Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another 9/11 "actor" exposed as a fraud!

I've written before about the role of "actors" in perpetuating the Big Lies of history - namely, the Holohoax and 9/11 - and how these liars and fraudsters deceive the gullible public in order to eternalize these PYSOPS into the conscious of the masses, targeting their emotions primarily.  Here is yet another example of a 9/11 "actor" courtesy of IranContraScumDid911's excellent YouTube channel:

A South Carolina man who told his fellow firefighters he was one of the first responders on 9/11 has admitted it was a lie. Jordan Lifander, a former Cedarhurst, Long Island volunteer firefighter, said this week that he was sorry for telling firefighters in the Palmetto State that he was a captain of FDNY's Ladder 133, which lost 12 men on Sept. 11.

"You know, once you tell one lie, you gotta keep up that lie," Lifander told on Wednesday. "I got all caught up in the whole 9/11 anniversary and just lied. I was not a member of the FDNY, was not a captain in Ladder 133."
Just another PSYOP aspect of 9/11 being exposed - fake firefighters, fake videos, scripted eye witnesses, etc. etc.  Is there any part of the official government and media promoted conspiracy theory that you still believe?

On a related note, I spoke with Dr. Jim Fetzer for two hours this afternoon on his radio show, The Real Deal, about the role of Israel and the global Jewish mafia in the events of 9/11, various PSYOP aspects of 9/11, and my upcoming presentation for the San Diegans for 9/11 Truth group.  I will post a link to the interview once it's ready for download.  For those interested, check out Dr. Fetzer's presentation in Seattle, Washington on June 13, 2012, just prior to the 9/11 Vancouver Hearings, where he explains in great detail all of the issues relating to the planes, alleged crash sites, faked videos, and other misunderstood aspects of 9/11 research.  Part One is here, and Part Two is here.  


  1. Poor Jordan.

    But what am I missing here?

    He appears to be a publicity hound, a hero wannabe. How does that make him an "actor"? As in, did he attempt to blind us with lies to cover up the event, or just to get his 15 minutes of fame?

    I guess, in this case, I'm asking about motive.

    Looking forward to hearing the Fetzer interview.

  2. Yeah, he definitely appears to be a publicity hound for sure. I use the word "actor" in the sense that he is "acting" in the PYSOP drama that is 9/11: an alleged heroic firefighter that rescued victims on 9/11. This entire story is completely bogus, and he may be in on the game with the perps, but he may not be.

    Are you familiar with Tania Head? She is another perfect example of a scripted "actor" used in the 9/11 PYSOP:

  3. Presentation is cancelled, the 9/11 "truthers" are cowards. I will have more on this later. I am waiting for an official response from the group.


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