Thursday, July 26, 2012

Iranian envoy to United Nations speaks the truth!

We rarely encounter anything truthful in the mainstream, Jewish controlled press these days, so when I read this on the Jerusalem Post website this morning, I knew I had to highlight it here on this blog.

Iran's envoy to the United Nations called out the illegitimate, terrorist state of Israel, and publicly declared that it was the Israelis that were behind the recent false flag event in Bulgaria, in which Israeli tourists were allegedly targeted in a "suicide terrorist attack".

From the Jerusalem Post article:
"It's amazing that just a few minutes after the terrorist attack, Israeli officials announced that Iran was behind it," Iran's UN Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee told a UN Security Council debate on the Middle East. "We have never and will not engage in such a despicable attempt on... innocent people."

"Such terrorist operation could only be planned and carried out by the same regime whose short history is full of state terrorism operations and assassinations aimed implicating others for narrow political gains," Khazaee said. "I could provide ... many examples showing that this regime killed its own citizens and innocent Jewish people during the last couple of decades.

Israel's UN Ambassador Haim Waxman said Iran's fingerprints were all over the bomb attack in Bulgaria, as well as dozens of other plots in recent months around the world.

"These comments are appalling, but not surprising from the same government that says the 9/11 attack was a conspiracy theory and denies the Holocaust," Waxman said in a statement.
Funny how Waxman had to mention 9/11 and the Holohoax, the two Big Lies underpinning the Jewish supremacist goal of a "New World Order".  I think this really demonstrates how important, how essential, these lies are in the Jewish agenda of world domination.  They must be upheld at all costs.

Is it any wonder then that Iran is being targeted and indeed attacked by the usurping terrorist state of Israel and her puppet governments in the West? Iranian leaders have proven on numerous occasions that they are not afraid to expose the Big Jewish Lies of history, in addition to exposing all the other criminality, subterfuge, and hypocrisy endlessly emanating from the illegitimate state of Israel and her assets in the Western world.

Remember when the West had leaders like that? Leaders that were not complete whores to the Jews, and actually exposed their agenda and spoke the truth?

Oh, that's right: the Jews assassinate and get their puppets to destroy truthful leaders like that.


  1. I try hard to get people to listen to this magnificent speech by President John F. Kennedy, whose voice even resonates his feelings, and will try even harder. Thank you for putting him up front and center today, John.

    1. It's an amazing speech, isn't it?

      JFK had his flaws, but I think he was overall a decent man, and I think he really woke up to who was really in charge once he got into the White House. He was our last respectable president.

    2. Hey, since when is banging everything female that moves within a ten mile radius of himself on a daily basis a flaw? I thought that was the whole point of becoming commander in chief. lol

      They must have really hated him to kill him the way they did since they could have easily just scandalized him out of office.

      Nixon wasn't that bad either, he's been completely demonized by you know who and for good reason. When somebody is demonized for THAT friggin long, it's almost a sure bet who it was that he pissed off.

      Mike Sledge and Celtic Rebel did two interesting shows about Nixon being very jew-wise a couple of weeks ago:


    3. LOL, yeah, JFK sure had that part of the commander in chief role down, didn't he?

      They were setting an example to all future presidents and leaders - "We will assassinate you in broad daylight in any city in America and tell an absurd fairy tale about it, then demonize anyone who questions us, so you better do what you're told."

      I think you're right about Nixon, remember the conversation him and Bill Graham had?!

  2. The entire "Jewish" narrative is a Lie.

    No One on Earth HAS to be a "Jewish".

    Khazars = Ashkenazim "Yiddish" speaking so-called Eastern European so-called "Jews" are Not Semitic...Not Israelites....Not Judahites.

    The simple solution is for the ASHKENAZIM to renounce Talmudic Judaism and emigrate en masse [MAKE EXODUS] to Khazaria...

    Ex Poste Haste....even.

    Pogrom 2012....

  3. John,

    I know from looking over your material that somehow you have been able to sidestep the crushing envelopment of the jew propaganda machine.

    I also know that "most people" are not leaders. They are "followers".

    The kikes have the system under their control right now. They have arranged things so that anyone who dares to express reasoned skepticism on their obvious lies is ostracized. Often, that means job loss and economic damage.

    Anyone who has financial responsibilities such as raising a family will think twice before placing their earning ability in jeopardy.

    There are LOTS of people who are "waking up" to the truth - who are also silent due to the fear of jewish retaliation that all-too-often results in being "let go" from their job.

    I am not going to express on a public forum how those of conspire to silence truth tellers should be dealt with.

    The economic warfare aspect of jewish oppression must be battled.

    Currently, the ADL has been sending veiled threats to internet hosting service providers in an attempt to silence discussion of what they call "hate".

    That kind of underhanded kikery has to be stopped.

    We are going to have to deal with this problem directly and confront it. We have no choice.

    1. The Jews are the biggest opponents of free speech, and for good reason: people may actually start waking up to their historic and ongoing criminality if they hear a perspective that isn't outright Jewish or Jewish influenced.

    2. By the way, it has taken me over 2 1/2 years to really understand this conspiracy, and I've still got a long way to go. I've focused primarily on 9/11 and current events, because that is how I originally woke up to the Jewish problem, but I'm starting to look more and more into history to get a better understanding of what we are up against, what the agenda is, how they've implemented their agenda, etc.

      I've recently come to the conclusion that the good guys really lost after WWII and the destruction of National Socialism. It's been downhill ever since, increasing in speed as the days go by. I'll post on this in the future.

    3. Hey check out this amusing ad from the 1970s:[/img]

      This is an ad from the 1970s purchased by a number of U.S. power companies using the Shah's nuclear power program to convince Americans of the necessity and safety of nuclear energy. How times change.

      These SAME nuclear power plants are the ones they're using now as an excuse to try to go in there and through a big massacre re-claim the long leash of controlled opposition which Iran has been pulling too much.

      I don't personally consider Iran or any country that doesn't benefit its own people to be genuine opposition to the JWO, no matter what rhetoric comes out of the mouths of its leaders. Syria, Lybia and even Iraq were much more genuine and THAT'S why they were attacked first. It's not an accident that they were also benefiting their people more than Iran. Iran has had 30 years of double-digit inflation and has the number one rate of hard drug addiction on the planet. People say that's because Israel & the U.S. are pushing it on them through Afghanistan to destabilize the country but bullshit, millions of people don't do hard drugs unless they're miserable. Organ sales are also legal there and there are broke people selling their organs to pay off debts everywhere.

      They pretty much do not support any other Muslims in the region except the Palestinians and they did not support Libya. Most of the infrastructure they have there now was actually built during the Shah over 30 years ago OR it was built through no small amount of support by American companies since then:

      US Has Given Over $100 BILLION To Companies Defying Its Policy On Iran

      Now compare the very high rates of unemployment, drug addiction and inflation in Iran over a 30 year period to Hitler's Germany which WITHIN 3 YEARS had gone from 6 million unemployed to not just FULL employment but they had so much work that they had to hire FOREIGN workers on top of all the Germans to fill up the need ! I mean, there's not even a comparison to be made. The point is that they are not in ANY WAY threatened by Iran, they're just using them as demon bait to attack all the other countries in the region. Russia and China will never go against the U.S. & their own Rothschild controlled central banks to support Iran.

      Despite Iran's backwards regime, for Israel to call the Iranians 'terrorists' is despicably ludicrous.

      Here's a complete report on all the terrorist acts committed by Israelis against the British, Americans and Arabs in JUST A THREE YEAR PERIOD from 1945 to 1948:

      The UN Report Prepared in 1948 for Ralphe Bunche, New UN Commissioner to Palestine

      Foreword: In view of the tragic assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte by identified Jewish terrorists on September 17 of this year, the following report has been prepared for the use of Dr. Bunche, Count Bernadotte's immediate replacement.

      This report is a compilation of all identified terrorist attacks on British, American and Arab individuals and entities in the assassination of the British Resident Minister in the Middle East on November 6, 1944 by members of the terrorist Jewish Stern gang to the assassination of Count Bernadotte on September 17, 1948 by members of this same gang of fanatics.

      This information is compiled from reports of the US Department of State, the British Foreign Office and various American and British press services.


    4. Agreed, I think the State Banking idea is one way to overcome. It educates people about money and gives people some power back which is power taken from the Jews.

      9/11 is the major door that's wide open and it's a short step to the Jewish Problem.

  4. This handout on money is nicely done:


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