Thursday, July 19, 2012

Alleged "Holocaust" survivor: 'I ate grass to stay alive'

I recently read a rather comical article in my hometown newspaper, the disgusting propaganda outlet heavily implicated in the Franklin Coverup, the Omaha World-Herald, titled, "After 58 years at Nebraska Furniture Mark, salesman and Holocaust survivor retires". The article praises an alleged "Holocaust" survivor, uncritically disseminating absolutely absurd "Holocaust" propaganda. I found this excerpt to be particularly ridiculous:
In the spring of 1942, Nazis destroyed their town of Dolhinov, Poland. Zelik was away doing forced labor, and his mother was among hundreds massacred.

Zelik (Jack) lived in the woods. Minde and others were sent to a labor camp.

Leta said a compassionate German soldier informed her mother and a few other prisoners that people were coming to exterminate Jews the next day. Minde was among those who shimmied under the barbed wire and escaped.

Zelik, meanwhile, became a member of a resistance group, the Polish partisans, and helped hide other Jews from capture. Even today, he finds it difficult talking about that time, and about what happened to his family.

"I had a very educated mother," he said. "Whatever spare time she had, I saw her with a book. For me, education has been the first priority."

How did he himself survive?

"I was young, I was running, I was hiding," he said. "Lots of ways. You eat what you find. Grass is not only for cattle."
Every day some sleazy Holohoax fable is promoted in the mainstream mass media, just to reinforce the "victimhood" status of the Jews.  You would think people would start catching on to all this nonsense, now wouldn't you?   


  1. First time I ever heard of a Jew equating himself with cattle.

  2. A good piece on Jew partisans is here

  3. For those who don't know, Veronica Clark, who's written 5 books on Germany and WW2, including "Black Nazi's', and has been on Deanna Spingola's personal 'Spingola Speaks' podcasts available at her site. The past month or so, she's been dispelling various nazi myths we've all been subject to 30+ yrs of brainwashing. From the Reichstag Fire to Mengele, Kristallnacht in 1938, and of course the Nazi homo myth. They've done about 4 shows that are must hear.

    (I consider the Frank "Collins"(nee' Cohen) phony Skokie, Ill. "American Nazi march" in 1978-79 as the real start of the HollowHoax. For over 1 year, every major news network was covering this story. It all turned out to be yet another 'by way of deception' B'nai B'rith psyop. It wasn't until after this happened that "holocaust survivors" and museums began sprouting up, sucking billions off taxpayers.

    No mention of the 60-135 million Russians & E. Europeans who were exterminated though. 97% of who were Christian. If anyone has a case for a "Holocaust" in the true definition, it's White European Christians.

    Anyone in their 40's will remember that the TV comedy sitcom, "Hogan's Heroe's" aired for 6 seasons in prime time all throughout the late 60s & early 70s. It was about a German concentration camp where the nazis were made to look like bumbling idiots who are easily fooled. EXACTLY like Jewish media portays ALL white European men now for the past 20 yrs in movies and TV. (See the 2 part video 'Reel Bad WASPS' that gives tons of examples going back to Rodney Dangerfield & Jackie Mason in Caddyshack 1 and 2)

    I've always thought that Ingrid Weckert's book, "Flashpoint' was 1 of the best books that dispel the whole Crystal Night lie from an eyewitness with no stakes or agendas in her writing. In fact, she was stripped of her pension just for writing that 1 book and lives in total poverty now in Europe's richest country.,iight_of_broken_glass.htm

    Accompanied with facts on Crystal Night that Veronica Clark brings up on this podcast, it's a lock.

  4. The jews never cease to amaze with their campaign of lies. Their holy hox lies literally stop at nothing. The scale new heights of ridiculous seeming each and every day.

    I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how Dwight Eisenhower, Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle could write tens of thousands of post war memoirs and never mention death camps and crematoriums.

    Maybe they just forgot.

    I’m still waiting for someone to explain how taking over three million from the death count at Auschwitz does not affect the number of six million as the official tally.

    There are a lot of statistics I would love to have explained to me but no one seems able to. I’m especially interested in how the world population for a certain demographic actually went up during the war years. The census reports a trend that can’t possibly be true has to be. It’s the law in Europe as well as in our northern neighbor Canuskistan.

    Equally mystifying is the fact that there are so few voices, almost none of which coming from people who could actually make a difference - that will stand up and call this masquerade for what it really is.

    I suppose when your heart pumps piss - it’s much easier to hide.

    The holy hoax is one of the most cynical and manipulative efforts in the whole of history and millions of people are freeloading on it and adding their own fantastic and impossible tales to the mix.

    They are striving to out do each other in the theater of the ridiculous and they’ve got no shame or hesitation concerning it. Is it some kind of genetic insanity that travels along particular bloodlines or is it the close proximity to so much money, that only requires the use of a slanderous title or the threat of public injury to one’s persona, to have wheelbarrows of cash pull up to the door.

    Those who don’t claim to be “survivors” - but speak in support of the lie have taken up the official position of coward and accomplice.

    Anyone who knowingly bears false witness to the jewish lie of the holy hoax should be shot. And that means everyone who supports it - because it is literally impossible to continue to believe the lie after even a cursory examination of facts.

    Refutation of a specific fact here or there is not necessary. In fact, that approach is just a Labrea Tar Pit of lies lying in wait for the unwary.

    The grand jew-lie of the holy hoax consists of so many overlapping lies – and the lies are so impacted, nested and interwoven that a metaphorical archeology expedition would have to be undertaken to even begin to address the issue.
    One would need to start removing and untangling layer upon layer of lies to get to a specific lie for refutation. Best not to get sucked into that kind of thing. Just point them towards the truth. If they are really interested - they will seek and find.

    The holocaust is real. It happened.

    A very real holocaust was performed on the German people by the Zionist run Soviet army on the one hand and the Zionist controlled U.S. on the other.

    That was the real holocaust.

    Millions died.

    But they weren’t jews.

  5. "First time I ever heard of a Jew equating himself with cattle."

    LOL, good stuff B'Man, thanks for that.

  6. @ chromelung, I've been saying exactly what you just did for a while now. Thanks for all the info! You're exactly right on all accounts.

  7. @ anon, extremely well said, thank you. The "Holocaust" of 6 million Jews in Europe is a fraud and a PSYOP on the world public.

    Real history proves that the entire "Holocaust" narrative is the exact opposite: it was the Jew controlled Allies (US, UK, & Soviet Union) that committed the real holocausts and war crimes of WWII, such as the fire-bombing of German cities and civilians, the massacre of German citizens in Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe, the murder and brutal treatment of German POWs in French, British, & American prisoner camps post-WWII, the rape and murder of countless German civilians by the Soviets at the end and after the war, and the nuclear bombing and fire bombing of Japanese cities. The Jews have flipped the script, as always.

    A more recent example is 9/11: they say Muslims did 9/11, when in fact Jews did 9/11 through Israel's Mossad and sayanim network that controls the US government, media, and private sector. There are other examples I could point out, but I think I made my point.

  8. All the false flags, assassinations, and sabotage black ops we see around the world today, especially in the Middle East and Iran, are the work of the ancestors of the Jewish led Communist partisans of WWII. They were terrorists then, and they are terrorists today. The only thing that has changed is who they are targeting their actions against. Back then, it was the Germans and National Socialists, today it is the Muslims.

    Thanks for the link anon, great source.


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