Monday, July 2, 2012

John Friend speaks with Deanna Spingola about Hitler & WWII

I just spoke with Deanna Spingola, host of Spingola Speaks on the Republic Broadcasting Network, about my blog, some of the articles I wrote regarding Hitler, the NSDAP, and WWII, and other related topics. You can download it here.  


  1. Good work, John! A response and a bit of a disagreement, however...

  2. Excellent interview John. The best I've heard about Hitler and National Socialism.

    Looking forward to hearing your next interview with Spingola.

  3. OK, I don't know what is going on with the comments on my blog, but when the comments are embedded I cannot leave one. I just had to change it to the pop up style, which I don't really like. Anyways, I'll change it back once I'm done with this.

    Thanks Anon, I appreciate it! And thanks Timster, I did see your post and I think you make some interesting points. I'll stop by and respond later on today or tomorrow.

  4. Congratulations John, and of course, Deanna, on your journeys to the truth. As Texe Marrs writes in an excerpt from his book CONSPIRACY OF THE SIX-POINTED STAR,
    about whether the holocaust was fact or fable:

    "In the years before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, most Americans, like me, were downright gullible in trusting the politicians."

  5. The Lies won't always hide the truth .


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