Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Are you a slave to the New World Order?

You are a slave to the New World Order if you still believe the United States is a “force for good”, working to “spread democracy and freedom”, a country which respects “human rights, human dignity, and loves freedom.”

You are a slave to the New World Order if you still believe Muslims attacked America on 9/11, and that America and the West are at war with "radical Islam", which poses a direct threat to "American freedom", and if you believe all the lies about WWII and Hitler, especially the fake Jewish "Holocaust" story.

You are a slave to the New World Order if you blindly and uncritically support the United States military, cheering on our vicious genocidal campaigns in the Middle East and around the world, revering our political, military and intelligence establishment as “true American warriors and heroes” who are “fighting to protect our freedoms and way of life.”

You are a slave to the New World Order if you still fail to recognize the destructive and parasitic nature of the international organized Jewish community, which has completely subverted the United States government, media and “entertainment” industry (and thus, our culture), and financial and corporate establishment, using the federal government and United States military as their main instrument to advance their agenda of world domination.

You are a slave to the New World Order if you passively accept everything taught to you in school and university, if you buy the standard narrative of American and world history, if you fail to investigate history for yourself.

You are a slave to the New World Order if you eat poisonous fast food and GMO food, if you drink soda filled with aspartame and other harmful chemicals, and if you are lazy and never exercise, instead relying on the medical mafia and pharmaceutical industry for your medical and health advice.

You are a slave to the New World Order if you choose to remain ignorant of real history, if you refuse to investigate what is really going on, and if you continue to either support or acquiesce to the establishment forces serving the New World Order.

You are a slave to the New World Order if you spend your free time watching the filth on television, if you spend money going to watch Hollywood movies, and if you actually believe anything coming from the corporate, Jewish-controlled mass media.

You are a slave to the New World Order if you are blindly waving the American flag today, celebrating "America's independence day" when in fact America is an occupied country, being manipulated and controlled by the forces of international Jewry to advance their agenda and eliminate their enemies.  


  1. Bravo, John. Nice article.

    Methinks there is, however, no United States of America anymore. Rigged elections, constitution in tatters, illegal wars of aggression, no economy of any substance, etc.

    What will it take to get a revolution going here? Will someone have to cut everyone's tv cables? Will people start getting mad if their children are carted off to re-education camps? What about door-to-door gun confiscation?

    I called my local sheriff's office to complain about the chemtrails. I explained that Hughes Aircraft has a patent to put stuff (aluminum, barium, strontium) into jet fuel and that it's a program run by the Dept of Defense (sic). The sheriff said that there was nothing he could do since it's legal. What would it take? Is it okay for the feds to dump arsenic on us? How about rat poison. Oh, I forgot, we've got that (fluoride) in our water already. I asked him to send me that statement in an email. He agreed but I still have no email from him.


  2. Extremely well said.

    Had to re-find your blog, as you moved sites . . . was scared there for a sec that you had actually been removed.

  3. Hey EV, good questions... I don't know what it will take to get people to wake up. Most people don't have the intellectual, psychological, or emotional traits to really understand this stuff I think. Plus, many people are lazy, don't read blogs or books, and live in la-la land basically. Good job calling your local sheriff, that's what we need more of. We need individuals that are on board with us to start taking some initiatives in real life, regardless of what it is. Keep the pressure on him, demand an answer or at least a response.

    Hey slozo, yeah just updated the url, glad you found it! I wish there was a way to redirect all traffic to mrfriendsblog to here... because if you search for some of my older posts, they come up under mrfriendsblog, and you won't be able to access it unless you know the url has changed.

  4. I found you again! I was also worried when your old blog had been removed.

    I do not trust the government,the medical profession the bankers and the MSM.

    I have been awake and searching for the truth but I am one of few. Most swallow their crap and think all is well in the world.

  5. In occupied America the 99% are a minority according to the democratic J%. They know the "herd of cattle" have their support, happy and willing to be led to the slaughter house, but If 'our' blogs succeed in saving one or a few, then it's well worth the efforts even if the "useless eaters" argue otherwise.

    Keep up thy good works and and may God help and bless the truthsayers wherever they may be

  6. Good article John.
    Take a look at this clown...

  7. Here is a very good blog on jews and zionism, wealth of information. Some very good videos there, check it out:

    P.S. nice radio interview.

  8. Just today, I read Carolyn Yeager's "The Mother's Movement" in The Barnes Review periodical for Sept/Oct, 2011 that there was a confederation of women's groups that tried to stop the New World Order fiends from destroying America. Yeager reports that at its peak, this confederation had a membership of six million.

    It is disgusting that these women, many of whom were well known in their day, have been blotted out of mainstream history. They worked so hard against the enslavement of their children, husbands and themselves by the ideologies in America of communism and feminism under the guise of equal rights. I hope that you will read about these active patriotic ladies remembered, and I wish they would have succeeded.

  9. P.S. According to Carolyn, the founder of "We, the Mothers" was Lyrl Clark Van Hyning, and in 1941 this patriotic confereracy was at its peak.


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