Friday, June 8, 2012

Zan Overall, The Wise Old Man, commemorates the USS Liberty with other patriots


On the 45th anniversary of the deliberate and knowing attack by Israel on the U.S.S. Liberty four Truthers demonstrated in front of the CNN building in Hollywood, California.

We passed out information to passersby and tried to inform people in cars stopped at lights, holding up a sign that simply said “Google U.S.S. Liberty.”

The handouts came from and from the American Free Press, namely their large Special Edition.

I urge anyone reading this to do something similar on the 8th of every month. I intend to do that. Go to the sources above for material to distribute.

We don’t have the media but there are a lot of us and we need to get the ball rolling. I am not a great salesman but the U.S.S. Liberty story is an easy sell. People just have to learn about it and the Jewish-controlled media aided by our Jewish-controlled government have seen to it that people don’t know about it. (I call that government the “governedment.”)

Dumbed down as the public is, learning that our “gallant little ally” Israel deliberately killed 34 Americans and injured 174 can still get their ire up. They also don’t take kindly to learning that our leaders accepted the Israeli transparent lies and threatened the surviving members of the crew into silence. Let alone the astounding fact that our President and Secretary of Defense ordered that a rescue flight of fighters be brought back to their ship!

Most people passed by but they heard me shouting, “Israel killed 34 Americans on the USS Liberty! Learn about it!” Oddly enough the following words got some people to stop and hear the message and take the material. I said, “Let me give you a little brush with reality. Learn what is really happening in this world around you.”

My friend Mike Chickey took the fine photographs on John Friend’s blog. The fifth photo shows me talking to a tall young man. If I had only interacted with that one person on that day the effort would have been worth it.

He was obviously intelligent, as well as being a musician like myelf. I learned that he knew nothing about the USS Liberty. I filled him in on that and then asked him if he had heard the idea that Israel, not Muslims, had done 9/11. Terra incognita. I gave him a quick course and loaded him down with material, which I feel sure he will read.

A stone thrown into a pond with ripples spreading out.

Again, we need more people on the street and making videos of their demonstrations.

I will close with encounters I had with a Jewish woman and a Jewish man. They both were well-dressed, well educated and obviously prosperous. The women was offered a pamphlet by Mike and said, “I’d take it but I don’t need to wipe my ass right now.” How low can you go? She came to me, read my sign and said loudly, “I’m Jewish. You’re an Anti-Semite!”

She turned and walked into the building. I yelled after her, “You people should be ashamed of what you did to the U.S.S. Liberty!” I wish I had been showing my placard which reads: “IT IS NOT ANTI-SEMITIC TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE U.S.S LIBERTY.”

The Jewish man walked by. Without looking at me, he said, “Get a job.” This is so typical of Jewish behavior when confronted with criticism. I have met it over and over and I replied loudly, following him down the sidewalk to keep him in earshot, “You must be Jewish. Jews never discuss or debate. They just insult you and keep walking. I’ll tell you why you do that. It’s because we have the truth on our side and you don’t. You don’t dare debate us but let me tell you something. People are catching on to you!” I’m sure he heard and remembers every word.

That was the most worked up I got that day, but I’m glad I said what I did.

I was angry but, thinking it over, I feel sorry for those two people. Prosperous as they might be, they are still “little Jews.” The “big Jews” are propagandizing them and lying to them as much as they are doing the same to the Gentiles. The “big Jews,” the leaders who know the truth, are manipulating those
little Jews, filling them with fear and hatred.

Let’s hear from people who do U.S.S. Liberty demonstrations!

-Zan Overall, the Wise Old Man. (The “Old” part is indisputable.
I’ll be 86 on Monday, June 11th.)

Here’s a motto of mine. Use it if you like.

Let’s utter the unutterable!

Let’s think the unthinkable!

Let’s dispute the indisputable!


  1. That was beautiful. Where was this done? What were the reactions of the people, and how many people saw this? Is there an article on this event?


  2. Lindsey, this is Zan Overall. I will write a report which
    will answer your questions. John will post it.

  3. Hey guys, I just updated the post with Zan's report.

  4. This is Zan Overall, the soi-disant Wise Old Man.
    I was googling "Zan Overall The Wise Old Man,"
    and found this blog post and others of John's
    picked up in other websites, some in Europe.

    Congratulations, John!

    The trick is to do more than preach to the choir.
    I think getting on the street the way I do is the only way open to us since the media are presstitutes.
    Hey, I forgot about billboards. I forgot they cost money. There is another one: talk radio. Plus comments on book reviews and e-magazines.1

  5. This is great! Motivated to do the same each year as well.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you


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