Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mike Delaney interviewed on Canadian Vision TV


  1. Delaney did a good job, but why do I get the feeling that this was a setup and that the camera girl had ZERO idea of what she was doing?

  2. It was a set up Bman. Delaney is a ringer.

  3. Hey B'Man, I don't think it was a set up at all, but I wouldn't be surprised if they tried doing some sort of hit piece on Mike.

    Anonymous you are such a fucking coward, "Delaney is a ringer", what the fuck does that even mean? You're such a joke man, get a life. Trolling blogs anonymously all day making baseless accusations against real men who aren't afraid to speak the truth and confront the enemy is about the most cowardly, spineless thing one could do.

  4. Interesting. The interviewer,before and after, was much more expressive and concise than Delaney, however. I applaud them both for getting the real message out. Thanks for the vid!

  5. i concur with the 'buelahman' stage-name that something didn't seem quite right with this interview.

    can we see the actual Vision TV version of this? i've looked but have not found it. when i search mike delaney on Vision TV home page nothing returns?

    indeed, as the 'timster' stage-name has stated, the interviewer seemed to consistently express what mike should be saying better than mike himself. it's almost as if the interviewer was there to break all the ice -he actually says the J word first! this was odd.

    to me, mike was less than articulate when it came to naming jewish perfidy as the foremost problem facing mankind. period. to the contrary, i was left with the impression he was greatly concerned to leave an out for all the so-called innocent or average jews. is this a strategy? is it something else?

    Canada's Vision TV (ZoomerMedia) is solely controlled by jew moses znaimer.


    we're beyond the point of concern for the 'innocent', 'average' jew. the concept itself is false. it is a ruse and exploits the gullible and trusting nature of mankind and thus allows the judaic crime against humanity to continue. the 'good jew' is part of their script. part of the jewish artifice. in the end they are all jews on tap - and like a tooth in a sharks mouth, when called up, will move effortlessly into position to replace what came before.

  6. I can't help but agree that something is not quite right about this interview! I would also like to see "the finished version" of this interview!

    I think Mike did a decent job, but he did leave out some key points that could have put things in a better prespective, ie; The Federal Reserve System (jewish owned/run) that is destroying our/western worlds economies, the holohoax facts that DO NOT add up (no zyklon b dispearsal systems or blue staining, Soviet rebuilding of "Death Camps" none of which were taken over by American or British forces, no mass graves, etc.) Let's also not forget, like the media ALWAYS does, that Judea declared war on Germany, and The Balfour Declaration! Not to mention that Bolshevism/Communism was a jewish creation!
    He could have also mentioned that the jewish establishement even goes so far as to train and pay people to SHILL for them on the internet!
    I could go on, but I think you get my point.

    Thanks John, and Mike!


    US Army Veteran
    Marc C. Daniele
    Hercy, Mo.

  7. Hey Timster, brian and Marc, thanks for dropping by. When I originally posted this, I had only seen about half of the video, then I had to run. But I just watched the rest of it, and while I think Mike is a very brave and honorable guy for participating in this interview, I think he could have answered the questions much more thoroughly. Needless to say, had I been asked these questions, I would have said things much differently, especially relating to 9/11, the fake Jewish "Holocaust", and the overall criminal Jewish cabal driving the "New World Order" agenda.

    Maybe I can get a journalist in SD to interview me after the presentation in August? I'm going to try to reach out to some local news organizations to see if they want to cover it.

  8. Ringer? lmao, ok.

    Setup? No, this was not a setup. The camera woman was sub-contracted from Fox News Duluth Minn. I looked her up and this is her:

    The interviewer was a producer from VisionTV in Canada.

    It certainly isn't going to be on the air immediately, that is not how these things work if you know anything about how interviews like this work. It will be on sometime in August and I will be receiving a copy of what they put out and when they do I will post that on my site. VisionTV supposedly has over 14 million viewers so hopefully, even after they chop and crop me to look how they want, we'll get open minded people to look at this information.

    Hope this answers any unanswered question.

    Mike Delaney

  9. Criticism is also conveniently offered by those who have NO EXPERIENCE in what they are criticizing. Please provide your interviews with these mainstream Jews so I can see how it is done...

    Mike Delaney

  10. Mike looked great, was very articulate, answered the interviewer's questions with sincerity and directness, without grovelling, and made excellent points. He is a remarkable indefatigable leader, and I think will draw many many listeners to the websites that were mentioned, and to view "Missing Links". Marycatherine Barton

  11. Sorry, I just don't have time for you anonymous shills anymore.

  12. You're a fucking pussy. This is war. I'll be in S.D. You fucking bitch.

  13. here's some more criticism perhaps inconveniently offered up. LOL!

    i watched this interview again (because i believe john friend is the real deal) and have come away with some concerns.

    one concern i have is that 14 million Vision TV viewers will tune in to hear mike delaney saying, 'it's not all jews'. this is one of the FEW points he was able to drive home in this interview. it will most assuredly be a solid segment of the final edited version. does anyone disagree with that? this 'not all jews' idea completely neuters any attempt to get at the jewish problem. it is a cul de sac. it is a ruse. part hegelian-diatectic, part devil's advocate. all bullshit. who is being placated here and why? it must be seen cynically.

    they'll also hear him saying it is merely a 'jew collective' that is working as any religious or racial group might in pursuit of their own interests. does mike delaney blame them for that? "absolutely not," he says. "i think every group of people whether religious or racial should work within their own means." hate to break it to you mike - but the jews have a WHOLE LOTTA MEANS! it's called the fiat-money confidence-trick and all ancillary mind fucks! did you really mean to put it this way? this smacks of the whole - 'we just want a level playing field canard.' with the psychopaths there is no fair play. did ya hear the one about the jew with a gun and the naked goy in a game of cards? it's a good one.

    i am also concerned that these viewers will not be able to see that mike agreed to multiple statements asserted by the interviewer and upon agreement was literally told BY THE INTERVIEWER to 'put it in his own words'. over and over this occurred. that's another good one. put the interviewer's statement in your own words. critical thinking demands that we weigh this like i said - it happened over and over.

    they might hear something like mike saying - 'the jews are not the end-all be-all of the causes of the world's problems". (this is at 6:30) can this be? if so, then maybe mike can tell us what that cause is. for certainly if anything trumps the jewish problem then we need to give THAT our attention. i thought we had, as i like hearing dr. deanna carly say, 'indentified the enemy'?

    lastly, these viewers will learn that mike's site(s) traffic ranks at 500,000 on a US site roster of 100,000,000 (did i get that right?). this would strongly suggest that mike delaney is at, or very near the vanguard in web efforts to expose the crime of the pan-judaic confidence trick. i'm happy to see that he is a corporeal man and not just some clever alias online; in being so he needs to be held to an unshakable standard. these criticisms are being offered up in that regard. it is imperative that we refine and sharpen our focus through a consistent message. that message CAN'T be that the jewish problem is merely one of just another religious or racial group working in their own self interest. nor can it be the rat-wheel-message of 'it's not all jews'... whose point is, afterall , shut the fuck up about the jews 'cause it's not all jews!'

    something strong and absolute, please mike delaney. your position and online stature demand it.

  14. "You're a fucking pussy. This is war. I'll be in S.D. You fucking bitch."

    Uh oh... I better stay home then, huh? LOL, you fucking loser, you're calling me a pussy when you're the one posting anonymously with NOTHING INTELLIGENT TO SAY WHATSOEVER. You know where to find me, I'll be waiting.

  15. oops! i meant Dr. Rebecca Carley. but most of you knew that. she is awesome!

  16. Hi John, this is Pat...

    The above video is very valuable as (among other things) as a window into how these types of interviews are conducted - and as a basis for objective review of tactics.

    I am not being critical of Mike Delaney. He displays tremendous courage and conviction here.

    As a prerequisite to this kind of interview, I assume Mike signed a release form of some kind. A release form is a contract. And contracts can be modified - even by hand - having both parties initial the changes. Personally, I would decline to sign a release form that removed any veto power from me over how I was portrayed. But that’s just me.

    Anyway, Mike did a good job of controlling the things that he was able to control. He showed up looking solid and presentable. Also, independently taping the interview was a very smart move.

    In interviews like this you have to be both pleasant and guarded. But even if you do everything perfectly, your presentation can be manipulated, twisted and maligned in ways that completely discredits the original content.

    The interviewer mentions Delaney’s Alexa numbers as recognition of his sites’ popularity and asks why Mike thinks people read/view his material.

    Obviously, most people think the country “is going in the wrong direction”. All you have to do to verify this is to randomly ask anyone you meet.

    The interviewer asked about the jews. Mike mentioned that the jews control money and the media (among other things).

    The interview asks about the difference between jews and Zionists. We all know that you don’t have to be a jew to be a Zionist. Just look up “Dispensationalism” or “Christian Zionism” for facts on this.

    There was mention of 9/11.

    The problem with broaching subjects such as 9/11, or the Holy Hoax - is that the jews and their agents have told so many overlapping lies - and the lies are so impacted, nested and interwoven that in order to answer a question like “Why don’t you think the holocaust happened?” - you’d have to begin a metaphorical archeology expedition to even begin to formulate an answer.

    You would need to start removing and untangling layer upon layer of lies until you get to the specific lie that you are trying to address.

    When someone sets that kind of a trap for you, make sure you don’t fall into the La Brea Tar Pit.

    This is time consuming.

    The best you can do in cases like that is to do what Mike did - and point people to the website for info on the subject.

    Coming prepared with a range of “sound byte” type answers would be good also.

    There is definitely an entire body of knowledge that “they” are trying to suppress.

    Perhaps Mike can use a combination of the commercial version end product of the interview (once it becomes available) along with the independent taping of the interview process - and make his own presentation on “free specch”.

    That would be a good one, I’m sure.

  17. Pat, I think you raise a number of good points. It's difficult to address the Big Lies of history like the Holohoax and 9/11 because it is rather complex and there are so many overlapping lies, you're exactly right about that.

    Which is why having some simple talking points is key. One thing I always say regarding 9/11 is that the only people arrested in connection with the attacks were Israeli Mossad agents that had training in explosives, electronic intercepts, etc. I also always point out that the Israelis have a long history of conducting false flag attacks to blame their enemies, and I always bring up the USS Liberty attack.

    The Holohoax is much more difficult, but simply mentioning that the "gas chambers" and "death camps" have been thoroughly debunked by mainstream scientists, including David Cole, a Jewish man, are good talking points. I've also been pointing people to Victor Thorn's latest book, The Holocaust Hoax Exposed. He destroys all the Jewish myths endlessly promoted by the establishment, the media, and Hollywood. Just citing sources like that is a simple and easy way to get the message out. Also, pointing people directly to the websites is always good, because the information on his websites is top notch and will address any questions a newbie would have regarding these subjects.

    Overall, the interview was pretty good. It will be interesting to see how this Canadian television network presents all this info.


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