Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jewish rabbi: "anti-Semites" will be targeted and killed by IDF

Video found at The Ugly Truth:


  1. Could you imagine if a Christian priest or white nationalist said something similar, like "Our soldiers will hunt down any Jew who seeks to destroy our society or speaks negatively against the Gentile", which is what the Jews are obviously doing and have been doing for centuries now. Could you imagine the outrage in the Jew controlled media? The hypocrisy of these people is just astounding.

    1. are you anti-semitic? if so, suck my dick

      Anti-Semitism entails the identification of a specific group that uses finance and excessive interest charges to subvert, control, loot, and enslave others.

      According to the definition above, which is far more accurate than the typical mainstream definition of anti-Semitism, I am most definitely an anti-Semite. Sorry if that hurts your feelings pal, but the Jews have been robbing, looting, pillaging, subverting, and destroying Western society for centuries now, and I'm just plain sick and tired of it. And I'm not afraid to say it out loud, even if it pisses Jews and Jew-lovers off.

  2. Thank you for enabling comment moderation. The trolls do get a tedious.

  3. So you are a "white nationalist" now? You are right though, whoever says such a thing is sick, no matter what tribe they claim or biases they have.

  4. "So you are a "white nationalist" now?"

    Get a grip dude, when have I ever said I am "white nationalist"?

  5. This is a great find, John...

    What someone should ask this sicko is... "What about your own Talmud stating that the best of Gentiles are to be killed?".... Lets see him deny that fact!

    You have to have a laugh also when this clown states that Jews love, care, and show concern... Jews do not love, or care, or have any concern other than for themselves... What about their treatment of the Palestinians? I guess shooting innocent people shows how much they truly love their fellow man!

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    Did someone say they aren’t a White Nationalist? Is there something inherently “wrong” or “bad” about the White Nationalist concept?


    In the beginning, there is a Man and a Woman. They have children and form what is known as a “Family”. If you disagree - or wish to argue this point in favor of single-motherhood…you are my enemy.


    The family is the core unit upon which a society is based. A family consists of a Man - Woman and (hopefully) children. If you disagree - or wish to argue this point in favor of maternalistic free-for-all chaos - you are the enemy.


    Groups of families sharing similar values wish to reside near eachother for a variety of reasons. Safety, security and a sharing of common cultural values are among the reasons.

    If you disagree - or wish to deny that the existence of “communities” such as the myriad of “little Italy’s” and “China Town’s” - you are the enemy.


    Communities deciding to unite and for a political union are considered to be a Nation. Successful Nations do not contain numerous warring communities within them. Warring communities can’t combine to form a Nation. Sometimes they are forced together in what is know as an EMPIRE.

    If you disagree - or wish to deny the basic facts concerning what constitutes a Nation or if you wish to swap the term Nation with Empire - you are the enemy.

    The creativity of a people is Racial…and National. If it wasn’t, why was the automobile and the airplane invented by White Western men? Why not negroes in Africa? Why not Chinese people in China?

    Think about it.

    A so-called Facist Government seeks to protect the creative powers of a Race and Nation against parasitical forces that seek to “internationalize” and merely “exploit” it for their own gain.


    Empires consist of disparate groups of people who are ruled from “above”. In order to enforce the will of the ruler - restrictive laws such as “Hate Speech” laws are often imposed to muzzle dissent or expression.

    You presently live in an Empire ruled by jews.


    White Nationalism recognizes the basic progression of nature. If you aren’t a White Nationalist…….what are you?


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