start talking about Israel and the Jewish crime network that pulled off 9/11. The USS Liberty is a good start (I was going to cover this in detail in my presentation, BTW).

    3. "We have all the proof in the world that Israel and a criminal Jewish network that largely controls the US government, media, and private sector did 9/11, and we need to be saying that, out loud, in public. "

      I guess the only word I object to here is "PROOF." Dr. Fetzer would be the first to tell us we have overwhelming "evidence" or data, but we do not strictly have "proof", or at least I think he would.

      We need to begin forming an hypothesis, but I do not think we will ever have a thesis that can be proven or disproven.

      Not only do we point out the names of people in the top levels of government who have dual national loyalties, dual citizenship with Israel, we need to examing HOW 9-11 event was crafted in relationship to the PHILOSOPHY of Zionism. 9-11 was just the culminating event of two millennia of crafted events by "the Zionists", that is those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit. The HOW of crafting of these events are brilliantly evil subversions and manipulations and deceptions. As a Christian, I remember who Christ told their father was the father of lies.

      We need to expose all the truth in this area we have and we need to do it an intelligent way and not get sucked in to endless stupid discussions. Semantics are always going to come in to play here and that is why our defintions should be clearly set out and adhered to.

    4. John,
      our intended approach in using the Israeli attack on the Liberty is a good one.

      Considering the fact that most of the audience has been heavily propagandized by the jews - it is imperative that the term “Anti-Semitism” be addressed right away.

      Anti-Semitism is a normal reaction to bad Jewish behavior. That is what Anti-Semitism is.

      Just like it’s cousin-term “Racism”…it too is a normal reaction to bad behavior exhibited by certain groups. It’s a reaction to behaviors. Are behaviors genetically coded to a certain degree? Well, science has a lot to say about that.

      Everyone knows this. Yet, the Jews have defined the terms to their advantage - and to your disadvantage. The Jew want you to think that Anti-Semitism is just a display of dislike for Jews for absolutely no reason. I hardly think anyone dislikes Jews for absolutely no reason. They dislike Jewish Behavior.

      Once you’ve re-defined the term “Anti-Semitism” for the audience - you can then explore the kinds of Jewish Behavior that cause “Anti-Semitism”.

      Is there such a thing as “Jewish Behavior”? Sure there is. Rabbi’s preach it. Synagogues teach it. Jewish communities promote it. What’s written in the Talmud and the Torah? Why is it illegal in Israel to charge interest to a Jew - yet legal to charge interest to a non-Jew? Do Jews look down on non-Jews in a condescending way? Do Jews support other Jews just because they are Jews?

      The audience needs to get acquainted with Judiasm. The need to understand who and what the Jews are.

      Face the "Anti-Semitism" charge head on.


    5. JEANNON, Israel and Jewish criminals in the US are the real perps behind 9/11, there can be no doubt about this. In the interview I did with Fetzer, I laid out my 8 key points that I would have presented proving this, you may want to listen to that part of the interview where we discuss this at length. It's basically the entire 4th segment. We began this discussion at the end of the 3rd segment.

      Israel and the Jews were the only entity or faction of the global power elite who had the means, motive, and opportunity to pull this operation off, and all available evidence we have points to them carrying out, covering up, and benefitting from the events of 9/11. You may also want to check the left hand side of this blog under the section titled, "Israel did 9/11!" for more links, including numerous articles, government documents, and documentaries that explain the Israeli factor in 9/11 at length, proving conclusively that they did it. :)

    6. "This is the Jewish revolutionary spirit: the destruction, subversion, and corruption of Gentile societies for the benefit of international Jewry's satanic agenda of global domination."

      Absolutely correct.

      One point of history I am searching for information on is that I have heard that the Jews in Germany, starting from the early 1930s were subvertying German government and culture in very extreme ways. I would like to read and learn more about that. That is their pattern. They are never kicked out of country for no reason at all, or just for race reasons as they like to put forth. Their behaviors, their actions, and how they exploit people and steal their property and livelihoods is what they do over and over again in every country.

      As far as converting Jews to Christianity. It has happened and I am commanded to try to do that. I believe I can best do that by the way I live my own life and how closely I conform to Christ and not to this world system, and how I pursue truth.

  21. Wow, amazing it took that long in the comments to arrive at the simple, logical conclusion of examining the word "Jew".

    FACT : 100% of so-called "Jews" are not Hebrews, Not Israelites...NOT JUDAHITES...and more than 90% are not SEMITIC...Ashkenazim "PROSELYTES"..!

    While present day "educated" - sensitive POLITICALLY CORRECT so-called people avoid the obvious is a testament to talmudvision PROGRAMMING....DUH !!

    Not to mention the JEWDEO-FAUX CHRISTIAN CEMETERY GRADUATES posing as clergy...Haggee et al. - 18 August 2001 -

    A group of "American" business and political leaders are building a pro-Israel media "war room" in Washington, D.C. The group will be called "Emet" — which in Hebrew means "truth." Emet will try to address biased media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also make the case that the conflict, while serious and important, pales in comparison to the larger geo-strategic threat posed to the United States and the West by Iran and Iraq, both of whom are trying to build and/or acquire weapons of mass destruction. Funding Emet is Leonard Abramson; he sold U.S. Healthcare to Aetna in the mid-1990s for $8.9 billion. Abramson has recruited a powerful board of directors, including Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot; Les Wexner, founder of The Limited; Edgar Bronfman Sr., who once owned Seagram's; and Lou Ranieri, a major Wall Street player who now co-owns one of Israel's largest banks. Also joining the board are Jeane Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, and Jack Kemp.

    The "Jewish" narrative is a LIE from start to finish...No One on Earth HAS to be a deviant ruminating in the stool sculpture deity cult compound...THINK ABOUT IT !!!

    Stupid will never change if the BRAINDEADGOY CAN COMPREHEND THAT...!

    Means, Motive and Opportunity....

    As a parting thought...think about this one..would it be prudent if you owned the zoo to place a sign at the Elephant exhibit that described or named every animal exept the Elephant ?

    There were no DALLAS COWBOYS AT THE ALAMO...and no socalled "JEWS" in the Old Testament.

    Don't take a knife to a gunfight... sure you're right then go ahead


  22. well Roy, it sure isnt the Hindu's. or the Muslims. or the Seventh day adventists. its the jews. have the Amish been thrown out of EVERYWHERE they have ever lived? no. but the jews, have. i heard once the quote that said it best, but i cant remember where i heard it

    "if you have been thrown the hell out of 100 bars, its obviously not the bartenders' fault"

    keep it up John, the truth IS on our side

    1. Apparently the friggin Jesuits have been kicked out of a lot of places too but then quite a few Jesuits were crypto-Jews starting with founder Ignatius Loyola himself.

      ~Return of the Android Grandson of Negentropic

  23. Can you brief me on the specifics of the Zapruder it has been retired.....on your blog


  24. Good interview with Fetzer. But I lose interest when you sugget that if we can just get brave and speak up, we can have these guys arrested! Do you know how many erroneous presuppositions are involved in such a sentiment?

    1. Yeah, I hear you. My point is, we are never going to arrest the bad guys if we're too afraid to specifically call for that and to specifically name the criminals that need to be arrested.

  25. Sorry if that came off harsh, John. I really enjoyed your Real Deal interview. You're a refreshing, bright young man, and I agree with every single thing you said on Fetzer's show. I wish we could arrest them, but, as you know, they run the cops and judges, too. What does courage look like when they crush your testicles and threaten your family? Anyhow, good work, friend.

    Also, I'd love to have you tune in Sept 1 for a live interview with my special guest as we'll be looking at the Talmud issue more closely. We'll probably look at other aspects of the criminal syndicate that is Judaism.

    1. No problem, I understood where you were coming from, no offense taken. We have a long way to go before we can convince our law enforcement agencies to actually arrest the criminals.

      Thanks for the link to your website and radio program, I will check it out.

  26. Christopher MarloweAugust 21, 2012 at 9:25 PM

    I was at the SD Truth meeting where you announced that you would be discussing israel and 9/11 at the next meet-up. I also went to the next meeting, where they showed the movie about the USS Liberty and took questions afterward.

    I hadn't been keeping up with your blog, and I didn't hear the interview until today. You did a great interview with Jim Fetzer, and I'm glad to see that he is coming around to see all the Truth about the hoax, etc... [I also listened to his interview with Zundel, and that was also very good.]

    I read all of these comments, and there are a lot of good points made here.

    1) As to SD Truth, it is sad that they took that route. Is it cowardice or is it discretion? Some people on this blog feel very strongly towards the first choice, but I know that a lot of the people at that meeting KNOW that israel did it. They say at the meeting that israel did it. The problem is to get people to HEAR it.

    I think it would have been better to let you do your presentation. You did it very well on this show, and your answers are very well focused and supported.

    SD Truth did the Liberty movie, and I was wondering where you were. I played the "John Friend" role that night, and I made several impromptu comments when the microphone came around. I mentioned the Lavon affair, and the guy who was going around with the mike invited me to explain it to the audience, which I did. The next time around, I made a long comment connecting the dots between the Liberty, Lavon and 9/11: Same people, same false flag, same intention of starting a war against their enemies.

    My comments were well received by the group, and the lady who sits by the door thanked me profusely for what I said.

    I'm saying all this because it seems that the SD Truth people are not trying to cover up israel's role, but they are trying to bring them to the point where they can hear it. As I said, I think your method would have been better, but I don't think SD Truth is being cowardly or disingenuous.

    1. Hey Chris, I think SD 9/11 Truth just plain doesn't want to associate with me - I speak highly of Adolf Hitler, reject the Jewish Holohoax fable, loudly proclaim that Israel and Jews did 9/11 - NOT Muslims - and am generally not afraid to talk about Jews, Jewish power, and Jewish criminality. I think me posting that comment by that anonymous clown "threatening" me and my response is what really did everything in. However, some of the members were dead set on derailing this presentation after checking out my blog. Bottom line: they don't want to associate or have anything to do with me. And quite frankly, I don't want anything to do with them, as a group anyways. I've been trying to get them to talk about Israel's role in 9/11 and stop playing games for over a year now, and then they get scared because of a stupid comment on my blog? I guess I can't blame them - they are the ones who take responsibility for renting the community center, they are the ones with their credibility on the line. But whatever - it's all good, I'm not upset about it, in fact it doesn't surprise me at all they ended up canceling it.

      Thanks for your support though man, I appreciate it. I doubt I will be at any future Meet Up events.

  27. John,

    Here's the podcast I mentioned on Judaism, the Talmud, and all things Jews.

    Mickey is giving away free copies of Hoffman's Judaism's Strange Gods. Enter the code: 'tribe' at checkout (no quotes). No strings attached. He even pays shipping. U.S. only.

    Spread the word! Thanks.

    1. Thanks! I just ordered a copy! I will check out the podcast too, thanks again! Are you a member of The Tribal Theocrat? Do you do podcasts there too?

  28. Yes, I'm the owner and host of the show.


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