Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obama, the Song

Obama, the Song by David Martin, sung by Mark and Danny


  1. That song plays into the false political dichotomy that the shadow government seek to hide behind.

    Obama isn't a "deceiver". He is a paid actor in the employ of the shadow government.

    In fact, all key positions in your Federal Government are in the hands of representatives of your shadow government.

    Instead of the obama song - the one below is a bit more appropriate to reality.

    Sing along now....

    So You’re Proud to be an Ameri-Kwan?

    When tomorrow all the things are gone
    I’d worked for all my life
    And I have to start again
    with just my children and my wife

    jew bank will take my unlucky stars
    and I’d be reliving it today
    ‘Cause the flag don’t stand for freedom
    the jews are taking that away

    And you’re proud to be an Ameri-Kwan
    where at best your heart pumps pee
    And I won’t forget the misled men who died
    So the jews could take everything away from me

    And sadly you bow down
    before the jews and defend them still today
    Well, we’re comin’ to take back this land we love
    God damn the jewSA


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