Friday, July 20, 2012

Leon Degrelle - The Epic Story of the Waffen SS

Video found at ZionCrimeFactory:

“German-racialism has been deliberately distorted. It never was anti-”other -race” racialism. It was a pro-German racialism. I was concerned with making the German race strong and healthy in every way. Hitler was not interested in having millions of degenerates, if it was his power not to have them. Today one finds rampant alcohol and drug addiction everywhere. Hitler cared that the German families be healthy, cared that they raise healthy children for the renewal of a healthy nation. German racialism meant re-discovering the creative values of their own race, re-discovering their culture. It was a search for excellence, a noble ideal. National Socialist racialism was not against the other races, it was for its own race. It aimed at defending and improving its race, and wished that all other races did the same for themselves.” (About the 56 minute mark)


  1. Anyone still bashing Hitler, promoting Jewish lies about him, is simply ignorant and brainwashed by Jewish propaganda. Ditto all the clowns who claim he was either a Jew, or a Rothschild, or a puppet of the Illuminati, or that he was a homo, or that he was the founder of Israel or any of the other ridiculously kosher conspiracy theories and slanders.

    1. You know, when I became enlightened, it was like a giant rock got untied from around my neck. I guess I mindlessly just went along with the herd, never investigating it at all. Now enlightened, it's real strange looking at people that are kind of like I was.


    Most Ameri-Kwans don’t know much, if anything about the true history of Europe. Usually, what they “know” is what has been fed to them by jewish programming beamed into their living rooms and displayed on the “Tel-Aviv-Vison”


    Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo in 1815 ended his quest for a united Europe. The country now called Belgium created in 1830 lacked political cohesion. The Belgian Guarantee Treaty had established Belgium as a barrier or sorts protecting the jewbankers in London from French and German reaction to their malfeasance.

    After WW1, Belgium became more closely associated with the politics of France. Belgium had three ruling parties: the Catholics, the Liberals, and the Socialists all of which consolidated the system by which they shared the looting of the public coffers - much like your Democrats and Republicans are doing to you today.

    Leon Degrelle recognized what was going on - just as you do today.

    Degrelle led a Catholic youth movement called Rex. ("Rex" stood for Christus Rex, "Christ the King". Members of the movement were “Rexists”.

    Degrelle saw that the establishment political Catholicism was in bed with evil jewry - just as it is today. By late 1934 the breach with the Catholic Party was an accomplished and public fact, and Rex, already a potent force through its publications and its formidable mass rallies, was moving steadily in the direction of formal political activity. Rex was essentially the Catholic youth movement in Belgium.


    Degrelle and his movement launched a brilliant propaganda campaign
    against the established parties, whom Degrelle denounced as the pourris, "the corrupt,”

    Masses of Rexists showed up in front of public office buildings carrying brooms. The brooms were symbolic of their intent to “clean up” the government. Degrelle spoke directly against the “banksters”.

    The very same “banksters” who are screwing you today.

    Degrelle explained to his fellow Belgians that the three controlling political parties in Belgium survived politically by sedulously fostering political division and strife— economic, linguistic, and religious - throughout Belgium. Doesn’t this sound familiar? It should, because that is exactly what is happening to you today.

    Rex's first venture into the electoral lists in May 1936 was a stunning success: the movement elected 21 deputies and 12 senators, establishing itself in its initial attempt as a serious contender to the established parties.

    Degrelles party was damaged by the corrupt church. Catholics were forbidden by the primate of Belgium, Cardinal Van Rooey, to vote for Degrelle - and were directed to vote for his opponent.


    That’s right.

    When Belgium was sucked inexorably into the vortex of the European war in 1940, Degrelle's enemies had a chance to settle their scores. Degrelle was arrested and thrown into prison.

    Dragged from dungeon to dungeon across Belgium and France, he was
    beaten and tortured, and was several times in imminent danger of being
    killed. Given up for dead by his family, Degrelle ended up at a concentration camp at Vernet in southern France. When German officials sympathetic to the young leader discovered his whereabouts, he was promptly released.

    As German arms triumphed everywhere on the contiment, and an atten-
    dant postwar redrawing of the map of Europe seemed likely, Degrelle
    turned his thoughts to the shape and role of his country in the new order.

    Conscious of the transitory and conditional nature of the nineteenth-
    century political construct that was Belgium, Degrelle envisioned a possible new state along the lines of old Lotharingia or historic Burgundy, that ancient buffer zone between Germany and France the claims of which have never been entirely eclipsed in the 1,100 year course of Western European history.

    When Hitler struck against the Soviet Union in June, 1941, Degrelle made his decision. His offer to raise a volunteer battalion of his
    Walloons to ensure a place of honor for French-speaking Belgians in
    Hitler's new Europe was accepted by the Germans.

  4. This is such an inspiring video, and I learned so much. Sadly, the Veterans Today site is hellbent on denigrating Hitler, and did it again today, by one of its editors, Jim Dean who posted an anti-Israel article, but stated:

    "But we know there was a written document by hitler ordering that when Leningrad fell, every living soul was to be put to death as a deterrent to other Soviet cities. Who found this document? David Irving, another alleged holocaust denier. We know Hitler turned out to be a bad guy."

    This, after earlier this week, found that the prize comment, under an article penned by Lisa Steyn, was one that stated that Hitler only improved the economy in Germany because he was losing the war; and was a grandchild of a Rothschild. I kid you not.

    Of course, its main founder is Gordon Duff, with connections to military 'intelligence' and of Jewish parentage, who called for American soldiers to invade Libya and kill Gaddafi.

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  6. Degrelle, we like him or not like it. But the guy is very interesting, both for its liveliness of mind and for his physical courage. I have read many of these books that I have found on


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